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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 21, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CST

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paid too much for quest corps. one drug, acthar, the drug's value and its ability to be reimbursrs by the big health insurers. the press for raising prices on drugs beyond what many consider reasonable. if the company quits itself on the call, this stuff could fly. coiled spring! so heavily betted against. call's bad, my prediction is pain! after ththclose monday results from palo alto members, a member of the cyber security group. palo alto best to breed in the hack space. maybe turn around a sector many have written off. fire eyes, gotten pretty zinged, close to a n nber of big data breaches. this is much less episodic. lately the market has been in a more forgiving mode with companies with lofty valuations. monday, less and tuesday a big
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day. kicks off, trying to be better. campbell's soup. of late this market embracing all line food companies with good dividends potentially becoming more organic and the stocks are covetededore than the companies politically and culinary correct but far more expensive stocks. and campbell's sold out of and bounced back hard instantly. be ready for similar reaction. e food company the people real ke is hormel. another strike changer after its acquisition of applegate farms. hormel, which supports tuesday morning by far the moat of consistent member of the packaged food group, hence hit an all-time high today. i like the stock. buy it o oany monday weakness. next up, market darlings to total dog, the economy improved and walmart woke up from a slumber. results from my favorite, dollar street.
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street be rekindled? rallies from 60 to 68, but as high as 84 earlier in the year and lately tgx roaring. did you see those? the breakout quarter for the place i like to buy my candy. the candy aisle in dollar tree, you could eat off it. how about this? reporting tuesday morning, tiffany's letting us down for ages, sig nit, we know is k, where kisses begin, zales and jared, where you have to go to jared, monster good. guess what i bet the pattern continues and signa talks about a strong holiday season. those of us engaged for 40 years, we always were dreading that, that, you know, go to jared commercial, because it made us feel like we had to take action. anyway, tech all over the place lately. people remain in love with fang! strong again today. and stocks a buy for katie group with the old line chip companies
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like intel and texas instruments shining and the newfangled companies, cell phones, avago and corvo. the semiconductor company totally redone. intel type and cuervo type, go long into the quarter. after the close tuesday, we've got to begin a new era. hewlett-packard and hp inc. the newly separated halves of the whole, opaque now. listening to best buy tell a story that wasn't complementally to printers yesterday, i'm not sure how i feel about hp inc. they need an acquisition. i suggest they buy this company. the one capped by meg whitman can paul off a good quarter out of the chute. both stocks cheap. i don't see you getting hurt by either. wednesday's all about agriculture and the king that is john deere. farmers haven't been doing well
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around the globe, grain prices under serious pressure. avoid deere entirely. we know it's not enough to drive earnings if your customers aren't spending. we've seen caterpillar, two other equipmentmakers fallllnder shororterm pressure. deere could be the same. thursday, turkey day. every year i usually do this -- um, -- it's not the telestrator? oh, you have to take one hand off. okay. this is -- time-honored traditional "mad money." our 2,200th show. the little gobble thing. anyway, this is a big day unless daughters, because we have tofurkey. hope it doesn't burn to the crisp the way haley made it last time around. black friday, next week the quota and the promotion spin.
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wants to know about promotion. raw stores, tgx, costco, home depot and lowe's. unless there's a frozen tundra moment i expect more pain from retailers who did so much to remind us we don't seem to just shop there anymore. although i'll be at the mall tomorrow because that's what i do.. bottom line, headed d to a shortened week known for its strength. incredible week just passed but we're in the home stretch for 2015 and home stretch often triggers more buying than selling. so perhaps we should use any weakness to sneak back into the winners of t t last few days. shining from now until 2016. questions, callers, john in new york. john! >> caller: hi, jim. i'd like to know your opinion of under armour compared to foot locker? >> difficult. under armour, kevin plank, the man almost in control. runs nike and that guy's something. okay.
