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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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i'm robert lowe. democratic presidential candidate, martin o'malley, made a stop in the tri-state area today. he spoke to siouxlanders about his campaign for the white house. ktiv's tommie clark attended the town hall. and tommie, just in the past few days it came out that o'malley did not qualify to be on the ohio primary ballot. how did the governor address that fact? well robert, i asked the former maryland governor that question and he said, he's not worried. o'malley says with the history of our country's presidential selection process, iowans often surprise the rest of the nation on caucus night. so, he'll continue to organize over the next 29 days till the iowa primary where he hopes iowans life up a new leader. o'malley says people are looking for someone who will move them past the "self-defeating" times in washington. and, that he's not part of what he calls the "old style" of governance, but rather, he represents a new generation of leadership. he says ohio is way down the road and right now he's focused on iowa. "the states that matter the most in
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states of iowa and new hampshire, we have a great organization here in iowa and every campaign you hope you never drop a single ball. we've made it on the ballot in every other state in the union so far with the deadline. i believe we're going to change the dynamic of this race very early here in iowa on caucus night and turn this into a three-person race," said former maryland governor and presidential candidate, martin o'malley. o'malley says once that change happens, a whole different dynamic will emerge in the subsequent early states. tonight at 10 i will have more on what o'malley had to say on a big issue-- immigration, and what those attending thought of his answer. republican ted cruz will be campaigning in iowa next week. he's planning to visit 36 counties in six days. one of his stops will take him to dordt college, in sioux center on tuesday, january 5th. he'll speak at the de yager activity center on campus from 6 until 8:30 p.m. democrat hillary clinton plans to be in sioux city on tuesday for a 2:15 event at the orpheum theatre.
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and, more fuel for the hillary clinton campaign. the democratic presidential candidate has raised 55-million dollars in the fourth quarter--topping her 100- million-dollar goal. in all... the clinton campaign collected 112 million dollars for the primary since launching its campaign in april. the democratic front-runner worked hard for the money. she's headlined at least 174 fundraisers. over the next three days there will be 9 candidates stumping in battleground state new hampshire and no surprise, the attacks are getting sharper, particularly between the two frontrunners -- hillary clinton and donald trump. nbc's kristen welker reports.
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trump 20:29:47 when they say that that means they don't want to run against you. you do understand that 20:30:01 they do not want to run against me. they do not. and i'm going to win. but now clinton may have new fodder -- after the revelation al shabab, the al qeada affiliate based in africa....the same group responsible for killing dozens at a nairobi mall..... is using trump's words in a new recruitment video. sot: trump (al shabaab video) so remember this and listen, donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the bleep is going on.... clinton recently warned trump's statements about muslims would be used by the militants..... sot: clinton / december 19, 2015 "he is becoming isis's best recruiter......" trump defending himself in an interview that will air later today. trump verbate from cbs interview: "look, it's a problem. i bring it up. i bring it up. other people have called me and they say you have guts to bring it up because frankly it's true." meanwhile marco rubio and ted cruz both rising in the polls are ramping up their attacks on each other ... before a crowd of thousands in south carolina on saturday, rubio slammed cruz for saying he would "carpet bomb" terrorists. -rubio sound from today= 16:38:02 "people running say kill all terrorists, carpet bomb, sand glow. talk is cheap." meanwhile a rocky start to the new year for dr. ben carson -- with his poll numbers dropping, over the weekend 5 staffers resigned. still there's no sign carson or any of the other candidates are letting up ....with the first votes just weeks away. >> hillary clinton is locked in a
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with bernie sanders in new hampshire. clinton will stump there today and husband former president bill clinton will campaign for her on monday. ohio governor john kasich says don't count him out of the republican race for the white house just yet. on "meet the press" this morning, governor kasich said although people keep counting him out, he feels like he will emerge from new hampshire in a strong position. "we want to be the story, chuck, and let me just tell you we're on the ballot now in over 30 states. we also have husband our resources well enough that we are actually going to be placing a television ad up this week. it shows that people just keep counting me out, they have all my career, we just keep plugging along. and so i want to be a story and if i'm a story i
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nomination if i come out of new hampshire in a strong position." clouds moved in on our sunday for many of us as temperatures were quite a bit cooler than saturday only topping out in the 20s. we could see areas of fog form sunday night and visibilities may be a bit limited early on monday as well. we'll have to be careful of some slick conditions monday morning because of some freezing fog. highs will again only be in the 20s on monday but tuesday should be a bit warmer as a stronger south wind should bring highs into the low 30s.
