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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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nevada with exotic animals including tigers romeing around her home. who she is and why she was wanted in texas. >> kim: consumer reports experts sound off on how to get those z's and not feel hungover the next morning. >> dana: good morning. it is 5:00 on this tuesday. the moon is horizon in the west. >> kim: it is still great and beautiful and nice and bright as we welcome you in on this tuesday. we're the wagners from the news 3 studios. >> dana: the super moon was at its super rest 24 hours ago but still looks cool out there. we're going to talk to tom to find out if we have any issue on
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for the super moon. >> kelly: all going to change. let's enjoy this one last, sunny, warm day. 75 at noon and 78 at 4:00. the changes start arriving tonight. we'll break it down for you coming up. >> tom: we are starting out with ifth freeways running up to speed right now. we do have one accident unfortunately to start w. it's at the ramp from russell road to i15 northbound. we have a the scene so they should be clearing that up shortly. this happened about two hours ago so it's in the clearing stages. travel times look great. it's an easy drive on the freeways to get your tuesday morning started. >> dana: we have breaking news from hours ago. an officer in the valley pulled his weapon and did fire a few shots. craig joins us live just east of downtown las vegas by a few miles near u.s. 95 and charleston.
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>> reporter: good morning. we are in a neighborhood here and this is where a method throw officer tried to stop a vehicle they observed speeding and they say driving unregistered. take a look behind me because the investigation still unfolding here. it started at 11:16 last night. the officer spotted the car in an area of bonanza and nellis. then this continued to a neighborh vehicle but then at some point the driver of that vehicle doesn't stop and backs the vehicle up toward the officer's car. one of the metro officers fired several shots at the vehicle striking the vehicle but not hitting the suspect. nobody injured here. the officer and suspect uninjured.
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18-year-old daniel richard. and that person now being held on suspicion of several charges. they haven't said which ones yet but one might be attempted assault of a police officer by using his vehicle to drive into the metro officer's car. that said, we have an investigation here into exactly why the officer fired the weapon and all of the circumstances surrounding that. we'll have more for you at the top of here on news 3 today. >> kim: rarely do we have the flashing lights on our live report but we have it on you this morning. here is another one. neighbors near 10th street and bonanza say they feel safe they are morning after a sexual
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53-year-old phillip white was arrested on saturday. he's accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a woman inside her home. he broke into that home through a bathroom window last week. the victim was asleep but heard a sound and got up to investigate and metro says that phillip white violently attacked this woman before taking cash and running off. he's a registered sex offender. but he doesn't have a record within metro's jurisdiction in town. the victim's neighbors saying this is quite outside was october 22 for my son's birthday. other than that they don't come outside because i'm too scared to have them outside, shootings, random. >> she's nervous about living there in addition to phillip white being arrested over the weekend. he's facing very serious charges including burglary, attempted sexual assault and more. >> dana: clark county firefighters find a woman dead
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this happened yesterday evening. they are still trying to figure out exactly how this thing started and exactly how she died inside that apartment. >> kim: we have details about a woman in texas now in custody in pahrump after police found tigers and monkeys roaming around her house. there is a picture of the woman in question. she's wanted in harris county texas. she moved not long ago. they are this month so only days. police were tipped off by animal control she was likely traveling with illegal animals because the texas authorities alerted authorities here. sheriff deputies took action when a neighbor called saying they saw three tigers in the lady's backyard. the only thing keeping them back was a four foot tall fence. the warrant for her arrest has to do with burglary and theft
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in that area reporting she's facing a charge of child endangerment because of the fact the tigers were living with her 14-year-old daughter. her animals are in the care of animal control. >> dana: they are nice tigers. what are you worried about. what is better than one super moon? how about several? that is cool to look at. a lot of you have been sending this one from new york rising above the beautiful las vegas valley. we'd love to see your pictures. # it news 3 super moon. you might see them here on the program. >> kim: from the super moon to a super picture overseas. this is moments ago where president obama has not only touched down in athens, this just happened minutes ago where
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you see him with the dignitaries. the president and prime minister. this is going to be his first stop on his final foreign tour as president. reward is the details of what to expect headed your way this morning. still to come there, san airline sending a thank you thanksgiving thank you to a small town. why the big turkey treat? we have the story headed your way. when it comes to ov t counter sleep medication, it can be tough for so many of us but you don't want to have that hangover effect. z quill, there is a new one out there and the experts with consumer reports put it through the paces in their lab. what they have found we will share with you. also the obama administration saying adding sound to certain cars is going to make them safer for everyone on the road.
