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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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thank you.the latest winter storm has moved into the area. snow started to fall a few hours ago. it's beginning to pile up and things are getting messy out there. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm sarah te slaa. al has the day off. as the morning snow hit, roads and sidewalks began to freeze over. and, there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. it's what everyone is talking about today... and the ktiv team has you covered. meteorologist tj springer is on the outdoor weather patio. he's been following the storm all morning. and reporter, tommie clark has been talking to road crews about how they plan to tackle this storm... and w wll start with
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hamilton boulevard in sioux city. tommie, what's it like out there? well sarah, today is predicted to be the biggest snowfall of the year for the tri-state area and so far it's living up to the hype. sioux city is a white out right now with less than half a mile visibility. and, the icy sidewalks and streets are making it more difficululfor travel. but, it's predicted to get worse tonight wiwh 8 inches coming down in the majority of siouxland. so if you do need toeave the house, we're advising you do that now to beat the evening snowfall. i was out earlier this morning and crews are out clearing the streets and spreading sand, but it is slow going out there. and since this could be a long, drawn n t snowfall, it may be harder for road crews to keep up. winds will pick up later today and that means blowing snow so the best thing to do today is to stay inside and keep warm. in sioux city...tommie
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this is just the beginning of the storm. winter weather warnings and advisories are in place across siouxland. meteorologist t.j. springer is on the ktiv weather patio with our first look at the forecast. tj? weather ad-lib sarah, back to you.
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if you have to drive somewhere today, check the road conditions before you go. you'll find a link on our website, ktiv-dot-com. under the weather tab, scroll down to "road ports." from there you can click on iowa, nebraska, or south dakota.
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date weather information at your fingertips, you can dowload our free storm team 4 weather app on your phone or tablet for free. there's interactive radar along with hourly and daily forecasts. it's under the weather tab at ktiv-dot-com. and if you have some pictures of the snow storm you want to share, you can email it to us at ktivnews@ktiv .com or you can post it to our facebook page. while we expect snow and blizzards this time of year... we don't always expect floods and tornadoes in december. today... parts of the country are dealing with all three. ththdeath toll from the texas rnadoes stands at 11. hundreds of homes destroyed... and the dangerous conditions are far from over. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest on the extreme weather.
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destruction...spanning nearly dallas. houses torn up everywhere..." an e-f-4 twister tore through garland...with howling winds of up to 200 miles per hour. among the dead...a three-day old infant...killed when a tornado swept through this home. sot: please baby please baby be okay baby and i was holding her little hand (nats of chainsaw) texas claring four counties disaster thousands are still without power. overnight...this family salvaging what they candlelight. sot: (mom) "it was the most horrifying event ever in my life." further north...flash floods turned deadly. five people illinois. another eight dead in missouri. and mexico is under a state of emergency. the massive storm system...has already dumped two feet of snow in parts ofhe state. wind gusts of up to miles an hour. the treacherous driving conditions...ex tending all the way to the texas and oklahoma panhandles. sot: (oklahoma state trooper) "people need to slow down the roads are slick." these tourists from miami...visiting amarillo...are on ice... sot: "i'm trying to put thh chains on my tires for the first time n my life." as othee in the same state...struggle through the deadliest december for tornadoes...on record. sot: (mos
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abslutely unreal." >> since last wednesday, there have been 29 tornado-related deaths in five states. before then...there had been just 10 all year. damage assessment crews will be out in force today. a northwest iowa day care operator has been charged with child endangerment involving a toddler in her care. deputies with the sioux county sheriff's office arrested 32- year-old dianna winder last thursday at her home in maurice. authorities say her arrest stems from an investigation in november after a health care provider reported suspicious injuries to a 15-month-old boy in her care. the boy had non-life threatening head injuries.
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endangerment causing bodily injury and serious assault. a man wanted in iowa and south dakota has been arrested in nebraska. authorities say 19-year- old zachary frye of sioux city was arrested saturday afternoon after leading authorities on a chase that began in woodbury county. dakota county deputies arrested he was taken to the dakota county jail for warrants in iowa and south dakota. frye faces several charges including eluding, reckless driving and several alcohol and drug charges. frye's passenger was released as deputies say he was telling frye to stop and pulled the vehicle's emergency break to stop the car. the iraqi city of ramadi has been fully liberated from the grasp of isis even as the militant group's leader released a new message. nbc's keir simmons reports.
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television announcement ... hailing ramadi's 'liberation from the occupation of isis terrorists'. just days ago the illusive leader of isis... his last video released in 2014... was rallying his fighters... in a 24 minunu audio recording... abu bakr al baghdadi mocking the us led coalition against isis... taunting saudi arabia... and threatening israel... unverified by nbc news, baghdadi's statement says isis will defeat the entire world... a war cry and perhaps a cry for help... isis needs more recruits... baghdadi's statement apparently admits. while a string of isis attacks on the west are not mentioned... this past weekend soldiers were the streets of europe again... as austrian authorities warn of another plot... in october it was claimeme baghdadi had been wounded... i am still alive he declares... while warning his followers... many of you will face death... a showdown with the west is coming baghdadi says... a final apocalypse. "that baghdadi statement was released by isis main media arm via official channels online. that's why we think it is him but we can't be sure. what is fascinating is does his statement indicate a lack of confidence just as isis loses this m mor iraqi city. back to
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coming up... the winnebago boys took home a state basketball title last season. and a film crew documented their journey to the tourney. we've got a look at the movie. and stay tuned for the forecast from meterologist tj springer coming up next on news four at noon. here's the live view from our skycam in spencer, iowa, where it's snowy and 17 degrees
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meterologist ben dorenbach is back. --------- >
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last year, winnebago schools won their first c-1 boys basketball championship title in 75 5 ars. and lala night, the community held a special preview of a film following the team's journey. ktiv's tommie clark was at the operpheum theatre in downtown sioux city and has more.
