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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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from sioux city more than a year ago. but, the floating casino's legal battles continue. (matt) today, the both sides went before the iowa court of appeals. good evening, i'm matt breen. (sheila) and, i'm sheila brummer. thanks for watching. the iowa supreme court referred the case to the appeals court. (matt) the appeal centers on the iowa racing and gaming commission rejecting a request to extend the riverboat's gaming license. instead, it awarded the license to the hardrdock hotel and casino, and its non-profit partner missouri river historical development. ktiv's tommie clark with an update tonight from des moines.
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in sioux city first then then they addressed whether or not argosy has a license. they should have done it the other way around," said the attorney representing belle of sioux city, mark weinhardt asl bridge: "the legal battle continues and both sides say they're not sure this will be the last time that they meet." an attorney for the irgc argued that, under iowa gaming law, to have a casino you must partner with a nonprofit, and must maintain the relationship or you lose your license. "their failure to maintain that relationship. their heavy-handed tactics at theheery beginning and their misjudgement and misunderstanding of the gaming laws which led to this controversy and they've been scrambling ever since then to pick up the pieces," said sce or hard rock casino attorney, guy cook. both sides say the panel of judges were well-informed and they're looking forward to the decision. in des moines, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> the panel of judges are making their decision, and say thehe will havavthat as soon as possible. as for the argosy riverboat, it s sold to a
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(matt) tonight, we're still waiting for results of the gop nevada caucus. (sheila) and, it could be a long wait after some problems are being reportrtd. the republican national committee says it is concerned about reports of double voting at a troubled caucus site in las vegas. a spokesperson says there have been reports tuesday night of double voting, long lines and not enough ballots at one high school. people were being turned away. candidate donald trump stopped by the school as part of his last-minute campaigning. however, other caucus sites appear to be running smoothly with no reports of difficulty. (sheila) a big warmup on the way this weekend. (matt) but, what about the next 12 hours? chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. once we got through the morning clouds, much of siouxland got to finally enjoy a little bit of sunshine with highs staying above average in the 30s and 40s. the steady north breeze that we felt today will stay with us tonight and tomorrow as well and then it becomes windy on thursday. we'll see more clouds move in during the day on wededsday which could give us a
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could linger into the nighttime hours as well. a plymouth county, iowa man accused of killing his mother, is expected to appear in court on monday for a plea hearing. jonathan neunaber is charged with first degree murder in the death of esther neunaber in july of 2014. the bodies of both esther and her husband donald were found in their farm home near akron. authorities say donald died of natural causes. neunaber has pleaded not guilty in the case.
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bills expanding gun ghts in the state. this includes legislation that would allow children under 14 to use handguns with parental supervision. plus, they're looking to legalize sound suppressors. they are currently legal in 41 other states. . wmakers also passed a plan to allow someone on an atv or snow mobile to carry a loaded gun. the house votein support of five gun bills now headed to the senate. nebraskans who oppose the death penalty are launching a statewide campaign. the group "retain a just nebraska" will announce the next phase of its campaign tomorrow at the capitol in lincoln. they will ask voters to reject a proposal that would keep the death penalty legal in the state. lawawkers abolished the death penalty in may. but, supporters responded with a petition that would bring the issue to the public in november for the general eleciton. transgender advocates protested at the south dakota capitol today. they took to the front steps to show their opposition to the bathroom bill. it requires transgender schoolchildren to use bathrooms and locker rooms that
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with their sex at birth. a group of transgender students met with governor dennis daugaard for a closed-door meeting today. they want the governor to veto the potential law passed by lawmakers last week. olympic gold medalist caitlyn jenner is weighing in on the controversy in south dakota. jenner took to twitter to call on governor dennis daugaard to veto the plan as well. (sheila) woodbury county leaders have agreed to a concerted effort to put more money in its cash reserves. (matt) tonight, county supervisors made major decisions about the fiscal year 2017 budget. supervisors voted to increase cash reserves by a half-percent. board members say reserves have fallen below 20-percent, which is 2- percent below the county's policy. the board also approved an increase to the cap in the general fund at $3.62, w wch is up from $3.50. one board member says it compensates for the ever- growing cost of basic services like law enforcement. "our budget analyst told us 24 other counties are doing [this]," said matthew ung, a republican woodbury county supervisor. "so
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when you have essential services you have to provide, we decided to increase the cap but at the same time we decreased taxes." as the budget stands, right now, urban and rural taxpayers stand to see their county property taxes drop. in urban areas, taxpayers will see a 4- cent drop in property taxes per $1,000 of valuation. in rural areas, taxpayers will see a 12- cent drop per $1,000 of valuation. the budget is not yet final. what does the future of business in sioux city look like to you? tonight, during the 6th "innovation market", siouxlanders pitched their business ideas at the ho- chunk centre. more than 40 submission were made for tonight's "think tank". ideas ranging from a pet bakery, to specialty grocery stores. the innovation market allows entrepreneurs a chance to bring something new to sioux city. "it's all about the community that they live in. it's about building and getting the community something it doesn't already have whether that be