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foot locker more of a retailer. i prefer under armour for long-term growth. going to mike, mike, mike, in arizona. mike! >> caller: hey, jim. my question is about humana health insurance. i understand their stock is up over 3%. is that a buy or hold or sell? >> lay low from humana after what happened this week in the managed care situations in the affordable care act. seems it's the inaffordable care act.t. [ rim shot ] ricky in pennsylvania. >> caller: thank you so much for taking my call. >> of course. go eagles. >> caller: calling on zoes kitchen. >> i like it. fallen out of favor. a good onebut like others, and i have to tell you, chipotle, i didn't know. obviously, a problem. i think the e. coli problem, have to get it under control. i don't know how. they need to. i don't need to tell them. they're good guys.
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marcus? >> caller: hey, cramer. i'm a new investor. i never really invested anywhere before. i know computers aren't going anywhere. i'd like to nope -- what about for new investors. >> first $10,000 always index fund. don't mess with that. and turning microsoft around. euro cloud product good. listened to them talking how strongly microsoft. a fabulous buy. microsoft, and foreign stocks we really like, it's for me. mighty. how i describe next week. remember, in the home stretch. weakness get in on the year-end winners. poring through the best beverage companans you can find on wall street. should yououble down on some of your drks? listen, forget moe, the heck with shemp, even larry. revealing the three real stooges in operation right now in this market.
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plus -- what a difference a week makes. i'm telling you how the market changed in sev short days and which stocks are playing the sweetest music. so why don't you stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a queststn, tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to madmoney@c or give us a call. missed something? head to olay regenerist renews from within, plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation thout the need for fillers
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after today's very positive session, let me remind you as soon as the federal reserve starts tightens next month, hard to see them doing anything else, not as easy to come out and do the show. don't fool yourself. we're already witnessing a host of downturns. biotech, ugly retail, you name it. some sectors are having a hard time, even as the bulls trampled the bears in this good week. and outperforms fed talk or not, and it can continue to dominate the market even after the fed
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takes its action. i'm talking about stocks. that's right. even if consumers aren't spending money at the mall anymore, sure aren't, and drug companies may nevebe able to gouge, excuse me, raise prices again, even if we get hit with an economic smackdown, people will keep drinking. in fact, this beverage bull market doesn't seem discriminating. everything potable is working now. soda, energy drinks, beer. if it's potable, it's good. that's why tonight i want to talk wb the unheralded bull market in the beverage space to highlight the biggest winners in the group that can continue to roar higher. start with soda and energy drinks and then after the break we can graduate to alcohol. i thought about mixing energy drinks with liquor, but after a certain age, you're looking a little silly trying to have thatat red bull and vodka.
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better at this age to have a mocktini. look at the soda and energy drink names two particular stocks jump out for putting stellar performance during a year. incredibly fugal for most sustained rallies. i'm referring to dr. pepper, snapple and monster beverage, up 23%, and 36% respectively for 2015. in the soda space, coca-cola and relentless pepsico have charged ever higher, particularly the latter. dr. pepper snapple rocketed upwards. this company, which is the maker of 7-up, a & w root beer, sunkist, yoo-hoo, hawaii punch, who doesn't want one of those and dr. pepper and snapple consistently beaten wall strere's estimates for, top and bottom, sales, too, quarter after quarter after quarter. and raising guidance, exactly what we saw when the company last reported two weeks ago. not just this company is good at
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executing expectations, dr. pepper is positioned for this particular moment. for example, its competitors, nearly 90% of its sales from the good, old u.s.! which means this company doesn't need to worry about the super freakin' strong dollar to its overseas business. cocacaola and pepsico are e uly global companies and get half of their sales from the u.s. profits translated into fewer dollars. i expect the problem to get worse when the fed raises interest rates making the greenback stronger. and dr. pepper declining commodity costs, cheap royal, goes into making plastic bottles, fueling trucks that deliver the merchandise. it's unfortunately but probably more oil in an a & w cream soda bottle than a & w cream soda and doctor pepper improving efficiency. fastest turnaround ithe soda business and direct distribution
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to store market in america making it difficult for nation competitors to take market share from them and dr. pepper snapple incredibly shareholder frieneny. i love the ceo. management committed to returning free cash flow to shareholders even at the stock owned yields 2.175%. a high quality problem. that low because railing steadying. the buy back is incredible. daily purchased 668 million dollars worth of stock. hey, equivalent to more than 3% of the market cap. talking about a single quarter? put it all together and even though dr. pepper snapple e a point away from alaltime highs the stock is still worth owning, 21 times next year's earnings estimates in line with coke and pepsi. beverage stocks works when the fed puts on the brakes. and not weighed down by the rest of the world at least currencies.
