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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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they'll be able to make some needed updates." "we're gonna be picking via voice, our pickers will wear headsets and they'll call out to the next slot to go get your next box to build and load for the particular customer. right now we don't do that we do it off of paper so it will really automate us compared to where we are today," said braunger r ods president, tom m oucek. and it's not only a benefit for braunger foods, but for sioux city as well. "this is a company that probably could have gone anywhere in the siouxland region and they chose to stay in sioux city so we're really honored by that and we really applaud them for their growth and their continued success," said sioux city mayor pro-tem, dan moore. the president of braunger foods, tom kloucek, says the new facility wiwi help them expand into other markets. he says it's been a long time coming. "it's very exciting. it's exciting for our employees it's exciting for our customers. it'll allow us to better serve our customers with more products. it's just awesome," said braunger foods president, tom kloucek. >> besides utilitizing the old saber building, braunger foods
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square feet of new cononruction. the compananhopes to have the facility up and running in just 7 months. matt and sheila? thanks tommie. an orange city, iowa, manufactur will have help from the state to complete a major expansion of its facility. today, the iowa economic development authority board approved tax benefits for vogel paint and wax company it's through the "high quality jobs" program. the amount of help the state will offer wasast disclosed. vogel will invest nearly 30-million dollars in an 86-thousand square foot expansion of its powder coatings manufacturin g facility in orange city. the project is expected to create 49 jobs. the orange city, iowa fire department is looking to expand its fire station. in order to get the funding, a 2-point-7 million dollar bond issuance will be put to a vote on marar 1st. this will pay for a portion of ththestimated 3- point-56 million llar cost to expand the fire station. the remaining cost will be paid for by fundraising. (matt) a company that announced it would bring hundreds of jobs to sioux city has pulled the plug on the project.
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trinityrail won't expand in iowa, and has reaction for local leaders.
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wall with the change in the oil market." the nearly 6-million dollar railyard was completed in december to attract companies, like trinityrail. su "with trinityrail's cancellation, this area may stay looking the same for now. but ty officials say they believe with this railyard behind m m as well as the location, projects will be coming here in the near future." "it's really an incredibly well- served site and as i said, there's a lot of interest in it," said dougherty. "with the railyard being there, it allows us to attract major industry along with all the utilities." industries that can help economy. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> with the project off the table, the capital improvement money from the city is still available. the iowa economic development authority will also pull 1.5 million dollars in through the targeted jobs tax credit withholding program. (matt) it feels like spring in siouxland.
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longer this nice weather is here stay. weather ad-lib today as western siouxland saw gusts between 60 and 70 miles per hour with sioux city seseng a 51 mile per hour gust todada the wind is now settling and it will become pretty calm tonight and saturday. conditions will still be nice on saturday although most of our highs will be about five degrees cooler than today. a man accused of attempted murder has been charged. 36-year-old jeremy werneburg was arrested in sac county, iowa on wednesday.
