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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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neighbors. a deadly earthquake caught on camera as new zealand recovers from the big shake. we're asking the question how southern nevada would be prepared if we had a shaker. two young men killed in a crash on their way to buy their mom a birthday present. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. tonight we're getting a first look at the man police say is responsible. kelsey thomas has tragic top story. >> reporter: just a few feet from the busy roadway, friends and family are out here tonight leaving candles and flowers for two brothers who were inseparable. they were only a year apart. tonight their mother is offering up a story of love -- love and loss. sharithea everett says her life is destroyed, knowing her two sons are never coming home.
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way to get me a birthday gift. >> reporter: robert sean roberts and jermaine asher were killed in a violent car crash in the northwest valley over the weekend. police say the brothers made an illegal u-turn and 25-year-old willie wortham was speeding and driving drunk when he slammed into them. >> this animal, who have no regard for no one's safety. >> reporter: new numbers from the department of public safety show drunk driving crashes are up 10% county. but aaron brien who dedicated her life to making our roads safer says the number is deceiving because it can take months to get data back. >> it's infuriating to me that we're still seeing people die in alcohol or other drug-impaired crashes. >> reporter: thanks to ride share services, it's never been easier to get around and erin will tell you drunk driving is inexcusable.
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having their car with them outweighs your life. >> reporter: lives can change a second. sharithea everett knows as she prepares to bury two of her children. >> you ripped my entire soul out of my body. >> reporter: mothers against drunk driving is pushing legislation that would require interlock devices in all cars of first-time dui offenders. that will be introduced in carson city next a crime alert from metro. police are looking for help finding a pair of robbery suspects hitting convenience stores on the east and south sides of town. say they've gone out on two different businesses. he leaves the store here and gets into a large tan suv where the second suspect was waiting. if you recognize the suspects or
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local seniors after a group of youngsters refused to leave. one of the senior citizens said he had enough and now police say peter caris shot and killed someone that he thought thought didn't belong in the neighborhood. >> reporter: peter caris' friends and neighbors say he shouldn't be here at the clark county detention center. they say care peter caris was their defender. >> i was on my front porch when >> reporter: it's something that jerry never imagined experiencing. shots rang out sunday morning in the mobile home community. >> i counted six rounds all together. >> reporter: when jerry saw the victim dead on the street, it brought back memories of her korean war days. police say 67-year-old peter caris better known in the park as dutch the painter fired the
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it's unbelievable it had to come down to this. >> reporter: fay seymour says for the past two years, the victim and two of his friends have terrorized this quiet senior mobile home park. >> they are not seniors. this -- it's shocking and it's scary because we still got one or two two left here. we're afraid of retaliation. they want to go down to the park in the middle of the night when nobody is clubhouse and dutch protected our club house. >> reporter: see mother said dutch confronted the victim and that's when the fight turned deadly. police arrested him. >> really bad. it didn't have to come down to this. we -- it's shocking. i never thought dutch would do something like that. my thoughts and prayers go out to hill. he's trying to protect what was ours.
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peter caris will appear before a judge tomorrow. antonio castelan, news 3. the presidential transition process continues as donald trump named twotop advisers. reince priebus wassate pointed. stephen bannon was named as the associated press reports that rudy giuliani could be in the running for secretary of state. this as protests continue across the country against the president-elect. senator reid today took a victory lap in washington while last tuesday was a disaster for democrats nationwide, not so here in nevada. we're the only battleground state that democrats swept on election night. reid appeared with the
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includes dina titus and jacky rosen and catherine cortez masto. now, reid also used his appearance today to warn republicans about re-starting yucca mountain. >> yucca mountain is gone. it's been ground up and sent to china. they have nothing. these -- we talked about that. we talked about it today. if they want to play around w their checkbook because it will be expensive and they will get nothing for it. >> the bloomberg reports the incoming trump administration may want to revive the yucca mountain. security cameras at several stores catch the moment that a strong earthquake shook new zealand. at one grocery store, you can see how the shelves and bottles of wine went flying from the
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at a golf shop show golf clubs and other merchandise toppling over. the 7.8 mag nil today quake pummeled central new zealand this morning, killing at least two. here at home, nevada is one of the most seismically active states in the country. denise rosch reports first responders are constantly preparing. >> reporter: we don't like to think about it but there are faultlines all over the las vegas valley and should the worse happen, first responders will be ready >> two casualties. one seems to be unconscious, the other is conscious. >> reporter: it's the type of call they hope will never come. >> we'll get you hope. don't move. >> okay. >> reporter: a collapsed building, victims trapped inside. but here in the nevada desert, first responders prepare for everything. the national guard and firefighters and police officers from north las vegas staging what might happen in a 6.7 earthquake.
