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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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facility would be built on a 120-acre site in sioux city's southbridge industrial park. with the project off the table, what will happen with the capital improvement money the city committed to the project? the answer on "news 4 at six." a century old siouxland company broke ground on their new facility today. braunger foods acquired a 75-thousand square foot food distribution center, which includes the old saber building. the president of braunger foods, tom kloucek, says the new facility will help them expand into other markets. the distribution centete will be state-of-the art with new technology and new methods of production to better serve their customers. kloucek says it's been a long time coming. "it's very exciting. it's exciting for our employees it's exciting for our customers. it'll allow us to better serve our customers with more products. it's just awesome," said braunger foods president, tom kloucek the company hopes to have the new facility up and running in about 7 months. the orange city, iowa fire its fire station. in order to get the funding, a 2-point-7 million
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to a vote on march 1st. this will pay for a portion of the estimated 3- point-56 million dollar cost to expand the fire station. the remaining cost will be paid for by fununaising. the headquarters of the agriculture spin-off company from the dow chemical merger with dupont will not be located in iowa. the announcement was made this morning that the corporate headquarters for the agriculture company will be located in wilmington, delaware. the dupont pioneer site in johnston near des moines will function as a global business center. much of siouxland was under a high wind warning this morning. those ferocious winds blew over a semi near merrill, iowa. happened just before five a-m on highway 75 south of merrill. the plymouth county sheriff says the driver and a passenger were stuck inside the truck for a while, but both escaped with minor injuries. the accident forced authorities to close highway 75 northbound from hinton to merrill for almost fo hours. it sure is nice out today... will it last?
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will it last? ief meteorlogist ron demers jojos us with our first t ok at ththforecast at 5. it was all about the wind early today as western siouxland saw gusts between 60 and 70 miles per hour with sioux city seeing a 51 mile per hour gust today. the wind is now settling and it will become pretty calm tonight and saturday. conditions will still be nice ononaturday although most of our highs will be about five degrees cooler than today. thanks. the secret service is the secret service is
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cash that's circulating in the norfolk, nebraska area. investigators say a few thousand dollars worth of counterfeit bills-- mainly $50 and $100 bills-- have been discovered in several businesses. police are reviewingnghe surveillance video of businesses where the counterfeit bills have beensed, and tracking down leads from clerks and other possible witnesses. businesses can use special "counterfeit pens", or ultraviolet lights, to tell if a bill is counterfeit or not. new bills now have holograms, and secuty strips, on them that can be light. every bill also has its own serial number on it, so police say to make sure each $50 or $100 bill has its own serial number. if anyone suspects that any bills are counterfeit they should call the norfolk
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644-8700. (sheila) today at the u.s. supreme court ... the body of the late justice antonin scalia lies in repose. (matt) his fellow justices and president obama were among those who paid their respects to scalia - who died this past weekend in texas. brian mooar has the story from outside the supreme court.
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... and it belied the fierce election-year battle to fill his vacant seat. the white house says president obama spent the past day reaching out to senate leaders from both parties. (sot /josh earnest - white house spokesman :49 - :53) "there was an opportunity for the president to make clear that he is going to nominate someone." but this was a dayayo put politics asisi ... as the president and first lady traveled to the high court to honor the late justice. outside the court ... a long line of people waited in the cold ... one by one, streaming inside to pay their respecec to a towering legal figure ... at the highest court in the land. a funeral will be held tomorrow at the national basilica here in washingto with president biden among those attending. i'm brian mooar in washington, nbc news. >> (matt) the white house says president barack obama will start reading through extensive packets of information about potential supreme court nominees this weekend. the information includes details of their professional careers, records and experience. press secretary josh earnest says the packets were prepared byhite house lawyers.