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called in to help with flood recovery efforts in missouri. the guard was tasked with transporting clean water from other water districts to the towers in jefferson county. they brought 15 tankers with them - each one able to carry about two- thousand gallons of water. they say the entire process from fill-up to drop off to return for more water took them about 60 to 90 minutes. cities along the mississippi river south of missouri are watching and waiting as the floodwaters from the swollen river roll downstream. the river is not expected to crest in vicksburg, mississippi until mid- january. but as jessica bowman reports... the city is already preparing.
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spread." tar is heated by a fire just steps away from city workers hand building flood walls made of cross ties. (mayor george flaggs/vicksburg:10 -:12) "we are absolutely doing everything we can do." vicksburg mayor george flaggs says crews had to be called in to make preparations for flooding expected in the coming days. (mayor george flaggs/vicksburg:22 -:33) "it serves as a wall as if it were concrete. you put it up temporarily and it contains as much as the water as you possibly can. you are going to have some seepage, but you don't have the water. try and keep the water on the other side." mayor flaggs points out the flood marker next to the mississippi river. the white mark from 2011 stands out showing the water rose 57 feet. the river is expected to crest in vicksburg january 16 rising to 54 feet. (mayor george flaggs/vicksburg:49 -1:00 ) "we've done this before and guys are experts at it. we are corps of engineers for our professional help. we are working with the emergency management department. for now mayor george flaggs says it's important for everyone to remain vigilant and be prepared for what lies ahead. (mayor george flaggs/vicksburg 1:07-1:11 ) "we are doing everything we can and i feel confident as mayor of this city that we are being prepared as best we can." >>
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heavy rain last weekend is now blamed for 24 deaths in missouri and illinois. a man that fell through the ice on an a-t-v near norfolk, nebraska on saturday has died. the incident happened shortly after 4:00 p.m. yesterday. authorities say a man drove an atv onto a rural pond just south of norfolk when the ice broke. fire officials deployed their ice rescue team. the unidentified man was pronounced dead at a hospital in omaha. the incident remains under investigation. coming up on news 4 at 5 blue light from electronic screens can be dangerous for growing eyes, we'll tell you how you can prevent your kids from harmful activity...comi ng up
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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topping out in the 20s. we could see areas of fog form sunday night and visibilities may be a bit limited early on monday as well. we'll have to be careful of some slick conditions monday morning because of some freezing fog. highs will again only be in the 20s on monday but tuesday should be a bit warmer as a stronger south wind should bring highs into the low 30s. our weather becomes a bit more active by later in the week with some precipitation possible. a few flurries could fall on wednesday with a little light rain or snow possible on thursday. the best chances will
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precipitation possible. as that system exits by the weekend, it will become cooler again. still to come for us on a sunday
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the light from devices like your cellphone or tablet can have damaging effects on young eyes. coming up, we'll show you how you can help
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many of us can remember a time in our lives when we didn't have cellphones and computers inches from our eyes... but our children's generation has been staring at these screens since birth. the blue light from those screens can be dangerous for growing eyes, here's haley hernandez with tonight's healthbeat four.
