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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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tonight the weather outside is changing. first winds and rain. moving across re ross the region. headed this way. news3 is your weather authority. a lot of people saw smoke near the las vegas the problems caused when a semi burst into flames. plus the death of cuban leader, the world reactions in las vegas of cuban decent. their feelings to his passing as well. news3 is your weather
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winds picked up significantly. could we see rain is the big question. and is this going to hang around for a while. good evening every one. i'm gerard ramalho. thanks, for joining us. we begin with kloe in for jerry today. >> we're talking wind gusts to up to 15 miles per hour. it looks peaceful outside, but it's anything but that. at this hour, you can see winds picking up ape cross so far we've received gusts up to 20-30 miles per hour in many neighborhoods. here's a look at the winds throughout the evening. here are the sustained conditions. with wind gusts continues up to 50 miles per hour in parts of southern nevada. the reason is this area of low pressure right here. you can see it moving into the california coast over the last several hours not only bringing heavy rain fall. but also mountain snow.
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california. and also like i talked about. some abundant snowfall. we're expecting harsh driving conditions over the path. especially in the northern nevada area. as far as how we're doing, we're seeing the winds pick up. rain is in the forecast. it's a wind event for us. you can see a progression of the storm. and we continue to track it throughout the evening, i'll show you the earliest chance we california. and winter weather is bearing down on nevada. the national weather service is issuing a winter weather advisory starring late saturday and running into sunday. hazardous conditions expected in parts of northeastern nevada. as well as icy and snow covered roads we'll told. that's likely saturday night. and it's sunday afternoon, resulting in travel delays.
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many people saw black plume of smoke near the las vegas strip today. some thought a hotel was on fire. that was not the case thankfully. here's some video that was posted to social media. what happened was was a semi truck crashed into a power box at haar monoand audrey ment that's near planet holiday. the mgm and city center after the crash, there was a fire along with the smoke that many of you saw. and there were power outages as well. the mono rail in fact firefighters also rescued six people, we understand, who were stranded in four elevator cars in the signature towers due to a loss of power. elevator service was restored a short time later and thankfully, there were no injuries. here's the after math of the fire, you can see the front of the truck was totally burned out. this actually happened right under the mono rail service there was later restored as well
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outages occurred when the truck hit the power outage box. this is a live picture of the orbitae where some problems reported in one of the terminals earlier. all power restored by three this afternoon. a couple hours after the accident. now the reaction of the death of the if i dal castro and cuban flags flying at half staff. his funeral on december 4th after nine days meantime, cuban exiles are celebrating on the streets of miami. and -- oppressive 50 year regime. >> reporter: thousands poured into the streets of as news of castro's death spread. a day many americans anticipated for years. >> i'm thirty four-year-old. i've pep waiting for this moment
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island. the communeny dictator, seized properties and jailed dissonance. >> this is something we're celebrating, because he has caused pain on all generations of cue a bans. >> reporter: cuban americans agree. >> he was a sadistic murder who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba. he should not be revered. he should be reviled. >> all it has cost is sadness terrorism and that are co trafficism. that is the legacy of fidel. >> reporter: president obama move ed to normalize relations with cuba. saying history will record the enormous impact of the singular figure of the world around him. while president elect donald trump said castro's legacy is one of firing squad, theft, and denial of fundamental human rights.
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brother remains president. but he's ached five and said he'll retire in 2018. for now, there's hope for future. chris ma loan, news3 new york. the impact of cuban's castro death fell wide across the country. the las vegas consider ed a melting pot of culture. and the news from castro's death is hitting home for local cuban americans. news3's nathan o'neal is live at the florida cafe a. local cuban nathan? >> yes. there's no doubt that fidel castro's death is hitting close to home for many cuban americans. while he ruled that country for several decades, it's actually considered a glimpse of hope for many. >> it's all about power. and he had no concept of human rights.
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las vegas attorney. his father was 19-year-old when he join add group of para troopers taking part of the failed invasion. now he was from cuba. he was train bid the cia in an effort to over throw castro in the early 1950s. like fighting against fidel castro, dreaming of a free cuba. while they rejoice at the dictator's death, their father waldo unfortunately did not live long enough >> he devoted a large part of his life to free cuba. he wanted nothing else but to see him dead. today at least i know he's looking down, we're closer to a free cuba because he's dead. and and they tell me a free cuba is possible within his lifetime.
