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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> get ready. a little more than 12 hours from now we're going to find flush name of our national hockey league team. >> kim: hospitalized. kanye west after going on a bizarre rant on stage over the weekend during his concert. he is now in the hospital this morning. we have what happened headed your >> dana: 5:00 on this tuesday. those purple lights off in the distance the t-mobile arena. >> kim: we're opening up on that picture for good reason. hours from now we're going to find out the team name for our first professional franchise here in town. i'm going with desert knights for that hockey team. there are a plethora of options out there. there is free swag on the line
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>> dana: desert knights is probably the leading connen tender but silver knights a possibility but we find out in about 12 hours from now. >> kim: we're the wagners. we're hanging out with kelly curran and tom. we'll get to look at the sweaters this morning. >> kelly: you are going to want a sweater thi temperatures are in the 40's right now. sun is going to come out and shine today. 48 at 9:00 a.m. 64 at 4:00. we have gusty winds on the way. we're going to talk about those and if they could affect your travel plans coming up. >> tom: trouble unfortunately on i15 northbound on the 15 just before lake mead boulevard. accident, you see the traffic flow there which should be in the green, it's yellow and that is because we have this accident
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you see in the middle of the roadway so traffic having to swing wide around. traffic is sort soft coming to a halt. big trouble on northbound i15. that's the only trouble spot right now. >> dana: a local 35-year-old woman shot and killed her boyfriend. craig you were on this story for us 24 hours ago on this very broadc. back then but now we hear this woman telling police she did it in self-defense. >> reporter: that is what her claim is. police are not buying it. according to the politician report they believe -- police report, they believe she shot
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she said herbelet her and she shot him with a handgun during a struggle inside of a car and that's when she asked walk tore call police. >> she told me she was fighting with him and he was fighting for the knife and she was fighting for the gun and she got the gun and shot him. >> reporter: that is walker telling us what happened t the detectives did not find a knife in that car despite the fact she said they had been struggling for a knife. police asked why she didn't run from the car. she said she shot him and then ran because shepherd if she didn't shoot him he would chase her down. >> kim: i remember at this time yesterday morning you were saying there was no documented
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with this couple which complicated the investigation. you are hearing from a local mom speaking out after finding her son strand and lying in a pool of blood inside the family home. this takes us back to early sunday morning in that home. this mom saying she heard her son screaming for help down the hall. when she turned on his light she saw he had been stabbed several times in the chest and back. she noticed the man crawling out of the bedroom window. she says that was her son's best friend. police did arrest him about a mile from the crime scene just a short time later. he has now been charged with murder. the victim's mother can't understand why he would do something like this especially since they treated him like family. you are going to hear that mom in her own words coming up a
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broadcast. >> dana: this local man seen in this video committed a heinous crime and now he's going to do the time. spending the rest of his life behind bars. he was in a local courtroom yesterday. jerry howard pled guilty to killing 54 kathy shines in january of last year. she was collecting cancel to recycle when he came upon her, he beat her, stabbed her and sexually assaulted her and left her to trash inside a dumpster. her family and friends in tears yesterday as howard offered this apology. >> i want to apologize to the victim's family and my family as well. i was under the influence of pcp, marijuana and meth amphetamines. i was not in my right state of
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he pled guilty to his charges. his defense attorney said he should spend the rest of his life behind bars. the state requested the maximum sentence. he will be in prison for the rest of his life without the possibility of parole. >> kim: a woman hangs on to a s.u.v. hood as it slams into that wall near the convention center. look at the damage to the car. can you imagine w a man and woman had been arguing nearby an apartment complex. the man started to drive away and the woman grabbed on to the hood of the s.u.v. the man loses control and slams into the wall. crews rush that woman to the hospital where she has nonlife threatening injuries which is amazing. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of d.u.i. >> dana: happening today about 12 hours from now we're going to
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national hockey league team that is going to play at the t-mobile arena. probably the top name desert knights. silver knights a possibility as well. the commissioner will be there as well . the announce system set for 5:30 outside the t-mobile arena. there will be a lot of music out there and local performers as well. you are invited to join in on the action. everything gets under 5:30. i don't think they are going to make the announcement it will 6:00 tonight. they will have t shirts available for purchase. right now adidas won't be able to make the jerseys in time. you probable won't be able to buy those until next month. >> kim: an update on breaking news that takes us to chattanooga tennessee. they are calling this a crime
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bus ended up crashing with so many children on board. walker who is 24 years old has been charged with vehicular homicide and wreckless driving. this crash killed at least five children. that death toll could go up because so many kids are in bad
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>> kim: before the break i ran down the charges of this driver. 35 kids on board when he crashed into that tree. police do believe that speed was a factor here. we know that the driver is 24 years old. homicide among other charges. police believe he was driving way too fast. >> dana: a magnitude 6.9 earthquake has chicken northern japan. catching the episode here. it happened close to the nuclear plant, the same site of that 2011 disaster where they had an