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student is petitioning to have the governor veto the transgender bathroom bill. governor dennis daugaard is mulling the issue over, and many are hoping to reach out to him and ask him not to sign the so-called "bathroom bill thomas lewis is a high schoooo student and a transgender activist. he's using the online petition site change-dot- org to make his voice heard in an emotional plea to the governor. with nearly 15-hundred supporters, lewis hopes his petition will show governor daugaard that the bill is not what's best for students. s/ thomas lewis, transgender advocate:10 "we're all human beings. transgender, gay, whatever, we're all human, and we all deserve the same human kindness, the same human respect,. and that includes being allowed to use the bathroom." lewis says he plans on making a trip to pierre next tuesday with other members of the center for equality to meet the governor face-to-face. tuesday is the final day for governor daugaard to either sign or veto the bill. a business man from yankton, sosoh dakota will challenen republican senator john thune in the november election for u-s
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the south dakota democratic party introduced jay williams today at an event in sioux falls. the 65-year-old is the founder of a yankton-based software development company. he served on the yankton school board from 2011 through 2014. he lost bids for a state house seat in 2010 and 2014. the iowa supreme court says a stun gun, under iowa law, is a dangerous weapon. they upheld the conviction of a waterloo womananharged with carrying a dangeroro weapon after policed found a stun gun in her purse in 2013. if you are the owner of a is your deadline to get it registered with the federal aviation administration . this applies to owners of all remote controlled aircraft that weigh at least 9 ounces.....even if it's a drone you might consider "just a toy". all drones purchased before december 21 have to be registered by today and any drone purchased after that date needs to be registered before the first flight. hoverboard makers may soon get hit with recalls if they don't get their act together. that's the warning from the consumer product
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they say some models of the self-balancing scooters are prone to catching fire and exploding. several airlines have babaed hoverboards... they're not permitted on publi streets and sidewalks in london. and new york city has banned them altogether. still to come on live at five.... clowing around.... dozens of clowns from aorund the country come together for a bit of freindly competition. we'll take a look... next. and.... are you getting enough sleep? take a look at one siouxlananstate said to have one of
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(sheila)health officials are reporting iowa's first case of the zika virus. (matt) the department of public health
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victim, who wasn't named, tested positive for the virus. the agency says she's between 61 and 80 years old and had traveled in central america, where the disease is being transmitted. the department's medical director says the public is not at risk of contracting the virus. if you would like to know more about the zika virus, head over to our website, ktiv dot com. a new study suggests that more than a third of americans are not getting enough sleep. the c-d-c study took a look at more than 400- thousand people in all 50 states and washington d-c. hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the recommended seven hours or more of sleep per day. lack of sleep is associated with health issues like greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. the state with the single lowest reported sleep levels was hawaii. south dakota, colorado and minnesota residents reported highest amounts of sleep. the sioux city art center is hosting a new exhibit called "the art of the brick." sculpter, natha sawaya, creates all his art with lego bricks, including life size
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and within this collection, sawaya collaborated with photographer dean west to create another exhibit called "in pieces." the two artists spent years traveling and working together to blend their resulting in the exhibit. it includes three- dimensional lego sculptures featured within photographs on the walls. "what the photographs depict are large, outdoor scenes usually with just one or two lonely figures and inside each of these photographs are one to three sculptures thth essentially props in these landscapes," said sioux city art center curator, todd behrens. the exhibit opens tomorrow at 5 p-m. (matt) there couldn't have been enough "clowning around" at the e ur bekr shrine in sioux city today. (sheila) dozens of clownwngathered from around the country for the international shrine clown association convention this week. those attending are taking part in friendly
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the best make-up. they say it's events like this that remind them of why they started "clowning arouou" in the first place. "so to me it's a really great oppurtunity to get together, share stories, swap old storiek, create new ones, and just learn from each other on the art of clowning " said chris "clyde" twiford, of the abu bekr shrine one clown says that the reason he does this is to see the smiles oyoung people's faces. "when we see kids, we always greet the kids, make them a balloon or whatvever. the kids are our whole life. i have four kids of my own." said delmar jefferson of the international shrine clown association. e event is free to t t public and is being held through saturday with the skit competion starting at 9 am and lasting through noon at the shrine
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a company that announced it would bring hundreds of jobs to sioux city has pulled the plug on the project. (sheila) if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's headlines. october 2014, trininirail proposed a 31-million dollar project that would have included construction of a 150-thousand square foot complex. the project would have created 250 jobs. a century old siouxland company broke ground on their new facility today. braunger foods a auired a 75-thousand square foot food distribution center, which includes the old saber building. the distribution center will be state-of-the art with new technology and new methods of production to better serve their customers. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with
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it was all about the wind early today as western siouxland saw gusts between 60 and 70 miles per hour with sioux city seeing a 51 mile per hour gust today. the wind is now settling and it will become pretty calm tonight and saturday. conditions will still be nice on saturday
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be about five degrees cooler than today. we'll see a little more cooling on sunday with highs in the upper 40s with breezy conditions. we'll cool a little more by for the beginning of next week with highs going back into the low 40s but our chances of rain or snow continue to be very sparse in our 7-day forecast and for now 'll keep things dry.
