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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:30am-1:00am CST

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plus, is john travolta saying no thanks to the new danny zuko and grease live? plus '80 the pop star, will it help make mariah a musical icon. >> obviously she was helpful and remained friendly? >> no. >> did mimi end -- >> i miss singing so much. now hollywood from the inside-out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> cut it out. new scenes from inside the highly anticipated "fuller house." >> i've got chills, and they're multiplyin', baby. >> that's crazy. >> and we also have john travolta coming up. >> and let's kick things off with plenty of traction. >> it was a bad week for the
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continued to vocalize his oscar boycott. >> i believe diversity is america's super power. i think that's what makes our country great and special. >> taking his oscar boycott international, will sat for multiple interviews in london with a clear message about his motivation. >> it had nothing to do with me being nominated or not or wanting to win awards or not. that is so frivolous. this has nothing to do with awards. you know, awards, that's a really frivolous reason for me to, to put my hand up and make a statement. >> but it was a good week for oscar host chris rock. >> chris rock, you said he should have been in the hosting gig because why? >> because lawsuits are expensive. and unless we're going to boycott and everybody's going to chip in to help chris rock go through this lawsuit, because
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that guy going to be outside like pookie for real, like come on, baby, keep callin' me, they're callin' me, man. i just got to go through it. >> honestly, because i think he's funny, i think he should go in there and rock it. >> it was also a good week for tyra banks. >> tyra banks and her boyfriend are now new parents. >> after years of hoping and trying, her dream of motherhood finally came true. surprising everyone by announcing the news on instagram with this photo of a newborn hat. they welcomed a boy saying quote, we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us. we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone. and now do the kardashians. fans of the k-clan know there is
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and black china. >> you can only imagine what happened when black china was found in the arming of rob kardashian. and khloe's reliving the moment she learned of lamar's overdose. we are here to help as we go inside the kardashian's tangled web. >> former nba star, lamar odum may have used cocaine. >> the family is very worried about lamar odom's vital organs. >> the family crisis is their reality once again on sunday's keeping up with the kardashians. >> i think hearing our voices and having family around might make a difference. >> chris's voice can be heard urging the family to remain by his side.
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>> he's doing really good. his long-term memory is great. his short-term memory isn't so good. but i mean, if i met someone earlier today i probably wouldn't remember either. that's understandable. >> it makes him feel good to be around everyone too, a happy environment. >> talking about his remarkable recovery while face timing into the "ellen" show, khloe has moved the man who's still technically her husband into a gated community. >> how has he showed his apreegs towards you? staying by his side? >> i don't know if he can right now. i don't know if he fully understands everything, but i know he is grateful, and i'm not doing it for validation. i'm not doing it to gelt praise back. >> wheen while, younger sister kylie is in the midst of her own complicated x-file. the same day she was
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again-off began boy friend, his ex-fiance black china shared a snap with the reclusive rob kardashian. the instagram shot shows his tattooed arm cradling her neck with the caption, quote, "the beginning." they are a real couple and that kylie is livid and feels a sense of betrayal over the relationship. adding fuel to the fire, rob, who rarely uses social media reposted a mooem with a baby seat, #baby kardashian. >> don't freak me out. >> well, i'm sure we have not heard the last of this and we'll see it all unfold in the upcoming season of "keeping up with the kardashians." let's go to john travolta.
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from the buzz surrounding the people versus o.j. simpson to the highly anticipated return of "grease lightning." >> he's able to sing and dance, and i'm sure he's going to do a great job. >> oh, you hear that? no pressure. >> the adrenaline's going to be pumping and cooking, we'll be fine. >> you being the og, danny zuko, will you be watching? >> i'll see it. >> and nbc announcing another travolta-connected musical to go live. >> they're going to do "hair spray." >> i don't think i'll be doing it live, you know. take a look at me >> do you have any advice for the person who might play edna?
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>> fabulous. >> travolta hosting the living legends of aviation awards. >> tonight we will recognize the accomplishments of our honorees. >> he has 7,000 hours in the air. you hosted this award show for 13 years. why? >> i feel i'm part of the blue print of this event, and it's become a special night for aviators and show business folk as well. >> all rise. >> i'm so sorry he did this to us. >> next, travolta is taking on oj defense attorney rob rt shapiro. it comes down to the people versus o.j. simpson. >> what did you find when you were shooting this that really stood out that the audience doesn't know yet? >> the one that surprised me the most were the furman tapes. >> have you ever falsified a
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>> i wish to assert my fifth amendment privilege. >> you'll find something. we were like, you're kidding, oh, my god! it was just as rev la tory for us as it will be for you. >> the bronco's gone. >> i'm hearing great reviews on john playing robert shapiro. february 2nd is the big day. >> oh, that will be good. coming up, brand-new scenes, inside the new "fuller house." >> hola, senioritos. >> it's crazy to be back here again. >> ooh, have mercy.
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by .
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to the network premiere of "fuller house." >> get ready, because it's about to get real. here's a new behind the scenes look inside the "fuller house." >> ladies and gentlemen, 30 years in the making! "fuller house." >> hola, senioritos. >> "fuller house" carries the same emotional, loving, family home through the show that the original did. >> that's very important words. >> have mercy. >> no. >> how rude. >> it's crazy to be back here again. we are a family and have been since we started doing this show 28 years ago and have only gotten closer. >> hi! >> welcome home! >> the first time we were all together as cast, again, was at the table read, and kind of like we'd never left.
