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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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down a short distance from where we're hanging out right now. >> dana: an officer opened fire after somebody tried to run over his partner. this is a local story. we'll tell you what metro is saying about it coming up. >> kim: m.v.p., our own chris bryant after getting the award of all awards. we have what he's saying about it headed your way this morning. >> dana: we have breaking news coming out of manhattan where donald trump has tapped alabama jeff sessions to be the attorney
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>> kim: 30 years ago jeff sessions had problems trying to go through the confirmation process. what does it mean moving forward as the attorney general? we'll find out this morning. >> kim: out of the gate we're starting with breaking news but we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes for your convenience. tom standing by and it's a bad sign there are flashing lights behind him. let's start things off with kelly >> kelly: grab a coat and hat and gloves. crank the heat in the car. temperatures in the 30's and 40's across the las vegas valley. we'll be at 53 by 9:00 a.m. at lunchtime 60. temperatures staying below normal. looks like they are going to climb back above for the weekend. >> tom: an accident on 95 northbound just past lake mead boulevard. most of the traffic is coming the other direction in the
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big problem. tow truck arriving on the scene. that's the one accident to watch out for. 95 north just past lake mead boulevard. travel times look great. no delays on the freeways. >> kim: good to hear. we lead off with police looking for a driver after a deadly crash on the west side of town. this happening last night and we take you to the scene here. that's the footage on your screen. tr traveling westbound when it lost control and crossed over into on coming traffic. the car was hit by a pickup truck and hit by another car after that. the passenger in the sports car was killed and the driver ran away from the scene before crews could arrive. this accident shut down westbound lanes on flamingo for several hours. now we have an active manhunt for the person responsible for
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showing the tense moments before a metro officer opened fire on a local teenager. metro tried to pull over 18-year-old daniel richard for expired tags on his car. he took off, police caught up with him two blocks officer scott hinkley fired 10 shots as richard's car races towards him. richard recently purchased this car on craig's list. >> he fled from the police previously but that could be one indication but we haven't vetted that out to be able to identify
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motivation. >> he's expected in court in two weeks. behind bars this morning. officer hinkley placed on administrative leave which is standard protocol after a shooting. >> kim: we were talking about an active manhunt because of someone taking off from an accident. we have another manhunt under way at the campus of unlv. a woman was assaulted in a parking lot. the tacker grabbed the student from behind, hit hern so he runs off after the attack. the victim is just giving a generic description of this person. we know this person was last seen wearing a hoodie but that's all we have to go on. as they check different cameras on campus, if they find some that helps we'll pass it on to you to make sure they can find the person responsible. >> dana: a local mother talking
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daughters say they were sexually abused by a neighbor. this is a story we've been talking if the for a couple of days. this local man used candy to lure kids into his apartment. >> that is what is alleged in the police report. this story is in the headlines because police believe there might be more victims. it's believed that jose pre apartment -- kids in an east las vegas apartment. he used candy to lure them and told them if they talked something would happen to their mother. >> they told me their grandfather would touch them. he would take off our clothes he said. i want him to pay with jail. i want him to feel what my girls felt. >> back here live we're outside
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center where he is behind bars. amanda says that her girls did eventually tell her what happened. jose is expected to be in court on this case monday. >> kim: thank you very much for that. it's happened again. can't believe we're reporting this this morning but more exotic animals have been found at a home. that's the second time this week we've talkedut 15 animals found at this home. it was earlier we told you about the woman who was arrested for having lions and a monkey living with her. two more people are in trouble with the law. the sheriff's office saying that jackie freeman and abby had a license to keep some of the animals which includes lions, tigers and a panther. you are seeing different kind of exotic cats in the picture. this case coming days after that
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pahrump with tigers and monkeys. the investigation is ongoing. when we're not talking ant -t it on television you can go to there was a fox that was found inside the home that was illegal. so they did have permits for some of the animals but the fox they did not. we'll stay on top of this investigation. >> dana: he went to bonanza high school and named the most valuable player of the national league. chris bryant last year was rookie of the year. this year most valuable player. his team won the world series for the first time in more than 100 years. >> this is -- you can't really put into words what this feels. it's just been an unbelievable year. >> dana: you want to see chris
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>> kim: yes please. >> dana: you'll be able to if you act quickly. they are playing for big league weekend. this thing sells out every year. they are going to talk on the reds this year. >> kim: you may see oscar walking around with a big tall martini at the ballpark. >> dana: a senior official in trump's transition team says trump offers alabama senator jeff general. he will have to be confirmed by the united states senate and that may be difficult when he was nominated sessions for federal judgeship in 1986, he could not get confirmed as a federal judge. he was dogged by racist comments he was accused of making while serving in alabama. this could be a tough fight in the senate. >> kim: it would not surprise me if they do a west coast version
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morning. we have so many people who have been hurt because of airstrikes in syria. we have dramatic images. it's heartbreaking. we talked about a children's hospital that took a hit. look at one of the refugees. we have more headed your way. >> dana: we're going to show you the body cam video from the however, it doesn't show the punch. why not? we'll tell you why. >> kim: we have an exclusive for your thanksgiving dinner before you get stuck on turkey day.