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ram! mnst. the number two energy drinkmaker -- a relentless march higher after the company had a spectacular quarter. sales up more than 13% one day. regular viewers know i've been a big fan of monster a long time. the energy drink market is a duopoly. 4/5 of the indususy and red dog totodog for ages, monster is catching up in recent years to the point monster is the number one energy drinkmaker by volume if not sales. a big catch-up. what took them to the next level, partnered in coca-cola last year. 16.7% stake in the company. lots of money there to buy back stock and incredibly important worldwide bottling distribution network. this deal closed five months ago and paying off big time, we saw
3:17 am
ay wall street's eststates. a lot of guys short. guess what? gaffed! 2012, that's right. monster has accelerating growth rate allowing market share particularly overseas. by the way, to integrate that. this company gets roughly 80% of sales from the u.s., but international businesses in fuego, and a currency basis, latest quarter. more money lefefover from gasoline, you pick up some monster and still in the process are being rolled out. not to mention monster hasn't begun to tap the gigantic chinese market yet. talk about a catalyst! this stock trades at 30 times -- sales expensive. far from cheap, consider monsters growth rate, i'm a
3:18 am
believer in this company and recommend you buy some before a sell justify and some during. the bottom line, dr. pepper snapple and monster beverage have been roaring, and i think these are exactly the kinds of stocks big institutional money managers will fall in love with when the fed starts to tighten. so be ready to pounce on the weakness, but remember, dr. pepper, monster beverage and tequila. just don't mix. unless, of course, i'm behind the bar. much more "mad money" ahead. i've covered the mixtures, now time to crack open the liquor cabinet. this market may be driving you to drink. the stocks are doing a better job takiki the edge off, so toto speak, and three stocks to certainly become the stooges. moe, larry, shemp, and the markets put the bears back in their cages this week.
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on a good day like today i want you to think what will happen eventually when the federal reserve slams on the brakes and the economy slows down, possibly sending many stocks into a tailspin. that occurs, you want to own safe, high-quality comomnies that donon need a strong econono to beat the numbers. companies like the beverage place. i just gave you the rundown on the best performing soda and
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energy drink stock, dr. peppers the same applies to the beer business. in fact, beer might be even better, because it's got one big positive going towards it the other beverage categories don't. i'm not even talking about alcohol. i mean the consolidation in the industry, and acquiring miller whenever you get a merger this big its common to sell at bargrgn basement prices to appeasthe regulators. tending to give fabulous performance's that explains some of the strength in the beer industry's two biggest winners. consolations brands, and lately, molson coors. start with stz up 39% year to date. which is both the number three beer brewer in the united states, as well as being the world's leading premium wine company. you might recognize consolations, other companies,
3:22 am
names, three bigigst sellers, as well as some of the harder stuff like -- robert mondavi wine and the recently acquired casanova, or casa noble they call it when they don't know anything. the best tequila other than the other ones and my small plate mexican restaurant in brooyn has it right in the middle when you walk in. a well-run company, acquisitions and helping expand margins. best example in 2012 when's one company sold off to pass muster with regulators in the country and constellations snapped that up, helped the growth ever since. look at the chart. ke this, then -- most recently the constellations getting into the craft brewery space with a purchase of a ballast point for billion dollars, i've never even had ballast. you guys had a ballast? all right.
