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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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of the las vegas nhl team. we're going to tell you the top contender ahead. >> kim: a heartbreaking story ahead of thanksgiving. a deadly school bus crash and something new this morning they have found out about the driver. >> dana: welcome in. it is tuesday morning november 22. >> kim: all of the sports books that line the strip and soon you'll be able to place a wager on our nhl team. what they are going to name that
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studio. the morning commute is on as we check in with tom in sky 3. right before the top of the hour we showed you a huge mess on i15 northbound and lake mead boulevard. now as we get into the 6:00 hour it disappeared just been the last few minutes they cleared that accident out of the way. if you joined hour you saw traffic was completely snarled on i15. now it's a different story. the accident is gone. i saw a little sneak preview there with jeff coming up we have that accident posted but
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disappeared. >> kelly: we're expecting warmer temperatures for this time of year. 58 at 9:00 a.m. 63 at lunchtime. we're going to talk about what and the long holiday weekend coming up. >> kim: an update to the breaking news we had on the program yesterday morning at this time. local police are saying a 35-year-old woman shot and killed her boyfriend. she claims it was to protect herself, others have a different take on this developing story. craig is all over it joining us live from the clark county detention center. >> that dramatically different take comes from the police report.
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in that shooting. 14 i says she shot in self-defense but detectives say she shot and killed her boyfriend and they say at least in the police report it doesn't appear as though it was self-defense. walker was the person who opened up her door sunday night to the distraught >> she told me she was fighting with him and he was fighting for the knife and she was fighting for the gun and she got the gun and shot him. >> you heard walker talking about a struggle that was described to her by the suspect. when police serged that car, they did not find the knife according to the police report. when police asked cheryl why she didn't just run from the car,
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according to the police report fearing if she just ran he would chase her down. >> dana: new information about a local mother who found her own son stabbed lying in a pool of blood. this happened early sunday at this home on princeton street near west washington and decatur. there is the mom. she says she heard her son screaming for help down the hall in their his room she saw this man getting out of a window there. his name jacob driskel had been staying at the house for a few nights. he was her son's best friend and he had been living in their home sharing a room together. police arrested driskel about a mile from the crime scene. he's been charged with murder. the victim's mother can't understand why he would do
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first place. >> kim: the man you see in this surveillance video and your heart is in your throat when you know what happened here. he's been convicted of raping a local mom and stabbing her to death, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. jerry howard taking the life of kathy shines leaving her body in that dumpster in january of 2015. she had been collecting cancel extra money. her family and friends in tears in the courtroom yesterday at and howard did offer an apology. >> i want to apologize to the victim's family and my family as well. i was on pcp, marijuana and meth. i wasn't in my right state of mind. >> his family was in the courtroom as well. you may remember the details of this case.
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what happened. the state requested the maximum sentence. instead of fighting it howard's attorney said his client accepted responsibility for his actions and he believes that is a fair punishment. >> dana: to a developing story out of chattanooga, tennessee. the traffic safety board expected there today. the site of this horrible school bus crash are from yesterday. investigators want to roadway and wrapped around that tree. this is the driver of na school bus. walker is 24 years of age. been charged now with several crimes as five children were killed, 20 more sent to the hospital. and speed was probably a factor. >> kim: happening today just hours from now we will finally find out the name of the national hockey league expansion team that is going to take to
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month. it's been five months since las vegas was granted this team. gray, red, gold, black, white in the the team trademarked those three names. we'll find out a lot more when we check in live with kendall coming up in a matter of minutes. free swag on the line for you guys tonight. she'll have the details ahead. >> dana: giant camel behind me and there is a man far from home but still in his element.
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camel whisperer. one of their employees is an actual true nomad from the desert. he's now lending his expertise to those here in southern nevada. >> my tribe is the last nomadic people in the world. their lifestyle is about camels. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 denise will special connection to the animals and what he thinks about returning to his nomad roots. we're hearing through cnn they just broke news that the president elect is breaking a
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clinton related to her private email server.