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>> kim: this video will have you counting your blessings. we take to you syria where crews are saving kids after the hospital they had been treated
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we know 21 people were killed, dozens more injured. this has been going on for some time. airstrikes pounding ahelp poe for days on end. the volunteer group wearing the white helmets, they are there trying to rescue the children who were trapped. more than 40 airstrikes have hit rebel held neighborhoods in the east part of the city. the volunteer group continues to do reporting for us on the children. many of the victims are still trapped as we speak. it's a tough one and i have to tell that you nbc news through the great reporting of their top foreign correspondent, they believe assad is responsible for these airstrikes. >> dana: tough to look at for sure. this is tough to look at too. the police officer punching the woman in the face in flagstaff,
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half hour drive. you've seen that video from cell phone. you will see body cam footage. the officer went to the home to help other officers with an eviction. he was told his help was no longer needed. at that point he switched off his body cam. the officer saw a woman who he believed had warrants out for her arrest. turns out the warrants had already been served. you can hear her telling officers she didn't have a warrant for her arrest. punched her in the face before turning his body camera back on. the body cam footage resumes after he places cuffs on morris. why he believed she had a warrant for her arrest is why he didn't turn his body camera back on all part of the investigation. >> kim: breaking news to share takes us to southern california. check out your screen. a fully involved fire. firefighters have gotten to the
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is dramatic in nature. and the reason it is so intense. this is a pallet yard that's gone up in flames. s a half acre. it was reported about 3:00 this morning in this area. if you are familiar with riverside county, this is webster avenue and the ramon na expressway. firefighters on scene as we speak. no immediate reports of injuries and no structures were threatened other than look at that pallet >> dana: those pallets go up quickly. you see teenagers on the beach light those things up for a little fire on the beach sometimes. president obama joined leaders in berlin today to discuss security and economic challenges facing the transatlantic partners. president obama is meeting with leaders likely his last in such a setting before he leaves
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donald trump enters the white house on january 20. >> kim: i see flashing lights. we do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> tom: this is on 95 northbound. tow truck is on the scene. they've zoomed it in to check out the accident. northbound on the 95 just past lake mead now. there is a big traffic mess that will start sometime tonight around 9:00 p.m. that's when the 215 beltway will shut down completely. you will be able to get into the airport connector and out if you are heading to the west. however, they advise staying away from the airport connector entirely. if you are coming from the east
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jones or decatur or las vegas boulevard. it promises to be a mess and will last until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. >> kelly: yesterday tons of sunshine but it was chilly out there. highs topping out at 60 in las vegas. this is a time lapse view. gorgeous blue skies throughout the day yesterday. current temperatures little chilly out there. blue diamond at nellis 38 as well. helpedderson you are coming in at 43. nice warm coat heading out the door and crank the heat in the car. temperatures will remain below normal today. we have a freeze warning in place. all these areas shaded in purple. that includes indian springs, pahrump and primm. lots of sunshine for us. high pressure in control. check this out, blizzard
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63. that's only 2 below normal for today's date. tonight 43 will be the low. the weekend is actually going to warm up a little bit for us. 69 saturday, 70 on sunday but sunday night into monday the next storm system moves in, we're going to see rain and mountain snow with this one. good news it wraps up before travel gets under way for thanksgiving. >> dana: jane king is joining us. next time i go to mcdonald's i'm going to sit down and order a big mac, quarter pounder with cheese and somebody is going to bring it to my table? >> if you want it that way you can have it. mcdonalds rolling out table service. with this new system customers can place an order using the digital character or at the counter and pick up the food to
