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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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police custody at sioux city's mercy medical center. ktiv's michelle schoening joins us with the latest. michelle, whated police to the scene? matt and shelia, it all started with a call around 11:15 saturday night from a male saying he was being robbed at building 19 of the valley park apartments on park avenue. a lengthy investigation led police to an apartment inside building 13 in the same complex. officers made their way inside when they noticed a number of stolen items. police arrested, and handcuffed, mothershed. "he was still cuffed. he was cuffed behind his back which allowed him to reach down in the still in the seated position and when officer moritz went to remove him he was sideways and fired from the sitting position," said sioux city police chief, doug young. that's when police say mothershed shot officer ryan moritz in his right thigh. this is video of ritz during citizens academy training in 2015. mothershed has been charged with two counts of
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robbery in the first degree, and one count of home invasion following an incident, on south alice street in morningside, back on december 7th. police say officer moritz's injuries areret serious and expect him to return to work within a couple of weeks. this is the third sioux city police officer shot in the last three years. chief young says officers are vulnerable at times during this job. he says going forward the will continue to train for matt and shelia. (sheila) thanks michelle. (sheila) police have arrested seven people who were at thehepartment in connectioioofficer moritz's (matt) ktkt's tiffany lane spokwith details. matt and sheila, the individuals have been linked to robberies in sioux city dating back to january 29th. they range from 15 to 20 years old. they are 19 year-old justin ferguson, 20- year-old robert seaberry, and 18 year-old jordyn delfs, 16, year-old austin bulizak, 16-year-old jamaal ferguson, 17-year-old macayla knigig, and a 15-year-old who has s t been
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the robberies began on january 29th when bulizak, justin ferguson and jamaal ferguson went armed to a residence at 3321 pierce street. on february 2nd, bulizak, justin ferguson, and seaberry went to a resident at c college court armed with the intent to rob the resident. on february 5th, jamaal ferguson, justin ferguson, seaberry andndulizak went to a residence at 4538 polk street where they planned to break in and steal a gun, according to bulizak's affidavit. on february 6th, police say jamaal ferguson, knight, seaberry and bulizak went to 240 park avenue building 19 to rob a victim for money and personal property. they held the victim on the ground at gunpoint and took his wallet, i-d card and credit card. justin ferguson hahabeen charged with three counts first-degree robbery. seaberry for three counts first-degree robbery delfs for keeping a disorderly house and harboring a missing juvenile.
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degree robbery. jamaal ferguson for three counts robbery, knight for one count first-degree robbery, and a 15-year-old who hasn't been charged. police say there is no connection between the suspects the investigation is ongoing. matt and sheila? in july, we reported isaiah mothershed was jailed after sioux city police said he kidnapped and debt. he was charged with two felony counts of kidnapping in the 1st degree, and two felony counts of willful police say his arrest was connected to an incident that on douglas street. the victims claim that mothershed assaulted them and held them against their will over a dbug debt. poce chief doug young said the charges in that case were dropped. a nebraska man, who's charged in iowa with killing his wife, with stand trial in september. 28-year-old rogelio morales, of hubbard, nebraska, will go to trial for
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the trial was originally scheduled for march 15th, but his attorney sought an extension to allow more time to investigate the case and have morales evaluated. morales is accused of killing margarita morales, of south sioux city, on april 19th. court documents say morales told investigators a fight broke out when his wife told him she no longer wanted to be in a relalaonship with him. rogelio morales tollpolice he wrapped hihi hands around her neck, and hisis next memory was his wife not breathing. a weekend fire destroyed a hog business in marcus, iowa. the marcus fire chief says it started yesterday morning in the office area of hog slat, inc. no one was inside at the time the blaze broke out. the state fire marshal will be on the scene tomorrow to investigate the cause. three neighboring fire departments had to move in to help put out the fire. hog stat confininents. half of f vacant commercial ilding at 1411 jackson street in sioux city collapsed sunday owners are blaming the collapse a cashier of the select mart gas station next
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hearing a loud thump. sioux city fire rescue made its way to the building just after midnight. midamerican energy and sioux city inspection services were also called on scene. there was no one in the building during g e incident. owners say have hired private contractors to see wt can be salvaged and to put up a fence for safety. a blizzard warning remains in effect until 6 p.m. across parts of northern and central iowa. expect white-out conditions in parts of the state. the weather is so bad that interstate 35-- north of ames to clear lake-- had to be closed for part of the day, today, because of multiple crashes and poor visibility. re to tell us more a aut when the weather r ll quiet down is chief f teorologis t ron demers. ron? weather ad-lib
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eastern siouxland until miight the blizzard warning that has been in effect for eastern siouxland is expiring this evening as snow showers move east and our wind will ease a little bit anyway. we'll keep a steady breeze tonight at about 15-25 miles per hour but all those 50 mph wind gusts will fade away. tomorrow will be chilly with highs only in the low 20s although it will feel cooler with a steady north wind. (matt) although the snow is melting, sioux city is still working on clean up after last week's big blizzard. (sheila) ktiv's tommie clark spoke with police officers who spent their day y pounding vehiclcl that haven't moved since the last flake of snow fell.