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>> this is going to give gm time to prove the devices are safe and avoid a huge financial hit. the government agreed to the delay yesterday and if gm proves
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let's send it back to the news desk. >> dana: we are talking about what happened in san antonio. san antonio police have made an arrest in the fatal shooting of a detective sunday morning. he was taken into custody monday afternoon. he's accused of ambushing a detective while he was writing a traffic ticket inside his patrol car. he told police he young child when this shooting happened telling police he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it. >> kim: when he was walking away being arrested he muttered to reporters i'm sorry meaning he's sorry to the officers family that i took it out on the wrong person. we have a sigh of relief out of japan. when you see the footage, you are going to see it's a big sigh because this follows a big
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following this strong earthquake off of the northeast coast today. japan's disaster management agency saying three people were seriously injured with broken bones. they said fire versus broken out at two nonresidential buildings. they put those out. it triggered moderate we remember what happened with that nuclear power plant. nothing like that this time around. this it was scene in a neighborhood in florida. this is a garbage truck that burst into flames recently. fire caught on video by somebody that lives in that neighborhood. it was something inside the truck that caused it to burst into flames. nobody seriously injured here.
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>> kim: talk about a busy weekend for police up in utah. they are in scramble mode there because they had two separate wrong way d.u.i. cases to deal with. one happening in davis county. you see the dash cam video shows the state trooper stopping the driver by hitting the back end of the car which caused it to spin out. hours later a drunk driver slammed into the back of a squad car. during that particular incident the officer was citation so thank goodness he was out of the squad car when it happened. it was another drunk driving case. fortunely nobody was injured in either one of these accidents. >> time for traffic and weather, we do it every 10 minutes together. tom was showing us an accident here in the valley. >> this is the one we're talking about. it's over here by the airport. this is westbound on sunset just past eastern avenue.
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i'm going to get a closer view of it. the traffic ahead forecast puts it at 7
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skies. mountains edge 45. paradise 49. the sunglasses as we expect a lot of sunshine throughout the day today. clear skies around tonight we're going down to 47. the winds will pick up tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. 67 will be our expected high and cooler conditions for thanksgiving day but that is seasonal. sunny and 63. >> dana: rapper kanye west has been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. he was placed in a los angeles
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national tour. many concert goers have been reporting erratic behavior from kanye west at recent concerts. in sacramento this week he publicly attacked his friend and fellow musicians jay-z and beyonce on the stage verbally talking about some of the transgressions he believes that they have made against him in the past. he's in a some are saying it's a battle are exhaustion. >> kim: in the heart of new york city they have the rockefeller christmas tree. this is what we have at the t-mobile arhianna n. it is brand new and we are in the christmas spirit. this was the scene last night. people gathering to watch the first ever christmas treat tree lighting in the park. this is so cool. chloe was in the mix for this. she does werth in the evenings
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this one locally is a 60-foot tree featuring 13,000 lights, 3,000 ornaments. the t-mobile in the news for a different reason. we're going to be checking in live with kendall because hours from now they are going to name the hockey team here in town. she has a few ideas of what to expect. she has some information about some free swag they are going to be giving away at that location. >> dana: i think you buried the lead. night. >> kim: i missed him. >> dana: chris bryant, the kid who played high school baseball here in the valley getting pardoned yesterday. >> i governor of the state of iowa do hereby proclaim rizzo the turkey and bryant the turkey free from the harm of the
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thanksgiving day. >> dana: it was turkeys named after two of the players that helped the cubs win the world series for the first time since 1908. two other turkeys from iowa are headed to the white house. they will be pardoned tomorrow by president obama. >> kim: we have breaking news to share. it concerns the man on your screen. that is walker, 24 years old. he has been charged with vie hick cue larger group homicide this awful crash killing at least five school children. from what we understand this just broke minutes ago they believe he was traveling at a very high rate of speed. they have gotten their hands on the black box. we'll stay on top of the continued developments. >> we are taking you south of the border for this one. a laser light show that looks like this will land you behind bars this. happened during the game last night.
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we have it headed your way. >> dana: michael phelps told reporters something yesterday that makes this final.