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(nats) but staring into led televisions, computers, tablets and cellphones can cause problems. (sot: dr. bridgitte shen lee, optometrist) "especially from birth to age three, the crystal lens in their eyes are not fully developed. so it causes a lot more damage." the american academy of pediatrics advises limiting children older than 2 to a maximum of two hours a day on media devices. but even optometrist dr. bridgitte shen lee mom of two girls, says in today's age limiting exposure isn't always a realistic solution. (sot: dr. bridgitte shen lee, optometrist) "what we eye care providers would like to add to that, when the children are on digital devices, it's important for them to wear eye protection." (nats) this new eye protection can be worn as a coating on glasses and sunglasses with or without a prescription. (sot: dr. bridgitte shen lee, optometrist) "they can continue to do what they're going to do, you can get a pair of glasses like this, put on to block that harmful blue light." shen lee said some shades of blue, like we see at nighttime, are beneficial because they help us sleep, but the glare from screens is at the dangerous end of the color spectrum, where she suspects the blue rays can lead to macular degeneration, the second leading cause of blindness. >> insurance partially covers the
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upgrade, like anti-glare or uv protection. sam curtiss joins us now for sports. last night we talked about the musketeers getting their third straight win, now going for number four. musketeers taking on lincoln, who's atop the western conference standings. should sioux city win, they would have beat the top three teams in the standings. highlights you want to see. and the lions and bears not in the playoff hunt. but loser finishes last in the
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress
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cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. against the top three teams in the ushl western conference today. having won the first two of those and their last three. welcoming top ranked lincoln to the tyson or maybe hosting is a better word. first period - ian schied coming aorund the left wing unassisted - his fourth goal this season. then matt steeves trying his luck from about the same spot -
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that's a no-go. goalie cam gornet - blocks this one right after a face-off - we go to the second period. eeli tolvanen shot is blocked - mitch fossier there right in front slaps it in. sioux city wins 6-1. with chicago and detroit both at 6-9, neither team was playing for a playoff spot. some fans in this scenario might even hope their team loses, thus, securing a higher draft pick than the other team. for lions fans - could be calvin johnsons last game. and maybe matt forte's as bear. first quarter - mathew stafford - to tim wright all alone for a nine yard score. lions up 10-0 after two. third quarter - chicago made it a game - jay cutler to joshua bellamy for 34 yards - tied at 10. later - stafford to calvin johnson - he only has two 100 yard receiving games this year - both against the bears. lions led 24-20 late - cutler
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it ends - an interception. detroit over chicago 24-20. a few other nfl scores. kansas city is leading oakland 14- 10 in the third quarter jeremy maclin and spencer ware both have touchdowns. and the big one tonight here on nbc. sunday night football, minnesota and green bay playing for the nfc north title. winner plays a wildcard playoff game at home while the other goes on the road. tcu and oregon - alamo bowl - probably one of the greatest comebacks. first quarter - vernon adams jr. to darren carrington 37 yard touchdown. ducks with a 31-0 halftime lead - did lose adams. second half - tcu rallied - bram kohlhausen to jalen austin for 26 yards - 31-10. let's just skip to third overtime - kohlhausen keeps it on the option - horned frogs up 47-41.
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incomplete. wow. tcu wins 47-41. the nebraska women's basketball team opened big ten play with a loss to iowa. the 9-3 huskers were on the road in evanston, illinois, visiting 14th ranked northwestern . nebraska is 0-2 against ranked teams this season. third quarter - down 51-33 - anya kalenta misses but able to strip it away - dish to allie havers. huskers trying to put together a run - jessica shepard strong underneath the basket - huskers trim it to 15. wildacts push it back to 20 - rachel theriot long range two - she had 13 points. but no comeback today - nia coffey for three - one of two wildcats with 25 points. the final northwestern 85,
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northern sun intercollegiate conference basketball scores. wayne state women pick up a win over sioux falls 83-73. maggie schutle led the way with 22 points. one of five players in double figures, women are now 7-6. wildcat men though lose by nine to cougars, 79-70. matt thomas with 15 points and four assists. their record now falls to 3-10.
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on this sunday night, new year's battleground. with 29 days to iowa, the war of words heats up between the front runners. what trump is saying about both hillary and bill clinton. and that terror recruitment video that uses trump's comments about muslims. the standoff at a federal building occupied by armed anti-government activists in oregon. tonight, why they're outraged and vowing to continue their occupation for years. day of rage in the muslim
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prominent clergyman, all part of
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