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no serious injuries. we're getting our first look at the man who took out the police officer in san antonio. the officer was just writing a traffic ticket when this man ended up shooting and killing police headquarters. a motive behind the shooting is unknown as far as being documented but he did tell police he was upset about a custody battle when this shooting happened. he's been charged with capitol murder. the suspect was talking to reporters as he was being carted away to jail and he was upset about his son and took it out on
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you clearly hear him uttering something about being sorry to the family. >> dana: kanye west in a hospital in los angeles after cancel it will dates of his national tour. he is being treated for exhaustion. many saying he's been acting erratically on stage taking he's in the hospital, cancelled his future concert dates and out of exhaustion. >> kim: maybe he's putting too much pressure on himself. he's announced he's running for president of the united states in 2020 so maybe he needs to take it easy. >> tom: campaigning is hard. we clearly have an issue. look at all those taillights
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blocking travel lanes. you can see traffic is having to swing wide to get around that. it's not middle of the freeway. kind of a hopefully better news werth
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>> kelly: paradise 51. southeast you are coming in at 48 so going to want a jacket heading out the door. lots of sunshine today. grab the sunglasses too. it will warm up as we get into the afternoon. temperatures expected to be a little above normal. 65 will be our high for the day today. staying light winds today. tonight the winds go back to the south. 47 for the low and the winds pick up more. breezy condis tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a boost to the temperatures. 67 will be the high for wednesday. thanksgiving day sunny and seasonal 63. >> dana: time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq, jane king is joining us from new york city. you might be able to watch the
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>> they are talking to stream live sports. amazon has a premium as part of its prime subscription service. they are even looking at cricket to stream. >> that's a movement cricket live streaming. maybe india i suppose or down under. starbucks us have and they know it and they are hiking some of their prices. >> they are this. is on the cold like ice coffee it's going to cost you more. the company said they hiked prices on november 10 on select cold drinks and bakery items. the increase is 10-30-cents. >> dana: people are making their plans for black friday already. where are the deepest discounts this week. >> not all items are created equal and not always the best
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the best discounts are on video games and furniture. 17% of items are more expensive on black friday than they are on amazon currently. >> dana: teams of people crowding against each other and looks awful. >> it's horrible. not so much of that anymore. they are doing it online. they are spreading out the >> dana: black friday is full of football games so that's where i'm going to be. >> kim: if you are heading out of town for the holidays make sure you have a suitcase that can handle the job. consumer reports has a great report. they surveyed 65,000 people. they paired it up with research to make sure shopping for your
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what is important to people when they select luggage? >> durability and lightweight. >> affordability and durability. >> and the color because i like it to be bright. >> considering several key factors can put you ahead of the pack. >> the material is the first decision. hard side or soft. >> nothing beats hard shell suitcases to aluminum weighs more but it's the most durable. plastics can be rigid and lightweight. one way to gauge durability is to give the handle a good shake. >> make sure that the handle feels solid and it doesn't jiggle around. make sure it goes up and down
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blush into the case so you can fit it in the overhead easily. >> four wheeled spinner bags are easier i don't know our bags. dragging a two wheeler can be awkward and hard to navigate. >> two wheel have an advantage inning curbs and pulling over uneven surfaces. >> a find your bag in a sea of black. >> they warn against relying on size claims on the label. they suggest you bring a measuring tape to the store to verify the dimensions. include the wheels, outer pouches and handles that could stick out. >> dana: this was the scene in a neighborhood in florida.
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the fire was caught on video by somebody that lives in that neighborhood. it was something inside the truck that caught on fire and spread. the fire then spread to a nearby parked car. doesn't appear that anybody was seriously injured. we have live pictures out of tennessee. the site of that terrible school bus crash from yesterday. 24-year-old bus driver has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment. they believe he was going too fast. >> kim: still to come this morning the wait is almost hour. just hours from now we're going to find out the name of our very first professional franchise. n.l. hockey and we're going to run down some of the options with kendall so don't go
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lucky turkeys may have saved their lives. we're going to tell you the las
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>> tom: we are talking jammed. you are not expected to see that this time of morning but northbound i1511 minute drive because we have an accident at lake mead boulevard. happened just a little bit before 5:00.
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big trouble i15 northbound. there is one other accident. this is on flamingo road. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door you'll want a warm sweater. boulder city you are 52. temperatures will be warming up in the low to mids. we're going to talk more about that in 10 minutes. >> kim: the governor of iowa pardoning a few turkeys. >> hereby proclaim rizzo the turkey and bryant the turkey pardoned from the harms of the
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day. >> dana: he helped lead the cubs to their first world series championship since 1908. >> kim: the nfl was south of the border and it's something that is banned from the stadium that happens during soaker as well. we'll take you to the scene. >> you get arrested for doing that around h.