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case that captivated the country. that georgia father has been found guilty in the murder of his toddler son. a jury found in the atlanta area he did this on purpose leaving his young son in a hot car. the jury reaching that verdict yesterday in the trial of justin ross harris. his son 22 months old dying after harris left him for 7 hours in that s.u.v. while he was insde counts including malice. two counts of felony murder, two counts of cruel tito children. he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole. this is even with his ex-wife taking the stand saying she did not believe he did this intentionally. >> dana: this is the scene in seattle, washington last night. peaceful protest for the most part as people taking to the
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of donald trump. people walking out of the university of washington, a number of high school students got together as well. there were some scuffles here. some people did try to block traffic for a time so they got into it with police. the scene more peaceful in portland as hundreds gathered in front of a library for a candlelight vigil. >> kim: we showed you brand new this morning our current commander in obama in athens. he has walked into the mansion of the president there. air force one touching down mid morning in athens after an overnight flight from washington. he is meeting with the president and the prime minister. this just minutes ago. then tomorrow he's going to give a major speech about democracy and globalization before he flies on to berlin. once in germany the president
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economic summit. his trip is going to be dominated by questions about president elect donald trump. he is working to reassure foreign leaders the united states will not abandon its partnership obligations. it is a topic of discussion this morning with tracy potts live in our 6:00 hour. >> dana: it was a weird scene to see a giant american airlines commercial jet land alaska. they had to do it. they had mechanical issues so they had to find the closest airport. yesterday they returned to say thank you to that tiny town that helped them out while they were in coldbay, alaska. nobody injured in all of this. they had the turkey and all the fixens. there is like 100 people that live there. so that cost them about $2,000 i'm guessing.
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americans have a lot of trouble sleeping. a consumer report national survey finds 20% or are forced to take every night an overthe counter sleep medication. sales of z quill reaching more than $100 million annually. if you take this stuff, what to expect. check it out. >> the commercials promise that goodht >> it's the same old ant histamine as ben drill. it's been on the market over 70 years. >> it's the ingredient added to these p.m. pain relievers to make you sleepy. you can buy the generic form.
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you find in z quill but for one tenth of the price per dose. >> you could experience daytime drowseness or confusion, dry mouth and there is some evidence if taken frequently it's associated with an increased risk of alzheimer's. make sure you have a full night's sleep after never drive even after a full night's sleep if you feel drowsy and never mix it with alcohol. don't take an extra dose if you wake up in the middle of the night. you shouldn't be taking any medication like this for more than two weeks. for more information on how to get those z's go to our website. fur awake and trying to get out
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>> tom: we got a couple of trouble spots. one is at russell road and the 15 just about cleared up. in the overnight hours we have a closure of frank sinatra drive. that is sunday night through friday morning 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. that takes us well into february. good looking travel times. no delays on the freeways. one accident just to the north of the airport on decatur and ricky. watch out for that o every 10 minutes. here is kelly. >> kelly: want to start out with a time lapse from yesterday. i backed it up so we can see that super moon yesterday morning. we'll be taking a look at live pictures soon. lots of sunshine across the area yesterday. we topped out at 78 in las vegas. beautiful day yesterday. many neighborhoods today
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morning you'll want a jacket. las vegas 48. mountains edge 56 and summerlin 54. temperatures may drop another degree or two before sunrise which is about 6:18 this morning. we have clear skies in the area. lot of activity to our north. a cold front will be dropping through. we're going to see the effects of that as early as tonight. today still another warm bef 79 the expected high with winds out of the southeast 5-10. tonight we'll see the clouds start to increase, the winds will start to pick up as well. winds gusting to 25. the winds get stronger tomorrow. gusts of 45. tomorrow's high still in the 70's. 76 but look at the change. still breezy thursday with a high of 60. friday morning you'll want that
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>> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. january king is joining us from new york city. you order something from amazon, it arrives at your house and then you have to put it together. >> that is the most depressing part. amazon ready to assemble the things you buy from its site. when a customer buys something from amazon that needs to be installed or assembled like a tv, they can include that service during the checkout process. >> dana: yes please, not my favorite part of the process. these cars are good for the environment but bad for pedestrians, you can't hear them. >> new rules for hybrid and electric cars. they are required to make noise when travels at low speeds so pedestrians will hear them