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ate wrestling semifils are underway in nebraska. this is a live look from the centurylink center in omaha. we'll bring all the highlights tonight in sports fource at 10 (sheila) when we come back... jesse owens is one of the greatest athletes in american history. (matt) but, his story, which hits the silver screen this weekend, is one of courage more than speed.
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novel "to kill a mockingbird", had diedt the age of 89. (matt) she died late last night. lee submitted her manuscript for "to kill a mockingbird" in 1957 and was asked to rewrite it. in july of 1960, the novel was published, and defined the
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south, the following year, lee won the pulitzer prize. last year, harper collins published "go set a watchman." the novel was promoted as a sequel to "to kill a mockingbird." (matt) the one-two punch of "deadpool", and "kung fu panda three", figures to top the box office again thihiweekend. heila) bubu what about the new w vies in theaters? david daniel looks at what's opening in "now showing."
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haven't fared so well in recent years. "oh god my lord, and now begin -- oh help me and i'll leave my sin..." it won't be a surprise if "the witch" debuts below the other new releases: it's opening in fewer theaters. but the supernatural horror flick set in puritan new england is getting solid reviews, so don't be shocked -- or scared -- if it sticks around awhile. in >> a dallas, texas based auction house says a rare copy of a comic book, featuring the first appearance of spider-man, has sold for a record price. an anonymous collector bought a copy of "amazing fantasy" number 15, published in 1962, for more than 454-thousand dollars. the sale price is a record for a public auction of any spider-man comic book. the man, who sold the comic book, said he bought it in new york back in 1980 for 12- hundred dollars. we'll be right back after
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getting a new look. braunger foods has been looking to expand for a while. coming up tonight on news 4 at six... what the company is hoping to accomplish with the new facility. and... a company that announced it would bring hundreds of jobs to sioux city has pulled the plug on the project. hear from city officials... tonight at six. and... siouxland students take one step closer to their future in the medical field. these stories and more on air and online at ktiv dot com. (matt) a zoo in boston welcomed an out-of-this- world critter this week. (sheila) that's'secause of the name o o this baby ninirian dwarf goat.
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and, was born to leia and lucky. she weighed just four pounds and was standing up within hours of her birth. the zoo says chewbacca is bright, alert and active. let's check in one more titi with ron. tonight: clear. low: 31 wind: sw/w 5-10 mph tomorrow: partly cloudy. high: 55 wind: n 5-10 mph thanks for joining us for news channel four live at five.
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developing news tonight. mad dash. hours before the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said about the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders.
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the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning homes to the ground, the government says enough. a major new warning that could lead to an outright ban. walking free. afafr four decades locked in s sitary confinement, a stunning twist in one of the most infamous cases in modern american history. and harper lee dies at 89. we remember the legendary elusive offer of "to kill a mockingbird." "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from columbia, south carolina. good evening. on the eve of two big votes on the road to o the white house, the republicans in a primary showdown here in south carolina


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