3:23 am
they have. d on fire in this cocotry and ballast point in particular growing like a weed. with sales expected to double, double, in 2015, versus last year. that's just one acquisition among many. constellation is a big deal, the company rolled out their own venture capital arm to identify in fast growing new categories in the spirits industry. rumchata? constellation is not just a serial acquirer. a well-managed company knowing how to double down and push its most lucrative brands. something thth've been doing in the wine business with powerful efforts. and as we saw from constellations later phenomenal quarter last month, these efforts are really paying off. in fact, there's s smuch demand for cocotellation's products, particularly its beers, that the company is dramatically expanding their brewery capacity to keep up with the consumer demand. a huge issue on the call.
3:24 am
buy all the bottles and cans. cans. look, cans! shooting t t can -- no. anyway, but t nstellations, its stock maming another new high today. still only trading as 23 times. darn cheap. consider the merger with s.a.b. miller putting assets up for sale at bargain basesent prices and able to snap something up like years ago. if you really want to win from a.b.'s gigantic takeover of miller beyond the stock itself with the aptly ticked bud, look no further than molson coors brewing. they equally ticker tap. the number two brewer -- in the u.s. and canada, with a stock up 24% year to date. in addition to molson and coors, these guys make blue moon, i thought until tonight was
3:25 am
bathtub. keystone, i knew better than to think about four guys in a bathtub. irish red. i thought it was irish! i knew it was red. ananthen the numbers beseswith brands l le beranek, caffreys s irh ale among others. now, i've repeatedly said molson coors is the biggest from the merger ever since the deal in september, because tap has a joint venture with miller. millercoors own 40% of any one asset that was going to have to be divested for bud's acquisition of s.a.b. miller. i figured s.a.b. miller's 58% stake in millercoors. sure enough, last week we got the big news we were looking for. molson coors reached agreement to acquire s.a.b. miller's 58% stake in millercoors for $12 billion in cash. the portfolio throughout the u.s. and retain -- retain the
3:26 am
in the u.s. how important is this? consider the venture was the second larger in the u.s. now the tap is buying out miller. they're going to own 100% of coors light and miller lite. cond and fourth biggest brands in the country. worth noting miller is in the craft space, too, and that also belongs to tap now. my favorite kind of acquisition. it's basically for sale. they had no choice but to sell theieistake in millercoors or e gigantic merger would have been blocked by antrust rebulators. why rather than demand a premium for the 58% piece of millercoors they sold it to tap pretty in-line with the rest of the industry. molson coors has full strategic control over its biggest are and best brands in the biggest market, the u.s., along with overseas. consider the numbers here. molson coors expects this to
3:27 am
share by more than 25% in the first t ll year of operations. they say it will bring in $4.7 billion in incremental revenue and more than $1 billion in ditional earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. at a minimum, planning $200 million in annualized cost synergies. such a home run. so the stock's been roaring higher since we got wind the deal might be in the works, rallying up to $92 as of today. how do you play it? listen, recommending it a long tap planning to did a big equity to pay for it. piece of it ananbuy at a discount. bottom#line, next time we get a big market wide sell-off, rising interest rates environment. within that group, constellation brands and molson coors will continue to be fabulous, fabulous winners.
3:28 am
>> caller: from texas. >> i couldn't agree more. i have to say, there was a rant by the dallas cowboys announcer that you have to download. unbelievable. that's all i'll say about it. go ahead. >> caller: okay. my question relates to hnes celestial, declined by one-third over the last three months. what has happened? and is it time to double down and buy in again? >> simon was critical of himself and talked about issues that the company has. and that made me think, penalty box until the company comes out and truly does say, we've solved our problems. do you feel you need a cold onon like i do right nono get constellatio brands in molson coors. they continue to win. so much "mad money" ahead, it's scary. the commodity market crushed, stocks that are dumb and dumber and even dumber.