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once the hybrids and electric cars on the road are equipped to make noise. >> i'm guessing the sound will be get out of the way, get out of the way. >> no beeping please. >> like the backwards beeping. >> kim: we have a sighting off the jersey shore. it's a whale video to private. people on a boat getting quite the eye full. a humpback whale circling that watching boat. a lot of those animals feeding on fish and they migrate south. the whale appeared to be curious and put on quite a show for the crew and passengers. in addition there has been an increase in damage and
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animals. if you are in a boat have you to stay 100 feet way. fur following or chasing a whale you could be violating a federal marine protection law so make sure you are aware of that. >> dana: just east of town downtown las vegas an officer involved shooting. tried to pull a guy over. he tried to hit them with his car so they opened fire. he wasn't hit but we'll have the latest in a live report coming up. a local eight-year-old girl recovering at umc after getting shot. her father now under arrest. what happened here? details just ahead. >> kim: the nfl colorado is taking a knee and that has caused controversy in our country -- kaepernick has caused
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>> tom: we have one accident to the north. another accident in the southern valley. travel times looking good on the freeways this. accident down south at the russell ramp to i15 north looks like its almost cleared. then an accident just coming in maryland parkway and tropicana. this way be serious. you want to avoid tropicana and
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here is kelly with weather. >> kelly: we're checking out that super moon if you want to take one last picture before this goes down and the sun comes up this morning. temperatures are on the cool side. you'll want a warmer sweater or jacket. overton 49. the las vegas valley 48. winds are light. you want a sweater or warm jacket as you step out the door. er be in the upper 70's to near 80 again. it's all about to change. we'll go into more detail anyway few minutes. >> kim: kaepernick has been taking a knee during the national anthem. >> dana: you would never do that. >> kim: i would never do that. i respect the right to do that.
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they were seated quietly protesting donald trump's rhetoric and position on immigration. the teacher told them to stand. got frustrated and when they didn't said good luck with being deported now that donald trump is president. they told the principal. the teacher now is on paid administrative leave as of last week pending outcome of the investigation. >> k t elect donald trump. the current commander in chief touched down in athens, greece. he is meeting with the greek president and prime minister today. he'll go to berlin and finish up his final foreign visit in peru where travis anderson is a big conference on globalization and the economy.
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caught on this piece of understand new zealand after the earthquake. the land gave away from that tower there. we have an update to this story. we'll tell you how they saved them coming up. >> kim: ever since the election, there is a certain company out there that is making hey over
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>> kim: a local police officer forced to fire into an on coming car. the driver is 18. live coverage coming your way. >> dana: an 8-year-old girl gets shot in the valley. her father is under arrest. he says it was a big accident. more on this story >> kim: you las vegas have a little more than three hours left to get those votes in for the next winner of "the voice." and this morning some of the performances from just hours ago
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>> dana: welcome in. not as super as it was yesterday but still bright , the moon above the horizon in the west. >> kim: that explains why i have this full beard this morning because i'm turning into a werewolf before your very eyes. people gathering to see the super sights in a moment. we have a ton of news. >> dana: we have breaking news on our local roads. >> tom: what appears to be a serious accident at maryland and tropicana. this is about a half mile away. you can see the flashing lights off in the distance at tropicana and maryland. we have a crew on the way to get
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road ramp. tow truck is on scene. it is still putting the squeeze on the ramp. freeway speed running up to full speed, no delays whatsoever. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, you might want a warmer sweater. some locations in the 40's this morning. it will warm up. once the sun comes up, we're talking 75 at >> dana: we're following
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>> kim: this is a local case that has taken a number of twists and turns and it continues today. we're talking about local teenager accused of killing a local mom right in front of her home. he faces a judge today. kendall all over this developing eric is officially expected to take back his guilty plea, one he says he was pressured into by his attorney. back in september you might remember he waived attorney client privileges to hire a new lawyer. he's facing 10 years to life in prison for the shooting and killing of a local mother in her driveway.