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>> i didn't real eye the emotional impact it would have. >> looking around the room, seeing all those wonderful faces that i love was a moment that you get maybe once or twice in life. >> hello! i love everyone. i love you. and you. and you. >> not everyone in the fuller house knows who's responsible for this second chance, their always-devoted fan base. >> the fans have literally grown-up watching us. they feel like they're a part of our family and they give us such great energy. and i want to say to them, thank you for being such loyal fans. we're able to bring this show back to live. >> you got it, dude! >> getting to come back and work with people i love, it was a lot of fun. >> they say you can never go back home, but we came back home. >> and i know one fan who is very happy they're home.
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comele uping up, my emotional sit-down with brenda k. starr. does she blame mariah carey for her failed career? and why she believes her idol daughter is her second chance at the spotlight. then, what's the secret formula to all those romantic nicolas sparks novels? >> my stories reflect that simple truth. and move over ryan gosling. meet the new leading man, cl see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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i still believe some day you and me >> and i still love that song. that's '80s popeye con icon brenda k. starr. >> classic. let's fast forward to today. brenda is 49. and now her 15-year-old daughter is making her idol dreams come true. and does she blame mariah carey for ending her music career? that's tonight's inside story. >> mariah carey was one of your >> yes. >> you're the one who actually took her demo tape and gave it to tommy ma tola. >> i was gradlad to be the one who discovered mariah carey. we were very good friends.
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about three months later, after her record was done, i was dropped. and i lost my record deal. >> but she must have been grateful, you pretty much launched her music career. she remained friendly towards you. >> no. >> no? >> well, the thing about the friendship was, it was very difficult at the beginning for her to even stay close with me as she was, because she had to kind of change her circle. >> so you harbor no resentment at all? >> no, i honestly, i wish that we could one day do lunch and reconcile, be friends again, because i miss her. after all this time you think that i wouldn't feel a thing >> i'm happy she's successful, and i know this is the way my life was supposed to plan, and this right here is going to be an extension. don't cry. it's an extension of what i
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so i don't really care. because this right here, whether she goes far or not on idol, she as my superstar. >> oh, mom. >> and it breaks my heart, because i miss singing so much. i wish one day, before my life ends that i can do it again. i love singing in spanish, but if i'm going to make someone a superstar, it's going to be my girl. and this is one that's going to appreciate me and never forget me. >> don't cry. >> brenda k. starr's tears of regret mixed with joy were also flowing with her 15-year-old daughter nailed her idol audition. rising sun it's been -- >> impressing j. lo, a friend of brenda's she hadn't seen in over 20 years. >> i'm on the verge of crying, but i had to pull it together
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to run. i was just so proud of her. and i never want her to give up singing. because in the future, i want to do a song with her. i think that would be so cool. >> are you serious? >> don't cry. >> but i'm really proud of her, give up. that's amazing. you can't give up on something that you love. >> let me tell you something. that little gianna is so talented. regardless of how far she gets on american idol, she has a very bright future ahead. >> especially if she has the talent of her mother. >> right. it still isn't over. >> all right, that right there, the sexiest kiss in the rain ever captured on film. 2004's "the notebook." without a doubt, one of the most romantic movies of all time. how many times have you seen that movie? >> a million times, and i'm
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ryan gosling and rachel mcadams. and tonight aimi'm with the newest couple to bring a best seller to life. >> if i made it easy you won't flirt anymore. >> you guys were showing a lot of skin in a lot of the movie. did you do anything, did, you don't even drip. >> i have an eight month old baby so there's not a lot i could do at that time, it is what it is. >> god, you're not human. what about you? >> i don't know. >> your shirt was off the whole movie. >> i'm good to go. >> shirtless shots. beach scenes, that first kiss. yes, this is a sparks movie. they play new neighbors caught in a love triangle with tom welling. it's a spark movie must-have. hot, leading men. >> you are about to be a sex symbol for ever. how do you think he stacks up to zack and ryan?
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this guy, pretty awesome. >> the choice follows a long line of romantic spark movies that have brought in more than $866 million at the box office. >> i loved you've day for a year. >> the author telling me his secret sauce, love and tears. >> come back to me, baby. >> did your mother ever tell you that it's not nice to make girls cry? >> she did. and i think love and tragedy go hand in hand. there can't be one without the other. >> you're going to make me cry right here. >> and proving he's still the man of steel, tom deflected rumors that he'll soon be flying into super girl's galaxy. >> she's texting with somebody who's superman. is that you? >> i don't know that she'd call him superman. >> could that be you?
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monday, the sag awards
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who's most likely to be a drama queen? and, boys buy the drinks. >> rebel wilson shares her real-life romance secrets. breakups, deal breakers and finding the one. that's monday on the insider. travel consideration provided by frns . do you think i'm an idiot? >> no ma'am. i love her.
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so leave it to jimmy kimmel to get lena to read real put downs said by the women on the bachelor. this is hysterical. >> i want to punch you in the face, like seriously. i think her boobs are fake but seriously. her breath is horrible. i don't think there's one girl here who's competition. i think i'm way prettier than everyone else. >> no matter what she says, it sounds so eloquent, and by the way, i think she's the prettiest of the group as well.
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>> together with night. she called me crying inconsolably, something awful had happened. the pain was huge for her, for our family. it's been excruciating. >> in this celebrated place, a shattering case. the prep school rape trial. >> i was violated. >> a pretty freshman, a popular senior.
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>> captain of the soccer team.
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