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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  December 17, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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invasion, the 911 call as kim's baby slept in his crib. kim he will. he finally met his match. >> isn't it wrong to discriminate against p based on religion? rolling? strategy. . >> i've been a little devisive. >> we go backstage for miss universe's pageant since trump was dumped. >> my father pass add way trying to cross the border. >> plus, baara walters on letter most fascinating, amy schumer in fear for her life. >> threaten kris jenner's sc confrontation. >> someone hopped the fence. >> did the intruder pose as a christmas decorator to g g past seseurity? and backstage with the stars helping kids find a home. >> the only thing i really want for christmas is to get adopted.
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is "entertainment tonight," amy schumer receiving death threats and kris jenner the victim of a home intruder samantha harris is inor nancy o'dell. we start ononr. teflon, donald trump. >> exactly. so true. and jimmy kimmel questioned trump for being unamerican. is that a bad thing? it seems like the more buzz the donald gets, the closer he gets to becoming our commander in chief. >>trump, keep them talking strategy for a white house win. >> i've been a little divisive. i don't care if people like it or not. i do the right thing. i say the right thing. >> did anyone try to talk you out of temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states? >> the word is temperature for airly. donald, you've done us a trem service. >> those may have been crank calls. >> trump is not good tv. trump is great tv he's the one guy out there that makes people stop at home, look at their tvs and listen to what
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>> the question is, we be calling trump the best wreck tv? like or dislike him, you're going to watch. >> it's become like the bowl. it's like incredible. >> 24 million people and cnn 23 million people. >> you suggest that cnn should pay you for -- >> they should pay me a lot. >> during the regular program on cnn, for instance, a 30 secon spot gets about $5,000 from media buyers. du debates, they were charging $250,000. >> last night was kimmel and the strategy is go for the punch line. he made fun of himself, even reading a dr. suess inspired children's book. >> there are two kinds of people, which kind will you be, a loser like them or a winner -- me. >> trump showed last night he can be the type of that can be warm and fuzzy when he has to be and tough and stern and bombastic when he has to be. >> take a loo at trump's ssive security detail.
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while trump was inside and when he left, a police escort and five suvs. you put everything on the line with liz run for the white house. >> you said if you d win the presidency, there is all a waste of time. >> if i don't win, i wasted my time. it's all about winning. because i won'n' be able to my ideasnto play. >>onight trump will appear on barbara walters' most fascinating people. sunday sunday's miss universe contest. she miss mexico rejoined after trump was let go. >> it is v close. my dad passed away trying to cr border. aefr everything going on in the news hits close to home. >> we'll have more later. miss bahama is talking about letter drastic weight loss an miss france is talking about how her country is dealing with
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>> amy schumer opens up about the people that threatened to to kill her. it's more from thspecial. amy tells barbara she is not backing down. >> i've gotten death threres for alalst ten years just from doing standup. so i'm kind of used to them. and it's going to happen, it's going to happen. >> it happened about 20 minute into the movie "train wreck." >> gun violence shockingly personal turn in amy's life following a shooting last july that killed three during a screening in louisiana of her film. >> does this animal seek out my movies? and from the wawa he felt about women sounun like he did. >> are you afraid? >> no. i should be. >> the personal tragedy that hit tracy morg that new jersey turnpike in june of 2014 could have been much worse as walters found out on her special.
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survived. thatati look a footage of the wreckage -- >> and when came to see you? >> i was blind for a few days. was up. i was up i said i love you, megan. >> bradley cooper is another man who will been graced with a second chance in life. >> in your late 20s, you stopped drinking. >> i stopped drinking,yeah. >> that's a big change. yeah. >> are you kidding? i would never be sitting here with you, no way, no chance. >> and who will be barbara's fascinating of 2015? >> it is either a man or a woman. >> i really hope this is not bash barbara's way of teasing that her person of the year is caitlyn jenner. do know that kris jenner got a big scare at home. intruder walked right into her house. kris lives in one of the most secure neighborhoods can find in
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i went there today to find out how sm something like this could >> police say the intruder talked his way past security and into the jenner home. one report claims he posed as part of the christmas decorating crew. >> decorating. >> this was a live stream video kim post december 10th showing off some of the decorations. the video was kind erie. kim walked into kris' office just as the man may have >> are you watching my live stream? i hear it. >> a call placed to 911. sheriff's deputies arrested the man and placed him on a psych hold. both kim and her new baby saint were believed to be inside the home. one of the reasons so celebrities choose to live in hidden hills is because of the secure environm getting to the jenner household isn't easy. look behind me. that guard gate that, is the first layer of security. kim talked about the security they have around ththir house becacae there is not the first time they dealt with an intruder intruder. >> i remember last time whether i had the baby and someone had
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picture of me outside with the baby. but now we have full security on every edge. >> i spoke to a friend of the family and he said everyone is on edg especially kanye. and that the head of security is pnside the house and they are taking all necessary steps to secure that home. all right. in other legal a super model was arrested and jailed in her home country of israel. she's accused of taxevasion. her mom is also a suspect. they both had to surrender pass pordz portss >> we're about her ex-boyfriend last night and he usua really reserved on red carpet. but boy was leo re talk with our reporter. maybe his golden globe nomination has something to do wit >> congratulations ononhe golden globe nomination. what was your reaction? did youou get up early? >> i did get up early. i didn't have my coffee yet. but it was a great honor.