3:29 am
i'm going through the ups and downs. a little clip that you're going
3:30 am
stick with cramer.
3:31 am
you, you'll know where -- ooh! stuck at the bottom of a deep hole you need to stop digging, yet some comsanies can't seem to grasp this simple idea when things are bad, rule number one, not 20 make anything worse. how i feel about the three giant minerals and mining outfits that happen to be the world's largest supplier of iron orr. a commodity in free fall and trading off its ten year lows. talking about the three stooges of the iron business. a/k/a larry, and a/k/a moe and worse than curly, the dreaded shemp. just like shemp, vale, hapless to the core. over the last two years these stocks brutally punished. down 32% or more. a big portion spent, okay, not their fault. the whole commodity space collapsed courtesy from huge customers like brazil, russia and especially china. and nothing they could have performed well with during this particular period. you know what? these compmpies could have done
3:32 am
less badly. why? while the price of the commodities they produce have been in obvious free fall. there are still plenty of things that these stooges could have done to soften the blow and contain the damage and help you as a shareholder.. most importantly, they could have cut production. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out when the market's cluttered with iron, mine less of the stuff. but that is not what bhp, rio tinto or vale did. they failed to recognize, even though everybody and his brother knew it, severity of the problems, produced metals and created a destruction scenario. if nobody blinks everyone will be in serious trouble. in short, the larry, moe and shemp of the natural resources businesses found themselves at the bottom of a deep hole and decided to keep diggggg. allow me to explain. we knew the commodities companies were getting killed. iron orr issue for wages and copper and coal declined last
3:33 am
given they've beenenround a long time and navigated. a downturn, you think they would know what to do in this situation. did they cut production to reflect the new reality of lower prices and rationalize? nope. in casas they did the option. creased production d dpite an already glutted market. when it comes to iron ore, hardest hit, increases production over the last three quarters. consider after the price of iron was cut in half in 2014, bhp raised rts iron ore prododtion by 20% in the first calendar quarter 2015 and continued to boost it up 7%. what are these bozos thinking? i mean that in the most respectful way. bhp held after increasing coal, only copper, bhp has done the smartest thing and cut production.
3:34 am
down 3% in the latest quarter and 7% in the prior one. the crazy thing, it's not one company being stupid. it's all three acting like total stooges, even ryo tinto, somewhat responsible when it comes to cut back on production of copper down 24% in the late effort quarter nevertheless continued insanely production of iron ore all year including up 12% this past year. i don't know what to say. clearly they know prices are collapsing's when they collapse you cut back on the supply of a given commodity because they're doing it with copper, but they must think iron other is different. though i can't understand why. moe knew more than that. i saw the episode. vale takes the case with truly shemp-like idiocy. a benchmark of idiocy. the price of copper has gone into free fall. what do they do? boost production by 21% in the first quarter, 30% in the second and back by 5% in the third quarter. and that way producing more up
3:35 am
15% in the first quarter, 19 in the second, 14% in the third. you have to wonder what world of these people living in? did somebody slip something in the water in vale headquarters? have the board of directors been leading lead chips? no wonder they're a worse performer than the three stooges. i'll tell you something, curly -- curly -- would be a step up at chairman of board and some of the most egregious examples. these behaviors ruin us. declined by 21% last quarter and net income strength by a whopping 86%. the first half of the year ryo tinto presented 82 decline in income. vale, first few months of 2015, strength by more than 30% and underlining earnings, discontinued operations, restructuring charges nevertheless swung into a $666 million loss, bad luck, down from what was gained same period the year before. all companies pay sizable
3:36 am
i think they're in danger. bhp, my yield of 4.2%. management's refused to cut the dividend paying in dividends for every $1 of earnings. unstainable, when you consider $31 billion in debt on the balance sheet. ryo increased by 12% wn last reported bringing its yield up to 6% but paying 46 cents of every $1 brought in. underlying earnings number, ryo the safest of the bunch, i'm not comfortable with it. vale cut their dividend twice and given the level where it's trading sports a 5%-plus yield. given that vale is losing money and has 28.7 billion in debt, starting to look dangerous i bet the dividend goes lower though they like to say it's safer than ever when they talk. making it worse, a disaster the couple weeks ago, terrible
3:37 am
thing. joint venture between vale and bhp, miners died, some missing. awful. these companies can't catch a break. bottom line, when times are tough, some companies try to do whatever they can to survive and even thrive, but some behave like morons. that's the case with bht, rio tinto and vale. the three stooges with all the zaniest of the originals but not of the yuks, at least not for "mad money" is back after the break.[coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life.