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>> kim: new details this morning to the breaking news we were on 24 hours ago here on news 3 today that. woman under arrest. she says it was self-defense taking the life of her boyfriend. others beg to differ. we take you inside the >> dana: wrong way crashes. new dash cam video showing a trooper stopping a driver going the wrong way on the freeway. just one of two crashes. where this happened coming up. >> kim: hours from now we're going to find out the name for our nhl hockey team coming to las vegas. this morning we run down some of the options and how you can
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name. >> dana: those purple lights off in the distance the home to our future national hockey league team. >> kim: we're excited because we're going to find out the team name soon enough. can't have any kind of reference. we've had a team called the aces here. there have been so many minor league teams we'll find out tonight. this is not good. this is no good.
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you need to know the northbound i15 jammed up. stay away. use las vegas boulevard instead. the accident just as you get to the over pass. the vehicle blacking travel lanes. this accident is on flamingo. this is no big deal. avoid i15 northbound and lake mead boulevard. >> kim: grab the coat and hat too. temperatures in the 40's in many locations. a lot of sunshine out there. 63 at lunchtime today. warmer temperatures on the way for tomorrow. >> dana: local woman behind bars accused of murdering her boyfriend. she's calling itselfs defense, police are calling it murder.
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she was fighting with her boyfriend in the northeast section of the valley. they were inside his car on sunday night. she told officers she hid a gun under her seat fearing for her safety. she said he threatened to kill her. she knew he had a weapon on him at the time so she pulled out a she went to a neighbor's house for help telling her to call 911. >> she didn't have a phone. she didn't want him to die so i did. she later admitted her boyfriend didn't have any kind of weapon. she told police her boyfriend was abusive but she never reported any kind of abuse to local police. she's facing an open murder charge. >> kim: a local mom is speaking
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blood in their family home early sunday morning. this is where it happened. the mom heard her son screaming for help down the hallway. when she turned on the light she saw he had been stabbed several times in the chest and back. she noticed the suspect in this case leaving out of a bedroom window. she says that she doesn't get this at all how he could be connected because that is her been living in their family home. they had been helping him out. police arrested him about a mile away a short time later and has since been charged with murder. the victim's mom can't understand why he did something like this. they treated him as familiarly. you're going to hear from that mom here on the program coming up. >> dennis: people holding a
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that medical aircraft shortly after takeoff. air medical pilot, paramedic and the patient died. the patient on that plane to have heart surgery in utah. the pilot reported issues just before the crash. the >> kim: hours from now we're going to find out the team name for our first professional sports franchise here in las vegas. they will be skating away over at the t-mobile arhianna. na. that is where we find kendall.
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this is where you can see a lot of activity is going to be happening today. we're going to have local teams out here. we're expecting nhl alum that will be in the area. anticipation is high locally for the official name of our new nhl team. today happens to be five months to the day the nhl announced they were bringing a new team to las vegas. with the creation of an eir the team has trademarked three names. speculation is high for the desert knights, silver knights and golden knights also on the list this. is the first time you can buy gear. the team colors will be gray, red, gold, black and white. anticipation high for the team's official identity. name or not they already know
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>> they are so excited we cancelled practice so they could be there. >> the event is free and open to the public. come on down and have some fun. we'll get all the information on >> dana: t shirts, sweatshirts on sale jerseys probably won't be ready until next year. many families receiving a hot meal this season thanks to metro and several local businesses. officers coming to load up trucks. officers then deliver the meals to families in nevada. >> kim: we have live pictures
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city. this will be the 90th an newel macy's thanksgiving day parade. it will be here on channel 3 thursday. we'll continue to do a sneak peek and see as they get ready for that big parade. president obama is going to deliver his final round of medals of freedom. there are the people w your screen. if you look closely they are comprised of donor who is have
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as the civilian in our country from the president. >> dana: a lot of people traveling for the holidays. state department issuing a travel warning. we're going to tell you where you should be especially careful and why. that is coming up. >> kim: and the nfl has gone south of the border for monday night football. you see that green light. that is illegal. you do that here to anyone
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>> chris: the nfl was south of the boarder in mexico city last night. they are still the oakland raiders. you'll notice a laser pointer all over the offense of the texans, specifically the quarterback. green flashes all over field. it seemed like there was a light in their eyes. >> dana: these are dangerous. they've been credited for bringing down jets or blinding pilots. >> tom: it's taken very seriously by the f.a.a. anytime there is one pointed at