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the effects of the big blizzard winds. some vehicles, which were left on city streets, kept plows from cleaning from curb to curb. plow. so, monday, sioux city police officers took action and towed them. "this one was just kind of different because of how much snow. when we get the lesser amounts it's rare that the people's car get buried to ththpoint where people them out," said sioux city police sgt. todd sassman. over-time officers spent hours making sure those vehicles, which were on the streets for over 24 hours, without being moved, were impounded. tow truck. "we try to make contact with the owner. we run the plate and find out what's the address and who's the owner. if we can't make contact with the owner, we tow the vehicle," said sioux city police officer, eddie thiphasouk. "you can tell which vehicles are going to be towed, first because of the mounds of snow still around them
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orange police tag." and, as if there wasn't enough reason to try and get your car off the roads... "pepele whose cars got towed today it's not a simple matter for them to just go o the towing company and get their car back," said sioux city police sgt. todd sassman. there's an impound fee with the police department and additional charges with meier towing totaling almost $200. chains clinking. and, tow truck operators feel the pains, too. o'clock this morning. it's been chaos. it's going all day," said meier towing operator, travis fink, "you do one, you u drop it ofofand then they already got 3, 4 others that they already got waiting for us." at least 20 vehicles were towed monday. the total number of tickets given after the blizzard won't be known for several more days. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> remember if a snow emergency is declared, there's no notice to move your
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it just gets towed. and, if your vehicle is on a public street during a snow storm, it must be moved within g few days or it will be impounded by the poce. the vote for a multi-million dollar bond issue for iowa lake community college will begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. iowa secretary of state paul pate says due to severe wintry weather, polls will be open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. several counties in northwest iowa will decide the future of the 16-million dolllls needed for community college improvements. for a list of the counties involved, just go to our website, ktiv dot com. the iowa utilities board is mfeting this week to consider whether to approve a pipeline. the pipeline will stretch 346 miles across the state diagonally from the northwest to the southeast. texas-based dakota access is building the pipeline to carry a half-million barrels o o oil per day from north dakota to illinois crossing both wa and south dakota. still to come... a pay increase for teachers that will also increase
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south dakota.
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winter weather advisory for eastern siouxland until
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the blizzard warning that has been in n fect for eastern siouxland is expiring this evening as snow showers move east and our wind will ease a little bit anyway. we'll keep a steady breeze tonight at about 15-25 miles per hour but all those 50 mph wind gusts will fade away. tomorrow will be chilly with highs only in the low 20s although it will feel cooler with a steady north wind. a few snow showers could move back in by wednesday, especialal in eastern siouxlanan
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flurries on thursday night. other than those couple of light snow chances, we'll keep a quieter but cooler forecast right on into the first half of the weekend. better warming should finally move in from
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still to come... every chipotle in the country was closed for lunch today. a look at why the resturant
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a pay increase for teachers that will also increase taxes is being considered in south dakota. a legislative panel is set to take up the half-cent sales tax increase that helps fund governor dennis daugaard's teacher pay plan. the house committee on appropriations will consider the tax measure. more than $60 million from the hike would go toward the teacher salary plan. house republican leader is pursuing a separate avenue that would raise teacher pay without increasing taxes.
