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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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(matt) good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm m tt breen. (sheila) d i'm sheila brummer. to vape or not to vape? the debate is fierce. (matt) a new study worries that e-cigarettes are a "gateway" to addiction. but, some retailers argue that e-cigs can help people quit smoking. ktiv's tiffany lane has more.
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quit, and turned to e-cigarettes. "i've hahaa number of friends who have q qt smoking through vaping and i just wanted to be a part of that," said long. eighteen months ago, long opened vape 712, a store that sells e- cigarettes. he says a majority of his customers are people who want to quit smoking. but, an american heart association study says that e- cigarettes should only be used as a last resort to quit smoking. the study says vaping can be a gateway to nicotine addiction. lisa crum, a manager at vi e-cig and vape lounge, disagrees. "it really helped me to get off off of the cigarettes basically by weening myself off of the nicotine, which you have the ability to do when you're vaping," said crum. "you can start out at a higher level of nicotine and just work your way down. i got down to a zero and stayed on that level throughout my entire pregnancy, which was okayed by my doctor." su "while vape store manager lisa crum says are an effective way to quit smoking, she says she still believes in regulations that
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minors." "because of the fact that there is the possibility of nicotine in the e- liquids that they purchase here," said crum. "nicotine is a known poison and that is something is restricted to adults only sales as is in the state of iowa." a centers for disease control and prevention survey shows that the number of middle school and high school students who tried e- cigarettes for the first time tripled in 2013 from 2011. that's a trend the american heart association wants to reverse through regulation. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> accocoing to the americcn heart association, over the last 50 years, 20 million americans died because of tobacco. there's a chance of a mix tonight... here to tell us what we can expect tonight going into tomorrow is chief meteorologis t ron demers. many of us wokokup to some pretty dedee fog to start off o o workweekekwhile the fog lessened during the day, the clouds did not. tonight those ouds may produce a lht mix across the area with northern siouand maybe seeing some minor accumulation through tuesday morning although we should all stay decently below an inch. we'll also have to deal with some
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tonight into early tuesday. (matt) oux city will add i 5th disc golf course to the area, but the different. .sheila) the new grandview park course features 9 holes for beginners. the course will be located in the southeast corner of the park near the
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community health," each hole costs 500 dollars, but the sioux city mayor's youth commission raised the entire $4,500. "not many high school students know about disc golf and they don't know 'oh there's a nice golf course at sertoma park', well this one--it's a beginner, anyone can do it," said tayvin scmoll mayor's youth commisioio sioux city council member dan moore says approving the project was an easy decision. "it's an awesome project," said sioux city councilmember dan moore. "they did the fundraising, they did the layout of the course and they took into account saturday in the park. construction begins in the spring. a proposal t tbuild a verizon cell tower in a morningside neighborhood is moving forward. the plan is to build the tower behind the 900 block of south rustin street. after a petition from more than 30 neighbors sent the proposal back to the board of adjustment, the city approved ththplan, today. "we sent it back to them (board of adjustment), they to in additional input from the neighbors, from verizon representatives and they
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said sioux city council one resident said the values of around 80 homes in the area will be negatively impacted if the tower is built. the city council deleted an agenda item that would have required residents of the rose hill neighborhood to incorporate design standards for the area. the ordinance, approved by the planning and zoning commission, would have required property owners to adhere to guidelines when fixing their homes. that drew harsh criticism many neighbors at a previous meeting. it is possible for the item to come back during a future session of the city council. tomorrow, the iowa court of appeals will hear an appeal filed by the former operator of the argosy riverboat casino in sioux city. the case challenges decisions made by the iowa racing and gaming mmission. the belle e sioux city, which is a subsidiary of penn national gaming, argues that regulators were wrong to grant a license for what has become the land-based hard rock hotel & casino sioux city. previous rulings in the case rerelators.
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three to be heard in a session that begins at 2:30 tomomoow afternoon in des moines. south sioux city's chamber learned about human trafficking and how to spot the red flags. the siouxland coalition against human trafficking came to talk about sex and labor trafficking awareness. they say it's the number two crime in the united states...and i ia is no exceptioio chamber members learned how sex trafficking starts as early as 11-years-old. red flags include if the suspected trafficked person doesn't know what town they're in or don't have identification on them. sioux city police officers say they've had a couple instances that are still ongoing investigations. "if you see something that looks abnormal, you sesea young rson, a young girl with an older man that we call authorities so we're watching out for our young people," said advocate of siouxland coalition against human fineran. "the perpetrator will generally send out recruiters, people who are out in the community looking for easy targets," said sioux city police
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mccoick. if you suspect someone is being trafficked, call your local authorities or the national hotline. for that number, head on over to and it will be inside the story. a sioux city man is accused of using counterfeit bills to make purchases at various places since august. 38-year-old fernando morales is charged with eight counts of forgery and several other crimes. court documents say he would use the counterfeit bills himself or give the bills to others. he would run away when confronted by the fakes. sioux city police say they have been looking for morales for moths. they say he was hard to find becuase he does not have a permanent address. but how can you check if a bill is fake? feel the texture of the paper. real money is often thinner than counterfeit compare the bill with another of the e me value.e. hold the bill up to the light. for all bills except 1 and 2 dollar bills, there should be a security thread or plastic bottom. "this is one of the types of bills that
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demonstrated to you guys earlier when i handed to you and asked you to tell me what's wrong with it and you said the paper feels funny, the color's funny, but you didn't n nice it said for motion picture use only," said sioux city detective bill nice. the counterfeit cash you may see in sioux city, can be purchased online, oftentimes only meant to be used in films. detective nice says there is a lot of fake money floating through the system in sioux city and warns everyone to authorities have released the name of a woman, who was stabbed to death in o'neill, nebraska, on saturday night. the holt county attorney says authorities have identified the victim as 37-year old guadalupe quintero. holt county attorney brent kelly has filed second-degree murder charges against her husband, 37- year old eduardo quintero. he was arrested today an omaha hospital where he was being treated for injuries suffered during saturday night's incident inside a home at 320 east clay street still to come.... a mother is arrested after her baby is found d the toilet of a subway.
