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tv   News 4 Live at Five  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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it's not about a person. it's about the process." senate democratic leader harry reid says grassley will be remembered as the most obstructive judiciary chairman in history for being the first to refuse a supreme court nominee hearing. president barack obama says he's looking for a supreme court nominee with a sterling record, a deep respect for the judiciary's role and an understanding of how the law affects rl people. obama is offering his most expansive description of the qualities he's seeking in a replacement for the late justice scalia. the president is using the blog post to push back on republicans and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who are refusing to hold hearings or permit a vote. obama says senators have a "cononitutiona l responsibility" to consider his nominee. s/ president obama :35 "i'm gonna do my job. we are going to go through a process, as we have donen two previous supreme court vacancies to identify an outstanding candidate that has impeccable legal credentials and would bring the kind of ability, and passion, and objectivity and
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highest court in land demands." the president also said he understands the politics are hard, but will do his job and fulfill the constitutiona l duties. on a roll to the gop nomination donald trump sent out family members today to vouch for his character. steve handelsman has the latest from washington.
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with hispancis!" rubio claims today: he can still win. sot: sen. marco rubio (r - presidential candidate ) :25-:29 "that ifift came down to me anan donald trump i'd beat him by almost 16 points" but cruz is not quitting nor is john kasich nats: john kasich (r - presidential candidate ) :31-:35 "forget about it! forget about it" six days away is super tuesday. donald trump leading in 10 states and focusing on texas endorsement of texas governor greg abbott trump played his family card: son don jr saying: the boys grew up with billions, but trump values sot: don trump jr., son of donald trump :53-:59 "education family work ethic, all of these things that are aften lost in children of similar fortune" melania trump says of her husband sot: melania trump, wife of donald trump 1:01-1:04 "he treats women the samew as men" in south carolina, democrat hillary clinton is looking at another win nats: hillary clinton (d- presidential candidate) 1:09-1:11 "need your help saturday !! bernie sanders figures he can win 4 or more super tuesday primaries sot: sen. bernie sanders (d-
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"there are states were gonna lose, but the race goes on. and this is a race!!" a great upset, says sanders, is still possible (insert ends) (two second pause) audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> nebraska voters can expect to hear a lot about capital punishment between now and the november election. those who are opposed to the death penalty launched the next phase of their campaign. this is the first commercial "retain a just nebraska" has released. lawmakers abolished the death penalty in may, but a petition drive is bringing the issue to voters in november. death penalty supporters have said they plan to campaign in favor of keeping the punishment. a 15-year-old nebraska teen has been sentenced to one year probation after he admitted to mistreating an animal. three teens were arrested back in october after a video surfaced of them torturing and killing a cat. the teen had originally faced felony animal abuse charges but admitted responsibility to misdemeanor animal mistreatment charge. he was also ordered to complete 50 hours of community service and follow a curfew. three people linked to robberies
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16-year-old jamaal ferguson, 20-year-old robert seaberry and 16-year-old austin bulizak have all pleaded not guilty to first degree robbery related to the shooting of a sioux city police officer in the beginning of the month. four other people were arrested in the incident. the sioux city police department continues to investigate a number of counterfeit currency cases. this is video sioux city police posted to their facebook page. they say this man passed several counterfeit bills on february 20th at a local business. the police are asking for the public's help in identifying him. they say the man appears to have a tattoo behind his right ear and tattoos on both arms. if you have any information you are asked to contact crime stoppers at 712-258-tips or detective bill nice at 712- 279-6384. if you would like to see the numbers again, we have them on our website, ktiv dot com. (sheila) a battery blows up - inside- a man's pocket. (matt)
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as he desperately tries to put them out. keep your eye on the guy to the right. boom! he says an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket while he was at a register inside a kentucky convenience store over the weekend. the confused clerk couldn't quite register what he was seeing. (s/ manoj kumar/ employee:11) "i was shocked! i was like what was that? you have a bomb in your pocket? i was like that! you carry your bomb in your pocket? i was totally shocked and just like this my hands were on my head." the man says he has-second degree burns on his leg, but is able to walk. (sheila) switching gears... siouxland could see some snow showers. (matt) chief meteorlogist ron demers joins us with our first look at the forecast at 5 today was a bit cooler with a
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throughout the day. we have some changes coming our way tonight as a quick moving system will affect siouxland. we'll see a chance of an evening mix changing to some snow showers early tonight. only very light accumulations would take place with most areas staying under half an inch. any precipitation should be out of here by thursday morning. after a cloudy start, we'll see a few peeks of sun by later in the day although it'll be breezy and just a bit cooler. thanks. (matt)
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and and at least three were killed after severe overnight spawning multiple (sheila) north carolina with
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to happen. the indiscriminate nature of tornados are tough to predict.. their destructive nature hard to comprehend even among public officials who have seen it all before. (sot / sheriff donald morgan - escambia county, florida :59 - 1:07) "tornados have a mind of their own. they'll jump over housing areas, or they'll jump over the house that you are in to destroy the house next door, that's what this tornado did." a night of terror for those in the storms path with more tornados possible as the system pushes east and up into the mid-atlantic region. >> winter storm warnings are in effect for st. louis and much of illinois and southeast missouri. near st. louis: the high gusts, paired with the heavy snow has brought down several utility lines, cutting power to tens of thousands of customers today. downed lines like this have left more than 14- thousand people across this area in the dark. power company workers were on scene also caused bumper to bumper traffic on interstate 270. traffic was backed up for hours.
