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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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there and, as we understand, this woman, she was able to escape her attacker? >> reporter: michelle, that is right. she used her elbow to get away. this is the area where a female unlv student was attacked. we are right in front of the complex off harmon. police say that tuesday night, the victim was walking from the library. that's the building right over there. the victim says she felt her attacker was followinger entered lot l, a man came up from behind, grabbed the victim. but she managed to fight him off with a strong elbow strike to the stomach. the student got into her car and escaped her attacker. police describe the suspect as a black, clean-shaven man who stands about 5'10". he was last seen wearing a hoodie. unlv students say the attack is very concerning.
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emergency pole but they don't have them in the parking lot. so, like, that is scary. usually people park far away. >> reporter: university officials have been very proactive. they sent out a text about this attack. many of the students out here, they do know what happened. if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this attacker or have any information on what happened, you are asked toal university police at 702-895-3668. reporting live from the unlv campus, antonio castelan, news 3. >> as you can imagine, frightening. >> so glad she got away. neighbors near the north end of town on edge after a stolen car led police on a chase and the suspect on the run. we've learned they are hardly
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license. >> kyndell nunley is live near jones and washington where this all came to an end. >> reporter: good afternoon. yep. witnesses have described the suspects as between 13 and 15 years old. we have confirmed with metro that at least one of them was seen holding a gun. though this neighborhood is cleared now, i can tell you things were quite differently only about an hour ago. this green honda is the suv police say was stolen by the two boys and a girl, who are all in police custody. you see the vehicle on the screen. culley elementary school for an hour before the three were cuffed and placed in the patrol car. since they were under able, we will not show them. having an armed stolen car chase come to an end in front of your home is shocking enough. but seeing such young faces --
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floor, being apprehended by the police officers. the helicopters were flying above. >> i heard the sirens. >> reporter: so this is that driveway where the two teen boys were arrested. that girl was found across the street. as of now, the teens are in custody but have not been placed under arrest. metro is sort o steps. no arrests have been made so far. they are in custody as they continue to move forward in the investigation. that's the latest from north las vegas, kyndell nunley, news 3. the name of a metro officer involved in a shooting with a suspect this week has been released. >> this is new information coming to you as we await a briefing. news 3's nathan o'neal joins us
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nathan? >> reporter: yeah, metro just released the identity of the officer who was involved in the shooting. he's 33-year-old officer scott hinckley. police say that he opened fire on a suspect on monday, a suspect, they say was trying to run over an our with his car. i want you to take a look. this is the suspect, 18-year-old daniel prichard. police say it all started in the east valley on monday near east bonanza and nellis. now, when officers tried to pull prichard over for the expired registration, he took two blocks away, passed out in a cul-de-sac. when he woke up, police say he tried to run over an officer with his car. officer hinckley fired several rounds but the 18-year-old was not hurt. he was arrested. like you said in about an hour, we're expecting a briefing here at metro headquarters, where police are expected to give us a better insight into the moments that led up to that shooting. we'll be live streaming it on our website,, as
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updates right here on news 3 and for now we're reporting live, nathan o'neal, news 3. a man is recovering after being shot in the leg during a robbery. this happened outside of the peppermill lounge on the strip earlier this morning. police are looking for two suspects. they say the victim reported the suspect stole some jewelry from his home. the journal reports a limo driver heard a bang, saw two people struggling with each other on the ground. the driver of that limo says he then saw two men get toyota camry. he tried to follow them but lost them when he got to sahara and las vegas boulevard. a neighborhood shocked today after one of their neighbors, they learned, is charged with committing crimes against kids. the man was arrested and charged with luring kids into his apartment near charleston and nellis using candy. he would then allegedly assault them. neighbors say they knew him as david, the friendly guy, who would walk to the neighborhood
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>> i've about lived in this complex about two years, i've seen kids coming in and out of the apartment. i've seen him walking around with kids. >> he faces charges of kidnapping, sexual assault of a child, and multiple counts of lewdness. we're your traffic authority. we have another closure happening this weekend. as we take a live look at the 215, it will be closed in both direct connector from 9:00 p.m. friday night until 5:00 a.m. on monday. we're talking the entire weekend here. crews will be installing parts of that flyover offramp. if you drive this way, you've seen it. if you need to get to mccarran international airport, you can navigate through deters. but be prepared for delays. best bet according to the county, avoid this part of the 215 if at all possible. take tropicana to the airport. >> not only do we have you
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weather authority. and that's when our kelly curran comes into the conversation. it's windy. >> and it's cold. >> it's been an active couple of days. i want to show you this time lapse from this morning. this the overton hotel camera in pioche. see that. snow! yeah. dusting of snow. the came up. a lot of that has since melted but there's a little bit lingering in the area. no snow? las vegas but it got cooler. temperatures dropping in the 40srn we had some gusts up to 60 miles an hour being reported last night. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. liberty high school, 54 degrees. it's still very cool outside. much cooler than we are accustomed to lately. winds out of the east, about 6 miles an hour. we have high gusts since midnight up to 30 miles an hour. hyde park middle school, 9-mile-an-hour winds. 56 degrees. we've had these really strong gusts but the winds are continuing to diminish.