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most people have alrlrdy decided what to spend their tax rerends on this year. t we'll show you somomoptions to get you the most bang for ur buck. and it's not something you usually think about during the winter. why sun screen is vitally important even during the cloudy
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lessened during the day, the clouds did not. tonight those clouds may produce a light mix across the area with northern siouxland maybe seeing some minor accumulation through tuesday morning although we should all stay decently below an inch. we'll also have to deal with some areas of fog tonight into early tuesday. by wednesday, yet another quick moving system will give us another small chance of a light mix by the afternoon hours into the early overnight. skies should brighten better by thursday although some cooler air will move in by then as well with highs only in the 30s by then. we'll warm up some into the first part of the weekend before we cool back down
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still to come.... a group of women protested after a sexist comment made by john kasich. hear what caused the group to protest his
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the mother of a newborn baby found in a toilet at a subwayay restaurant in southern california has been charged with felony child abuse. mary grace trinidad had been set for arraignment this afternoon but it was postponed until tomorrow. employees found trinidad's baby last monday after seeing a bleeding woman leave the sandwich shop and following a trail of blood back to the toilet. trinidad, who is homeless, was rested nearby. she had been arrested back in january for drug possession. the baby is expected to survive. the michigan man accused of going on a shooting spree - leaving six people dead - appeared in court today. jason dalton is charged with six counts o omurder and was denieie bail. he appeared in c crt by video monitor, and the prosecutor says dalton admitted his involvement in the incident. police believe dalton shot eight people at an apartment complex, restaurant, and car dealership in kalamazoo saturday night. they believe dalton was also servicing customers as an uber
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rampage. so far, no motive has been determined. if convicted, dalton could be sentenced to life in prison. a group of survivors of the sandy hook shooting are filing a lawsuit against gun-maker remington. an attorney representing the families of nine victims and a teacher who survived today. the case has the potential to goes to trial. the gunman unloaded 154 rounds from a ar-15 semicauto matic rifle. tweny first-graders and six educators died in the shooting in newtown, connecticut. the gunmaker says it's protected by a federal law shielding them from most lawsuits over criminal use of their products. still to come.... ted cruz asks for a staff member to resign. details on what led the candidate to ask for his
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communications director.. following his posting of a video that falsely depicted marco rubio dismissing the wisdom of the bible. the former spokesman.. rick tyler.. had apologized to rubio in a facebook posting sunday night, calling the attack "inaccurate." but an angry rubio demanded accountabilit y during a news conference...saying the falsehood was part of a pattern from the cruz campaign. (s(sila) rubio is getting a boost from one of his former rivals. new jersey governor chris christie, who dropped out of the g-o-p race earlier this month, sold his fund-raising list to rubio's
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the most recent rubio fund-raising email shows that it was sent by christie's presidential campaign. the rubio campaign is looking at supporters from withdrawn rivals to help boost his chances against donald trump and senator ted cruz. despite the deal, christie has yet to endorse anyone for president. a group of women protested outside of john kasich's town hall in richmond virginia after comments made about women. kasich tol a crowd that women "left their kitchens" for him during his state senate race in 1978. kasich has since apologized. brad's here -- several more siouxland girls teams are heading to state. class 1a and 2a regional finals would decide who is going g des moines. we'll l ve highights of foururf those games. and, sioux city boys teams hit the tournament trail, as north and west play first round games
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most people have already decided what to spend their tax refunds on this year. but we'll show you some options to get you the
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and it's not sething you winter. why sun screen is vitally and cold days. trips to the iowa gigis state basketballll tournament were on the line in classes 1a and 2a. western christian has been number-1 in 2a most of the season, after winning the state volleyball title. the wolfpack facing 13th- ranked lawton- bronson in the regional final. this game at east high -- western christian n ads by 2 at the half, 34-32. third quarter -- here comes lawton-bronson -- anna dreesen drives for 2 of her game-high 26 points. eagles are up 4. final seconds of the third -- freshman andee martin with the 3 ((we wouldn't show it if it didn't go)) -- lawton-bronson up 2 going to the fourth. western christian goes on a 16-2 run in