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>> tom: a truck making a delivery here, looks like a car that was northbound didn't notice in time and got wedged underneath. metro is on the scene right now. two lanes blocked, one lane open. not a lot of traffic this time of morning. let's check weather kelly. >> as you are heading out the door temperatures chilly in some locations. we're talking mid 40's around the summerlin area. as we take a look at other temperatures around the region, we're other locations in the mid 40's. we'll take a look at what we're expecting for the weekend coming up. >> kim: we've heard of laser pointers disrupting pilots while they are flying. what about disrupting football players. this happens all the time in mexico. that's where the nfl played last night. >> dana: they played the first nfl game in a foreign country hours ago.
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texans. played at arizona state. you can see the green all over his helmet and face right there. not cool. we understand from espn that they were looking for the people that were pointing those laser pointers at the players on the field at the time. they don't know if they found them or had an impact in the game. the raiders came from behind. the las vegas raiders maybe winning 27-20 last night. >> kim: i said to you looks eyes and they did. right now live from the heart of new york city had is in front of wall street. yesterday the dow closed at a record high in our country. it is 6:25 and the markets open in just minutes from now. live in our 6:30 half hour we'll show you the big board to see how everyone is responding to
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>> dana: a local woman has been arrested in the murder of her boyfriend. she says it was self-defense. what the neighbor who called police is saying. >> kim: just hours from now we're going to find out the names for our hockey team here in las >> dana: the trump campaign coming forward to denounce those people. good morning. little snow on the mountain top. not talking about tom's hair. we are talking about the local mountains.
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if you've been with us, you've seen pictures out of up state new york where they are socked in. >> dana: they had 50 hours of straight snow in some parts of northern new york. >> kim: that is why we have so many new yorkers who call southern nevada home. >> dana: let's get a check of our traffic from tom. we do it every 10 minutes for your convenience. >> tom: we will start out with a live look at starting next week there will be overnight restrictions between craig and the speedway. that is for work on widening out the freeway. looks like the car got wedged underneath this big rig. this is just past flamingo. traffic relatively light in that area this time of morning. you right now team traffic with jeff. >> the other accident that sky 3 showed us a moment ago was
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as for the freeways a clear commute on this tuesday. all other freeways clear. another update in 10 minutes. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: clear skies out there this morning. no rain or snow to talk about this today. temperatures will be warming up this afternoon. 65 at 3:00. that is above normal for this time of year. we'll take a look at the holiday weekend forect >> dana: new details as police say a local woman shot and killed her boyfriend. investigators calling it murder. she says it was self-defense. we have taken a look at the arrest report saying that 35-year-old cheryl was fighting with her boyfriend in the northeastern section of the valley sunday night. he was a reno resident. he was inside his car. she told officers she grabbed
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house and hid it under the car seat fearing for her safety. he threatened to kill her before slamming her face into the dash board. she knew he had access to a pick like weapon and she was afraid he was going to stab her. she shot him from the back site of the car. she ran to a neighbor's house for help. >> she didn't have a phone and didn't want him to called 211. >> she said her boyfriend had been abusive in the past but she never reported any abuse to police. she now faces an open murder charge. >> kim: happening today the bullying lawsuit against the clark county school district will continue. this is the first case of its kind to go to trial. this district is fighting accusations that put two students in danger by not doing
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two moms say the majority of the bullying would take place. the boys claim they were physically attacked in the classroom. the school district is add meant that did it did what it could to stop that bullying. the parents say the district's efforts weren't enough. the band teacher did testify on friday about how he tried to prevent that bullying. >> dana: how does las vegas desert knights sound? kendall joins us live this arena. in about 12 hours from now we're expecting to find out the official name of our nhl team. the favorite appears to be desert mikes. >> that is correct. that is speculated as the official team name. we are officially outside of t-mobile arena this morning where you can see this is the location where our new team will be playing and where the name
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5:30 this evening. this happens to be five months to the date the nhl announced bringing a new team here to las vegas. with the creation of a new team has to come a new name. this will be the first time you can buy official team gear. the store will be open at the arena. you'll be able to buy t shirts you shall hats. jerseys will be on sale in the spring. team owner says the team colors will be gray, red, gold, black and white. locally anticipation is high for the team's official identity. for some they say name or not, they already know who they'll be rooting for. >> pretty excited. we cancelled tomorrow night's practice so that the boys could be there. >> that official name will come
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evening in front of the t-mobile arena. we'll get all the information on >> chris: before we let you go, this is going to be a huge pep rally down there. they are going to be throwing out free swag to people down there. have you heard anything about the items they will be doling out? >> we know at least it will be the hats, t-shirts. the jersey will not be for sale i know the franchise when it comes to the nhl is in process of switching over from reebok to adidas so they need time to make the jerseys. t shirts, hats, they expect thosite thomas come out today. it is open to the public in front of t-mobile arena. >> kim: thank you very much for that live report. this is a great story this holiday week.
