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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning. terror in the air. u.s. officials now say it was likely a bomb that brought down that russian airliner and that isis may be responsible. the heaea of e airport where the plala took off,f, fired. we're live with theatest from egypt. what did they know? the wife and son of the illinois police officer who officials say staged his suicide to look like a police ooting, under scrutiny. as the investigators reveal the officer had been feeling for years. >> he went from a hero to a which will. >> this morning, where the investigation goes from here. notlaughingng >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> hispanic groups protest nbc for donald trump's holding of "saturday night live," as the show yanks this online promo. >> because of equal time rules for telelesion, mr. trump can
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>> i'll say this, ben carson is a complete and toyotal loser. >> he releases his first campaign ad. we'll talk to trump live. and show stopper. nothing like your love to get me high >> justin timberlake goes a little bit country at the cmas chltd. the performance that brought down the house, today, thursday, november 5th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthriri liverom stud 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a business thursday morning. >> the story of the russian plane crash becoming more troubling, with more information coming in in the last several hours. >> a lot of developments to getet to. u.s. officials saying the evidence points to a bomb and isis may be responsible.
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the 224 victims are laid to rest today. we'll talk about the impact on security at airports here in thth u.s. and around t t world. we want to start with the investigation this morning and nbc's bill neely in cairo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. strong suspicions and serious implications perhaps for all of us. s. officials sayinghey have information. they call it evidence. that points to terrorism as a possible cause of this crash, and points to the world's deadliest terror group. from the momomt the firir rescuers arrived, a bomb was one possible cause of the crash. investigators scouring for clues for six days. now, u.s. intelligence says the evidence indicates it was likely a bomb. isis has twice claim it downed the plane. it's shown no evidence. it is active in the area, and u.s. officials believe if it was a bomb, isis may be responsible.
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it's a stronon suspicion, not a conclusion, and no evidence of explosives has been found. but it's a suspicion shared by britain. >> we formed the judgment that there is a significant possibility that the russian aircraft was broroht down by an explosive device on board. >> reporter: britain, one of three countries stopping all flights to the airport where the plane took off. american aircraft have long been warned away from this area. >> we obviously h he atrong desire to get to the bottom of what exactly happened there. >> reporter: no one is ruling out a technical fault as the cause. the black box recorders are still being worked on. but the focus now i i on the airport and its workers. >> a member of your terrorist team as an employee would be able to go anywhere. >> reporter: egypt and russia resent the u.s. and britain suspicions. nina was a 60-year-old
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grandmother and the first passenger to be buried. there is deep concern among u.s. officials, there's enough rcumstantial evidence to suggest she was murdered in midair and wasn't the victim of mechanical failure. >> the egyptians really kicking back this morning. a government minister saying the u.s. t tory isn't based onn facts, but they fired the head of the airport from where the plane took off. investigators found lack security there. the russians, too, aren't accepting it. 23 russisi planes due to land today at the airport. they've just sent in anti-aircraft war missiles to protect their planes in syria. they think they are now a target. >> bill neely in cairo.o. ththk you. still questions unanswered. the question we're asking is what does this mean for air travel in the united states? tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning to you. >> hi, matt.
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any time you have an incident overas that heightens the awareness and concerns about security, u.s. officials ss and tsa and homeland security take note and try to apply any lessons they might take from what happened overseas. immediately, no chahae i i security posture at u.s. airports we should note that no u.s. airlines right now fly into or out of sharm el sheikh egypt. as bill mentioned, there's a notice the faa issued earlier this year, stating that if any u.s. carrier overflows that area, it must be 65,000 feet. they were trying to avoid possibly being within range of missiles. very few, if any, airlines fly that region on a regular basis. with this intense scrutiny on the sinai, it's unlikely any of them will. in fact, i was checking onene flight plan earlier this morning, and it is now diverting
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order to make a fly into dubai. we should note, however, that as you know, the tsa has been under tremendous scrutiny, especially in this weekek because it failed yet again in a series of undercover tests in september to catch these mock devices. these mock weapons that were -- inspectors were trying to smuggle through. we've seen this repeatedly, where there have been problbls at tsa checkpoints over the years. in september, this happened again. the tsa has committed itself to addressing those security lapses and trying to address the issue immediately. that is not in response to what happened over the sinai, but as you would expectct any time something like this happens overseas, homeland security takes a heightened approach to it. >> tom costello, thank you very much. >> let's dive deeper into this. greg is a former ntsb investigator and kevin is a national ajalyst for nbc news. >> you have crash investigateors on the scene, intelligence
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analysts figuring out that end of it. can thesese investigations go hand hand, the crash and the forensics? >> they have to go hand in hand, matt, only because now while we were thinking it was an accident, now it looks more to be, basically, an intentional act, if you will. when they lookt the wrececge, they'll have aifferent eye.e. they're going to be looking for resie. they'll be looking for markers, if you will, for bombs or explosives. >> heavily studying the security at sharm el sheikh airport, in terms of, could a passenger have smsmgled something on board, or did someone with access to the plane do something like this? >> absolutely. the airplane, is it sitting overnight unattended? did somebody have access to it? did the catering crew b bng something on boarar did the servicing folks get something into a portion of the aircraft? of course, people loading the baggage, did they put something behind a cargo hold? they'll be looking carefully at who had access tthe airport
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>> let's turn to kevin for the national security implications. as u.s. officials zero in on the bomb theory, why is that? is it a process of elimination or a matterf going back, lookokg at the chatter, intelligence circles even before the crash, and seeing it in a new light? >> i think a little bit of both. the british announcing yesterday morning, definitely sparked a frenzy in washington and got everybody asking, why would they go more forward than the americans, saying, first, it may have been an act of terrorism or explosive device. then when the foreign secretary happened. i think there's crosostalk between the americans and the british, to figure out, like you said, going back in time, how soon did they know and when? >> after the crash, isis said, we did this. people didn't think it was possible. do u.s. intelligence officials think isis has the planning and capability to ge a bomb on board, owr might they have had
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tep help? >> i asked james clapper if they had the ability to shoot down an aircraft. he said it was unlikely but he wouldn't rule it out. most officials are focusing on this video that isis put out, that's shown up, of what looks like to be the plane in the air explododg. if someone was in place ahead of time to film that, that's as much of a red flag as you can find. >> significant piece of evidence, for sure. thank you so much. there's a new twist this morning tied to the shooting death of a beloved police officer in illinois that investigators say was actually a carefully staged suicide. lieutenant gliniewicz's wife and son are also under investigation. nbc is following the story. good morning to you, savannah. this morning another stunning development in this story that's already had so many. it appears investigators want to know if lieutenant gliniewicz's
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secret life was a family affair. is morning the newshat t t wife and oldest son of lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz known as g.i. joe are reportedly under investigation is another shock for residents. >> my gosh. g.i. joe went from a hero to a criminal. >> reporter: two months ago gliniewicz had a hero's funeral. he ran a youth program. now investigators say for seven years he stole from it. >> thousands ofollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, trashlg expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships. >> reporter: investigators released startlingew details how he placed his own crime scene. carefully displaying his pepper spray, baton, and glasses to
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he even shot a bullet into his cell phone and chest before the fatal shot into his upper torso. they say text messages say he feared his crimes would b b uncovered by a village administrator. a text in june, this would give her the means to crucify me if discovered. thth family issued a statement saying they had cooperated with the task force's investigation. a probe that took its toll on the investigators. >> the most emotional experience in my life and the only way i could express it is to sayay that it was complete shame. >> reporter: the 100 club of chicago's a civic group that's a group that supports families in the line of duty. they gavee an inititi payment of $15,000 to the gliniewicz family. now for t first time, they want their money back.
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matt, savannah? >> all right. thank you very much. >> it's a story that's been turned on its head in the last several weeks. >> now to the presidential race. donald trump is trying something new on the campaign trail as he gets ready to host "saturday night live" this weekend. that's an appearance that's already courting controversy. we're going to talk live to mr. trump in a moment b b first peter alexaer has more. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're now under 90 days and donald trump is officially hitting the airwaves in iowa and elsewhere. he's now spending h h own money, just $30000, to get his message out. fighting to fend off his strongest challenge yet, donald trump for the first time this campaign is paying to be heard. >> if t t peoeoe of iowow vote for me, you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. >> reporter: trump's new radio
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atds ads appearing in key states. after suring his name on the new hashire ballot, trump teed off on the new front-runner, ben carson. >> ben cannot do the job. you know what? he's very nice and people would say, oh, that was nasty. i don'ttcare. >> reporter: now he's hting a gig on "saturday night live" this weekend. with people protesting outside the headquarters petitioning with more than half a million signatures saying racism is not funny. "snl" and trump are already promoting the appearance online. >> mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. so let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> reporter: nbc later removed the ad. >> i discovered when i was in
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ade school thaha those tactics really are for grade school. >> reporter: meanwhile trump is also taking aim at marco rubio. his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. >> reporter: rubio is faci renewed scrutiny how he was using a state florida credit card when he was a legislator. two years of credit card statements still have not been disclosed. >> therere there was something on it that was personal i would pay it and if it weren't,he party would pay it. >> as for "snl" carson said he won't be watching. he said i think the presidency is a serious thing, adding, i don't like to make lighth of it like that. >> and mr. now mr. trump is on the phone. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> let's talk about theds. i'm assuming you would not waste
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your money on ads if you didn't need to, does this mean the race is tightening? >> i don't think so. fox came out with a poll last night, a big one a a i'm substantially in the lead. i'll tell you i'm getting heat because i haven't spent any money. i've spent no money and i'm number one. others have spent tens of millions of dollars and they're floup der floundering. wouldn't be nice if we could do that with education. no. i just wanted to do the ads. i'm putting them in iowa, in south carolina, and new hampshire, and, you ow, hopefully they're gng to be good ads. and it's time for me to start advertising a little bit. >> ben carson talks about them a little bit. he said your attacks on him are basicacay grade school bullying and s sgests it'sbeneath him. >> he's referring to the "saturday night live." he said he wouldn't do it.
