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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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plan allowing schools to physically subdue situations. south dakota is only one of five states that lack regulation on restraints and seclusion of its students. a lawmaker and former educator says a need for such force is only on rare occasions. "i can rerember twice in my 32 year career when i had to physcially retrain a student who was...beating another student up. both of these were in the hallways of the school which i was teaching," said representative jim bolin. the board of education held an open forum tonight at their meeting to discuss the plan. federal investigators have made a connection between a shooting on the santee sioux indian reservation and a manhunt suspect from niobrara. the shooting happened last night on the santee sioux indian reservation after a standoff with federer authorities.
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confirmed to our news partner, news channel nebraska, 25-year-old david hoffman was the man involved in that standoff. he was pronounced dead at a hospital in yankton, south dakota last night. the standoff happened here on this embankment, near the missouri river, on the reservation. fbi investigators allowed access to the scene, today. the search for hoffman started on tuesday after a niobrara police officer tried to arrest hoffman who was wanted on a burglary and theft charges. authorities say hoffman assaulted the officer, then took his gun. a massive manhunt was launched in niobrara. schools and businesses were locked down as a precaution. sheriff's s partments from thurston and woodbury counties s e searching for an 82-year old man who may be in danger. illinois officials say marvin davis has been missing since janurary 4th. he left his home in a maroon or burgandy ford ranger with illinois plates. davis called a relative on the 5th saying he was traveling to washington to be with a former companion.
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for more information go to our website prosecutors today reduced charges for a 22-year old omaha woman charged with criminal homicide. chelsey cook will now face intentional child abuse charges in connection with the death ofof-year-old alicia morrow. prosecutors say cook w the guaridan of the child who wasbandoend by her biological moer. prosecutors say on the third of january, cook discovered the little girl lying on the floor of a home. prosecutors say cook failed to seek medical attnetion for alicia. police discovered the childs body two days later. they bleeive cook was trying to hide the childs body. if found guilty cook could face three years behind bars. (sheila) the netflix series "making a murderer" has taken the country by storm, much to the chagrin of a wisconsin attorney. the series focuses on the steven avery murder trial, and heavily suggests investigators framed avery, and his nephew. (matt)
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the series as the antagonist. joshua schuder-- from our sister station kbjr, in duluth, minnesota-- tells why kratz now fears for his life.
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now with hundreds of thousands of people under the impression that avery is innocent after watching the series, kratz has garnered a lot of unwanted attention. "some really vile suggestions having been made by over 2,000 messages that i've received goes well beyond any conktructive dialogue that could have come from this," said kratz. comments that kratz says spececically threaten his s safety, ththsafety of his law firmrmnd even his family. "hopefully that is just idle rantings of individuals that are so affected by this documentary," said kratz. he also says it's unconscionable to call the series a documentary, saying the filmmakers failed to show evidence that lead to avery's guilty verdict. "it's not a documentary at all, it's an advocacy piece," said kratz. the filmmakers say they represented the facts accurately using exactly what kratz said in news conferences ananin court.
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kratz says the filmmakers behind the sesees did not give him m opportunity to participate. when asked if he was going to take legal action against netflix or the filmmakers, kratz would not comment directly but said the option is "absolutely" on the table. 17 salt miners in new york are back above ground and safe. they spent nearly ten hours stuck in an elevator, hundreds of feet underground. their elevator had shuddered to a stop about 800 feet below the surface trappivg them for nearly ten hours. first responders jumped into action by finding and positioning a crane which allow rescuers to descend the elevator shaft and retrieve the trapped miners. (sot / dennis griffin - lansing fire dept, asst. chief :50 - 1:00) 10 39 29 that's when we all stand ,look at each other and we say this was a win, we are all going home, we're all safe, there was no incidence a representativ e for cargill salt mine said it appeared a steel beam broke, bringing the elevator to a halt. the new york governor andrew has ordered an investigation. (sheila) snow is falling across
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tonight. and, it may not stop until tomorrow. (matt) chief meteorologis t ron demers has the details of a wintry forecast. ron? fog was the problem early in the day but snow will become the issue tonight through friday. moisture moving up from the south will spread snow into the area this evening with good chances of light snow continuing tonight on through friday with accumulations in the 2-4 inch range for many of us. (matt) sioux city police will have to
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to find addresses for south dakota drivers caught by speed cameras. (sheila) on wednesday, south dakota governor dennis daugaard's office sent down a block on their database. sioux city officials will no longer get the addresses of south dakotans, who violate civil laws in iowa. a 2014 south dakota law bars sharing driver information when collecting a civil fine for red-light and speeding violations caught on camera. but, a policy adadsor to governor dennis daugaard says s is doesn't absolve south dakotans from paying fines in iowa. although sioux city police can no longer access the information through the database, an assistant city attorney says the violations will continue to be sent as normal.