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prison. he will be in court this morning at 8:30. we'll bring you the latest on what happens. >> dana: a man has been arrested here in the valley after police say that he hit and killed two brothers while driving drunk over the weekend. officers say 25-year-old willie worth which was drunk and speeding on police say that robert sawn roberts and jermaine asher making an illegal u turn when he hit their car killing both brothers. drunk driving crashes up 10% this year in clark county. >> kim: a police report indicates a dad has been in town after his 8-year-old daughter was shot while he was teaching her how to handle a gun.
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he had been teaching his daughter about gun safety last week. when she asked if she could cook the handgun he bet her she could not handle it by herself. removed the gun from the safe to prove his point. he removed the pin and tumbler from the handgun beforehanding it to his daughter. a bullet from the gun exploded in his hand when he was putting fragments hit him and his daughter. we don't know how she is doing but he is facing charges. >> dana: prosecutors filed a motion to group defendants in the bundy trial. they want to group them in three tiers. each tier according to the role
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the first is bundy and his sons scribed as leaders and organizers. second tier is mid level leaders and organizers. third tier involves defendants as followers gunmen. bundy asked for an individual trial. the brothers asking to be tried together. the trial now scheduled for february. >> we have a vegas story that you a local done on the fabulous las vegas strip. it is a supered up taco bell. they call at this time taco bell canteen na open for business we
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if you want to have a taco bell fix and have a cocktail with it you can get it done 24 hours a day on the las vegas strip. >> dana: you have sent us great pictures of the super moon. we want to see more. post your picture with the # news 3 super moon and you might see them on the air this morning. concerns about the macy's thanksgiving day parade being what isis claims could happen and why police say there is nothing to worry about. >> kim: we have a good news update on this situation. remember this time yesterday morning we were talking about the cows trapped at that location. it's because of a big earthquake in new zealand.
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>> kim: a good news update for you. if you were with us yesterday you saw those three stranded major earthquake there, they got trapped at that location. from what we understand the community below coming together to get them to safety. a farmer and so many others digging a track to those animals. at first they were very cautious because they wanted to make sure that the soil wouldn't tumble down on them. they were able to get to them. once they did so the cows were desperate for water after being
5:40 am
the farm. new zealand's 10 million cattle out number the people. it's nice to be able to report on this tuesday morning those cows are now to safety. >> dana: time to check out traffic. people that work on the las vegas strip, a lot of them like to use tropicana to get to work. >> tom: don't want to do that this morning because we have a serious accident at tropicana and maryland parkway. looks like moment. you see the lights flashing over there. we'll be above it live in sky 3. russell road and i15 was clearing, looks like it is now clear. traffic times look good. it's not going to change a bunch on the 15 southbound. just getting a little congested
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>> kelly: heading out the door, grab a little warmer jacket. look at these temperatures. crestwood 47. we'ring looing at calm winds at that location. temperatures will warm up today. 75 at lunchtime. as the kids get out of school, we're going to be flirting with 80. we'll need the winter coats back out. >> dana: one c.e.o. in trouble this morning a comments about donald trump. there is the guy. we're going to tell you what he had to say and why he's not going to work today. >> kim: we're talking about the rose parade. we're a month and a half away but prep already under way. there is one float in particular that has a very special local
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>> german news agency hundreds of police officers searching more than 200 officers, mosques socialed with the true religion. this has been taking place in western germany and berlin. germany's domestic intelligence service warned the organization. they were expected to announce
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>> kim: i know have you the honor and privilege of meeting gwen ifill. we are so sad to report the long time well respected journalist is no longer with us. she passed away yesterday with hospice. she had a long battle with cancer. only 61-year-old. a former newspaper reporter who switched over to television news. she worked for nbc a in case you don't follow politics, you probably remember when she moderated two presidential debates, most recently last february's presidential primary debate. she was the one who moderated the joe biden sarah pailen debate. >> dana: one year ago today clark died after a late night confrontation with police officers in minneapolis.