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they didn't ask him do it. "saturday night live" was like being on"60 mites." ere are iconic brands. he would certainly do it if ask asked. many of the candidates would have done it. i don't think they asked him but if they asked him, he would do it. >> letet me ask you. as you're aware there are latino groups outside protesting because you're on seasonal this weekend. are you surprised you weree asked to host seasonal after the acrimonious split this last summer? >> it wasn't so acrimonious. the apprentice decided to renew. i decided not to do it bececse i wanted to run for president. i told steve burke who's a fantastic guy i wanted to run. they renewed "apprentice" but i decided i couldn't do it.
7:17 am
miss universe, there was a problele to be nest, and i ended up buying their interest and then i sold it to img, the whole thing. and it worked out amazingly well for me. you know, there's no problem whatsoever with nbc. now, the reason they put me there is one very simple reason. it's called ratings. if i didn't get good ratings, they wouldn't put me there. >> you were critical as recently as this morning of marco rubio and the handling of his finances that perhaps the way he handles his finances would be a good way ofofow he might handle the country's finances. my question is does that invite scrutiny of your own record? you talk about using the bankruptcy law strategically in the past. here's the b btom line. if the company is doing well, robust financially, why do you even use the bankruptcy laws? >> i'm no different than many people you have on your show, the biggest businesspeople of the world. we all do it.
7:18 am
we use the laws of the land. i have over 500 companies. i have used it at least five times. i could name people. i have a list. but why should i. i never went banknkpt. corporately. frankly i've made a lot of money using those laws and i've bought things out of bankruptcy where i go in and pick up things in bankruptcy and have bought tremendous things. i have used the bankruptcy laws as the law of the land corporately. i could name the biggest names ins by in business and they almost all use them. i have had no backlash on thth. as farar as the rest, i've built an unbelievable company with some of the greatest asset os testify world. everybody knows that. i've made my filings. everybody was shocked by how big it is. they were shocked at how incredible the company is
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i've been a public book. you've been covering me -- savannah, you and matt have been covering me for a long time. i've been a public book. >> we have indeed. wheel see you in a different role this saturday on "saturday night live." appreciate it. >> thank you very much, savannah. former president bush on some of his comments. >> the scathing critiques are includud a new biography. on cheney it's written that he just became very hard-lined and very different from the dick cheney i knew and worked with. as for rumsfeld the former president said i think he served the president badly. i don't like what he did and i think it hurt thehe president having his iron blank view of everything. bush goes on to say rumsfeld was an arrogant fellow, self-assured swagger. >> bush also tumbled on the topic of gay marriage. he said, personallyy i believe in marriage but people should be able to do without
7:20 am
discrimination. the american odyssey of george herbert walker bush scheduled to be released next week already making head lilis. only once a year do roker and it come together. where are you? liberty national? >> reporter: liberty international airport. we'r'r at the united terminal getting ready to head to hawaii. can't wait. going to tell you all about that. but there's a bigger storm system getting itself together. it's going to be making its way across the country. this is thundersnow. it's snowing and thunder and lightning. some areas picking up nine to 12 inches of snow, and that is making its way east. let's show you where it fwiengs to cause problems wrchl they do not need it. down in texas. alrerey radar firinin up. we have flash flood watches and warnings stretching into southwest texas and oklahoma.
7:21 am
ahead of the front we've got warm moist air coming up. you can see a risk of strong storms. rainfall amounts are going to be anywherererom 2 to 3 inches of rain as we move through the weekend. today, 2 to 3 inches. 4 to 5 inches from san antonio to texarcana and it continues to weekend. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.saw enough sunshine and a powerful enough south wind to send a lot of our highs back
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into the 70s today. changes start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundersrswer will be with us tonight, especially in weweern siouxland. then n chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun on friday, temperatures will cool back into the low 50s for highs >> that's your latest weather, guys. tomorrow, hawaii. we officially kick off rokerthon2. be there. >> al, you arehe man to do this. good luck, pal, all right? >> all right, dude. coming up, carson is going to come clean about something he avoided telling us yesterday. >> uh-oh. >> we thought we'd hear from you first -- >> i'm justt as surprised as all of youou on t tt news. >> i beg to differ. coming up, quinton tarantino, what he's saying
7:23 am
about police brutality and calls to boycott his new movie. plus, something new to worry about when it comes to your kids and cell phones. guideline regulating radiation, are they in need of an update?
7:24 am
nbc. coming up, the new debate deciding families, is a hot dog
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>> save it still?if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay fowomen. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a hoskink, nebraska man has been sentenced to 3 years probation for vandalizing a cemetery. 32-year old michael svatos was
7:27 am
june after he was caught on a surveillance camera knocking over gravestones and doing other damage at thtrinity cemetery in hoskins. svatos pleaded no contest to felony mischief in september. he could have gotten up to five years in prison and a 10-thouasnd dollar fine. svatos' 15-year old nephew admitted to being the person seen on the atv tearing up the lawn in the cemetery.
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back now. 7:30 on a thursday morning, 5th day of november, 2015. we're saying hi to the folks out in the crowd. we'll get out there and say hi in person in just a little while. meanwhile, back inside the studio -- by the way, that's meghan trainor. she'll perform a song for us, her newest hit, live. we're on the set, drilling carson daly on facts we need to get to later on. >> you'll get them later on, the facts i know, sir. >> okay. >> thank you. >> should we give context? >> let's get to the headlines. >> this ys about the blake and gwen situation. let's look at other headlines. u.s. officials say evidence indicates ittould have been a bomb t tt brought down that russian plane over egypt over the weekend, that isis could be responsible. all 224 people on board that
7:29 am
a suspect armed with a high-powered rifle terrorized a san diego neighborhood on wednesday, brought air traffic to a halt, as well. the gunman fired random shots into the approach path at san diego international airport. that prompted the faa to stop flights from landing for a period. the suspect was finally taken into custody. donalddrump is launching the first ads of his presidential campaign today. the radio spots are scheduled to run in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. trump's republican rival, senator marco rubio is in the headlines for something he said during a q&a with y yng professionals. when asked to name someone other than a politician he'd like to have a beer with, rubio said, malala, a practicing muslim who is not of drinking age. that receieid a lotot of attention. >> papers had fun with that this morning. also this morning, quinten tarantino is speaking out about
7:30 am
the controversy that has police units calling for a boycott of his new movie. natalie has the latest on this. >> he's not backing down. the oscar-winning film maker is firing back again at critics, who are angered by his stance against police brutality. tarantino saying police groups are fixing a fight to avoid addressing a bigger problem. >> stop shooting unarmed people. they don't want to deal with that. they'd rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by a citizenry that's lost trust in them. >> reporter: quentin tarananno doubling down over comomnts the director made last month at a rise up october rally in new york. >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by. i have to call the murdered the murdered, and i have to call the murderers the murderers.
7:31 am
i was referring to tamir rice. that's what i was referring to. >> reporter: since then, the biggest advocacac groups called for a boycott of his upcoming film. >> gotoom for one more? >> reporter: los angeles police chief says he specifically takes issue with tarantino's use of the word "murderer," telling nbc news, i take the word "murderer very seriously. i hunt murderers for a living. i've lived with murder my whole life. adding, a homicide that occurs during a police use of force is rarely a murder. the rally tarantino attended took place four days after nypd officer randolph holder was killed in the line of duty. while tarantino called that death a strategy, he stress td protest was for families of those killed by police and the date couldn't be rescheduled. >> we had over 40 families come
7:32 am
out and tell their story and say their loved one's name. >> say his name. >> so because that happened, we're going to say, no, no, don't tell your story. i know we flew you out here. we'll do it another time. it's not convenient. >> reporter: tarantino isn't worried about security or protests at events for his new film, adding many officers are fans of his work. >> they're going to read what i said and watch this show. they'll hear whatt have to say. i think they'll make up their own mind and we'll see what happened. >> we reached out to a company behind tarantino's new movie for commentment comment. they didn't respond. tarantino points out while the company would preferrhis issue haha't come up, it is the same that produced "fruit vail station," and the studio support supports him. >> if somebody expected him to back down and apologize, that's not his intentions. >> the film i i set to release around the holidays.
7:33 am
>> thanks. let's get a check of the weather from al, who is in the aurpt airport at newark, getting ready to launch rockerthon2, in theaters nowhere. >> that's right. only on your nbc station. we're heading to hawaii. it kicks off tomorrow. where it's nice and warm. guess what? it'll be warm here in the eastern third of the country. why? we'll take a look. here's what we're expecting. we have this big ridge of high pressure off the eastern seaboardrd it is p pping up warm, m mst air from the tropics. this ridge expands into canada. as it es, the warm, moist flows of air come in. look what we'll be seeing. temperatures are anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above normal, from texas to maine. we're looking for widespread records. temperatures getting up 21 degrees aboveormal in rochester. 15 degrees above normal in new york and boston. then a cold front comes through. friday, we're still warm but not quite as warm. by saturday, that front pushes
7:34 am
through and tememratures droro below normal. in the meantime, friday, record-setting highs up and down the eastern saw enough sunshine and a powerful enough south wind toto send a lot of f r highs back into the 70s today. changes start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundershower will be with us tonight, especially in western siouxland. then a chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun ononriday, temperatures will cool back into the low 50s for highs d stay there saturday as well. >> guys, we have official rokerthon2 swag for all of you coming up. fleeee? >> get it for christmas. >> wow. >> this is a fleece, yes. >> really nice. >> i hope i get the jumpsuit. >> exclusive collection, modelled by al roker. >> should make a snuggie.