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receiving a hot meal thanks to local police and several businesses. a lot of people coming together yesterday to load up the truck. those trucks full of dinner meals complete with all if fixens. the officers delivered those meals to families within our community. a total of 500 turkeys were handed out to families in need this holiday season. >> dana: they get ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this is the 90th held this. it begins at 9:00 on thursday morning. you can watch it live on channel 3. speaking of the streets of new york city, crowds gather in front of sacks fifth avenue. for this. what are you looking at? we'll tell you after the break. >> the highest honor you can receive from the president of the united states is drawing big names to the white house today.
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>> kim: we got this from president elect donald trump. a video he released yesterday saying he plans to quit the transpacific partnership deal. he talks about it and says he's going to do it within the 100 days in office. this one of the many policies he outlined in this video you see. trump wants to negotiate other deals that would be more fair to american workers. we keep there in the heart of the new york city to see what important person will be walking in next who possibly could end up with a cabinet position. within that video there were some omissions gathering headlines this morning. no repeal of obama care mentioned. he did not talk about hillary clinton until the breaking news this morning he's not going to pursue charges in her email investigation case. some things talked about that
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yesterday. >> dana: and he didn't talk about building a wall either. let's talk about weather and traffic together. tom sup in sky 3. >> tom: we are checking out the northern beltway where things are in good shape. fresh snow on the top of mt. charleston from a couple of days ago. we have this situation north maryland parkway where a car is wedged under a toys r us delivery tru let's check weather kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door temperatures are on the cool side. pahrump 37, boulder city you are 51. bob miller middle school is at 49. a warm sweater or jacket heading out there. sunglasses, you'll need them plater. plenty of sunshine with highs in the mid 60's. >> dana: the market versus been
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this morning up 39 points in early trading sitting at 18,995 just five points short of 19,000. never been in this territory ever before. contestants on "the voice" fighting to make it to the top
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>> we have an update to the breaking news we had yesterday morning. same reporter on the case. we were talking about a shooting in our community and now you woman shot her boyfriend self-defense but not everyone is
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she did elude to the fact she shot him so he couldn't chase her down when she left that car after the shooting and argument. she ran to an apartment and knocked on the door and asked somebody to call police claiming she had shot in >> kim: the comments are disgusting and the trump team says it is offensive and they don't stand by them. the president of this organization saying that donald trump's victory is in support of not si salute. that is what it should elicit and saw nazi salutes in the
6:47 am
statement saying donald trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and he'll be a leader for every american. to think otherwise is a misrepresentation of the movement that united americans from all backgrounds. a lot of people taking his chief strategist to >> dana: trump heading to florida i putting his transition on hold for a few days for thanksgiving. >> it could come this week but we're not anyway rush to publish names because everybody is looking the next story. >> dana: let's go live to our nation's capitol. tracy potts standing by. we heard from her this morning saying trump's administration
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investigations of hillary clinton related to her private email server. we heard donald trump during the second debate saying if he became president he would go after her. is this breaking a campaign promise? >> it certainly changing those chants of lock her up that we heard him leading so many times. he hinted at this in an interview saying he hasn't m to do anything, softening very early on and then this morning we got word that he's decided he's not going to pursue an investigation on the private email server you are not going
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continued focus on his administration. now the latest information we have is that it looks like rudy may be up for a couple of positions. secretary of state when we've talked about and now director of national intelligence which may signal he's leaning more towards mitt romney as secretary of state. newt gingrich doesn't like that much. he thinks that are you i did would be a better choice. he has more if that are job. we'll see what the final decision is. we may or may not know before they head off to thanksgiving break this afternoon. >> dana: we're looking at a video talking about his first 100 days in office. not talking about building a wall on the southern border and not talking about repealing obama care. we're expecting to hear more
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clinton and those emails. tracy potts live from washington. thank you. >> kim: happening today something going on with the current commander in chief. that would be president obama delivering his final round of presidential medals of freedom. and some of the critics are saying if you take a look at the list, it's largely comprised of donors and individuals who have supported michael jordan will be there and bill gates all receiving their medals for their donations both politically and also philanthropically. >> nicole kidman talking about an orphan boy trying to find his birth family.