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service is really popular with large groups and families. >> dana: i used to work at burger king as a kid, i wonder if they are going to do this. we'll see if if it works at mcdonald's first. the tesla and solar city merger got approval. >> it did get approval. shareholders oked this $2 billion deal. not a surprise. both companies are musk. he's the major owner in both of them. the deal is called a bailout of solar city but the deal did get approval and is expected to close in several days. >> dana: any big plans? >> i'm going to hang out. my daughter is having a sloppier tonight so i'm going to enjoy a
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>> dana: oh her child is sleeping over at another friend's house so that's a free night. what would thanksgiving be without the turkey and stuffing? what about using a package stuffing? consumer reports tested out a ton of popular ones to see which ones deserves a pla holiday table. >> whether you are preparing thanksgiving dinner or bringing a dish, one short cut could be stuffing from a box. consumer reports experts cooked up nine to figure out which were the tastiest. they were all prepared using unsalted butter and low sodium chicken both. five mixes were in the herb or chicken category. there were several good
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pep ridge farm classic stuffing. it's a flavorful white and whole wheat bread stuffing. another one they liked the stove top lower sodium. it can be doctored if you kick it up a notch. let's go to pep ridge farm again this time they take the top slot in the second category with classic corn bread stuffing. it has slightly grainy corn meal texture and the fluster do come through. whatever you prepare, don't take the risk of making your guest ill at thanksgiving. to help keep bacteria out of your stuffing bake it separately from the turkey and consumer reports found that most popup thermometers not accurate so invest in a good thermometer and
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for some gluten free options we'll have those on still to come. great news for southern nevada. we have a business boom going on. kendall is going to join us live with the details in moments. >> dana: thursday night football returned on nbc hours ago. we're going to tell you why a
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>> dana: there is a half acre fire reported just before 3:00 this morning. according to the riverside county fire department this is a pallet fire burning very hot as you can see on your screen. >> kim: time for a little traffic and weather together. last time we had an oops on the local roadway. >> tom: we have a fire right now too in a residential area just to the north of boulder highway travel times running in the green. the oops is up in the northwest part of the valley. 95 northbound at lake mead boulevard. tow truck on the scene. should be clear soon. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning bundle up. it's chilly out there today. pahrump 32 right now. mt. charleston at 28. boulder city 46 at this hour. temperatures are going to be
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today. but the weekend looking better. i'll have the details in 10 minutes. >> kim: thursday night football on nbc. >> dana: it was awesome. the saints taking on the panthers on the road in north carolina. check out that baseball player on the left, that is carl edwards jr. watch this catch by nt you are out of bounds. wait, after further review. that is a touchdown. carolina went out for a big lead in this one. the saints made it close in the end. the final 23-20 so the panthers win the game but they do not cover the point spread. the great linebacker for the panthers was injured on that play.
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i like seeing this. hello handsome. i think my husband is so handsome. it's calendar time ladies. >> dana: that guy stole my body. >> kim: who are these hunky men? we have answers headed your way. >> dana: their new thanksgiving video is out.
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>> i trusted him. >> kim: we have a translator talking about a mother's anger and you are seeing that mom. that's the man she's upset with. local police have arrested him. she's speaking out this morning on our program talking about her children being sexually assaulted and she's worried about more vms community. the full story headed your way. >> dana: more companies planning to open up shop here in southern nevada. one of them a major retailer. you know the name and they are bringing more than 1,000 jobs with them. plus. >> welcome to my house ??? cheer at all the touchdowns ? >> kim: they are back with this thanksgiving message that most
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we have breaking news to share with you. we are opening up over the trump tower in new york city. donald trump's transition team has moved from this tower over to new jersey at his golf course and we have breaking news on that front. >> dana: mike out of kansas has been tapped to lead the this week and they were thinking this would happen considering his background in the military and intelligence at the same time. no public announcement on this but sources are saying mike will lead the c.i.a. >> kim: if you are just now turning on your tv set, it was a half hour ago we told you about alabama senator jeff sessions who has been given title of attorney general.