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>> that's what al needs for his flight this morning. >> sleep on the flight, al. you'll need it. new concerns over your kids and cell phones. why experts are saying the guidelines when it comes to radiation are in need of a major overhaul. also on pop start, does country music have a new king? look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> a growing number of prominent doctors and scientistss are raising warning flags overmorning, and your kids could be facing a greater risk of exposure. miguel was granted access into a cell phone test lab. >> reporter:r:ou see them every day, everywhere. kids on phones. according to the american academy of pediatrics, children are now exposed to an exponentially greater amount of radio frequency than any adult will ever be in a lifetime. rt of the problem, this isn't your mother's flip phone. smartphones have multiple antennas inside the phone. when you talk, text, stream music or videos, they emit waves similar to a low-powered microwave oven. >> it's over minutes over years that we believe can cause a great problem for children and
7:41 am
the rest of us, as well. >> reporter: cell phone providers say they follow all guidelines put in place by the fcc. they work with labs lili this e then to teses your device. the current fcc safety standard was developed nearly 20 years ago. the test in california starts by taping a phone to the ear of a plastic head. the size of a 200 pound man, it's filled with liquid. the fluids used in these tests best replicate the same properties inside the human head. scientists are able to determine how much radiation penetrates the head when you're talkingn the phone. the robotic arm moves to various hot spopo on thehe head t t test the specific absorption rate. the phone we tested was within the fcc allowed radiation limit, but critics say these standards are outdated. they urge the federal agency to adopt stricter radiation guidelines. current fcc standards do not
7:42 am
account for thehe unique vulnerability and use pattern specific to pregnant women and children, warnings the american academy of pediatrics in a letter to the fcc. >> children are not little adults. the skull is thinner. also, the volume of the brain is less,ompared to a 200 plus size man. >> reporter: the u.s. government accountability office asked the fcc to reassess the exposure limit. in particular, the radiation limit when you have your cell phone close to your body, like in your pocket or when you hold it directly next to your head. or as some teens do,, sleep with it on their pillow. >> phones are transmitting radiation so long as they're committed to the internet and connected to the wi-fi. even if you're not talking on your phone, your phone is talking to the tower. >> reporter: critics of the fcc's current guidelines give this simple advice to all consumer. use the speakerphone or an ear piece, and remember, distance is your friend.
7:43 am
inches off your body reduces exposure several thousand times. for "today," miguel, nbc news, california. >> health agencies from other countries recommend limiting a child's exposure to cell phone radiation. the fcc says, quote, the u.s. has among the most conservative standards in the world. as part of our routine review of the standards, we're soliciting im input from experts, including federal health agencies and others to guide our assessment. >> makes you think twice as a parent, especially when kids are on the cell phone a lot. >> they're particularly lyly as a rule vulnerable. coming up, the dating news from blake shelton and gwen stefani that carson didn't see coming. >> as surprised as you.
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7:49 am
of "dino trucks." when your kids are asking for one more episode beforebed, i i could last a whopping 300 seconds. netflix survey shows 61% of parents deal with bedtime-stalling kids. all of a sudden, a five-minute episode doesn't sound bad. we asked our viewers to share how their kids are delaying goinggo bed. susan writes, my child offers me a foot massage. jennifer says, my 3-year-old told me his eyeballs were falling out and i had to help hold them in. my kid always says, i'm starving. you have to feed me. do you have any? >> i've heard them all,l, every excuse. >> luckily, my child can't talk. we haven't gotten there yet. >> this could help you out. five-minute, quick episodes from netflix netflix. >> what's that behind you? >> oh, my god! >> carson spills off.
7:50 am
>> i'll tell you all about this in pop start. stay tuned. >> that's a good reason. coming up, daniel craig. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap.p. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at i sure had a lototn my mind when i got out of the hospitalal after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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time for the morning club quiz. joining us on the phone is john nebraska. you are playing for an iowa state forest face from combined pool and spa. what kind of animal is pepe le pepeof cartoon fame? a) rabbit b) duck c) skunk
7:55 am
lookoka, no hind legs! this spotted skunk was caught on a wildlife cam showing off its handstand skills. it happened in arizona's saguaro national park back in the summer. this week, the u-s national park service shared the video for our amusement. the trick is actually part of the animal's defense mechanism. like other types of skunks, spspted skunks spray a nasty scent at potential predators. but the park service says before spraying, spotted skunks also will sometimek do a handstand and t2y
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming upup weight losos break through. the new procedure that could help you shed pounds without surgery. then, bond is back. >> i can tell you i don't trust you. >> you have impeccable instincts. >> daniel craig takes aim at the box officer inspector, and he'll stop by studio 1a. let's go are you readyor rokertho? >> how am i going to do this all? >> al gets set to tackle the weather in all 50 states in one week, as we send him off on his record-breaking advantage today, thursday, november 5th, 2015. >> she's getting hitched on
7:57 am
saturday! >> "today" >> today on my mind. holiday road >> we're from new jersey. >> shoutout to family and friends in florida. we love you. >> i'm 70 today, and i can do the whip and nae nae. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." beautiful morning. a lot of charlie brown having fun in the plaza. al takepicks a good song for his trip. " "holiday road" by lindsey lindsey buckingham. >> fans on the plaza getting a special treat. meghan trainor is here. coming up, she is going to be performing a new song from the "peanuts" movie. we heard her rehearsing it earlier on.
7:58 am
>> always fun to see meghan. also, nigella is here to sweeten up your holidays. let's get the stoptop stories of the morning. natalie? u.s. officials suspect it was a bomb that caused a russian airliner to crash in egypt last weekend. they also believe that isis may have been responsible. the group had made earlier claims that it brought down the metro jet plane, killing all 224 people on board. the black box recorders are still being examined. officials say a technical fault nnot be ruled out yet. donald trump has started airing the first ads of his campaign with radio spots in several early primary states. he's been facing his strongest challenge to date from a surging ben carson. during a phone interview earlier on "today," savannah asked trump if he's feeling the heat. >> i've had heat because i haven't spent money.
7:59 am
i've spent no one andmoney and i'm number one. others spent hundreds of thousands and they're floundering. >> protesters signed a petition, demanding that donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live" be dropped. spencer stone was attacked outside of a sacramento nightclub last month. james tran was charged with attempted rder. theetabbing resulted from a street fight, and the suspect was not aware of stone's recent fame. a teenage boy from alabama was found out he was a kidnapping victim while applying to college. he was reported missing by his mother in 2002. investigators believe he was taken by his father b b they
8:00 am
when julian, now 18, applied to colleges, he had trouble verifying his social security number. reresearched his background and found his name in a missing child database. he had been living in cleveland with his dad, who is now under arrest. health officials in california are warning people not to eat crabs harvested along the coast. they sayayhe crabs contain high levels of a naturally occurring toxin found in this year's unusually large algae bloom. thearning comes days before the start of the fall crab season. fishermen and seafood restaurants could lose millions of dollars. a suspected burglar made an entrance when he dropped in for dinner. customers at a daytona beaea restaurant weree startled when that happened. a man crashes through the ceiling tiles and landed in the dining room. police say the 30-year-old, justin grimes, cut a hole in the men's room ceiling, climbed through and was trying to crawl to the office where money was
8:01 am
kept, when gravity ruined his plan. it's called karma. >> not exactly a cat burglar. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. new hope for the millions of americans who struggle with obesity. today, erica hill is here to explain that. >> good morning, girls. this is what some are referring to a potentially impressive break through in the battle of the bulge. it was just announced this week in los angeles. the non-surgical device involves a balloon, and many are hoping it couou help thosese coping with serious weight issues. >> reporter: with more than 1/3 of the country considered obese, many americans are desperate to lose weight. >> i have tried every fad diet, every diet out there known to man. i even had my teeth wired one time, to try to lose weight. >> reporter: from extreme diets to extreme surgery, finding a lution can be tough. there is some interest in a new procedure introduced in the u.s. this week.
8:02 am
it's a gastric balloon. patients swallow a pill attached to a catheter. the balloon fills with fluid and the tube is removed. it helps the patient feel full. it's rid of by the body in months. it's still in the trial phase in europe. >> all the procedures have been to make your stomach smaller and involve surgery. this is potentially a non-surgical approach to this. it will help them to learn how to eat smaller portions and keep their food intake low, which is the key factor to losing weight. >> reporter: if a gas jtric balloon sounds similar, it@ should. two devices were approved by the fda after being used outside the u.s. for years. both are inserted into the stomach using an endoscopic procedure, then deflated and removed six months later. costs range from $6,000 to $10,0000 and are not coverer by insurance. virginia lost 72 pounds using
8:03 am
recently featured on >> i lost the weight and kept it off. the experience was nothing but positive and gratifying for me. >> reporter: while results like virginia's are encouraging, experts stress there is no magic pipi to cure the obesity epidemic. >> non-invasive or not, none of these procedures are without risk. remember, this d/esn't replace the lifestyle efforts. a person has to actively work at lifestyle and eat less food. >> the early findings on the studies were impressive, but it's really important to note, there were only eight people involved in that study. over four months, the eight people losos 37% of their excess weight, an average of 22 pounds. >> promising, but a long way to go before we see it here. >> yeah. >> erica, thank you so much. coming up next, we are going to give carson the third degree on the big news he has been denying. two of his"voice" co-stars are dating. just you wait, carson.
8:04 am
plus, a visit with james bond. daniel craig, bond, live in studio 1a. the kickoff to the event that's about to take america by storm. the juggernaut that is pc does what!?!? pc does 360 rotations.
