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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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iowa lawmakers recently advanced two plans that would raise the speed limit from 55 to 60, or to 65. but, with that increase comes transportation is neutral on the issue, but they say there's risk speeds increase, traffic fatalities increase and it's really a function of the higher speeds, drivers make more mistakes and when they do make a mistake that crash is much more severe," said iowa department of transportation director of traffic and safety, steve gent. local authorities agree. "when you up the speed 5 and 10 mile increments you really increase the chance of an accident that you're going to do extensive property damage or increase your injury so it's just best some things are left the same," said woodbury county sheriff, dave drew. "if the bill ends up passing it may cost millions of dollars to not only replace speed limit signs, but also ones like this." the iowa d-o-t estimates it
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million dollars to replace the various signs and road markings. and that's not all... "our concern would be that roads are narrow to begin with and then we have a lot of farmers obviously with their equipment in and out, blinde drive, not enough shoulder space, a lot of curves," said woodbury county sheriff, dave drew. the iowa dot says it's a balance between safety, mobility, freight and everything else in the transporation system. "there's a lot of risk involved in driving. the fact that there were 320 people in the state that died on our roadways is huge, it's significant, it impacts all of us in many ways. it's not an easy decision and certainly anything anyone should take lightely," said iowa department of transportation director of traffic and safety, steve gent. although the plans are on track to pass, there's still miles to go before the speeds would change. in sioux city...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> the plans will go to the full house transportatio n committee next. if the plans pass, then the bill
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for debate. we want to know what you think about the proposed speed limit increases? do you think it's dangerous? necessary? do you have an opinion? go to ktiv-dot-com to cast your vote. six of the seven people who were arrested at an apartment in connection to the shooting of a sioux city police officer will make appearances in court next week. (sheila) 18-year-old jordyn delfs, will make a court appearance on february 17th. 9-year-old justin ferguson, and 20-year-old robert seaberry, will appear on february 18th. also in court on the 18th are 16-year-old austin bulizak, 16-year-old jamaal ferguson, 17- year-old macayla knight. there was also a 15- year-old who was arrested, but has not been charged. sentencing is set for tomorrow for two sioux city teens charged in connection with a robbery of a local bank. angelica perez and heaven zevenbergen both pleaded guilty to second-degree theft charge investigators say both woman plotted to rob the security national bank anch inside the hy-vee on hamilton boulevard in august.
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zevenbergen could each face a maximum of five years in prison. the colder weather has returned but when will the snow come back? here to tell us that is chief meteorologis t ron demers with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib our tuesday was still breezy, but not nearly as gusty as what we were seeing yesterday. that wind continued to bring in the colder air as highs today were in the teens and 20s for most of us and lows tonight are going to dip into the single digits. some light snow is going to move into siouxland wednesday with the best chances of up to an inch of accumulation taking place across northwest iowa. sioux city will likely stay under an inch with western
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(sheila) the sioux city foundry adds a new partnership to their organization. (matt) s-s-a-b and hardox wearparts...a worldwide steel company...offe rs specialized steel making services. the relationship began in 2007 when a customer wanted hardox products. the ceo of sioux city foundry says they're always looking for the best products to sell and offer to customers. he says it's's win-win for both s-s-a-b and d oux city foundry. "there's new inventory, new services, there's new processes that we have. at the same time it's a double edge sword. they grow we grow. we grow hardox grows," said andy galinsky, sioux city foundry ceo. the partnership also means economic growth and development for sioux city. and, it gives the foundry an opportunity to grow their market base. "hardox becomes our largest forces. they cover the entrie midwest they have been covering the entire midwest for decades.
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said andy galinsky, sioux city foundry ceo. the s-s-a-b representativ e says the strong customer relationship the foundry has with their customers made the partnership an easy decison. the next step in contract and pay negotiations for workers represented by the sioux city education association happened today. the sioux city community school board of directors presented their response to the opening proposal by s-c-e-a. the superintenden t says the changes made weren't significant. the board has proposed a total one-point-14 percent total package increase for employees. he says it's difficult to negotiate wages at this time of year without all the numbers from des moines. "based on all the conversations we've had with the legislatures. we have a rough idea what could happen here; so the board had to open in a position they felt like they coud certainly afford," said dr. paul gausman,
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all further negotiations will be private from this point forward. dr. gausman says he has no doubt teachers' union will come to an agreement. it's not your typical school quiz. tonight, ktiv's tiffany lane has the story of how students at one sioux city school went head-to-head with their own teachers.