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tournaments. "makers of the film and those with the winnebago school district say it's much more than a film to them." and for those who look up to the team... "for the kids, boys and girl, just to follow their dreams and hard work pays off. if they really want to win a state title, they know that it's possible now," said winnebago high school basketball coach, jeffrey berridge. cheering. the school's superintenden t says the win was a long time coming... "i've been at winnebago for 16 years and i've seen the improvements along the way and we're trying to entice our students to stay at winnebago and give them opportunities they know they can be successful in," said winnebago public school superintendent, dan fehringer. cheering. he says their students shined and put a positive spotlight on their tribe. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> the film will come out in march of next year. artists and volunteers have been busy working on this year's rose bowl parade floats. we'll get a sneak peek. and are you looking for a new
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come back.
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>> u.s. stocks are edging lower in early trading today, led by declines in e eergy and mining companies as s ices for oil and other commodities fell. if you're looking for a job in the new year .. here are some of the top paying jobs .. with or without a degree. according to the labor department's 2016-2017 occupational outlook handbook, installers and repairers hold the best-paying job with a high-school education --- earning a little over $78-thousand a year. job seekers with an associated degree could qualify to become an air-traffic controller. the average annual salary for thousand. with a bachelor's degree, architectural and engineering managers earn just over and no surprise here -- the top-paying overall field is a surgeon, earning more than 187- thousand dollala annually... but
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requires a medical degree. thousands of volunteers joined artists yesterday to help decorate floats for the upcoming new year's day rose parade. artists are working around the clock in anticipation for the parade on friday. according to organizers it will take more than 10- thousand hours to finish. 2016 will be the 127th year for the rose parade. the parade kicks off new year's day at 10 a.m. still ahead on news four at noon... keeping kids safe in the classroom. that's the goal of a florida man who designed a pack that goes over desk and that kids can wear if they're faced with a gunman
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okoboji skycam... it might be one way of keeping kids safe in the classroom from gun violence. a company is developing what you may call a bullet- proof chair. stephanie bertini has more.
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picked up my grandson .... he went in his room and then i turned on the news .... the first thing i saw was sandy hook." the inspiration came from an event that shocked the nation and beyond 26 people, 20 of them children, dead after a shooter opened fire at an elementary school in newtown connecticut that was three years ago (sot: william delaney, national police support team) "the safety pac was concealed in a teachers mind .and the idea was something that could sit behind a chair" he says at teacher wants to remain anonymous but she initially went to him with her idea. delaney is the vice president of the national police support team. the organization has donated bullet proof canine vests to different south florida police departments. delaney says the hope now is for that to be done with this for schools. (reporter stand up: stephanie bertini) " the safety pack has pockets for school supplies and it would sit at the back of a chchr ....protecting the back of a child sitting at a desk and in case of an emergency that child could pick it up and wear it on their back." (sot: william delaney, national police support team) "if you run, grab the safety back off the chair ... it's a no-brainer. is there a patent? its pending" (nats) we put it to the test at a
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(nats) we found out it works just like a bullet proof vest . (sot: support team) " everybody loves the idea but i don't need pats on the back ... i need help." >> explore some of nebraska's natural beauty and learn about some new hobbies.
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park. lynn we're talking about two great events on january 1st and 2nd. the 1st we're talking about the first day hike, that sounds like a lot of fun. it's an opportunity for people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors because a lot of people get cozy inside and forget that there's so many things to experience in the winter time outside as well. we're going to have a guided tour at 2 pm and then we also encourage people to come out at their leisure and enjoy the hiking trails out there with our 22 miles of hiking trails at ponca state park. on the 2nd you've got winter fest and this is a whole day of activities all taking place on one day in one place. i think the two that i want to highlight are the two that sound the most fun to me: one is the national championship fruitcake fling. yes, it
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show. it's a wonderful event, people come out and they throw wildlife friendly fruitcakes. they compete for distance. there will be three age categories for which prizes are awarded. you also have the yule log quest, i know the different check points and stuff for obstacles are top secret at this point. what can you tell me about the yule log quest? i can tell you that equivalent to a 3k run but it's not a traditional 3k run. there will be five challenges that families can compete in. once they've completed the five challenges they get five clues that lead them on the quest for the yule log. once the log is found we have a horse and carriage that drags is out of the trees then we have a big ceremony at the burning of the yule log. then we present awards. there will be awards for the teams that won they'll be our champion yule log quest team, then will also be awards for the team with the most unique mittens and gloves, the team with the best theme. if you want more information 402-755-2284 or lynn, thanks for joining us. thank
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joining us around siouxland. >>
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to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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