8:05 am
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earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. 8:13 now. time for trending. we call it the prelude to carson ratting out his friends. >> stop it. >> we have seen serena williams play tennis. incredible athlete, t t world's top tennis player. don't get in between her and a tennis ball. what made a thief think he could get in between her and her cell phone? serena was at a restaurant, and her sixth sense kicked in.
8:10 am
think it would go well. it didn't. he reached over, swiped her phone and took off. on facebook, serena posted this super hero foephotot of herself. i jumped up, leaping over a chair or two. i chaseh him down and he began to run. i was too fast. i was upon him in a flash. i broke him in half. no. she didn't put that last part in. needless to say, serena got her phone back. >> let there be surveillance videos somewhere of this. >> award of the year. >> yououave a restaururt full of ople you can swipe, and y get the super hero. >> strongest woman. i don't think so. >> cool stuff. now for the question burning up the internet and studio 1a this morning. it's all about this, a philosophical question, hot dog. sandwich or not a sandwich? >> no. >> no. >> not a sandwich. >> it's a hot dog, its own thing. >> a category of its own. >> i'll play devil's vocate.
8:11 am
agree, it's not a sandndch. but it's between two pieces of bread with meat in it and you layer things on top och itf it. >> a sandwich is one or more types of food placed on or between slices of bread. >> what about a subway sandwich? >> a grinder. >> i don't know what a g gnder is but a subway sandwich is a sandwich. >> hamburger, is that a sandwich? >> it's its own category. >> you want a cheeseburger or sandwich? >> hot dog is not a sandwich. >> i agree. this stupid debate made its way to the buffalo bills locker room. big fight going on there. on twitter, we asked. 74% of you said no. 26%, yes. i think this ends it. let's ask a real expert. nigella lawson. is a hot dog a sandwich? >> categorically not.
8:12 am
you need two slices of bread for a sandwich. >> a bun is one piece of bread, sliced down the middle. >> exactly. >> i think that's a principled way of debating it. >> nigella -- >> a wrap? >> it's a different kind of sandwich. nigella is going to do a cooking segment late she's not here just to answer the question. >> i answer questions on hot dogs and cheeseburgers. >> we'll get to you. hold on. we have an even bigger expert. al? is a hot dog a sandwich? >> there is no way a hot dog is a sandwich. >> there you go. >> it's its own category. fits in with a ham b bg.burghamburger. >> case closed. >> we put al at the airport just to ask him that question. >> budget cuts, can't afford it. carson, was he holding out on us? let's go pop start. >> come on, i'm a loyal guy. >> you were. >> we talked about this. it is official so we can say it
8:13 am
out loud. gwen stefafa and blake s slton are dating. they w wk together and are b bh single and recently started dating. the newsbreaking hours before blake turned up at the cma awards in nashville. >> was it theruth that set you free? >> i didn't know blake was as hot as gwen. he's a goofy cowboy and she's the queen of cool. they're two of the best people in the business. good luck. we love you. >> are you shocked? >> i am not shocked after the given -- after halloween and the photos that came out. i was a little shocked last night, to hear gwen's people put out a think. she apparently went to nashville. she wasn't on the show last night, but they were going to go to after parties. i don't think they did. >> i admire your discretion. >> you're a good friend. >> you'll need it one day. >> why don't you tell us anything? >> i'm a loyal friend. >> we can tell you secrets. >> it's not my story to tell. now it's out. let's move on.
8:14 am
ex, miranda lambert, was there. she won female sewvocalist of the year. >> man, i appreciate it. i needed a bright spot this year, so thank you. i love country music fans. >> she won the female vococist of the yearr six years nown a row. >> amazing. >> here's what many people are calling the highlight of the entire show. tennessee native justin timberlake singing with chris stapleton. they brought down the house. take a look. there's nothing like your life to get -- like your love to get me high tell me, baby, tell me, baby >> justin and chris just started to perform, and within seconds, the entire audience were on
8:15 am
their feet. it was a big topic online. chris won best new artist of the year and male vocalist of the year, and he won album of the year. chris stapleton, remember that name. it was a hugeeight for him. >> justin timberle may be pound for pound the best entertainment in the world. >> he's in the pop world, hip hop, credibility all day long. he's in nashville. he's a good actor. what can't he do? >> true. >> jimmy kimmel rolled out another edition of mean tweets. >> rascal flatts, do us a favor and stop making music. you are so awful. #so bad. #spare us. #sounds of death. >> i'd rather listen to the sound of my grandpa eating a nectarine for 3:30 than listen to a florida-georgia line song. >> hunter hayes is so tiny, he sleeps in a hot dog bun. how did you know?
8:16 am
>> little big town, i'd buy a ticket to a concert just so i could punch each ofou in the face. >> those are actual tweets. great bit. there's your pop start today. >> carson, good job. thank you. now it's time to kick off rokerthon with a check of the weather from al. >> rokerthon on "today" is powered by netjets. travel without compromise with the worldwide leader in private aviationon >> hey,y, guys. we are e eited because we aree attempting to set a guinness world record, most number of live broadcasts in all 50 states in one week. we're very excited. planning a trip like this takes so much in the way of laogistics. it takes a village. we had a lot of help. >> three, two, one!
8:17 am
>> one year ago, i spentnt 34 glorious hours blocked edlocked up in our green room, breaking the record for the longest live weather broadcast. >> you are officially amazing. >> now, i'm ready to take on a new challenge. >> we have a very big announcement announcement. >> announcer: one weather man, 50 states in just one week to bring you the weather from every state in our great nation. >> man, how am i going to do this all? start in hawaiii and go to al alaska, then maybe to the pacific northwest -- i don't know. i need help with this. >> in order to pull this off, i'll take advantage of many modes of transportation. planes, trains, automobiles, boats. maybe even a horse? but a very specific flight schedule is the biggest factor. the folks at netjetss agreed to help, so iraveled to columbus, ohio, at their headquarters to come up with a plan. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you.
8:18 am
>> shane is the president of netjets aviation. >> we started planning this trip, and it's this giant jigsaw. >> that's right. >> it has my head spinning. >> we're excited to be a part of rokerthon, but this is what we do every day. this is just one part of a jigsaw puzuze we put together. >> inside their operation center, hundreds of employees are coordinating the fleet. my favorite area, theeather area. >> jamie can take you through what he's looking at. >> we're watching the weather in the desert southwest. very strong upper level low, kicking off shower and thunderstorm activity across portions of new mexico. >> you have a very good voice. have you done any television weather? >> no, no, i haven't. >> good. keep it that way. >> we're trying to break the guinness world record. how can you help us? >> we're committed to getting you where you want to go at the time you want to go and arrive for when you want to arrive for each leg. we'll do it safely. >> getting to each city is just the beginning.
8:19 am
we need to fulfill several criteria to set the record, including forecasting the current local weather in each state. gps data evidence, showing my location at all times. twoondependent witnessss in each place,onfirming i actually did it. i cannot wait. i'm so excited. >> we can't either. we want to get you to have a feel of what it's like to fly the aircraft. we'll take you over to the simulator and give you shots at takeoffs and landings. >> what could possibly go wrong? just getting into these is not easy. people don't realize. >> if you stretch first, it works pretty well. >> there's not a lot of room up here. >> the control tower has beeee nice enough to let usit on the runwayayhe last 20 minutes. >> that happens all the time. >> exactly. start applying back pressure. turn over there, and you can see out. we'll take a turn to the south right now.
8:20 am
you can see right now, you're on nice, level ground. pull it right there. nice landing. good job. >> captain roker. >> wow. >> i will not be flying the plane at any point during the trip. tomorrow, we kick it off in hawaii, guys. th on saturday, we're in alaska. on sunday, we're in spokane, washington. then we hit six states on sunday. we are off to the races. it is going to be an exciting time. folks can follow us on >> al, we e e looking forward to it. we're rooting you on. you want to get us started with one weather forecast right now? >> okay. let's show you what we've got. of course, tomorrow, we are going to in hawaii. the weather is going to be spectacular. lots of sunshine. you can also see, we're looking at a lot of wet weather in texas.
8:21 am
rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. it is going to be a mess there. that's what's going on arosaw enough sunshine and a powerful enough south wind to send a lot of our highs back into the 70s today. changes start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundershower will be with us tonight, especially in western siouxland. then a chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun on friday, temperatures will cool back into the low 50s for highs and stay there saturday as well. >> all right. heading down to the plane. our friends at united getting us off on time. back to you, carson. >> al, good luck, buddy. thanks very much. coming up, we have a live performance from this young lady, meghan trainor.
8:22 am
if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the susur wealthy call the shots. they don't s snd up for equal pay for women. they don't s sport paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student bt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
8:23 am
ground has been broken on a project to help make life easier for a siouxland veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury in iraq. the non-profit group "projects
8:24 am
landen project" for todd landen wednesday. they'll be a aing a 440- square fofo addition to his sioux city home and an addition to the garage so there's room for cars after an elevator is installed. the project should be done by february. landen's injury forced him retire from a 21-year career with the army. here's meterologist ben dorenbach.
8:25 am
again on sunday. lower 60s will we can do this together >> we're back at 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 5th day of november, 2015. you know what today is? as we look at a shot of the plaza. >> november 5th,h,015. >> it's the last day you'l'l see the plaza without ahristmas tree in it.. believe it or not, the big christmas tree for rockefeller center was cut down in upstate new york earlier this week. it's on its way here and will arrive on the plaza tomorrow morning here on the air. >> we're not even wearing jackets yet. >> i know. >> it's going to be 74 tomorrow. >> amazing. we'll bring that tree in tomorrow morning.