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restaurant was closed for lunch today... for a company-wide meeting on food safety. that included the one here in sioux city. today's closing follows outbreaks of norovirus and e. coli that resulted in hundreds of customers getting sick. chipotle is blaming sick employees for the two norovirus outbreaks that the restaurant chain experienced last year. and that tomatoes are the likely culprit behind the salmonella outbreak. the u.s. department of agriculture is conducting a hog and pig survey in march. beginning in late february, the usda's national agricultural statistics service will contact pork producers and contractors nationwide for the hogs and pigs survey. the agency will survey pork producers for detailed information on market hog and breeding stock inventories as well as farrowing intentions. producers who receive the survey questionnaire in the mail can respond through the internet, mail or fax. for more information from the usda.. check out this story at brad's here -- it was another
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iowa won both games last week. we'll hear from the hawks and check out the new college and high school rankings. and, we'll take a look at the bandits newest quarterback -- who comes to sioux city with some strong credentials. sports fource is next. while the number-1 and number-2 welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how 'bout crunching into flavor with a fritos chicken enchilada melt? pulled chicken in enchilada sauce, melty monterey cheddar,
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hurry in today!
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college basketball lost last
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along. iowa went 2-0 on the week, moving into sole posession of first place in the big ten. the hawks have also moved up in the national poll. iowa beat illinois 77-65 on sunday to improve to 19-4 in the conference and 10-1 in the conference. it's their best start in the big ten since 1982. nine of their ten conference wins have been by double digits. going back to last season, iowa has won 12 of their last 17 true road games. "we never panic and i think that's why we've been so good on the road this year," said senior mike gesell. "that's where a lot of our success comes from. teams are going to make runs, especially in road environments and we always keep our composure." "when they spurted at the start of the second half, i think our response to that was a very professional and experienced approach, the kind of thing you need to be able to do on the road," said coach fran mccaffery." the hawkeyes move up one spot, to number-4 in the new a-p rankings. iowa did get 11 first place votes. the hawkeyes visit indiana on thursday night. iowa state drops
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last week. the cyclones go to texas tech on wednesday and host texas on saturday. villanova is number-1 for the first time in school history, replacing oklahoma. iowa state won't have center jameel mckay on wednesday. coach steve prohm says mckay continues to be suspended and will not play against texas tech -- he also missed saturday's game. prohm says mckay will practice but no decision has been made on whether or not mckay will travel with the team. mckay is averaging 12 points and 9 rebounds in 22 games this season. the new iowa boys ap rankings are out. sioux city east is receiving votes in class 4a, at 14-3. missouri river conference leader cbal is, ranked fifth. in 3a, spirit lake and moc-floyd valley both move up to fifth and sixth. bishop heelan and sgt. bluff-luton are receiving votes. western christian is still the top team in class 2a, getting 13 of 14 first place votes. pocahontas area, laurens-marathon falls is tenth. ridge view and sioux center are getting votes. boyden hull moves up to second
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south o'brien, maple valley, anthon-oto, gt/ra and central lyon all get votes. see the entire poll at ktiv-dot-com. last season, charles dowdell led the sioux city bandits to a title, winning the league's mvp award dowdell is now playing for a team in spokane, washington -- but the bandits have signed three new quarterbacks. the newest addition is a-j graham. he was the florida player of the year in high school. graham spent three years at marshall and finished his college career at pikeville university, an naia school in kentucky. the bandits have a huge offensive line -- and at 6-5, graham could keep the offense rolling. being the number-one offense the last we've got a great set of guys here that could potentially propel us to that again," said coach erv strohbeen. "we're definitely going to have a big line and we expect big things out of them." the bandits home opener is
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tonight on news four at ten.... the latest on the zika virus. what people need to look out for and a warning from health officials in woodbury county. japanese fisherman have captured a live rare giant oarfish. the creature's unusual appearance has led it be called the "phantom of the deep." fishermen found the fish alive this morning in a net in waters off northern japan. little is known about the oarfish's behavior. it's extremely rare for one to be captured alive. tonight: wind eases. low: 13 wind: nw 20- 35/15-25 mph tomorrow: partly cloudy. high: 22
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