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it is time. it's'sime for the "lightnini round"! "lightning round," are you ready? "lightning round" question. start with jim in illinois. jim! >> caller: buy, tell or hold. >> ppg. mark in vermont. mark! >> caller: boo-yah from burlington, vermont. >> on your way, partner. what are you thinking? >> caller: jim, tell me, what do you think about this match group ipo? >> i like it. priced to move it. it's a good idea. let's go to francis in new york. france?
3:40 am
i've owned siri nearly two years. is it time to sell? >> no. hold on to siri. going to cars actually. go to daveve boo-yah. >> boo-yah, dave! >> caller: i've got applied material at 16. kind of hanging around. >> no. it's good. turn the corner, but i like it. let's go to -- bililin delaware. >> caller: thank you for taking my call, jim. i'm interested in sparks, therapeutics. >> checking it. biotechs bible looking at. i got to come back on this. one i looked at before. got to find out and freshen tyler in new jersey. tyler? >> caller: cramer, amplified snack brands. >> no. going manganese if i want snacks.
3:41 am
>> caller: boo-yah! >> talking about been in business for a photo century. >> i think they're undervalued here, because people have written off american industry. that's a mistake. charles in colorado. charles? >> caller: hey, a big boo-yah from the ski lanes in colorado. >> i like it. what's your question. >> caller: digimark a water marking process. >> interesting. don't havevenough to go on it. go to john in new york. >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call. wonderful staff. i put together, i have a portfolio of stock and one i just can't put my finger on. a company, raised dividends. should i buy, hold for long term johnson control? >> i think it's too cheap. not getting satisfaction bullets but i like the stock.
3:42 am
the "lightning round"! >> announcer: the "lightning round" is sponsored by -- >> caller: i watch both of your r shows. >> spending serious time with claimer. i'm going to tell the wife. she'll be jealous. don't worry. she doesn't watch any of my -- she doesn't know i have a show. she likes to watch dog videos. [ barking ] >> just lili to quote a line from the great movie "jerry maguire." jim, you're my ambassador of kwan. >> really? >> caller: yes. >> i'm going to tell the wife that. she doesn't think i'm kwan-like at all. >> hi, jim. watched fromomour very first show.
3:43 am
when i was in the audience? > pro, the stock, somemeing that makes fitbit better than gopro. the stock rebounds and not just, this thing doesn't happen on that. the hump day edition of the "lightning round." stay with -- cramer. see yayaomorrow!
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one week ago, one short week ago, the market looked like it was finally ready for the big rollover. winners have been narrowed down to a handful of nanas including fang! my acronym name for facebook, and google, and alphabet and strong stocks signaled that the bull was on its last, tired legs. [ groaning ] >> terrible back-to-back numbers from macy's and nordstrom's
3:47 am
a disappointing outlook from cisco mutt a damper on all things tech. stocks. the consumer packaged goods companies were roller over. fed hike seemed inevitable. the oil stocks were in free fall as the price of crude plummeted back towards $40 and singed by strong dollar. with only general electric showing a pulse, worse as the market closed d st friday we learned of horrific terrorist action unfolding in paris. a week later, one of the most amazing transformations i've seen at looking at the market in all my years. when it catches its breath it's a sign of lilited love leading to lower levelels not this time. this week we saw a dramatic broadening of the stocks that went hard. think about the positives. when home depot and lowe's reported terrific numbers we found out the consumer was indeed spending.