8:26 am
also coming up this morning, daniel craig himself, live in our studio. he'll talk about the new bond film. his new car, which mattt w wts to talk about, and what the future holds for mr. bond. >> eight questions about the car. one question about anything else. also coming up, get ready to dance. from the mean streets of nantucket, meghan trainor is here for a live performance. also in the kitchen, nigella lawson has yummy desserts to make you feel good. first, we have this sneak peek at a revealing new documentary. it explores the life and legacy of jackie kennedy. she helped guide our nation through onene of its darkest hours, the assassination o o her husband, president kennedy, with courage. what was going on behind closed doors in the days that foowed? >> reporter: after receiveing over 800,000 letters of sympathy, jackie thanks the people for their support. >> all his bright life, gone
8:27 am
from the world. all of you who have written to me know how much we all loved him, and he returned that love in full measure. >> r rorter: behind the camera, jackie is traumatized. >> she kept saying to herself when she was reliving it, she says, maybe if i turned my head this way, or if i turned my head that way. maybe i could have prevented it. >> the documentary special, jackie behind closed doors, premieres saturday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> looks really good. let's get a check of the weather. dylan is here because al is in the air. >> i got to sleeeein, strolol in at 8:30. >> yeah. >> blrweather is fantastic for most of the northeast. temperatures above average. the biggest area of concern today will be across central and eastern texas. more rain is likely. slight risk of strong storms.
8:28 am
damaging winds and hail. any tornadoes would be isolated. the rain extends to the upper midwest. tomorrow, the eastern great lakes, affecting parts of texas still. the ground is soaking wet, so flooding could be an issueue same for louisiana. eventually, it moves t tthe southeast closer to thth weekend. also, mountain ssaw enough sunshine and a powerful enough south wind to send a lot of our highs back into the 70s today. changes start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundershower will be with us tonight, especially in western siouxland. then a chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun on fridada temperatures will cool back inin the low 50s for ghs and st there saturday as well. >> and that's your latest forecast. matt?
8:29 am
t wait is almost over for james bond fans. 007 is back and on a new mission to take down the elusive crimer, sprek "spectre." i can't waitt to get a look at that car. >> you must know the 00 program is officially dead, which leads me to speculate exactly why you camen so, james, why did you come? >> i came here to kill you. >> i thought you came here to die. >> it's all a matter of perspective. >> daniel craig, welcome back. good to see you. >> good morning. how are you? >> great. women's hearts will flutter watching you as bond in the new movie. men's hearts will flutter
8:30 am
>> it doesn't exist in the real world. they designed it for the movie. >> is the story true you wrecked a bunch of them? >> a few. >> what's a few? >> three or four. >> can i get one of the damaged ones cheap? >> no. but you can, if you're feeling flush, go bid on one. we're going to raise money for charity. >> it is so smoking hot. did you have fun with this? this has all the bells and whistles. it has the toys, the incredible, stunning locations, the stutuing women, thehe threat to the world. is it a classic bond film, or is there something different here? >> i think it is a classic bond film. i think sam, me, the producers, we set out to celebrate what james bond is about. at the core of it, there's a great story. there's a love story. bond, again, goes back into his past. we discover a little more about him. but we wanted to just throw the
8:31 am
kitchen sink at it and have fun with it. >> is the idea you try to push the envelope with eachh of the movies but stay true enough that it's familiar to long-time fans? >> you can't ever forget it's a bond movie. that's the deal. as far as i'm concerned, as long as you remember that, everything else is on the table. you can do -- you can still have characters that have a reality to them and react with each other in a real way. it's a james bond movie first and foremost. >> everybody makes a lot about the man that plays james bond. i always felt that bond is as good as the villain he faces in the movies. >> mm-hmm. >> cristoph waltz plays a ntastic villain. what do you need to know about >> that it's cristoph waltz. >> what else? >>e drew up a list of people we wanted to play this part, and his name was at the top. he agreed to do it.
8:32 am
villain is concerned. he's also a brillian yanliant actor. >> james bond movies over the years, they keep up with the times. you can't have villains with cold w w plans for the worldld in 2015. this is very much about the information agege and surveillance. >> yup. >> the preponderance of surveillance. what's his plot for the world? what should we know about that? >> well, he is trying to bring together the intelligence sources of the world, but not in a good way. he's trying to bring them together, and he's trying to get at his -- get the most amount of information so that he has control of the world. it's a kind of clash of old world and new. with bond, he always does have a foot in the past. he's the kind of guy thaha wants to go in the field and wantso look thenemy in thth eye and wants to do this. what cristoph and a new aracter we have in here, they represent the blanket surveillance and drones and things like that.
8:33 am
>> let me get to the comments you made that got a lot of attention. >> please, do, yeah. >> in an interview, you were asked about bond. you said, quote, i'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists. no, not at the moment. i'm overit it at the moment. we're done. i want to be done. put it in perspective. i read it as, this is an incredibib gruelingprocess. whent's over, you'vee got to thinkkbout something else. >> i think when you're asked -- sam put it eloquently last night, more than i did in the quote. if you're 200 yards from the end of a marathon and someone runs up to yound says, are you going to run another marathon? two words you use, right? >> not on a morning show. >> not on a morning show. that's what that was about. i've had massive amounts of fun making this film. i mean, probably more fun on this film than all the others put together. the simple answer at the moment is, i don't think about it. i don't want to think about it. i want to think about othth things.
8:34 am
>> hypopoetically, if it's the last one, are you happy with th mark you've made on the franchise? >> i couldn't be happier. i've had a wonderful, wonderful time making these movies, and maybe i'll make another one. i don't know. >> keep our fingers crossed. you're fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> i want that car so badly. i don't want to bid on it, but if you want to give me one, i'll take it. >> it doesn't work like that. >> we'll catch up with your co stars in the next half hour. "spectre" opens up tomorrow. next up, live performance from meghan trainor.
8:35 am
morning, t ts is "today"" on nbc. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by cifi. >> for the past year, meghan trainor has been all about the
8:36 am
honors. she's up for three american music awards. her album was just nominated for best album att the people's choice awards. her newewt song is on the "peanuts" soundtrack. good morning. >> good morning. >> every time you come back, you have new accolades and hit songs. >> more people, too. everybody is here. my dad, all these cute kids. hello. >> we should take a shot. dad, wave your hand hi, so we're sure to see you. you have family in the music video for this. >> i do. he shines, his own solo, and i have my cousins we flew out from nantucket, and my aunt and uncle. hi, guys. miss you. and it's my grandma and grandpa's birthday. happy birthday. >> yououere asked to do the music for "peanuts." were you a fan? >> everyone knows about it. yeah, charlie brown, huge. big deal. it's an honor. >> the song is catchy and cute. we'll see the kids dance in a bit.
8:37 am
you were on fallon the other night. >> yeah. >> what was with the chicken costumes and clucking? one of the more random skits. >> yeah. i was awfully confused when they asked me to do this. he's unbelievable. the nicest human being ever, and made me not feel uncomfortable. i was c ccking with jimmy fallon. >> i can imagine the call. can you wear a chicken suit and cluck through this song? >> i'm down. i'll do it. >> take it away, meghan trainor. >> thank you. don't think about it, just move your body, listen to the music, sing, oh, ey, oh just move those left feet, go ahead, get crazy, anyone can do
8:38 am
it, sing, oh, ey, oh show the worldou've got thaha fire, feel thehe rhythm getting louder show the room what you can do, prove to them you got the moves, i don't know about you i feel better when i'm dancing, yeah, yeah, better when i'm dancing, yeah, yeah and we can do this together, i bet you feel better when you're dancing, yeah, yeah when you finally let go and you slay that solo, cause you listen to the musisi sing oh, ey,, oh you'reconfident, babe, make your hips sway, we knew you could do it, sing, oh, ey, oh show the world you've got that fire, feel the rhythm getting louder
8:39 am
show the room what you can do, prove to them you got the moves, i don't know about you but i feel better when i'm dancing, yeah, yeah i'm better when i'm dancing, yeah, yeah and we can do this together, i bet you feel better when you're dancing, yeah, yeah oh, ey, oh, oh, ey, oh i feel better when i'm dancing, i'm better when i'm dancing, hey, oh, ey, oh i feel better when i'm dancing, yeah, yeah, i'm better
8:40 am
don't you know, we can do this together, bet you feel better when you're, ready, yeah, yeah you got the moves, babe i feel better when i dancing, i'm better when i'm dancing, hey, feel better when i'm, yeah, yeah >> meghan trainor, thank you so much. meghan is sticking around for the rest of the morning. the "peanuts" movie opens tomorrow. coming up, favorite treats perfect for thanksgiving. first,his is "todod" on nbc. if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies
8:41 am
are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help sinesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
8:42 am
8:49. we're back now with today's food, and more of our ultimate thanksgiving. nigella lawson is here with desserts in her 10th cook book, simply nigella, feel good food. good morning. >> lovely to see you, as ever. >> it's been a while. how is life? >> great. >> calmed down a little bit? >> you could say that. >> that's good. we love that. holidays are a time to feel good, get back to the things that make us feel great, also a stressful time. but you're going with the things that make us feel good. i love this. this is chocolate chip cookie dough pots. >> when you eat a a cookie, when they're goey. >> i like them kruncrunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. >> this is the way to do it. we're starting with flour, half
8:43 am
>> you told me to stand back. >> i don't want to get flour on you. now, here, we have got the butter. i can't remember how much sugar, but it's on the website. >> we'll put it on the ingredient list. >> like that there. then an egg and a teaspoon of vanilla. >> okay. >t doesn't matter if -- want to help? >> please. >> there you go. >> smells divine, doesn't it? doesn't matter if it goes looking a mess. >> that's normal? >> yes. don't fret if tha happens. i'll say that. because it's a small amount, and it's really a great recipe. with such small amounts, you get a lot of, you know, four to six out of these. >> should i put these in? >> you've eaten most of them.