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he fully supports the governor's actions to block the database. the block pertains to civil fines from red light and speed cameras in iow representative jim bolin recently spoke with a concerned constituent about a ticket he received from a traffic camera from sioux city. bolin says the cameras may be of service to sioux city, but that the interstate isn't the right place for them. "if sioux city wants to put the cameras on their own streets, that's fine, but when you put it on the interstate, i think that's wrong," said rep. jim bolin, (r) canton. bolin voted for the 2014 bill allowing sioux city police access to the information for only criminal violations in iowa. some bird and nature lovers were in for a prehistoric lesson this evening. dinosaurs were the topic at the loess hills audubon society meeting tonight. the group-- and some non-members-- meet once a month to talk aboubirds, nature and really anything that involves the outdoors. the guest speaker tonight has a dinosaurs and paleontology. he helped connect the dots on dinosaurs are related.
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discovered raptor fossils. found these feather quails where these big feathers would attach on its arm and i think that's really going to catch people by rprise," said brian dinosaurs suddenly a big six foot turkey." fernando says he hopes to research and work with fossils in museums across the country. presidential polls often involve a series of questions answered by a few hundred people. in des moines, today, a few four-legged residents of iowa cast their ballot... sort of. stick around for the results of
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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fog was the problem early in the day but snow will become the issue tonight through friday. moisture moving up from the south will spread snow into the area this evening with good chances of light snow continuinintonight on rough friday with accumulationonin the 2-4 inch range for many of us. as this system exits friday night, coer winds will start blowing in meaning highs on saturday will only get into the teens and those temps will be falling throughout the afternoon. by sunday morning,
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below zero with highs on sunday only hitting the single digits above zero. only a little warming returns next week meaning we have a cold 7-
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by know you know that you didn't win the 524-million by now you know that you didn't
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dollar powerball jackpot. no one did. lottera officials say the 524-million dollar powerball sold by wednesday night. the numbers are: 2,11,47,62 and 63. the powerball is 17. with no winners, the pot will grow to an estimated 700 million dollars drawing. (matt) after the break... the president takes his case-- for tighter gun laws-- to
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televised town hall meeting. we'll hear from the president after the break.
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like makingnghings better. people don't have cess to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this messagege (matt)
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push for stronger gun control measures to the american people. (sheila) the president headlined a national televised town hall meeting on guns tonight. the white house says the meeting was intended, in part, to garner public support for the president's recent executive actions on guns. those changes are designgn to expand backgrounchecks to cover more gun purchases made online and at gun shows, as well as, making it easier for the f-b-i to complete those checks. "in the same way that we don't eliminate all traffic accidents but over the course of 20 years, traffic accidents get lower, there's still tragedies, there's still drunk drivers, there's still pepople who dont time that violence is reduced. and so families are spared. that's the thing we can do with gun ownership." the town hall comes as a new c-n-n o-r-c poll reveals that most americans surveyed approve of obama's executive action on guns.