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points. western took the lead for good on this bucket from payton harmsen -- she had 14 and #1 western christian wins 76-64 -- the wolfpack earn a ticket to the state tournament. "we knew that lawton-bronson was a really tough team," said junior erica bousema. "they played really good against us. they came out hard. we just had to play solid defense." "we practice that a lot in practice, trying to finish at the end of the gamehen it's so close," said sophomore ashtyn veerbeek, "when it came down to it we were ready. we've befn practicing that for,a long time now." in 1a, kingsley-pierson, trying for their first state trip since 1967, taking on mmc. the panthers get it done early the shot and gets the friendly roll, k-p is up 2. m-m-c played solid defense for a while, and takes t all the way for the bucket, panthers with the rebound, but brooklyn treinen gets the quick
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is only down by one. but kingsley-pierson pulul away, bailey grabs the loose b bl and sinks the short jumper. the panthers break that long state tourney drought -- beating the eagles 55 to 38. two other siouxland teams were big favorites in regional finals. ktiv's mark freund is here with more. unity christian and newell-fonda were big favorites in their regional finals. the knights won their regional semi-final by 41 points while the mustangs won by 36. we'll start with number-3 unity taking on #10 treynor in mapleton.. unity had a 31-to-10 halftime lead - and they're adding in the third - josie blankespoor attacks the rim to put the knights up 23. fourth quarter - anna kiel inside - she had 8 - so it's going to be another unity blowout, right? wrong - treynor goes on a massive run - konnor sudmann with two of her 20 points - and it's just a four-point game e th two and a half to go.o. bualyssa fedders made e big bucket late - and unity holds
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51-44, to return to des moines for the third straight season. "this time of the year, it's win and move on," said unity head coach jay schuiteman. "you don't get points for how pretty it was. hopefully we learn from this and and that'll be good lessons for us to learn at state." "we got second my sophomore year, first my junior and we're hoping for a repeat this year, and that's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication," said unity senior forward anna kiel. in 1a, seventh-ranked newell- fonda facing un-ranked audubon. the mustangs jumped on top quick - maddi morenz from way downtown - newell-fda already out to a 5- point lead. it's a lead they'd extend - erin gerke - nice take rolls around and in - 7 point edge for the mustangs. audubon played tough early - layup by emily haubrich - the wheelers got back within 3 a little later. but no upsqt tonight - kate christiansen g/es off the window and newell-fonda is headed back to des moines, 65-47.
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defending state champs. the mustangs play undefeated exira- ehk in the 1a quarterfinals unity gets west branch in the 2a quarters. also in 2a, okoboji earns a state trip, beating grundy center, in clarion, 40 to 34. manson-northwest webster is going to des moines, beating des moines christian 47-4-4 iowa boys 4a substate play has started. according to the rankings, #3 council bluffs abe lincoln is the favorite to go to state. sioux city north and west playing two other council bluffs teams in round one. we'll start with north hosting council bluffs thomas jefferson, who has just one win. 1st quarter, north shows off the defense -- ko noble gets the steal and he puts in the layup, the stars go up nine. t-j wouldn't go away quickly, daniel carey gets the pass and he makes the open three, yellow jackets are down six. the yellow jackets show some hustle -- devonte starks gets the offensive ard and the putback, c-b-t-j t the deficit back down to six.
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-- dustin birkes is open in the corner and he hits the shot from downtown, the stars pull away and beat t-j 76 to 41. west taking on lewis central -- who the wolverines beat by 19 early in the season. west turning defense into offense -- cliff mccray with the steal -- over to noah mcwell for the layin. west up 28-20 in the second quarter. mcwell -- the senior -- wanting to play another day. he drives for 2 more of his team-high 20 points. west up by 2 at the half. the lead grows to 11 in the second half -- mcwell finds darius moore for the bucket -- but the wolverines can't finish. the titans have a big fourth quarter -- mitch brinkman for the hoop and d e hack. lewis central ends west high's season, 75-71. both iowa state and west virginia fell four spots in the new ap poll. the 17th-ranked cyclones lost to the number-14 mountaineers at hilton -- blowing a 23 to 8 lead.
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paige goes at the rim in transition for the lay in and the foul -- cuts the clones lead to 2. iowa state goes to the long ball. monon morrisistalks the three point line and buries a deep one. morris had 13 -- cyclones still on top 24-22. but just like in ames, the mountaineers have a come-back. paige steps back and drains a three from the corner. west virginia up 11. iowa state did make it cse. abdel nader drains a three, he had 23 -- isu down 8 at the break -- did lead in the second half, but west virginia is
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tonight: light mix possible. low: 32 wind: se 5-10 mph tomorrow: morning mix? high: 43 wind: sw/n 10-20 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see yo [ cheers and appppuse ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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