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this happen very often. >> that's my boy. >> it's a very different leo playing a bearded frun tear'smen in the 1820s. >> what was it like whether you got to take thaoff? >> it was like shaving dreads. i will that beard for a year and a half. now. your first oscar nomination was 1994. what do you remember of that and that experience? >> i remember being really paranoid about ever having to go up in front o billion people. i didn't quite have the concept that if you ever gave a speech at the oscars, like a billion people are watching you. >> another actor getting oscar buzz, will smith. his movie "concussion" in new york, will hinted at as possible run for office recently so we will to ask. >> i was really kind of joking whether i when i said. that but playing this character
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america. i sort of inspired as i was land politicalscpolitical >> there is a must have. >> i need five of those. >> come on, man. sweater? >> will, we haveot. but seriously this is the best christmas sweater ever. >> that is hot. >> no. >> come on, hook me up. who you going t call? ghost busters. have you seen the new poster? we got our hands on the first four for the movie. there is one from melissa mccarthy, one for leslie jones and one for kate mckinnon. >> it't' going to be good. i like the sweater. >> all right. coming up, debbie levato and her man make out. off. >> plus, is kelly dating this star 16 years her senior who was
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culkin. what is behind this ram snp. >> i still have nightmares about
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>> i mi
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her fiance got look at demi levato man hanging out in st. barts. that's whaha love makes youdo. i'i' talking about th dirty dadae. good y'all. >> it is a hard move. speaking of hot and sexy, kelly's wife seems to be heating up again. an with a much older tv star. we have everything you need to know about her new man. >> everybody wants to be ahero. right? >> paul blackthorn is handsome, hot, british. he has a sexy accent and the guy's got a pretty good body.
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once dated daryl hannah is 16 years older than the big bang actress. so how did this happen? >> we were learned that kaly and paul have the same agent andin hollywood, that's the ultimate matchmaker. but they also do have a lot in common. >> they both love animals. >> kaly's cause is bulls. paul runs a charity for wild elephants whic kaly also supports. >> they both posted pictures of her wearing one of the shirts poach eggs, not elephants. >> i'm getting married! kaly in 2013 swooning ov tyii the knot with a tennis pro. the two would have celebrated their second anniversary this new year's eve. >> we learned through a source that paul broke off an engagement. it makes sense that these two would be k each other company. >> despise the xpartdisparity, there is a huge di in income. paul is more about personal projects th paychecks. >> paul's passion project was this documentary he directed and
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his instagram isis all about ictures of histravels, his cast and himself. >> i lik that. >> we have to get all the goods on that from kaly's co-star. i will be seeing her in just a few weeks at the critics choice awards. we'll be hosting the red carpet live special. that son sunday, january 17th on a and& e's lifetime. >> helping these foster children find a home for the holidays. >> how are youudoing? >> i liked it >> then inside this weekend's miss universe paektgeant rehearsal on how she went from there to this. >> i used to be 200 pounds.
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and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, is about stopping publicans from repealing obamacar and taking on inrance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. this y yng lady's picture is blowing up online. people are saying looks a lot like sophia vergara. we were hanging with a ladies.
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do you think they look alike? >> i spent two days with this woman. she is stunning. she is stunning. but it never crossed my mind that looked anything like sophia vergara at all. >> all right. let's talk about the judges. what w like? >> it was not an easy job. i went into this thing saying, okay, i'mmoing go judge a beauty contest. i came out saying these are some amazing women. >> i was in paris during the attacks in paris. it was a very scary moment. >> miss france is composed and calm. surviving that horrific night, a testament strength. >> the french people are strong. and they're international people. and that's thth most important. > so you think of beauty queens, you typically think of pretty girls big smiles. but these girls are showing they have big hearts and serious back stories. >> i was kidnapped in 2014 on my way to work.