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bumpy morning commute, this evening you will only be dealing with winds at about 3, 8 miles an hour. 62, that's it for the high temperature today. believe it or not, this is only 4 degrees off from normal for this time of year. that's it. but it's 16 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. so a very big change for us. it's going to get colder. some of us have freeze warnings for the overnight hours. we'll talk about where -- coming up. >> i remember plants and pipes. >> yeah. >> people, pets, plants, pipes. take care of those things if you are in an area that freezes. breaking news. an explosion rock as small community. >> and the whole thing caught on camera. where this happened and what investigators are saying. and split in half. look at this. this was a car in this accident. it was caught on camera. where it happened and how did
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>> wow. >> we'll let you know. before you throw out those thanksgiving left overs this next week, heather, will show us how you can put them together to good use coming up at 12:30. right now on news 3 live at noon
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all right. we have a breaking news update. story we brought you an investigation is underway into a powerful and deadly natural gas explosion that rocked a small town in illinois. oh, my goodness. the surveillance footage posted to social media shows when this struck in canton. one person died. 11 others injured. it was so powerful, it blew the doors and windows open. it's not what clear what caused
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police shut down several blocks around the blast site and some people were forced to spend the night in a local shelter. the search is on for the driver of a car who narrowly escaped a serious train accident. this happened last night in massachusetts. so we've kind of spotted it there so you can see it. officials say a car was trying to ross the railroad tracks when they were hit. the impact so great, that car was split -- observe my my godness -- split in half. no one was hurt in the accident, if you can believe that. the driver -- the driver and passenger fled the scene. but no one hurt. can you believe that? >> wow. >> they walked away from that. >> crazy. to arizona where a police officer is under investigation after video surfaced of him punching a woman in the face. before we show it to you, we have to warn you. it's graphic.
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>> hey. >> hey. >> there it is. here it is again. the officer and another man who appeared to be a police officer, we're not sure, were attempting to arrest this woman when the cameras were rolling. she told them that they did not have a warrant for her arrest. she was trucking with them as they tried to handcuff her and then the police wound up and slugged her in the face. the flagstaff police department, that's where this happened, said it is beginning an internal ve a federal appeals rules that a wisconsin inmate made famous by that "making a murderer" must remain in jail even though his conviction has been overturned. in 2007 brendan dassey was convicted of killing and raping
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now the judge says he must remain in jail. federal investigators say the cincinnati zoo's gorilla barrier to keep the public out was not compliant with safety standards. remember this when the 3-year-old boy fell into the enclosure in may? that moment caught on camera. the gorilla was harambe. grabbed the child. he was ultimately shot and killed by zoo employees. the zoo spokesperson said they today. >> so hard to watch that. firefighters are battling major wives in six different states right now across the southeast, georgia, alabama, kentucky, tennessee and north carolina and south carolina. upwards of 30 large fires scorching more than 80,000 acres filling skies across the region with smoky haze. this is a picture from space.