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there will be a candlelight vigil tonight and peace march taking place tonight asking everyone to remember and hope for change. >> kim: we show you the parade route for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. police responding to an article in an isis magazine calling for a lone wolf type of attack. the article is called just terror tactics wolves to rent a truck and drive it into the crowd. it called the parade an excellent target. the article is troubling but nothing new. it's stuff they have seen before. police are going to use a multilayered security strategy to keep people along the parade route safe. we've had tremendous success with this parade in our nation's history and you'll be able to watch it here on channel 3.
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crews in new zealand began rescuing about 1,000 tourist and hundreds of residents who remain stranded. this after a powerful earthquake cut off train and vehicle access across the town getting many people out by military helicopter. tomorrow a navy ship is expected to arrive in that small coastal village. >> kim: he may be smart but we have him in the dumb criminal e he's a california c.e.o. he's been put on administrative leave because of comments he made about assassinating donald trump. he posted on social media he planned to kill the president elect. when warned by a facebook friend he might get a visit from the federal authorities he replied bring it secret service. then it was last night he issued
5:48 am
views and opinions of this company, employs, investors. he apologized for those comments and deleted his facebook account. >> dana: they are working around the clock to produce these. donald trump masks. getting a flood of orders from the united states. factory trying to produce as many masks a day. >> kim: they are not working as hard as tom who does traffic along with weather every 10 minutes on the program. you have a lot to talk about. >> tom: one accident at tropicana and maryland parkway causing at least a partial blockage. we have a distant camera view. you can see a lot of flashing lights there. some cars seem to be coming east. not sure if they are coming out
5:49 am
tropicana. we'll be over there shortly. the freeway times looking pretty good. just a little sluggish on i15. >> kelly: we're tacking live look outside. you can see that is the moon and it is getting ready to sink below the horizon as that sun is getting ready to come up in the east in about a half hour or. so here is temperatures. you are going to want a jacket. 49, downtown 50. summerlin 53 this morning. temperatures will rise quickly once that sun comes up. we are looking at clear skies in the area for now. high thin clouds will work in late they are afternoon and this cold front will sink southward. as it does we'll see gusty winds and a big change this our
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today's high warm at 9. me sweet you expect to reach 80. search light 57 tonight. pahrump 44 for your low. in las vegas 79-degrees will be our forecast high today. some neighborhoods will hit that 80-degree mark. windy conditions tomorrow gusting to 45 with a high of 76. on thursday the high just 60 and lows in the 30's and 40's. >> kim: president obama is about to start his first news conference on you there for live coverage. also still to come, you still have time to vote las vegas. just hours ago in primetime on this very channel the must see moments from the voice that has people talking today. they are water cooler worthy. we'll share them ahead. >> dana: making a murderer, one of the convicted murderers could be let out of jail.
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results airing tonight on channel 3. it's the murder case that was made famous by the netflix series called making a murderer. one of the convicted murderers has been ordered released from prison while prosecutors appeal a ruling that overturned murder of teresa. stephen avery is his uncle. he's behind bars. they believe he's responsible for this murder. wisconsin's attorney general plans to file an emergency motion to block the conditional release of brendan. a judge ruled investigators tricked him to confessing he
5:56 am
former president bush posted a picture with the new family pet. he and first lady visited the spca of texas last week to thank them for their great work and came home with that new pup. didn't vladimir putin tack a shot at his old dog and president bush said i love the guy, the >> putin was taking a shot at him being smaller than his dog. he took personal offensive. there he is breaking it down. right now live from our nation's
5:57 am
we're talking to tracy potts about the trump transition and
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>> chris: you're waking up to breaking news in our own backyard. we take you to the scene for this one involving an officer involved shooting. the reason a local officer opened fire headed your way in a live report.
6:00 am
has tigers in her home hanging out ticking pictures with them. how she was caught coming up. >> of course i have concerns. >> kim: final overseas trip. we have the president on the move right now in athens greece. we're talking it out live with tracy potts ahead. >> dana: 6:00 on this monday morning. there is t horizon. >> kim: a lot of people are slamming their alarm. >> dana: make that sound stop. >> kim: we want your pictures.


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