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"i liked the american history questions," said christopher krogh, a student on the blessed sacrament quiz bowl team. "i'm more of a science type of person and i know a little bit of the other areas," said thomas mcgowan, an eighth-grader on the blessed sacrament quiz bowl team. su "the students lost to the teachers 190 to 195, and while the score was pretty close, the students say there were some areas that were more challenging than others." "personally for me, literature," said uhl. "probably the math and sciencnc" said krogh. but, students in the audience had their own response to the victory. "boo," students in crowd. "i'd like to say we won, but the teachers got the highest score," said hunter uhl, an eighth grader on the blessed sacrament quiz bowl team. "the teachers won," said tony kathol, a student on the blessed sacrament quiz bowl team. "but i think we did better as a team." in the end, it was just a friendly game to prepare
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"having a tournament in front of the school and student body is a good way to prepare mentally for you know the competition," said quiz bowl team student jaiden utech. and there were no hard feelings. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> the competition between seventh and eighth graders from local catholic schools will be march 5th. when moving from elementary to middle school the transition can be difficult for s se students. this year, the sioio city community schohos sent fifth grade ambassadors from each of its elementary schools to west middle school this morning. the goal was to show them what sixth grade will be like, next year. "i want to learn about all the classes and what's different from elementary school and then i want to just take back everything i learned to the kids in my class," said lincoln elementary school fifth-grade ambassador abby hammer. the fifth graders learned how middle school schedules work, and went over middle school rules. they also shadowed west middle sixth grade students to learn from them, first-hand. "i think it's a good idea because when i came, i was nervous because i didn't really know much," said
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experience." the fifth-graders will create a presentation to share with their classmates when they return to their elementary schools. still to come... we'll talk with cherokee native adam timmerman -- the two-time super bowl champion has a special ft for his old high school. that's later in sports. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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but not nearly as gusty as what we were seeing yesterday. that wind continued to bring in the colder air as highs today were in the teens and 20s for most of us and lows tonight are going to dip into the single digits. some light snow is going to move into siouxland wednesday with the best chances of up to an inch of accumulation t ting place across northwest iowa. sioux city will likely stay under an inch with western siouxland not seeing much at all. thursday night gives us another small chance of a bit of light snow. while the next four days will all be quite cool, it looks like saturday will be the coldest of the days when we could start below zero and only top out in the teens. sunday
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snow with more warming coming next week. nebraska saw the second highest
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the cattle trader center reports texas had the biggest jump of 100,000 head for a total of more than 4 million calves. nebraska is up 80,000 for a total of 1.7 million head. california, pennsylvania and colorado round out the top 5. followed by kansas. south dakota is number 7. still to come... celebrating fat tuesday in siouxland. a look at all the
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today to decide the fate of a 16-million dollar bond issue for iowa lakes community collegeg (sheila) the money would pay y r improvements at the each of the five iowa lakes campuses. if approved, it wouou raise property taxes by 11- dollars and 70-cents per 100-thousand dollars of property valuation each year for 15 years. the bond requires 60- percent voter approval to pass. polls are open until eight o' clock tonight. we hope to have results tonight on "news 4 at ten." take a look at this! does it remind you of anyone? one of our viewers sent us a photo of a potato chip that she says, looks like a a profile view ofofonald trump. so, does it look like a potato chip, or a presidential candidate?
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yourself. flavors of the bayou have come to sioux city on this fat tuesday. sioux city's hard rock hotel and casino is adding cajun-inspired dishes to the menu. gumbo, jambalya like you're looking at now, crawfish, boudin, and shrimp po'boys to briefly name a few items. some of the foods will have that n'awlins zest to them but will be mild f f all to enjoy. they'll have themed beverages as well. the cajun-foods will be avaible inin april. (sheila) brad's here -- it's a special night in cherokee, iowa. two-time super bowl champion adam timmerman has a special gift for his hometown. we'll talk with timmerman, live in just a minute. and, morningside and briar cliff are close to clinching gpac titles -- we'll see where they are in the new naia rankings.
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for any pro football player. cherokee, iowa, native adam timmerman won two super bowl rings -- one with the packers and one with the rams. adam now lives back in his hometown, and will make a special presentation at the high school tonight. sports fource is "on the road" at washington high school in cherokee, with adam timmerman. --you're a 1989 graduate at cherokee, where you got your
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tonight, literally.? ---when you left cherokee for south dakota state -- were you thinking about having a career in the nfl? ---you played 12 seasons in the nfl, retiring in '07 with two rings and two pro bowls. that's nono
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but does it seem like it went by quickly? --if high school players in cherokee ask you for advice -- what do you tell them about trtrng to play in college or the pros? thanks adam. thousands of fans cheered the super bowl champion denver broncos as they held a parade through the mile high city. the wife of ailing broncos owner pat bowlen, held
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on the first truck with quarterback peyton manning and super bowl mvp von miller. parade-goers were packed about 20 or 30 people deep along the parade route to see the players, who rode on top of fire engines. coming up later tonight on sports fource exa, the north boys go to heelan, and dakota valley faces vermillili. we'll haha a top-ten girls gamam between cherokee and western christian. in nebraska, two eleven-win teams meet when wisner-pilger travels to lyons-decatur. and, we'll have regional wrestling duals from westwood and sgt. bluff, as teams try to qualify for state. all that ad more coming up at ten. the gpac basketball races could be over on wednesday night. the morningside women can clinch the conference with a win over dakota wesleyan. the briar cliff men can clinch at least a tie with a win at dordt. the new naia rankings have just been released. the morningside women are still second at 24-2. briar cliff drops a spot to tenth, at 18-7. mount marty y ts into the rankings for the first time, at number-24. by the way, the naia women's national tourney starts in sioux city on march 9th. on the men's side, briar cliff
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wesleyan is the only other gpac men's team in the rankings, at number-16. davenport of michigan
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tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 5 wind: n 5-10 mph tomorrow: chance of light snow. high: 22 wind: e/se 10-15 mph
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