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jobs," said chris jackson, 2016 board member. those at the market could vote for the top five ideas. in the top 5, tonight, a brewery, special needs therapy business, and a veteran outreach support group. a new campground development takes its first step into becoming a reality. theeioux city parks and rec department held the first public input on a possible new campsite in sioux city. the campsite had two proposed locations: near the chautauqua ball park, or a location off of highway 12 near the railroad museum. those at tonight's meeting leaned toward the one frequent camper says a nice campground would attract campers from across the state. "people travel and once they get to know there is a clean park and there's an area that is a lot of fun, they'll come," said jack taylor, frequent camper. sioux city parks and rec department hopes to have another public session in about a month. today's milder weather made it easier f f sioux city crews to fix those potholes. and, they are out on full force trying to smooth the
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37-thousand potholes. they, year they tackled more then 3-thohoand and the number kes growing by the day! "this time of year with the moisture that is in the ground, and the amount of traffic that continues to beat up these potholes, a pothole, once we repair it, it could last anywhere from a day to a week to a month." weather permiting, crews fix anywhere from 50 to 400 potholes a day. deadly storms strike the southern part of the u-s tonight. after our forecast, a look at a mobile home park in louisiana authorities
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once we got through the morning clouds, much of siouxland got to finally enjoy a little bit of sunshine with highs staying above average in the 30s and 40s. the sttady north breeze that we felt todaa willlstay with ustonight and tomorrow as well and then it becomes windy on thursday. we'll see more clouds move in during the day on wednesday which could give us a chance of a late day
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nighttime hours as well. thursday is likely to be the coolest of days to come with highs in the mid 30s. then we'll see some nice warming from friday into saturday as move from the 40s into the 50s briefly. sunday turns a little cooler and will give us another slight chance of a light mix. today, at least 7 tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi, killing at least 3. emergency management officials suspect a tornado touched down and blew through a densely populated area of about 180 mobile homes in st. james parish, louisiana. twoeople were killed here and at least 8 other people from the park are critically injured. police say they are still working to get a handle on the situation. (matt) turning grief into an act of generosity. still to come... how a sioux city family's donation could help other parents through the toughest
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changed forever. they learned that one of the twin girls lisa was carrying had died. (matt) an emergency c-section followed. and, so did the grief of their loss. but, the cotters have turned that grief into an act of generosity.
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celebrated life... that of their daughter, evelynne... "we heard her babbling away in her crib. it's her first birthday." ...and continue to grieve the loss of evelynne's twin sister, elizabeth, who was stillborn exactly one year ago. "nobody wants to go through what we went through," said lisa cotter, mother. the cotters' grief led to an act of generosity. they fundraised for a cuddle cot to donate to unitypoint health st. luke's, in sioux city. "a cuddle cot's main task is to preserve time," said suzie gosch, unitypoint health st. luke's registered nurse. "it's actually a cooling unit that lies in the bassinet. the infant is placed on top of the cooling blanket and it maintains a body temperature that is much lower than normal." that slows the body's changes after death. it's something the cotters didn't have in their r me of need. "in a perfect world this thing would sit unused at the hospital forever," said jeremy cotter, father. "but, we know this isn't a perfect world. hopefully, people who do have to use it can get some comfort from it." the unit is the first for st.
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baby, to be able to have this option i think would help so many families," gosch said. ...and is a gift that will benefit families for years to come... all in elizabeth's name. "we're celebrating her birthday," said jeremy cotter, father. "and, this is her birthday present to the hospital and to other families. it feels gooooto do that." >> through their "gofundme" page, the cotters cot... and donate $2,700 dollars to the neonatal intesive care unit at st. luke's. that where evelynne spent the her life. the bishop heelan catholic schools are one step closer to beginning construction on phase two of the new high school building. the 10-million dollar project will be adjacent to the fine arts center completed in august of 2014. no date has been set for the
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heelan recently received at $1.4 million gift from 1951 bishop heelan alum donald gill. one nebraska principal had to pucker up after promising his students he'd kiss a pig if they met their reading goal. they did! norfolk catholic elementary school principal bill lafleur challenged his students to a reading incentive last month. they exceeded all expectations, so today principal lafleur puckered up to the pig. (sheila) still to come... what's a bigger distraction while driving... applying make-up while driving, or driving while ur angry? the answer migig surprise you. stick around for "healthbeat
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(sheila) iowa gets approval to move forward with the privitization of medicaid starting on april 1st. (matt) the federal centers for medicare and medicaid services postponed the state's original plan start managed re at the beginning g the year. they say too many issues remained to safely transfer the care of 560,000 poor and disabled residents to three private for- profit insurance companies. iowa officials say april 1st allows additional time to make a s soth transition. the governor says managed care of the $4.2 billion medicaid program will save money and
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those against it say it could reduce health care options. obese people can significantly improve their health by losing just five percent of their body weight. a new study found a small weight loss cut the risk of type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease. and, while losing even more weight helped cell function and muscle tissue -- there were no further benefits for liver and fat tissue. a new study suggests some driving distractions are riskier than others. researchers collected information on more than 35-hundred drivers. applying makeup, or interacting with rear seat passenger, ha little impact on accidents. but driving while angrysad or emotional created almost ten times the risk of a crash. speeding was the most dangerous driving behavior.. increasing the risk of an accident by 13 times. new research shows a botox-like injection can treat athletes with a painful knee condition. 69-percent needed no further care after injecting dysport in the hip.