6:51 am
movie. >> it's so emotional. it's putting goodness into the world. as much as the film rips your heart out it makes you feel really inspired and feel really good about human beings. >> dana: nicole kidman adopted her children so her experience with that informed her decisions in making this movie. >> kim: also this morning down in his first interview about his prostate cancer diagnosis. >> it's surveillance video reach it was not on my radar at all. if it wasn't for this test we're going to talk about, i don't know if i would have had as easy a course of treatment or prognosis that i did have.
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saved because of that particular diagnosis. you can catch that full interview in a matter of minutes. a cold night in new york but it did not stop crowds from gathering near zach fifth avenue to see the unveiling of the holiday window display. the land of 1,000 this will get you in the holiday spirit. look at all those new yorkers coming together for holiday fun. an impressive light show lighting up the side of the building. look at all the ballet dancers. fireworks ended the night with a bang. people can stroll along the sidewalk and see the stunning design up close and personal. the window displays will be up through january 6.
6:53 am
on thanks giving morning which is thursday the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> time to do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. that is gorgeous early on this tuesday. >> it is a calm cool morning which makes it ideal for lpa. that is lighter than air hot air balloons. things are looking good northern beltway without any delays whatsoever. we have problems elsewhere where this car got wedged underneath a delivery truck. that is blocking lanes northbound on maryland. they are working to extract that car. so let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: the freeway versus been clear for the most part of major accidents. 15 is starting to slow down as you make your way through the bowl. 11 minute commute from the bowl
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>> kelly: it is clear blue skies out there. @s are on the cool side but they are going to start rising. north las vegas 49. green valley you are at 50. nellis 46 as well. we want that warm jacket hin sunshine today. big difference from yesterday. all the clouds in the area and snow showers in our local mountains. beautiful skies throughout the day. little breezes moving in for tomorrow. high temperatures today pahrump 63. 61 in search light. mesquite looking at a high of 65. tonight indian springs 37. boulder city 46.
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that is above normal. tomorrow 67. little cooler for thanksgiving day but sunny and 63. >> dana: time for the water cooler. the voice getting down to the final 10 on the program. they were singing for your votes including billy singing adele's all i today on "the today show" you can see the coaches talking about the program. michael phelps is pulling out of u.s.a. swimming drug testing program. that means he's not going to compete. if you are not in the drug
6:56 am
compete. we know he announced his retirement a while ago but this makes it official official. do you want to know why he kept his married secret to his wife? they were going to have a blowout ceremony but they decided to have a small ceremony prior to the olympics because it would make it easier for them to travel out of the country to rio for the olympics with their infant son boomer. kanye west fans concert venue. kanye was hospitalized last night with a psychiatric issue. some are calling it exhaustion. these people want their money back. he cancelled his concert in fresno and they are trying to get their money back. he's been erratic of late. he's been going on tirades at his concerts recently against his friends even beyonce and jay-z.
6:57 am
hospitalized in los angeles. >> kim: speaking of money, i'm sure they will get their money back. the post election rally, the dow opened up at 19,000 for the first time in our nation's history. >> dana: we have more local news coming your way on the cw. jeff and crystal, good morning to you. >> krystal: thank you. >> jeff: new details emerging in a case of a locom killing her boyfriend. what emerged about the night of the shooting. ice skating with a view. great deals for you. we'll fill you in.
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good morning. good morning. tragic accident. >> school bus flipped off the road. with children. >> a horrific bus crash in tennessee kills five elementary school children. more than the 24-year-old driver arrested overnight. we're live on the scene as authorities try to figure out exactly what caused the crash. setting his agenda. donald trump posting this video laying out what he plans to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle. putting america first. >> the campaign promises that made the cut and the ones that may have to wait.


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