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i think when that happened to me, i didn't think it was a punishment. i didn't think i deserved it. to me, it was more about appreciating life and also, you know, i also feel that coming here this is my story to tell and this is it what i have to share with the world. >> in south africa, after the raras, most women live in shame and are us astraostracized. but now s speaks out for other women that have been assaulted. mind the makeup, hair and clothes are phenomenal women. take a plastic surgeon who specializes in helping burn patients and disfigured children. >> five months ago i was working in a hospital. i'm a doctor. i was make miging my hour rounds with no makeup and my hair a mess and now i'm here. >> we have three doctors here this time. lawyers are studying to be lawyers and a lot of different deg
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for, hard to believe miss bahamas once struggled with weight. >> i used to be 200 pounds. my family has diabetes and stroke and high blood pressure. so that kind of made me just wawat to take a step back and, you kn go moror towardsds eating healthy and exercising regularly. >> and due to a childhood desceet, she can't fully open her right hand. her spirit isso infectious and what i love is that she's not obsessed about being super skinny. >> wli first got here, i was about 159. so, you know, it's not necessarily fat. i learned that muscle weighs more than fat. so it is muscle that is giving me the weight. i think i look pretty good. >> prettygood? no, honey, you lookfantasasc! guess who isgoing to be joining miss bahamas and all the other ladies as host on sunday night? none other than our good friend steve harvey. now, you all know that steve calls himself the chief love officer. >> watch out, ladies. >> it will be he's the reason i'm tuning in. thank you. >> you know, mariah carey's
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melody" air this is weekend on lifetime and she posted this shot of her twins. she likes to call them her little elves. there's a lot of christmas spirit in that house. you know what? she loves every holiday. >> she indeed. this is the season when we celebrate the importance of having a family and that is exactly what the annual cbs special "a home for the holidays" is all about. but you got make sure you have that box of tissues right there next toyou. we are beautiful in every single way >> kristina's "beautiful" taking on a new mete meaning she sings it in front of foster children in need of a home foo the holidays. >> the only really wantt for christmas to get adop >> if i had a family, i would feel safe. >> kristina, rascal f and ed sheeran give special performance performances in "a home for the holidays" airing tomorrow on cbs. >> i met a family tod that had two adopted children. and they said they said this
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>> for the odenfamily, his soul stirirng "speaking o loud" speaks to theirrourney to become a forever family. >> whether i startn i start listening to the song, i start crying. wli first adopted kylee and kennedy, i couldn't love anyone any more than my kids. >> now in the 17th the annual cbs special brings awareness to the plight of the country's 400,000 foster children with heart warming stories ofadoption. >> today we are officially adopted is one of the best days of my life. >> jacob went into his room and fire trucks and hisbed. he is like what is this? i said this is your bed. this is your bedroom. he wa -- he just looked at you. he knew he was home and were his mom. >> mariah says rascal flats song "my wish" helped feel at home with her adopted family.
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to where you're getting to i hope you know somebody loves youou and wants t t same things to because there is my wish >> oh, my gosh! that's awesome. >> miss maria leafy, we dedicate this song you. >> that special will change your life. you will want to adopt every single one of the kids that you see. >> they all need a good home, too. >> yep. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays which "american hororr story" played a mom in flash ck o o "grey's anatomy"? the answer is next.
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you have to see this.announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. b bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadershrs. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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at, gilli michaels stresses out over engagement ring. >> i such anxiety. more. >> our exclusive look at her new real show. plus john beefs up r a new role. >> being fit in total is a huge deal. >> and under fire again. the reality shocking claims
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it's all on welcome back to thehe show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star of "american horror story" plays the mom flash back on "grey's anatomy." >> that is sarah paulsen. how old is she? sarah paul sensen is 41 years old. upgrade to windows 10 if you haven't done so already. you'll get your digital personal assistant and they tell us it is faster and more secure. >> all right. macaulay culkin is back in crazy web sear writes in which he is still kevin from "home alone" and he's losing it. >> you remember you have a brother. they forget me. you know, cutest. [ beep ]
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>> for me, you know what? that old childhood trauma does come in handy. it's good to see him again. tomorrow. whatever happened to the
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we'll see you then.. narrator: north of the north pole and south of the stars lies
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