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sunday night when authorities say he intentionally ran a man down with his car outside a bar in cnarvon. day, he was transferred from webster r unty jail to sac cocoty jail today and appeared before a judge. werneberg is charged with attempted murder. werneburg does have other charges in webster county having to do with his arrest. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for the 26th. a business man from yankton, south dakota will challenge republican senator john thune in the november election for u-s senate. the south dakota democratic party introduced jay williams today at an event in sioux falls. the 65-year-old is the founder of a yankton-based software development company. he served on the yankton school board from 2011 through 2014. he lost bids f a state house seat in 2010 and 2014. a state senate committee wants a 20- week abortion ban in south dakota. the senate health and human services committee voted 4-to-3 on the bill friday. the proposal offers some exemptions for women in medical emergencies, but not in
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south dakota currently limits abortions at 24 weeks. the bill now heads to the full senate chamber for consideration. an iowa resident has tested positvie for zika virus. that's according to the iowa department of public health. the resident recently traveled to countries where the virus transmission is ongoing. officials say the older female has a travel history to central america. the medical director says the general public is not at risk of contracting the virus. if you would like to know more about the zika virus, head over to our website, ktiv dot com. more than 200 sioux city high school students took one step closer to their future in the medical field. today western iowa tech community college held its annual health skills day. students were able to get a c-n-a certificate, present on a topic of interest and win scholarship money. ktiv's michelle schoening reports. "i want to be a pediatric nurse," said maria ariaaguirre. "i am more interested in medicine pharmaceutical kind of side," said sofia bracamonte. "i want to be an oncologist," said tiffany kern. these students made strides toward those
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applications at a local college. they were tested on nursing skills, medical terminology, public service announcements and speed career dating. "it helps me to get a better idea what things are like in the field and to see if i really want to see myself in that field," said maria ariaaguire, senior at west high school. others participated in a health career display to showcase their passion for a chance to win scholarship money. "education that we need for our future job, and the job outlook and what an emt does. and how there are risks to it," said sofia bracamonte, sophomore at east high schol. stand up: "the health skills day does focus on the normal doctor, nurses careers but also the ones we don't necessarily think about," said michelle schoening siouxland's news channel. "acupuncturist, sleep therapists last year, we've brought in even an psychologist. next year we are going to bring in pet therapy which is another area to look at," said matt thomsen, director of recruitment at wit. the day holds s high standard on professionali sm as well...showing the students how to be career ready. "we have the students dress a certaiway, they're asked to present a certain way. an that really keeps that professionalism there," said matt thomsen, director ofecruitment
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future career in medicine. in sioux city, michelle schoening ktiv news four. >> next year western iowa tech hopes to expand the partnership totoore than just sioux city schools. still to come... clowning around. clowns from across the country came together for a bit of friendly competition today.
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it was all aboututhe wind early today as western siouxland saw gusts between 60 and 70 miles per hour with sioux city seeing a 51 mile per hour gust today. the wind is now settling and it will become pretty calm tonight and saturday. conditions will still be nice on saturday
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be about five degrees cooler than today. we'll see a little more cooling on sunday with highs in the upper 40s with breezy conditions. we'll cool a little more by for t t beginning of next week with highs going back into the w 40s but our chances of rain or snow continue to be very sparse in our 7-day forecast and for now
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still to come... an agriculture spin-off company will no longer be coming to iowa. find out where its taking
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there couldn't have been enough "clowning around" at the abur bekr shrine in sioux city today. (sheila) dozens of clowns gathered from around the country for the international shrine clown association convenenon this week. those attending are taking part in friendly
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the best make-up. they say it's events like this that remind them of why they started "clowning around" in the first place. "so to me it's a really great oppurtunity to get together, share stories, swap old stories, create new ones, and just learn from each other on the art of clowning " said chris "clyde" twiford, of the abu bekr shrine the event is f fe to the public and is being held through sarday with the skit competion stting at 9 am and lasting through noon at the shrine temple. the headquarters of the agriculture spin-off company from the dow chemical merger with dupont will not be located in iowa. the announcement was made this morning that the corporate headquarters for the agriculture company will be located in wilmington, delaware. the dupont pioneer site in johnston near des moines will function as a global business center. mark freund, in for brad pautsch tonight - with more state wrestling. (mark) quarterfinals and semifinals taking place in all classes today in iowa. we'll take you down to des moines.
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plus, the 2a quarterfinals also take place at the wells fargo
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shot at a state title when day two of the iowa state wrestling meet started this morning. by the afternoon, class 1a was whittled down to the semis.