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lieutenant. >> reporter: matt sassed yers are here from all over the country. >> this magnitude of training has not been done in nevada since 2008. >> reporter: the scenario, a department store has fallen. this man and his partner search through the rubble. >> if you get too high on adrenaline, you will fail. >> reporter: all the while sending back information to central command. it's only a drill. >> it would have been nice to have smoke and that stuff b this is realistic. >> reporter: the training comes just as the city of north las vegas is updating its own emergency response plan. the collapsed building is one exercise. >> they have clinical, the meth lab, that was contaminated. have oil and fuel lines that ruptured. >> reporter: and goldburg says from the city standpoint, there
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>> how do we restore services and get the emergency response out to the people. >> reporter: exactly what rescue teams are facing in the very real disaster occurring in new zealand where search and rescue could take days. here it's all controlled. planning for that day no one wants to see. nearly 600 soldiers with the national guard participated in this exercise as the cedars came from californi came from utah, even idaho, all willing to lend aid if needed. a brit, man hopes to get across the pond but he won't be boarding a plane to do it. >> what inspired him to swim the atlantic. and bobby flay and gordon ramsey have new company on the las vegas strip. a look inside the giant taco bell opening up today. it feels like we're in the
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when will it end? it will end in a big way this week. i will let you know when -- up
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a water main break create as big mess on a florida street. it swallowed up a car. fire crews were called to the scene. but there was little they could do. the car was swallowed by the scramble onto dry land. he didn't realize the water main broke beneath him. he said he saw the puddle but thought it was standing water. a britishman decides to embark on a historic journey, swimming across the atlantic. ben hoover has been training since 2013. he may have to swim through rough seas and shark-breeding grounds.
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swimming since nearly drowning at the age of 5. >> don't be nervous. i'm a human being. a few fears hanging around. i don't want to let my daughter down or my charities. >> he aims to swim up to 12 hours a day and rest on the board of one of the vessels going with him. a the strip and faith jessie takes us inside the new taco bell, selling more than just tacos. ? >> reporter: the las vegas strip is saying hello to its first taco bell but this 24-hour cantina restaurant is almost like a club, complete with adult beverages, vip lounges and a deejay to pump up the volume. it's definitely sparking interest. >> that's pretty interesting
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taco bell. >> i think everybody likes tacos. >> reporter: this marks taco bell's 7,000th restaurant and fourth can tino location joining chicago, san antonio and austin. >> this is a big part of our growth strategy which involves 2,000 restaurants over the next five years. we're adding 100,000 jobs in that time as well. >> reporter: and then there's taco bell's some like it. some like it after the party. >> mostly when i'm hungover. >> reporter: but this is putting more focus on the party atmosphere and the drinks. >> i'm from canada. we don't get beer in the grocery store. so so taco bell would be a real treat. >> what's the dress code? >> reporter: a question he can ask tonight.
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outfit. >> reporter: i'm faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> thank you. around the world people are keeping their eyes to the skies. to bask in the supermoon. this is a live look outside. >> it's the brightest moon in nearly seven decades because the moon's orbit is bringing it closer to earth. viewers can expect the moon to be 14% larger in diameter and 40% brighter. the it won't be as big or bright take advantage. a lot of people at work were going up to the roof to see it. >> if you take a photo, use the hashtag news3supermoon and now we transition to jerry brown. >> we were reveling in the supermoon last night. it was just israel israel. >> -- was just israel israel. >> beautiful. >> not a lot going on.
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lapse. you can see the skies were clear. it feels like anything but november. you can see the setting sun. here's what we're looking at now, the view from the northeast valley. hollywood and washington. in the central valley, sahara and the 15, just south of the spaghetti bowl, 63 degrees. the barometer continues to be on the upswing on the high side. higher still down at liberty high. bermuda, 61 with a southwest breeze at 6. the wind, west-southwest at 9 charleston and the 215, it's 58 degrees. around southern nevada, beatty, 58 degrees. mesquite, 62. 54 up on the mountain. and 70 down in boulder city. 63 over in pahrump. take a look at some highs here in the valley, 81 in downtown las vegas. that's our studios. 76 in summerlin. 80 in downtown henderson and 82
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the studio, 66 in henderson and 65 over on the west side on the lakes. 68 out at the airport. officially at the top of the hour, it's 66 in the city of angels and 63 at reno. eli in at 40 degrees. tomorrow, we're looking at a high, believe it or not, pushing 80 again, 79. we were 78 today. about the same conditions will prevail. you can see a little storm morning up the midatlantic coast natial this is packing a potent punch. you can see the clouds and that indicates colder air. that will get in here as that ridge of high pressure will recede. here's what the models are showing us. snow for parts of central nevada by wednesday. for us, it will be a major wind event. those winds are going to really cool us down. tonight, though, crystal clear. you won't have any problems for
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lunar lunacy with a low of 52. how about 30 subfreezing up in caliente and tomorrow, temperatures about where they were today. forecast, 79. mostly sunny. ridiculously warm for this time of the year. 74 at noon. 76 at 4:00 p.m. your seven-day forecast, here we go and boy a major shock to the system come friday morning. look at it. 38 degrees. and the winds will be blowing wednesday into thursday and what can i say? it will feel like fall finally. >> i love that, are you ready to chill out [laughter] >> better be. >> we have no choice. >> thank you. coming up -- wonderful news to share about our news 3 family. >> it's getting bigger with the newest edition of our team. you will meet this little man when we come back.