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visit himself. reporting live, nathan o'neal news3. thank you for the update. now we want to get to our news3 crime alert. metro has release ed the name of a woman arrested friday for accessory to murder in a shooting friday afternoon. not far from downtown. 24-year-old porsche bankses is being held at the clark county detention center now. the actual shooter has not been arrested. on friday, they were sent to the area of sunrise and fremont to investigate -- arriving officers located an unresponsive man in front of an apartment suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. metro's homicide section said he was shot inside an apartment and dragged outside by banks. the biggest rivalry in the state, they say unr talking about the battle for the free montana. later on, the fighter at san boy, between the rebels and the wolf packs.
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in the presidential election. hillary clinton is now joining the fight.
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well we may not be done with decision 2016 quite yet. hillary clinton's campaign said on saturday, it'll take part on efforts to push for recounts in several key states. in a social media post a campaign lawyer says that they did not find any evidence of hacking of voting systems. but they have investigated theorys presented to them and examined laws and practices pertaining to recounts contests and audits. the stein who raised millions of dollars for a recount in wisconsin. president elect donald trump meantime condemning the pushed force recounts in three states that were key to his victory. in a statement released by his transition team, trump called the developing recount effort quote a scam that people have spoken and the election is over until now, trump had ignored jill stein's fight on vote
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but then hillary clinton formerly joined the effort today. well the power ball jackpot just continues to climb. coming up, how much cash you will take home if you win tonight. plus, some local businesses hoping you'll think small when it comes to your holiday shopping. and of course, winds continue to pick up here in the valley tonight. there's a chance weekend see rain from the storms. we are your weather authority, kloe will be backk whehen ?? ?? nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach
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$403 million would make for a nice early christmas present. that's how much tonight's power ball drawing is worth.
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so tonight's jackpot will be the ninth largest in power ball jackpot history. and the fifteenth largest overall. the draw is just before eight in las vegas type. you have time to run to california or arizona. for tickets are going to be cutting it close. we will have the winning combination tonight. a day after the big box retailers pushed door buster deals, businesses had their shopper thinking small b similar savings. today is small business saturday. it was started by american express back in 2010 to encourage people to shop local. now shopping local puts money directly back into the community and the local economy. stores on small business saturday logos in their shop windows welcoming customers with deep discounts. >> it's important to shop small, when you give back to local businesses, you're directly supporting the community. and you can't find some of these offers anywhere else.
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box stores and stuff like that. it's more person experience. they get to know who you are and what your likes are and stuff like that. >> business analysts estimate for every dollar spent, $0.68 of that gets pumped right back into the local community. las vegas got in on the small business saturday rush new on news3 live at 6:00. we go to container park with more on how locals gave back to our busies nightly news. the internet is becoming more and more powerful when it comes to holiday shopping. we're not even to cyber monday yet. but shoppers are going online already in record fashion. adobe, which tracks online retail transactions say consumers spent $3.3 billion shopping online on friday alone. a 21% increase from the same day last year. and more than ever before.
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online. those buys up to 33%. this friday, five local children will be honored at the annual combat for a cure gala out of the four seasons. these are children who will be recognized for their bravery in battling cancer. combat for a cure if you're not familiar with the organization, is saint ball drecks. they donated $10,000 that will be specifically going towards researching a cure for blasto ma. a rare childhood cancer. we had a special visit in the studio today. eight-year-old james who's battling brain cancer. you wouldn't know it. he's a smart little boy. he's a founder for the combat for the cure. >> i wanted to -- and research only and to raise awareness. because without awareness, we don't have research. if you want to help the core of the issue and donate money to
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now, it's left and left, then you need to combat for a cure sglfrment the holiday gala is coming up december 2nd. that's this friday at the four seasons hotel. it's on the las vegas strip, of course. their website, if you want more information, combat for a and we will have all of that information posted on our website. time for a check of our weather authority now. kloe in. we're happy to have her. she's busy saturday. possibly rain later on tonight? >> tomorrow afternoon. tonight's going to be all about the wind and all about the you not sleeping well at home tonight. there are -- you can see it all happening behind me, the storm and strong winds will actually take you outside right now. you can see that happening. look at that. actually just driving in this afternoon into work. you could even see some debris unlit roadway. i certainly saw some. if you are going to be out on
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drive slow. and take it easy out there. storms already rolling in. it wasn't like this all day, though. we started off very calm and then the clouds start to roll in. an indicator we could be seeing some changes and then the trees started dancing this afternoon in spring valley. already the winds have increased quite a bit. here's a look at the current winds outside right now. you can see wind gusts have reached up to 20 miles per hour. and even 30 miles per hour in some neighborhoods. some of the windiest parts of wind gusts. and boulder city, also the 30 miles per hour threshold there, gust wise, a little bit stronger near cadence this afternoon. temperatures outside are also a lot cooler. we're in the 50s and 60s around town and outside valley. things are certainly cooling down quickly as well. 36? from mount charleston. we're at 67 for pahrump. and this evening, like i said, you're probably not going to sleep very well.