8:44 am
>> yeah. do you like milk chocolate or >> dark. chips. noww we have a few less. >> slightly. >> i'll do it like this. >> in they go. let's pretend it's all mixed up. here's what it looks like. >> yes. >> these are called what? >> ramekins. in ty go like this. what i find really helpful is that you can make them up ahead like this, and either put them in the fridge or in the freezer. >> so you don't have to do this thanksgiving morning. >> so you do them and need hardly any time. 13 to 15 minutes. five minutes resting time. >> then you cook it. this is what they look like. >> they've got the crisp on the outside.e.
8:45 am
>> you receiver themserve them with a little vanilla. >> you're making brownies, as well. >> chocolate hazelnut read. it's three ingredients. you have eggs, your four gs, and you whisk those, like they are now. they're really foamy, foamy, foamy. pinch of salt. all you need is this -- i'm not going to do it because you'll eat this in a minute. >> i'm going to go after that with a spoon. >> you drizzle it in. as you drizzle it in, it will deflate a bit. i can start doing it. it goes in here. this is how it looks. it has to be really warm, or it'll go like a pancake. i thought, you know what? you have so many desserts, but how great to have these after thanksgiving. >> these are not overpowering. i'll bite into this in a second. always good to have you here.
8:46 am
come back and see us soon. >> i will. >> she'll be back tomorrow with the best macaroni and cheese you've ever eaten. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. the son of a polh immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont,
8:47 am
in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs,s, fightiti for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-freeee public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. did you bring down any of the cookie pies? >> i did not. i didn't want to tempt myself or you.
8:48 am
>> oh, my gosh. let's get special birthday wishes. hey, willard. >> hey. we l le our birthdays. we're down here in virginia, and new york has the best part of the show. i have the most fun part. sarah shaffer from atnta, georgia, is 100. middletown, new york, pride and joy is ellen o'brien. she's 10100 years old and likes to watch lester holt. can't beat it. hampton alford is from south carolina and crazy about the atlanta braves. bob johnson, handsome fellow, 103 years old today. he loves to garden. get out and dig in the soil. good for you. we had funun down here, doingng our birthdays. now back to new york. >> will ardthank you very much. what's coming up?
8:49 am
>> we have the bond girls with us. >> how did you not get that segment? >> i got james bond and you get the ladies? >> meghan trainor, too, talking to us. first, on a thursday morning, checking your>>
8:50 am
the sounds of christmas are in the air, 24-7. as it does every year at this time, sioux city radio station kg-95 is playing holiday music round the clock. "your variety station" now bills itself as "your christmas station." the program director says listeners demanded the station start playing holiday tunes, again. "i'll be honest with you, in years past i don't know if we've had as many people, if that many at all, begging for the holiday music," said powers. "this year it has been amazing. the folks have been asking us for the last couple of weeks when we're g gng to start playing christmassusic and of coursesee just jumped on it." powers say the positive response to the holiday tunes has been bigger than ever.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
this afternoon this morning, top superstar meghan trainor on her very animated new hits. and have we found natalie's next big adventure, taking to the skies in a jetpack. plus, we'll get shaken and stirred with the stunning trio of new bond girls. all that and more coming up now. of new bond girls. all that from a nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's thursday morning, unseasonably warm, not only in new york city, but across the country. 75 degrees. >> and the tree comes tomorrow, on a 75-degree day. >> going to take a lot of water to keep that thing going. >> thursday, november 5th, 2015. i'm willie along with natalie and tamron. one person missing from t ts tablbl and for good reason.
8:54 am
al roker off o o his record-setting whirl wind seven-day 50-state roker thon-2 adventure, pushing off from newark, new jersey, today on his way to hawaii, where he'll join us tomorrow. >> nice. >> youe hearing this song, "titanium" by sia. i dedicated this to al. titanium pants roker. >> that could get heavy. >> i don't know what that means, exactly. i'm thinking about it. >> titanium pants. >> he's just amazing, and he could do anything. and he's mr. titanium. >> he is. unbreakable. >> stronger than any other known metal. >> there it is. it's the pants -- >> my mind was underpants -- wait a minute, what does it all mean? but it's superman. >> that's a visual. >> oh, my gosh. so donald trump is hosting snl in two days. and this morning, heeleased two radio ads. thth first time he has put advertising out anywhere. 'll be playingng in iowawa new hampshire andouth carolina.
8:55 am
here's a piece of one of them. >> if the people of iowa vote for me, you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. i produce. together, we're going to make america great again. i'm donald trump. candidate for president. and ipprove this message. >> that's the first ad we've heard from donald trump. >> and it is a radio ad, so you saw his lips weren't moving. so you didn't think it was freeze frame. a radio ad for him. >> pumping some money, $300,000 into those first three states, which is important if you want to become president of the united states. so he said before, he doesn't really need advertising, because he gets so much free advertising, all across television and radio. but now he's putting a little money in. >> we have seen some change in the numbers in iowa, which is where the ads are playing. that's why the move there. to your point, he's everywhere, including -- >> saturday night. >> soo l released the f fst promos line yesterday, posting ght, later removing three. we'll tellut that in a second. here's one that was removed. >>. >> because of equal time rules
8:56 am
for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> so basically, those went off in a basket, and three came down, snl said they didn't take them down of their own volition. implying maybe the trump of. >> or the carson campaign got wind of it -- >> we don't know the real reason behind the takedown. >> but it's down. >> meanwhile, latino groups are protesting. snl didn't have a statement. >> latino groups protesting donald trump's appearance. a petition with more than half a million signatures, demanding nbc and snl revoke trump's invitation, saying racism isn't funny. eva longoria sayinin we as a hispanic commumuty have a choice to not watch it. it's their choice to do that.
8:57 am
>> freedom of speech and freedom of choe to, y ow, vote with your remote. >> but that wasn't applied to the pageant that was taken down. >> that's what people -- the snl thing moves forward, but the pageant was taken down and people had a choice to click off the pageant as well, but there was a made move with that. so i don't know the difference. perhaps. i don't know. but, yeah -- >> prediction big numbers, saturday night. >> no, no. >> regardless. >> huge numbers, willie. >> you mispronounced it. >> huge. >> uge? >> we know it will be. >> it will be. >> performing. another reason why. >> big day for him. >> cma ards. lastnight. huge nigig for our friends in country mumuc. a lot of great pairings, which is why i like the cma awards. country. brad paisley and carrie underwood posted the eighth
8:58 am
straight year for them. she is so talented. and brad was apparently really hoping to hear one special justin timberlake song. take a look. >> i hope he does my favorite song. >> well, which one is your favorite? there are so many. >> let's see. it's a christmas song. it's about a package. [ laughter ] something in a box. a beautifully wrapped package in a -- what's the name of it? >> yeah. just a guess, but they're probably not going to do that one, brad. >> what was he talking about? i'm kidding. >> come on. >> if you're at home and haven't figured it out yet, google it. >> google titanium box. there you have it. justin stole the show also last night. he did a duet with a a new single with chris stapleton, a household name after last night.
8:59 am
tell me baby note take it chris >> that is what you call a jam session. >> how many awards did he win? >> he won newcomer of the year, best new artist. he is unbelievable. i went and downloaded after i watched that live last night, every one of his albums. timberlake crushed it. >> i like that. and that mix there, because it was funk, it was gospel, it was coununy, all in thaha one set. >> it's one o o those moments where you have those huge stars and k kth urbanan pulls out his iphone and starts recording it. >> love that. well --
9:00 am
>> earlier, what can justin not do? >> he's a dad too and a great husband, apparently, because jessica biel posted a photo on social media. there at the cmas, and that counts as a date night. she captioned it date night. they're super cute. very nice oh, miranda lambert got female vocalist of the year, as well. >> and luke bryan entertainer of the year. this next one is for you, okay? your next big adventure. a cordless jetpack. flew around the statue of liberty. the faa and u.s. coast guard approved the flight. >> uh-huh. >> take a look. can you see yourself doing this? >> totally. i'm in. >> nypd boat right there in the harbor. >> absolutely. >> so you are -- >> it's different, because we have seen these -- it's not the hydraulic jetpacks like in the past. no cord, no water. this is truly a turbo boost. >> like in the '50s when they talk aboututhe future,, that is the jetpack right there. >> movee over hover boy.