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position but he has to go through confirmation hearings and he had a tough time 30 years ago doing that in our nation's capitol. we're the wagners on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. tom, you've had issues out there early on this friday. >> tom: this is in the clearing stages this accident on the 95 north just past lake mead boulevard. looks like the towc gone. i suspect they'll be gone next time we look in. travel times look great. freeways are running in good shape. one fire situation in a residential area on emerald just north of nellis. we'll talk more about that mess that starts on 215 tonight. right now it's weather kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, bundle up and crank the heat in the car, temperatures in the 30's in some locations in the las vegas
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by lunchtime only 60. 63 at 3:00. we have another storm system on the way. this might bring us wet weather. details in 10 minutes. >> kim: we have an update on a story that's captivated our community for all the wrong reasons. it has to do with this man under arrest. we're hearing from local moms who say he lured their children into his apartment to sexually assault them and got them inside by offering them candy. five children say they were man. local police say he preyed on these kids in his apartment complex on charleston and nellis. two of the mom said he would bait their little girls with candy and once he was inside the apartment he would touch himself, make them watch porn and tell them they had to stay quiet or he was going to do something bad to the people they loved the most. police believe there could be more victims and he's expected
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the bathroom and put tape over their mouths and tied their hands. my kids told me they couldn't stop visiting him because he told them if you don't come something is going to happen to your mother. >> kim: awful story as it continues to be investigated here in town. we'll have continued updates for you here on news 3. >> dana: sheriff's investigating two more people for animal cruelty against 15 exotic animals. this is we told you about a woman arrested earlier this week for having lions and monkeys living with her and her teenage daughter. two more people in trouble. jackie freeman and abby had a license to keep some of those animals including a lion, tiger and panther. also a fox in the home. that is apparently against the
5:35 am for updates. >> kim: speaking of updates, we have one right now concerning that ongoing lawsuit involving the fifth largest school district in our nation which happens to be ours. it was an emotional day for a local mom on that stand there. she was in court yesterday saying her son was being bullied. her name is mary brian and she was constant bullying. bryant telling the judge that the last straw was when she discovered her son was considering suicide. >> searching on the internet things he could drink, household
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>> kim: it's tough to take this informal our hearts just break for that local mom. the trial is expected to wrap up next week. there is a possibility some of the alleged bullies could take the stand. if they do, we'll be all over it. >> dana: as police try to get a handle on crime across our valley, some renters asking to get out of their leases so they can mo enough with crime in their neighborhood asking their landlord if they could get out of their year lease and switch to a month to month. after being switched, so did the attitude toward them. >> said i could switch to a month to month and gave us a 25 day notice to vacate or honor the lease. >> they are moving out. they are vacating within 30 days. if you want to find out more
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check out alert i.d. on under the features tab. >> kim: isn't it great to end the work week with some good news and work the operative word here. we have a business boom here in southern nevada. kendall joins us live with the details. >> good morning. 1500 new jobs is what we're talking. i'm in north las vegas with the majority of those going to be here. family sustaining salaries. yesterday the governor's office of economic development approved millions of dollars in tax abatement for six companies looking to move to expand here in the state. the biggest is an expansion for the company is building a new distribution center in north las vegas and bringing 1,000 new jobs with it.
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back to work. >> i think one thing that is important for nevada is we keep our skill labor force at a level where they can serve the employers that we bring in. what would be the really tragic shame is to bring these good employers in and have them say we looked around your community and we can't find anybody, we're going to go to california. >> that whole list of companies is on our website. n las vegas. >> dana: we found out the unemployment rate in our state is at the lowest level in nine years. good news. millions of dollars in counterfeit u.s. dollars discovered this week. the foreign country where investigators discovered this fake cash. >> kim: hello handsome. we have a new calendar to talk
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>> kim: look what is over my shoulder. the 2017 boston firefighter calendar has been released featuring 12 hunky firefighters from different stations within the boston fire department. the calendar cost $20 for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds go to the
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victims and their families. >> tom: i got to talk about tough stuff. complete closure of the 215 9:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday and that is for work on the 215 beltway at all. be prepared for that. all of that is about to change. >> kelly: i had my heat blasting in my car on the way in this morning. 37 at liberty. wind are light. as you head off to school this morning make sure you have a nice warm sweater.