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wrestlers -- still alive in the winner's bracket -- at the bottom of the screen. ktiv's sam curtiss has the action from des moines. mark, 9 wrestlers from siouxland were in the class 1a semis but at best, only 8 were going to be moving on to the title matches as two of them were facing off in a highly anticipated battle in the 220 weight class. 53-0 rylan richardson of south central calhoun and 43-4 matt naig of sibley ocheydan. richardson gets two for the takedown in the first period. naig notched it by the third. but this was the difference maker - richardson escapes and is 54-0 with a 3-2 decision. "i don't want to sound cocky or arrogant but i've put a lot of hours in," said rylan richardson. "between weight lifting and wrestling, it is a dream come true. all my hard work has paid off finally." going down a few pounds to 182 - hintons daniel bishop has only dropped one match all season. well friday he wasn't going to drop his second. near fall here - bishop manhanldes his way to a 17-4 medical decision. heavyweights - at 285 tim butcher of manson northwest webster handed
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anthon oto his first lost of the season in a 3-2 decision. emmetsburg tanner lundgren at 126 looking to improve on a 7th place finish last year. lundgren on the wrong end of a 21-5 technical fall. "you put in the work all season, you want to o good and you don't always get what you want but i know you got to keep going," said tanner lundgren of emmetsburg. 7th a year ago in 132 - up a class to 145 sibley ocheydans dylan schuck would get pinned late in his match. championship matches start saturday at 6. in des moines, sam curtiss, ktiv sportsfource. the afternoon session also featured class 2a quarterfinals . eleven siouxland wrestlers were hoping to advance to the semifinals - which take place later tonight. starting way down at the small guys. you're looking at pocahontas area's shea ruffridge in 106 - he advavaed in a 6-4 decision. sergeant bluff-luton's brayden curry at 126 - takedown here and wins 6-2. one class up at 132- austin rozeboom for boyden hull/rock valley - pinned his man and is moving on.
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center's elijah van't hof nabs the pin to make it into the semis in his first trip to state. "you know first match of the day is always kind of shaky for me but after that the blood is flowing and i i t a good meal in me by then," s sd brayden curry of sergeant bluff- luton. "i should be warm and ready to go by semifinals." "my goals were set there," said elijah van't hof of sioux center. "i didn't know what would come along my path but, it's a good travel." the semifinals in class 3a are tonight. deion clayborne of sioux city north is the only siouxland wrestler still alive in the winners bracket. state semifinals are underway at the nebraska state championships in omaha. you're looking live at the action from the centurylink center. three defending state champions from siouxland still have shots at state titles. we'll have the action from omaha at 10. also, tonight on sportsfource extra - wa girls regional basketball continues in classes 1a and 2a. we'll have action from kingsley-pierson,
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and marcus- meriden-cleghorn. that's all coming up on the final edition of sportsfource extra, tonight at 10. it's friday agaiai which means
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it's friday again, which means it is time fore another edition of pick of the litter. this week's picks are mario and luigi. they are six year old pomeranian brothers. both dogs are neutered and housetrained, and they are looking to find a home together. mario and luigi should home with teenage kids or older and no other dogs. these two enjoy car rides and going for walks. if you want to adopt mario and luigi, or any other animal, stop by the siouxland humane society or call the number on your screen. tonight: clear. low: 31 wind:
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mph tomorrow: partly cloudy. high: 55 wind: n 5-10 mph thanks for joining us tonight...
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forget to go to ktiv-dot- com for all of your news, weather, and sports... see you back here at ten. we have some brbrking news for you... welcome to, i'm chief meteorologist ron demers tonight, new beyonce outrage, cops calling for a boycott. >> we're not going to put up with her anti-police message. >> get in formation.
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bowl halftime show enraging police. will they refuse to show up at her concert. her inner circle fires back "e.t." >> and supernanny controversy. she called child protective services after her cameras caught this. what joe frost is telling "e.t" today. her new york's fashion week run debut. >> what a beautiful model. >> plus. i wish that i had jesse's gi >> dealing with depression, what you never knew about the '80s icon. >> jesse's girl is something i didn't get. and a huntsman exclusive. all about the ladies. i'm on location in london with their incredible co leather feathers and a whole lot of gold.


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