9:01 am
i think our ehs people might have a problem with it. >> do you know the things you've done? they've got to say yes to this. >> do you know how hard it is to get them to approve? >> let's start -- i think we start on it now. what do you think? we're going to cheer on -- >> join me? >> that's not the deal. we'll join you by cering on. >> trying to kl me off. >> no. >> we'll be up in the torch. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't say yes i'm in and then say we're trying to kill you off. >> you know me. i'm game. >> we're going to make this happen. adam, you're in? >> yes. >> willie, driving the boat dressed as captain stubing. >> i'm the guy with all kinds of licenses he needs to have. >> we don't know yet. just a guess. >> fun to talk about. >> you said we weren't going to be dumped. >> al is on his way to hawaii, dylan is stuck with us. we're happy she's here. hello, dylan. >> hello, guys. al flew tohawaiiii not jetpacking. i would be interested to do
9:02 am
>> another daredevil adventurer with me. >> i would be there to support you on that. the weather across the country is a little bit unsettled still in texas, where we have a line of thunderstorms just to the southeast of dallas. these will fire up more as we go into this afternoon. really rm, moist air ahead of this cold front, and that will trigger a slight risk of stronger storms from dallas to austin. the biggest threats will be for damaging wind gusts and large hail. then as we go into tonight and tomorrow, it starts to move into the houston area, and then eventually across through louisiana and then eventually by the time we get into the weekend, it starts to push into mississippi. we could see the potential for more flooding, because the ground is soaking wet and we are looking at an additional 2 to 3 inches of rain, some of that falling in just one hour. and then over time, that could lead to more flash flooding and even as we go into friday here you see most of the heavier rain starts to move into mississippi. that's a look at the ww enough sunshine anana powerful enough south wind to send a lot of our highs back into the 70s today. changes
9:03 am
start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundershower will be with us tonight, especially in western siouxland. then a chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun on friday, temperatures will cool back into the low 50s for highs and stay there saturday as well. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thanks. see you in a bit. coming up next, our new song is "better when i'm dancing," meghan trainor should hang out with us. we'll talk to hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milklk see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl,l,oom
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give extra. get extra. i try hard to get a great shape. this i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free, daily supplement
9:06 am
that's clinically shown to help keep me fuller, longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. meghan trainor has had a big year, with five hit songs on the billllard hot 100 charts. >> forget our lili, our hips can't stopoving to her l lest single, "better when i i dancing," from the "peanuts" soundtrack, which she just performed live here with a bunch of kids. >> the kids were cute and meghan is adorable. this song is the best. >> so happy. >> it's so happy. >> i'm so glad everyone likes it. i wrote it in a short amount of time on my ukulele on my tour bus. >> on a bus? >> with my friends on tour. i got sick on the first tour, and i was like, but i feel better when on stage. this will be perfect for the movie.
9:07 am
doing a "peanuts" movie, and do you dictate what the song was? >> i figured they'd tell my team, have her write a song. they brought me into a couple studios and i worked every person who worked on the movie. they gave me a tour of like how they make clay, and put it on a computer, and it takes three seconds of the movie that took a week to program. mind blown. those are all my questions my whole life about cartoons. >> fantastic. >> the video we were watching, your whole family is in it, just about. your dad is here, by the way, a a we saw rlier. >> hi, dad. >> hey.y. >> he has the hat, too. >> i love it. >e is all in. all? >> he was your date, also, at the premiere, right? >> he was. >> instagramed a cute picture. look at this. >> awe. >> he learned to tie that himself. >> they must be proud of you, can't stop glowing.
9:08 am
>> their faces are adorable. it's like it's frozen. >> i'm proud to be here. having a ball. >> see? >> awe. >> love it. >> love you, dad. >> family dinners must be fun at your house. >> i said for my birthday, i want to have the home birthdays with your family this year. we'd combine my brother's and i. i want that this year. and today is my grandma and grandpa's birthday. love you, too. >> we love that about you. >> family affair. you're from nantucket. they need a sign when you arrive at the airport, get off the ferry, ferry. >> right off the boat, my parents jewelry store is there, right there, if you walk a little bit. if you walk in, it's like a meghan trainor museum. 's a shrine to me. >> awe. >> people walk inn and it's like my store now. >> they'll havav toake the childhood home a museum soon. >> you're performing at the amas. >> yes, i am.
9:09 am
she's been one of your inspirations. >> incredible. >> have you gotten to know her? >> just from seeing her at events. hi, what's up? you're perfect. she's even prettier in person. >> she is. she glows. >> i stare at her, like whoa. you're real. >> you're not the only one. we all do. >> i think the movie with j.lo is something i read changed your life. >> yeah. >> what's for you outside of music? you have this infectious personality. we can see you on the big screen. >> yes, i would love to act one day. i haven't had a lesson. when i find time, i'm going to take acting lessons and try to get into tv shows. >> you're a natural-born performer. thank you so much. thanks to "peanuts," of course. did you see our costumes? we were the peanuts last week. >> no way. i saw a snoopy outfit
9:10 am
downstairs. >> google it. the whole thing. >> azing. >> it's your dream. >> haunts your dreams forever. >> "peanuts" opens tomorrow. meghan will be with kathie lee and hoda next hour. women part of an elite club, bond girls, or i've been coloring since i was 19. my hair showed it. then evething changed with olia. garnier olia... the first, the only haircolor powered by 60%ils,ro ammonia. i love that, with olia... my hair gets better every time i use it. now i don't see dryness or dullness. all i see is shiny... brilliant, color. and zero grays. it feels so soft and healthy. it's the best experience i have ever had coloring my hair. garnier olia. brilliant color, visibly improved hair. there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium.
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new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. james bond has been bringing the action to silver screens for over 50 years now. >> yes, franchise spawnedver 20 f fms and, get this, grossed billions of d dlars at the box office. >> one thing that's remained the same through theheears is the abundance of strong and stunning bond girls. we'll meet the women from the new movieeie "spectre" in a minute. first, a look back.
9:14 am
the myth, the legend, with intense action scenes. his killer style. of course, the martini. >> martini shaken, not stirred. >> behind every hero is a leading lady. in 007's case, leading lady. from the first bond girl -- >> what's your name? >> reporter: these women have been an institution throughout the long-running series. the outfits have changed. >> i need you to wear this. >> reporter: the unforgettable character names remained. this time around, there's not one, not two, but three lovely ladies in "spectre." the 24th film in the franchise. >> what do you think? >> i think you're just getting started. >> reporter: as the long history of strong bond girls lives another day.
9:15 am
nica bellucci and lea a ydoux are new to the club. naomie harris revives her role. can we call you bond women? >> yes, that's what we want. >> putting bond girls to the side. i'm looking at three beautiful women. what was it like to get the phone call and hear you'd be one of the famous bond women? >> surprised. told me he was looking for an adult woman, so needed a mature woman close to james bond. it's a beautiful message for women and actresses. >> i love what daniel craig said. he came to your defense when a reporter asked about you being an older bond women. he said, when someone like that wants to be a bond girl, you just count yourself lucky to work with monica bellucci. he's that standup bond guy. >> daniel is a really incredible gentleman. not just as a james bond, but
9:16 am
it was really beautiful, that moment acting with him. >> he was on earlier this morning. he said it was a blast. even though it was grueling, very fun on set. how do you describe the experience? >> for me? >> uh-huh. >> very fun, we had a lot of fun. it was great to work with him and on this film. i have to say, to work with danielelas very --, i meanan helpfufu the sense, sometimemeyou can el the pressure in a way, and he wasaso nice to me.. >>t's interesting in the history of all the bond won, you're the first blond, as he is the first blond bond. >> the first blond girl. >> i was surprised to hear that. you also share other similarities with bond character, right? >> yeah. it's true that we have things in common in the film. i think that madelyn, my character, is his equal, in a way.
9:17 am
that's why they fall in love. >> nay yoenis, you areomi, you are the veteran. you were so good in the last movie, they brought you back. where is miss money "spectre"? >> she's behind a desk. she's happier, grounded, found her feet and true calling. she doesn't have the stomach for killing. >> did each of you have a favorite previous bond girl? even by the name? >> i think, we have moments where they were coming out from the water. halle berry was amazing. >> basically, we love them all. we love you, too. the n n generation right here. >> thank you so much, bond women. "spectre" opens up tomorrow. 16 to 16 team working t t get healthy for t t new year, sharing recipes for meeting want bladder leak underwear thth moves like you do? try always discreet underwear
9:18 am
and momo, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curv lift, shift, ride, glide, hit yo stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always tonight as temperatures fall into the 30s before returning to
9:19 am
for most of the weekend as winds pick up again on sunday. lower 60s will return briefly early next week before more rainy and cooler weather returns by veterans' day. see graphics. >> . >> norfolk, nebraska will try to beat the ice with beets on city streets this winter. beet juice will be mixed with salt brineneo break down the ice. norfolk's operationonmanager says this mixture is more effefeive than salt brinee one. "well whwh the beet juice doeses for us is s it allows us to use the salt brine at a lower temperature. if we put in a 10% mix of beet juice, it's good until 5 degrees, where if we just had the salt brine itself, it would be good until about 25 degrees" the beet juice does cost more up front, but the city's operations manager says it'll save in the long run on road repairs and enronmental cleanup.
9:20 am
this afternoon with some strong winds shifting to the northwest behind a passing cold front. we'll eventually see our winds diminish tonight as temperatures fall into the 30s before returning to the 50s not only tomorrow but for most of the weekend as winds pick up again on sunday. lower 60s will return briefly early next week before more rainy and cooler weather returns by veterans' day. see graphics. >> the obama administration is
9:21 am
taking a look at the headlines. u.s. intelligence sources strongly suspect it was a bomb that caused a russian airliner to crash in egypt last weekend. they also believe that isis may have been responsible. today, british prime minister david cameron said the crash was more likely than not caused by a bomb. isis has claimed that it brought down the metro jet plane, killing all 224 people on board. an important recall for people with egg allergies. kozy shack is recalling pudding because there may be eggs in the product but not on the label. the recalalinvolves indulgent res pew.w. theeroducts w we soldn 18 ates from coast too coast. a new stutu suggesting a child's senen of self-esteem develops early in fe. finds that by kindergartrt, a child's self-esteem is as strong as an adults and remains stable for the rest of his or her life.
9:22 am
the importance of the first five years as a foundation for life. they say feeling loved by others may help children to love themselves. the study is in the journal of experimental social phycology. google is rolling out a new automated reply program. they suggest up to three possible replies for e-mails. google expects the smart reply option will be popular with people who check e-mail on smartphones with their smaller touchscreen key boards. spectacular site over iceland where tourists flock to see the northern lights. they're caused by sunlight hitting particles in the earth's atmosphere. they've been visible in parts of the northern u.s. it's a rare light shore that's spectacular and out of this world. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning. thank you so much.