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with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes now in holiday flavors. to give or not to give, that's the question. surprising news on the gift-giving forefront. according to a new study, only 27% of americans prefer to receive gift cards, yet half of american consumers say they plan to give a gift card this holiday season. the study also found that the
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number or the pin. i like getting them. >> if it says starbucks, bring it on. >> we like choices. one of the best days to find great deals happens next week. >> it's not the best day to buy one big-ticket item. kim wagner has that story and more in tonight's consumer reports. >> reporter: a lot of us are fans of black friday shopping and why not? it's a possible popular day to get deals on all sorts of things, especially electronics. but consumer reports exps time to score a new tv. consumer reports says black friday bargains have changed in recent years. >> probably the biggest trend with black friday is that it's no longer about black friday, the day and it's black friday, the day, the week. we see deals creeping up earlier and earlier every year. >> reporter: unfortunately, this shift in black friday shopping hasn't been all good. >> one of the downsides to black friday shopping is that for a lot of consumers, it's a lot
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go out and because of the online activity you have to monitor all of the different websites. >> reporter: and don't think something is teared as a black friday bargain it's the best price. consumer reports said there are sometimes better deals on tvs when you shop closer to christmas, or just waiting a few weeks before those super bowl sales. >> a lot of it based on inventory levels. if don't sell a lot of tvs, they may have to build the inventory. >> reporter: plan to by at the end. february or the beginning of march. that's when stores clear out last-year models at rock-bottom prices. the experts will consumer reports also sound off on some tvs to keep an eye on in the coming months. we have those listed on our website,
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>> thank you. let's talk about your wallet. the amount of credit card debt that many face will be overwhelming. in tonight's special report, craig looks at one method to help reduce that cash debt. it's called a cash only diet. >> $15,000, that's how much credit card debt the average american has right now. and when you add that to your car payment, perhaps a student loan, many people will tell you that they are broke. if you can relate to this, ask yourself, could you go on an all-cash >> tess is with us in las vegas. >> that's dave ramsey. he has a take no prisoner approach to debt. cut up the credit cards. >> need money for school, sell stuff. buying a car? forget the loan. always pay cash for anything or don't buy it. but is the key to wealth found by spending only cash with absolutely zero exceptions? could you dump your favorite credit cards?
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one up. >> don't me for my special report, cash diet monday night at 11:00. is an all-cash existence possible? could you give it a try if you thought that was the key to never worrying about money again? you will meet the people who say it works. that's our special report, cash diet. news 3 live at 11:00 tonight. >> all right. really looking forward to that. a lot of people are trying to think, okay. maybe this is the time. but right before could you do it. finally, exciting news to share with everyone. >> well, our news 3 family got a little bit bigger. a little guy named honor moxie morrison. marie mortera's little guy is finally here. he was born sunday morning before 10:00 and he joins his big sister, sunday rose. i talked to mom, dad they are head over he'lls in love and
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honor was born and so it was a beautiful shared experience. >> i love his name. when i got the text from her, i started screaming in my room. she was so sure this baby would not come until after thanksgiving.
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are ben and jen back together? what we know about the relationship tonight. ben affleck's nannygate, breaking down the clues to reconciliation. what jen just told "e.t." >> we're just different pieces
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from hee ex's ex. what she thinks went wrong with their romance. plus, a beverly hills "90210" reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. >> and our new interview with andy cohen telling all about his famous friend. >> it was so crazy. >> bad blood wititylor swift? >> i think she probably thought i was being shady. >> why the singer may never speak to him again. >> i'm a moron. >> now, for november 14th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." are jennifer garner and ben affleck getting back together? more than a year after the nannygate scandal. we have new video of the couple looking a lot like a family, will their marriagg be mended in time for the holidays? here comes the first sign all the divorce talk could be over. ben and jen took the whole family to church on sunday. ben dutifully carrying two trays


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