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>> dana: olympic gold medalist hitting the boxing ring here in las vegas this week. coming up who it is and where you can watch them fight tomorrow. >> kim: new in our 6:00 hour the original hard rock cafe is shutting down. when is it going to switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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arn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> this massive fire still under
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about a half an acre of pallets going up in flames. there were several explosions coming from propane in that yard. that could have been the cause of that fire. trying to sort through all of that. the united states and peru announcing the seizures of $30 million in the secret service discovering this stash yesterday. the agency saying more than 1500 police along with secret service agents carried out the searches and arrest wants. 50,000 fake you'res seized and 40 people arrested in the raid. the secret service saying six counterfeit plants were shut down.
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japanese prime minister came out of his meeting with president elect donald trump confident they will be able to build a relationship of trust. they met in new york yesterday for about an hour and a half. trump posted on facebook he is pleased with the start of a great friendship. >> kim: we have a lot to talk about as far as the olympics because we have an olympian in the news this screen. the gold medalist. remember her, she's a boxer hoping to win by a knockout on saturday. it's going to take place saturday at the t-mobile arena. the two time olympic gold medalist saying what she's been training for and knows is going to help make her more attractive to promotors is she is tough.
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she's already beat the amateurs. >> dana: time to check out traffic and weather on this friday morning. >> tom: you are looking at a busy commute. it is about that time of the morning when people get serious about the rush hour. let's check travel times and it is 8 minute drive to the bowl. in an hour it will add a minute on. 15 south from craig to the bowl five minute driveht traffic and weather together so here is kelly. >> kelly: how cool is this? a dusting of snow , the sunshine melted that yesterday evening. temperature there now is 23. it is a chilly start for us.
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summerlin 38,downtown 37, henderson 42 at this hour. winds are light. high pressure is in control. warming up this weekend before the next system arrives. blizzard warnings in parts of minnesota today. our high will be below normal. pahrump 60, tonight indian springs 30 for that low temperature. here is a look at our seven-day forecast where the high in las vegas today is 63. look at the weekend. mostly sunny skies, 69 saturday, 70 sunday and next storm system arrives sunday night into monday that will bring scattered showers into the area but it's going to dry out just in time for thanksgiving. >> kim: speaking of thanksgiving right after a quick commercial
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bringing the funny again. we have their latest installment
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>> kim: we have a couple of special turkeys to be pardoned. president obama will officially pardon one of them when he gets
5:54 am
visit. it's a tradition that became an annual event when george h.w. bush pardoned a turkey. those birds are 40-pound and will arrive on monday. >> dana: the holderness family at it again. this is their thanksgiving video telling people to forget about the election and focus football. >> kim: kim my went to the university of florida.
5:55 am
we're going to put the full thing on our facebook page. >> dana: they are making a living doing this. >> kim: we're going to talk about how they come up with these crazy cool ideas every season. they captured the nation's attention. >> dana: the old boyfriend ordered to pay $36 million to the estate two months after gordon was found legally responsible for the death of bobby christina brown. the estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging he beat her up after a cocaine and drinking bing. she remained in a comma until she died six months later.
5:56 am
last night. >> if i would have voted, i would have voted for trump. >> he stopped his concert for 15 minutes to air his political views. he called the country and the world racist. a lot of people booing saying we came for the music. >> kim: oh kanye west. still to come we have something revealing it at 6:00. the big reveal next hour. also tracy potts live in our nation's capitol talking about the breaking news we've had all hour on donald trump's transition team making a big announcement. actually a couple of big ones. jeff sessions out of alabama tapped to be our next attorney general. we have more breaking news as far as cabinet positions.
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>> he's going to pay. >> the translation more victims. local police have arrested that man you just saw a local mom talking about what she says he did to her daughter, more headed your way in a live report.
6:00 am
15 minutes. we're talking to these people. live pictures from inside the studio. >> kim: most valuable player. chris bryant getting the biggest honor you can receive in the world of baseball and he's talking about it. we have him in his own words head ed your we have big breaking news in the world of politics. we're the wagners, kim and dana here. we have donald trump announcing he would like to see our next attorney general be alabama senator jeff sessions. >> dana: he's talking about a representative out of kansas to lead the c.i.a. we'll talk more about that


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