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over the course of the next few hours. diminishing only slightly early tomorrow morning. and 50 miles per hour mostly on the edge of the town and the higher elevations. we're tracking this trough of low pressure right here. you can really see it pushing through southern california over the course of the last few hours. bringing abundant rain fall to our friends in los angeles and higher elevation of snow. and the snow amounts we're anticipating for this year. and you can see some of that 8-12-inches is possible as the storm rolls through. this is the course of the next few days. and conditions across western nevada and reno and some of the surrounding cities. for us, it's mostly a wind event. we are still expecting a chance of those showers. you can see most of the precipitation will remain to the north. by the time we roll into sunday, best chances of showers will be right around then. after that, the system starts to
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for us. it's just the wind advise rewe talked about. still a chance for those showers. more clouds will build in later. gusts up to 45 miles per hour. cold tonight and highs tomorrow will be much colder. we were in the 60s today. we'll be in the 50s tomorrow in las vegas. more clouds, breezy in the morning. it'll be calmer by the afternoon and you can see actually a look at those winds over the course of tomorrow's hours into the afternoon finally quite a bit. but get ready for tonight. slight chance of showers for sunday. we're going to increase our temperatures slightly into monday and go right back down for most of the workweek ahead with temperatures a little bit more seasonal by next saturday. at least we got some sunshine though. >> yeah, we have to make it through tonight and we'll be fine. >> yeah, and the overnight lows in the thinkers are brutal. >> i know people are turning their heat on for the first time today. >> today?
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haven't already. >> sounds good. thanks. appreciate it. coming up, your rebel football team closing out their season this afternoon against
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well today the rebels and the wp are for the season
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in reno. state bragging rights on the line. plus yes, that piece of hardware right there. that was currently painted red. they kicked the game off at 1 o'clock. the nevada coach told us back in july, all the team was focused on was to get the candidate back. marching right down the field. running for a touchdown. and the early lead then. the rebels punted andrew if you feelables it and picks it up. and that kind of helped because the defense didn't know what to do. 15 yards later, they're down the 12 yard line. it's tennessee-0 wp. james butler 33 yards breaking tackles. going up the middle. another first half of the middles. the rebels finally get on the board. can i recollect pallen deck is going to scramble if maybe the highlight of the game. watch the quarter back rolling to the left. it's going to break the tackles and cuts back up field.
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they're up in for the touchdown. 17-7. big day for reno hot dog henderson. former wildcat makes the great catch. that led to another field gold, and the back breaker for nevada. moments later, tied energy, james butler, foot pass. 14 yards. 27-7. what type of day was it? 47 yard field gold. hits the upright. it does squeak through, but it wa back north. 100,000 on hand. the whore issue third ranked michigan against second ranked ohio state. almost assured whoever wins this one is in the play off. tyler is the field gold at six seconds to go and tie s the game for ohio state and goes into over time. jt fourth and one. my m up throw eh. stop and media win. looks like they stopped in
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and that hurt michigan even though jim's fan, that was not a first down. but the next play, how about a touchdown from curty. michigan get s the win. finally let's wrap up some high school football. taking on bishop gore man. taking for an eighth straight year. it was the home team. harbor view. andrew wagner, easy seven ment aggies up by seven. but this connection, hurt arbor view all day long. one of day all going on in there and back in the championship next saturday. they will take on the liberty who just squeaked by demon tae. so san boy stadium rematch in last year's championship. >> both sold. so appreciate that. thank you very much. and thank you for joining us for this edition of news3 at five. as always, you can find our today's news and on our web soot. it's going to be windy. be prepared for that.
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