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five years later. that's a higher success rate than treatments using anti- inflammatory drugs, steroid injections or even surgery. (matt) brad's here -- with more basketball on the tournament trail. metro teams from sioux city west, south sioux and dakota valley were all in action. the wolverines trying to get to state for the first time. d, boys teams in iowowand nebraska try to keep their seasons alive. we'll have hilites of six gas.
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wednesday morning on news 4 today... your cell phone can be used for many different things, like taking selfies. why one company wants yoyoto take even more photos of yourself. and it's the middle of flu season. we'll show you what treatments work and what you should avoid while you're sick. sioux city west has been open since 1972 but have never been to the girls state basketetll tournament. ankeny centenniahas only been open three years -- but could earn their first trip in a class 5a regional final. the wolverines, with a school- record tying 18 wins -- trying to upset the third-ranked jaguars. west came in with just four losses -- centennial had just three. first quarter, west starts outt strong, madi jensen gets the pass on the inside and sinks the bucket,
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up three. later, west stays on the attack, rachel knutson-kobold gets the quick inbound pass and sinks the shot -- the wolverines are up by five. the wolverines fall behind, but jensen tries to keep it close -- she makes the wide open three to pull west within 11. but ananny centennial is too strong, tasha vipond gets her own rebound and finishes strong with the 'and one", west's state bid comes up short, 66-42. in a class 4a regional, spencer falls to second-ranked harlan, 55- 32. the tigers end their season at 14-8. the cyclones take a 20-2 record to des moines. the top-ranked south sioux city girls, opening district play against 2-22 grand island. this went pretty much as expected. augusta thramer pushing the fast break -- gives it to carissa powell to put south sioux up 22-11 after one. the cardinals keep going inside e to the 6-1 junior -- powell with 2 more -- it's a 22-point lead at the half. south sioux can score from deep too -- kori fischer sets up in the corner for the 3-ball. the cards pulling away.
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the mid-range jumper. south sioux wins 80-47. they'll play thursday for a trip to lincoln. the 15-5 dakota valley girls, opening south dakota district play against 5-15 canton. second half, senior claire johnson drives for 12. then, anne mccabe gets good post position and scores -- but dv could not shake canton -- the lead is only 8. the dv offense looked sharp. peyton wingert drives, spins and scores -- but this wouldn't be decided until late. haaley hoffman gets the bucket and bonus. dakota valley advances, 77 to 70 over canton. let's go back to iowa for boys district action in classes 1a and 2a. ktiv's mark freund is here with more. sioux center andndock valley met twice in the regular season. the rockets won both games -- both times by three points.
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-- the winner would be one game away from the state tourney. the warriors spent a good part of the season receiving votes in the class 2a poll. one of the reasons why - their bruisers inside - off the miss - matthew van gen with the board and putback - he had a double-double with 21 points, 11 boards. but myles van maanen put on a show early - the slam on the break. van maanen scored the first 6 points for rock valley - 14 for the game - rockets up by 2. but it's hard to beat a team three times - marcus winterfeld scored 15 points for sioux center - the warriors advance to the substate final, 65-52. in class 1a, 19-3 south o'brien hosting woodbury central. first quarter - wolveres kick it out to kyle paulsen - at the top of thehe key, drills the triple - south o'brien got out to a 8-nothing lead. but ba comes woodbury central - scoring 9 of the next 12 points - tyler walker with the nice jumper.
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damon struve strokes a three - 14 for struve - the wolverines - up by 2 points after a quarter. and south o'brien gets it done from there - on the break - to paulsen - paulsen led the wolverines with 19 and south o'brien advances, 54-to-38. district final vs. siouxland x-tian... sioux center vs. western in 2a substate game saturday nebraksa boys class d1 subdistrict -- walthill -- ranked sixth - meeting emerson-hubbard. 2nd quarter -- eh's austin ostrand kicks to tyler emmons on the wing -- buries the triple -- we're tied at 10. walthill running the floor -- grayden hallowell feeds kobe smith for the two handed stuff -- talk about an easy assist -- bluejays pulling away. but the pirates still knocking down shots -- ostrand to emmons for the corner 3 -- pirates back within 6. but these bluejays are hungry -- transition lay-in there for hallowell -- then on the bounds, walthill's fl court press forces the turnover --
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jayden sheridan -- walthill drops emerson-hubbard, 83-53. the musketeers lose in tri-city, 4 to 1. it was tied 1-1 after two periodod but the storm scored three times in the third to pull away. it's sioux city's 8th loss in their last nine games. the muskies are still in last place at 19-24-1 the muskies go to waterloo on friday and sioux falls on saturday -- back home sunday to play madison. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 24 wind: n 10-15 mph tomorrow: late day mix? high: 40 wind: n 10-20 mph thanks for joining us tonight...
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with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jijiy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey. bill and melinda gates. musical guest kygo.


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