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pictures. those were satellite images sent from nasa. efforts to put out the fire are being harperred by a continuing drought in the area and the constant threat of dry winds. winter has arrived in some parts of the country. this is utah. this is stewart stadium at weber state university in ogden. the area is under a winter storm warning as light snow is expected to continue throughout the day. here we >> we had a little dusting of snow. >> up in the higher elevations. >> you might have noticed that we're all wearing a shade of purple today. and that is pause it's world pancreatic cancer awareness day. and so we are all wearing our purple to show our support. this is a cancer that doesn't get a whole lot of recognition and support. >> no. the thing about it, you have
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funds and you put those funds towards research and with cancers like breast cancer, you find ways to combat it, you know, and -- i mean keep people alive. >> yes. better survival rates. >> we just wanted to raise awareness to that very important issue. something else we're talking about, what's going on outside. it was so windy yesterday. >> oh, my gosh. like i had a tree night. >> it was chilly. i had palms all over the place. i want to start things out with this time lapse look. this is the las vegas daycare camera. we were still dealing with gusts around 30 miles an hour. not quite the 40, 50, even 60-mile-an-hour gusts we were dealing with yesterday afternoon and evening. outside, a lot of blue sky for us and the winds, luckily are
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current temperatures, el dorado, 59 degrees. remember yesterday we were in the 70s at this time? lake, 55. paradise, 56. southeast, 59. these are the temperatures that we've been seeing for morning lows lately. here we are in the noon hour. this is closer to normal than we have been in weeks. so what about those winds? well, again, they are diminishing. spring valley, 6-mile-an-hour winds right now. but that's about it. everything is starting to quiet down now as we take a look at that radar picture. mainly sunny skies. the snow we were seeing earlier in parts of utah and into arizona, that has now shifted east. colorado is having it now. i'm sure they are thrilled to get that ski season underway with the holidays about to start. because the skies are clear, we're going to see the temperatures drop even lower tonight than what we they were
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this does not include las vegas. indian springs, pahrump, sandy valley, all included in this as lows are going to go in the 20s. if you have sensitive vegetation plants, brick them inside. bring your pets inside for the night and wrap those pipes. keep them warm so they don't burst. here's what we're looking at as far as the forecast for today, plenty of sunshine. diminishing w than yesterday. this is pretty close to normal. 62 degrees that's the expected high. tonight, clear skies. it's going to get chilly. 40 degrees. that will be the low for most of us in las vegas. some neighborhoods will get down in the upper 30s. as we were just talking about, there it is a freeze warning for parts of the viewing area as well the as we head into tomorrow, still chilly, 63 degrees but the weekend we're going it go above normal. upper 60s.
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66. >> all right. there it is. fall has officially arrived. >> it has. >> we're where we're supposed to be. so we can't really complain. big news about child booster seats. >> he very important stuff here. chris clackum has more. >> reporter: every parent who buckles a child into a booster seat will likely love hearing what the insurance institute for highway safety about boosters. >> when we first began our ratings in 2008, only about a quarter got the top rating of best bet, and this year 48 out of 53 got the top rating. >> reporter: let's say that again. 48 out of 53 booster seats received the highest ratings. in the institute's latest series of tests and consumers were told to avoid only two. >> unfortunate lit, there were a couple boosters that made our
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those are two made by dura ll that have the belt too high up on the child's belly. >> reporter: durall did not respond to our request for comment. researchers, though, are crowing about the boosters that work. >> this is really good news for parents, that they can feel confident when they are shopping for a booster, the vast majority will provide good belt felt across a range of vehicles. >> reporter: boosters are mainly meant for children 4 to 8 years old and can be a lifesaver. chris clackum, nbc news. we have breaking news just in. a nevada man convicted of threatening to kill president obama, you may remember this story, steven ford. he was found guilty yesterday. court documents say he called the white house on march 1st and told the operator, i'm going to kill that president. i hate him. he's scheduled to be sentenced
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to five years in prison. a little breaking news out of capitol hill. we're getting word that ohio democrat tim ryan and the house of representatives announcing that he's going to challenge minority leader nancy pelosi. it will be interesting to see how this shakes out. they had a closed-door meeting a couple of days ago. so looks like nancy pelosi has a little competition for that seat in congress. all right. let's bring it back home to our kris bryant could be getting really big news this afternoon. >> oh. >> there is a big honor. he's up for it. we'll tell you about the local baseball star who helped break the cubs break that 108-year-old curse. >> what honor could he be
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after helping lead the cubs to the very first world series championship that team has had in more than 100 years,
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one more award to add to his trophy room. >> it's getting pretty -- the space is limited now. he's done so well. he's competing with daniel murphy and corey for the national league's most valuable player award. he's already our mvp. just saying. it will be announced on mlb network after 3:00 p.m. we'll keep you posted. if bryant wins, it would be back-to-back years for las vegas nati bryce harper won the mvp in 2015. so our boys from las vegas, really representing in a big way on the national level. there it is. >> we're so proud. the cubs will be at cashman field in march for big league weekend. >> that will be fun. >> a lot more to come on news 3
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right now on news 3 live at 12:30, child bullied. a local mother sueth -- suing the clark county school district saying it did not do enough. what ccsd is saying in a live report. and a breaking news update. an explosion rocking one town overnight. that's what happened when it hit. look at this. investigators trying to figure
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and becoming legal. dozens of local families growing today and we're there for the very special adoption ceremony coming up. the clark county school district is on trial for accusations it did not do enough to stop two boys who were being bullied in junior high school. >> our sergio avila has been all over this story and theal afternoon. where do we stand right now? >> reporter: krystal, michelle, last night we heard from one of the boy's mothers involved in the case. she took the stand talking about how she went to the district and did not feel that enough was peaking -- being done to stop the accusations of the bullying. today we may hear from a coupler that one of the boys did speak to. the boys in question say they


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