9:23 am
we have a big warmup still occurring across the eastern half of the country. look at the dip in the jet stream. that's where the snow is happening in the rockies to the east, we're under the ririe. we h he this arere of h hh pressure, pumping in winds out of a southerly directioio this warm, humid air comes a aad of the jet stream where we'll see scattered showersnd storms through the texas area. look at our temperatures, 20 degrees above normal in new york, pennsylvania. 15 degrees above normal in the midwest. temperatures running in the mid 70s, 20 degrees above average. the front will move through out of the western great lakes. then we'll eventually see temperatures drop by the time we get into friday. detroit drops to 65. that's still above average for this time of year. we're still looking at mid to upper 70s, most likely comg
9:24 am
we're back in the 50s, closer tosaw enough sunshine and a powerful enough south wind to send a lot of our highs back into the 70s today. changes start to come our way tomorrow. a chance of a shower or thundershower will be with us tonight, especially in western siouxland. then a chance of thundershowers will continue tomorrow with a cold front moving in that will allow highs to get into the 60s in the morning but then fall during the afternoon. then even though we'll see more sun on friday, temperatures will cool back into the low 50s for highs and stay there saturday as well. >> that's your latest forecast. guys? >> all right, thanks so much, dylan. we're halfway y rough our 16o serieie where we've challenged threeeeiewers and you at h he to getet healthyhy by the nene year. for every poundnd lost here, the today showw will provide h hlthy meals for those in need. as of last week, we've donated almost 9,000 meals. >> awesome. now, it's time to unp the ante.
9:25 am
our friends food and fitness dhaj challenges this week. let's see how they did. good to see you. >> good morning. $% >> joy couldn't be here today. jenna is handling t(e food and the fitness. >> how did we do? >> mary jean lost another pound for a total of 21 pounds. fantastic. >> thank you. >> rochelle lost three pounds for a total of almost 16 pounds since we started. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> ken lost another pound for a total of 18 pounds. >> all right, ken. >> really nice job, guys. there's another pound right there. >> has it been easy, guys? >> it's been a challenge. getting easier. >> we're running out of galballoons here. joy gave you the challenge to come up with foods that are healthy options, using vegetables you've never cooked with. >> i did turkey bowl over spaghetti squash.
9:26 am
we don't do a lot of pasta at all anymore and love it. we were trying to find a replacement for it. this is a really good one that tastes like angel hair. >> how do you make it? >> it shreds. >> you can bake it in the e en. you take a fork. you can shred it and it looks like a pasta. >> i do this all the time. loaded with fiber, right? >> loadedith fiber. only the texture is different. the taste, once you put the toppings on it, she used lean ground turkey. dish like this, 420 calories. she's saving calories and you don't get the carbohydrates. >> well done. this one, i can't wait to try. this is a cauliflower pizza. >> i like cauliflower. i read about cauliflower crust and was spectacle. i found a recipe and it's actually good. when you're cooking the
9:27 am
cauliflower, open the windows because it smells. it doesn't taste like cauliflower. it's crisp. it's actually good. >> how does it hosld as a crust? >> shred it, looks like snow. cook it in the microwave, let it cool and drape it. i got a cup and a half of water out of it. spread the dough, bake it first, put the toppings on. >> for a slice like this, you're looking at 120 calories. you can add vegetables, your toppings. you're taking out the carbs using the cauliflower with vitamin c. >> it's good. >> sneak vegetables to my kids that way. >> trick them. >> that's what we do. >> i also did spaghetti squash. i'd never seen it ununl i made this mealn sunday. it was fantasasc.
9:28 am
feel like angelair pasta. we eat a lot of pasta. very tisfying. we did griried chicken with broccoli and roasted sun dried tomatoes. >> looks great. >> you get the protein, vegetables. for 500 calories, you have a dish that looks and feels fulfilling and satisfying. >> really satisfying. >> the recipes are on our website, as well. >> absolutely. >> try these at home. they're fantastic. >> let's go to the fitness. what was the challenge here, guys? come up withour own? >> i challenged the three of these g%ys to fin a room in their house, any room at all, create a workout from it or exercise using a piece of equipment or prop from the room. these three got creative. mary jean, what room did you choose? >> the laundry room. i'm in there occasionally. >> we all are. >> so you can do a ton of stuff with this and use it as a weight. almost ten pounds. >> full bottle of detergent.
9:29 am
i could do reps, ten of these. also, you can do it up and down here, works my shoulders. >> and if you keep your core tight, it works that, as well. this is fanfantastic. gets easier insensitive. >> as a mom, i'm always in the kitchen. this is my grandma's grandma's teakettle. it weighs 6 pounds. i do bent over rows. >> keep yououback flat. she was doing 5. i said to do 200 to 300. i'm kidding. >> she's'sot kidding. >> you can do a real kettle bell. >> i grabbed aasketball in the garage. we can do basketball planks. >> ken's core is super tight. has to be. don't rotate your hips.
9:30 am
then switches arms. give a pushup. grab the ball and start again. a fun, creative way to get something done in your garage. >> i can see you're a baller. very nice. >> good job, guys. >> congratulations. keep going. we'll talk to you next week. jenna, thank you. >> aced the challenge. >> all the are recipes are at up next, we're headed to brooklyn and joined by mastering the art of refinement one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers pure, rich, darkly intense.f. made like no other crafted elegantly thin to reveal complex layers of flavor experience excellence with all your senses and discover chocolate beyond compare try lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt. i just love cherry preserves. is that your favorite? i also like strawberry, boysenberry, red raspberry...
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9:34 am
and having dreams delivered to your door. for some of us, that's all in a day's work. shop the way you live. love the way you shop. and experience more wonder every day. walmart. she played a teenage assassin. >> the role garnered her an oscar nomination at 13 years old. >> unbelievable. >> saoirse ronan is torn between good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm excited for you with this amazing. when you first read the script,
9:35 am
>> i think, initially, when i read the script, i thought, this is my mom and dad's story. this is what they went through. ininhe '80s, they moved over to the bronx. you knowow they gotarried over ththe. they got married i i city hall, just likik my c cracter and her fianan do. they had me ere. so it was, initially, what it was about, just that this film is set in two different locations. that kind of wasike me, as well. from the time i signed on to when we made it, i moved away. i was incredibly home sick when we made the film. it was raw for me. >> you said something interesting and maybe it's because of what you said, the story is so personal. wh you read the script, you didn't want to mess up the story. >> no. >> what did you mean by that? >> i didn't want to let ireland down, and i didn't want to let -- i mean, i know everyone always says this about their
9:36 am
it's very much an american story. everyone here is an immigrant. everyone has come from somewhere else. everyone has left home and gone through the home sickness. i think having to represent so many people's stories, that meant -- that kind of felt so huge to them at the time, and it was a huge responsibility. >> your bronx accent is amazing. i'm mesmerized. willie has the jersey accent. i'm a little texan. you're a lot of bronx. >> jennifer lopez, eat your heart out. >> on the -- >> slightly. >> you were born in the bronx, right? >> yes, clearly. as you can tell. we all knew that, i'm a bronx girl. yeah, i was born in the bronx and we lived there until i was 3. my mom was a nanny. she worked with different famimies. my dad did a lot of different
9:37 am
jobs and ended up - - oh, a song. >> little backgrorod during your life story. >> cheerleaear, bronx, it all comess together. >> and flies out. goddless us. >> god blessou and the film. it's phenomenal. congratulations. >> thank you. >> go see maria. there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and choosing unitedhealthcare can help make it simpler with our 24/7 nurseline. nurse:(over phone) if it's pinkeye, it could be contagious. oh. i know.
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a toilet paper that works so well they completely forget their experience... daddy gator sees all and forgets nothing. "i've got to motor out of here," he thinks. "this is no place to raise a child." quilted northern. designed to be forgotten. time for one of our favorite segments, as we welcome back our friend, morning show host on wor 710 radio. >> you'll take us a ride to the whacky world of sports. >> my cracker jack flop isn't your fault.
9:42 am
>> unbelievable! >> time for the peewee kickoff in ohio. the ball goes backwards. what do you do? the other team picks it up and runs for the touchdown. point. there's the ref in the middle. look out. >> oh! >> double doinker. went off two. in illinois, kick the ball to toucucown! it unts. the catch of the month, ststford, francis pins it against the back of the ucla defender. >> unbelievable. >> our best swiwis of the month. samurai t ting on a 100 miles per hour fastball. >> incredible. >> sliced the ball foul. >> fan of the month. yankee stadium on the pop-up. >> oh, no, not this guy. >> yes, this guy, willie.
9:43 am
the bouncer. toss him a ball. look at his lady friend over there. oh, gosh. i have to sit next to this guy? the biggest race of the month. here you go. down the stretch they lumber. >> oh! >> car race in mexico on the right, you have to look out for the cars. oh, my goodness. nobody got hurt, except for the guy on the right. >> laughing inappropriately. >> good guy of the month. lebron james takes a selfie with fans, right in the middle of a basketball game. here it is on twitter. way to go, lebron. need a little culture on the show to finish up. here you go.
9:44 am
davis playing, "meet the mets." >> there it is. rhapsody in blue. >> kansas city has the championship but they don't haveve "meet the royals." > theydo.
9:45 am
this is "today" on nbc. i like the look today. >> fresh off the subway. >> we went to see elvis duran this morning. we're going to talk about that. we also have meghan trainor with us. >> makeovers.
9:46 am
transcanada to suspend its review of the proposed ketone x-l oil pipeline. a state department spokesman says there's no legal requirement for officials to do that. pipeline opponents called transcanada's request a stall tactic. they accuse the company of trying to delay the process -- hoping the next president will get behind it. president obama has delayed a decision on the pipeline for years, but is widely expected to reject it. here's meterologist ben
9:47 am
dorenbach with weather.
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