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we have a big mess on the northbound 15 with a vehicle spun sideways and blocking travel lanes. it's causing a huge delay. here is the backup. lots and lots of taillights. travel times very slow. northbound i1514 minute drive to get to craig. that should take five minutes. try surface streets. flamingo road to the east of nellis, watch out for that. >> the door this morning it's a little chilly out there. temperatures in the 40's in many locations. winds are light so that is not an issue for us. it's 45-degrees. i'll let you know what to expect for the afternoon and for the rest of the week coming up. >> dana: two wrong way crashes kept some police officers very busy. that is one of them there. releasing video of the incident. we'll tell you where this
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those drivers from hurting others coming up. >> kim: a brand new holiday display. they've gone all out. you are getting a sneak peek at
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>> krystal: breaking news in the world of cars. regulators allowing general motors to delay a recall of air bags. you see the website talking
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this allows time for long term test of takata air bag inflators in older trucks and s.u.v.s. the government has agreed to delay. if they prove they are safe that recall could be cancelled. >> kim: talk about a rough week on the roads in utah. state police forced to deal with two wrong way d.u.i. crashes. they both crashes taking place in davis county. the video capturing a trooper trying to stop the driver going the rang way on the free. he hits the back causing him to spin out. hours later a drunk driver slams into the back of a squad car while the officer was issuing a ticket to another drunk driver. thank goodness nobody was hurt
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line of work. this is also dangerous. the battle in northern iraq is going block by block as iraqi troops move today to retake another neighborhood in the eastern section of the city in iraq. residents in one town being evacuated this morning. the united states air force is providing airstrikes and other support. but they are getting stiff resistance from isis forces in >> the u.s. state department issued an alert about a heightened risk of terror attacks in europe throughout this holiday season. we have seen well documented attacks on this broadcast within the past year. state remains concerned about the potential for attacks during this business si time adding that the travel alert will expire february 20 of the new
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france's interior minister saying there is a complete mobilization of the anti-terror service. >> dana: it's been snowing for 30 hours in new york. 7-foot drifts reaching up to the rooftops in many locations. lake effect snow as this air comes over the top of lake ontario and picks up all the moisture and then hits land and drops tha >> kim: we don't have problems like that around here. >> tom: weather is not an issue but we have an issue. we don't like to see this red happening. it is stopped on the northbound 15. this is because of an accident.
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up a couple of travel lanes that. is good news. for the moment the travel time is still jammed on the northbound 15. a little bit slow on southbound 15. we will head up in sky 3 and check out the status of that i15 and lake mead accident. looks like it may be on the mend finally. >> kelly: this is yesterday where we had clouds roll through. lo a coming down. little bit of rain and light dusting of snow a possibility as well. lot of clouds, even as the someone down yesterday. today different conditions. we expect a lot of sunshine across the area. temperatures colder. grab a jacket, sweater heading out the door and the sunglasses
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skies today. to night boulder city 66 for the low. our seven-day forecast temperatures in las vegas today 65. 67 tomorrow but little breezy for thanksgiving day sunny seasonal. >> dana: that is a giant camel behind me. there is a man that is far from home still in his element. some people call him the camel whisperer. we told you about the new camel safari. one of their employees is a true nomad from the desert lending his expertise to those here in
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>> my tribe is the last nomadic people in the world. their lifestyle is about camels. >> dana: tomorrow night live at 6:00 denise is going to have more about his special connection to these animals and what he thinks about returning to his nomad you're going to hear breaking news concerning donald trump and hillary clinton. still to come in the water cool ter live elimination rounds
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>> dana: time for the water cooler and live eliminations continue this week on the hit show "the voice." last night it was alley from team miley singing a song with a connection to her you recognize the song by dolly parton. dolly miley cyrus god mother. on "the today show" some of the coaches will be on talking about
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steph curry from way downtown. pretty good shooter there. some believe he may be the best of all time. he had 22 points as the warriors went on to win 120-83. >> kim: new in our 6:00 hour michael phelps putting his money where his mouth is. he said he was retiring from competitive swimming. he made a move that supports that claim. we're going to show you new at 6:00. we have breaking news out of our nation's capitol. donald trump's nation breaking a campaign promise saying they will not pursue further investigations of hillary clinton. this coming just moments ago
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>> kim: an update to the breaking news we had for you this time yesterday concerning that local couple. she pulls the trigger and says it was self-defense.
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of the las vegas nhl team. we're going to tell you the top contender ahead. >> kim: a heartbreaking story ahead of thanksgiving. a deadly school bus crash and something new this morning they have found out about the driver. >> dana: welcome in. it is tuesday morning november 22. >> kim: all of the sports books that line the strip and soon you'll be able to place a wager on our nhl team. what they are going to name that


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