3:48 am
both c cpanies told a strong ory of housing demanan entire cohort, sent it skyward. going lower but oil stocks hung in there. instead of general electric the only rally, a diverse set of names from emerson, honeywell, 3m. health care rather than rolling over was reborn with both old pharma and bioteth on the mend. didn't hurt pfizer was trying to tie a knot and a valiant bottom that shot up and companies like biogen and eli lilly barely bruised bounced back with alacrity and because of warm weather jumped on a monster buyback dividend boost and split by nike. transports, well, they suddenly were energized by the takeover outreach by the rail company. meanwhile, the pacacged goods distributor famously balked at a bid from air products five years ago got an offer from its french
3:49 am
offer, too juicy to pass up. $143 per share, more than double, okay, the size of the earlier thwartrt hostile offer from air products, and even the increased offer. even the consumer pructs companies with their 3% yields performed well. once we heard from the most hawkish presidents who said one hike and weight has been the mantra meaning the fed isn't going to raise interest rates on autopilot. even december seems like liftoff and, oh, fang warded higher anyway, with reports from none other than apple, two big firms pronounced in for the duration based and channel checks with suppliers and historically more wrong than right. more justification for my position to just own apple don't trade it. google, netflix getting up there. yes, a remarkable week. came in narrow and limping. and went out wide and strong. the market energiziz by everything from mergers to earnings to the fed crushed the bears just when it seemed th
3:50 am
finally had broken free and were ready to roll anything that moved, or to put it another way -- long live the mall. stick with cramer.reh) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ou make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex
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you know, the hoopla about the widening market, let's not lose the fact that facebook continues to be great, amazon is going to be an amazon holiday season. netflix, did you see the breakout there and that's about expanding into europe and google, yes, al if a bette, all timed high today. these stocks are still good. some people question whether the netflix end should be made into the nike end? and find it just for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday!you choose a date? whose oose a date? whose company would you enjoy? audrina (voiceover): tonight on 1st look, we're getting all sorts of romantic. i can't wait to see this. i can't wait to see you. already looking at her. got her. audrina (voiceover): tackling unconventional dates
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with a couple of undateable characters. maybe we'll fart together. -are you flirting with me? -no. audrina (voiceover): from swinging-- oh my god. this is so scary. audrina (voiceover): --to going in the buff. oh man. audrina (voiceover): 1st look is getting loose for date night. [whistle] audrina (voiceover): and it all starts right now. stay away from her. i think she likes me. [screaming] [theme music] audrina (voiceover): it's saturday night, and, for some, that means date night. but, what do you get when you mix complex riddles, a hungry zomome, and the undateable brent morin? a killer date i won't soon fget. i'm no stranger to the one night stand, all right? go to a party. you meet a pretty girl. you're like, sup? want try some sex?
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so, brent, you're an actor and comedian, but how good are your problem solving skills? i think you just answered that question. i'm an actor and comedian, so not that good. oh, great. i'm not the brightest. got to be honest with you. i'm not good with riddles, and puzzles, and stuff. and i'll break down, and i will screw over my team. this is a team thing, right? oh my god. i'm an honest man. what kind of date am i going on? i don't like the typical dinner dates and movies. i like to do something adventurous, spontaneous. i'm standard date guy. lounge, movie theater, ice cream, my place, her place, a hotel. i don't even know we're in for tonight, but this is going to put both of us to a test of really seeing if we're compatible. to see if we could actually work out. i don't know much about audrina. i know she's very pretty. probably not her type. i don't know if she's looking forward to this date. i am. can't wait to see thth. i can't wait to see you. already looking at her. got her. audrina (voiceover): let the romance begin. trapped in a room with a zombie, is an hour long escape mission
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