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don't believe measures won't be effecting in reducing gun-related deaths. republican presidential candidate rand paul objects to the president's executive action to tighten gun laws. but, paul says main objection isn't about the law itself, but whether he can pass laws without any authority from congress. the kentucky senator brought his campaign to sioux city, today, with a "stand with rand" event. senatotopaul will be traveling throughout the hawkeye state to meet with potential voters rough tomorrow. the iowa caucus is less than a month away... but today a different type of caucus picked a winning candidate there. at the wells fargo arena in des moines today bulls from "the world's toughest rodeo" made their predictions... in a not-so-sanitary way. they were guided by the call of nature... to pictures of the choose. the bulls were too "shy" to pick a democrat... but, on the republican side "lucky" winner. with the new year comes new
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on on "what to eat". "healthbeat four" has some tips
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(matt)today, the government issued new guidelines over what we eat and drink. (sheila) some say they go too far, others
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for the first time, the federal nutrition guidelines set a limit on added sugar. they recommend not to have more than 1 1 percent t your calories from the guideles also suggest eating more fruits, vetetables diets. but,cut back on salt and saturated fat. 2:54 "there is research now that shows that surgars and causing more inflammation in the blood vessels so, they are becoming more of a factor in heart disease." dr. adi i gupta with tri-state specialists in sioux city says empty calories add up to extra pounds. while, excess red meat and processed meats have been associated with health problems, the guidelines don't specifically advise cutting back on those sources of protein. 4:22 "red meats do have some higher amounts of saturated fats. they have been linked more to diverticulous. they are small pockets in your colon that could burst. lean meats are better that way they give you the same e amount of protein, while not having as much turated fats and notause as much
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dr. gupta says prevention is the best medicine. try to eat healthy, but also excercise. he recomments at least three times a aeek for one hour at a time. (matt) brad's here -- with a busy day at the tyson events center. we'll have highlights of four games from the cnos classic, including boys action between east and lemars, and spencer and lawton-bronson. extend a winning streak.
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virtual realities have become extremely popular since samsung recently released their gear v-r. we'll tell you what you need to know before you buy one. and are you suffering from post holiday insomnia? we'll have some tips to get over
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games over three days at the tyson events center. the sioux city east boys are 7-2 after losing at abe lincoln on tuesday. the black raiders taking on 4 and 3 lemars. the bulldogs led 17-16 after a quarter -- and it stayed close. east goes inside to 6-6 sophomore van rees for the bucket. black raiders still down one. but lemars junior trent hillbrands got hot. the strong drive puts the 'dogs up by three. hillbrands keeps going to the bucket -- two more of his 22 first half points. he had a game-high 33 points -- lemars up 8 at the break. but the black raiders had a big second half. freshman aidan vanderloo with the 3 -- east comes back to beat lemars 67-59. the 5-2 spencer boys -- getting votes in the 3a poll -- taking on 5-3 lawton-bronson. early 4th quarter, spencer's,preston funderburg hits a three from the corner to put the tigers up by 24. he had 15 points. lawton-bronson tries to fight
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floater to bounce in -- eagles still trail 70 to 42. late in the game, the eagles still fighting, austin schorg quickly puts up the shot and makes it, l-b still down big. spencer is just too much -- cameron cantrall makes a nice move between two defenders, the tigers take the win, 80 to 45. the sioux city north and woodbury central girls took the floor first at the tyson. the stars have just one win -- the wildcats are 6 and 4. woodbury central had a 13-point lead at the half - 32-19. second half, halle gray gets behind the defense and lays it in. wildcats tack on two more to their lead. north tries to keep up. grace mcloud with the board and bucket -- the lead is back to 13. woodbury central led by 19 after three quarters. mikayla mitchell to payge ronfeldt for the layin -- it's 44- 25. the wildcats are never threatened. keely
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corner. woodbury central downs north, 54-34. a good matchup in game two -- the undefeated and 4th-ranked pierce girls -- taking on 5 and 2 spencer. pierce jumps out to a lead. kate asmus scores inside -- bluejays up 8 to 3 quickly. more from pierce. jaci brahmer knocks down the pull up jumper. pierce only trailed once spencer had five points in the first quarter. sara bauermeister connects on the long 2-pointer -- but the tigers were scoreless in the second quarter and trailed 25-5 at the half. pierce was in control -- shelby bretschneider scores on the inbounds play -- pierce goes to 12 and 0 - beating spencer 43-18. the sioux city musketeers saw their four game winning streak end, losing 4-nothing in cedar rapids. the rough riders scored two goals in the first period and two more in the second, while out-shooting the muskies 39-22. the muskies go to madison,
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former iowa state football coach paul rhoads is still looking for a new job. rhoads was a finalist for the opening at texas state -- but today that school hired everett withers. the job opened when dennis franchione retired after finishing 3-9. rhoads was fired after a 3-9 season with the cyclones -- he was 32-55 in seven years at isu. tonight: snow moves in. low: 31 wind: n 5-10 mph tomorrow: light snow. high: 33 wind: n 10-20 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you backckere
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