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five.... if you look downtown... you see a lot of concrete. find out what two organizations hope to acomplish to make the area a little more green. and.... the boys club of sioux city is taking a step forward.
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getting a multimillion dollar facelift. (matt) renovations at the howard johnson on fourth street began in may 2015. it's a three-million dollar project that's more than halfway done. there is a new heating and cooling system, a re- done lobby and ballroom on the top floor. the bathrooms in all 152 rooms have been remodeled and the rooms have been repainted. coming up on news 4 at six, the impact the changes will have on the hotel. (matt) with spring right around the corner, most of us are thinking about getting outside to cure our cabin fever. (shelia) and if you work downtown you may
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ktiv's michelle schoening joins us live in downtown to tell us about the new greenspace plan. michelle. matt and shelia. as you can see behind me downtown is full of concrete. and leaders of the sioux city community say the need for some color and added greenspaces continues to grow. the downtown partners of sioux city and iowa initiative for susatinable communities are putting together new ideas for more greenspace. the spaces could range from more planters on the sidewalk, to even a rooftop garden. the developers want the public's imput in what the spaces will look like. and skies the limit on the possible areas for the greenspaces. "everything public, everything private. what downtown when you come in as a visitor or as you're walking to lunch would make a difference in your daily life," said ragen cote, executive director of downtown partners sioux city the project leaders wi hold a
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open house at the sioux city public museum on march 5 from noon until 3 p.m. that's where they will meet with the greenspace designers and decide exactly what they want in those spaces. matt and shelia. (matt) the boys club of sioux city is taking a big step this summer and is formally becoming the boys & girls club. (sheila) with over 4,000 clubs across the country, sioux city's location is 1 of 4 that is still only a boys club. the club is transitioning and will begin welcoming girls starting june 6th for their summer program. many programs across the country are gender neutral already but sioux city wants to include female specific programs to make the transition easier. organizers say that this is going to be a great step for the club as a whole. "hopefully this gives them the oppurtunity to have a safe fun place that they can go after school to learn and grow throughout the school year and the summer," said eldon bensen, chief personal officer for the boys club of sioux city. the club is continuiui to brainstorm new activities that will get girls involved when the transition is
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"national has girl specific programs for them as well so we will start those programs when when they come, smart girls, and we have some girl specific athletic leagues that we'd like to get involved in," said eldon bensen, chief professional officer of the boys club of sioux city. the organization will start accepting girls very soon, and are excited to finally take the national step to become the boys & girls club of sioux city.
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(matt) senator chuck grassley is defending his party's refusal to consider a u-s supreme court nominee.
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if you're just getting home here's a quick look at today's top story. he says the nominating process should be something the people should have a voice in. that can happen during a presidential election, but not if president obama nominates someone in his last year in office. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us with the forecast. today was a bit cooler with a steady north breeze blowing throughout the day. we have some changes coming our way tonight as a quick moving system will affect siouxland. we'll see a chance of an evening mix changing to some snow showers early tonight. only
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would take place with most areas staying under half an inch. any precipitation should be out of here by thursday morning. after a cloudy start, we'll see a few peeks of sun by later in the day although it'll be breezy and just a bit cooler. warming quickly comes our way as we get back into the 40s friday and 60 could be achieved on saturday here in sioux city. sunday will be breezy and a little cooler with a passing
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shower not out of the question. a slightly better chance of precipitation could come our way by tuesday with a rain and snow mix possible. (matt) facebook's "like" button has just gotten more expressive. (sheila) today, the social media site released more "reactions." in addition to "like", there are now "love,"
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"sad." the new emojis appear when you hover over the "like" button on your computer... or hold down the "like" button on your mobile device. sorry... still no "dislike" button. when we come the woman who created the "wine workout" and what she is saying to people who get frustrated with extercise.
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lcome to subway, what can i make for you? how 'bout crunching into flavor with a fritos chicken enchilada melt? pulled chicken in enchilada sauce, melty monterey cheddar, fresh veggies and fritos corn chips! hurry in today!
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a popular online video is creating smiles for people who are normally frustrated by exercise. (sheila) a northern california woman created the "wine workout"... and posted it on her fitness facebook page. evan schreiber has her story.
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year-old april storey knows her time is limited. and like many mothers know... healthy living can be a struggle. (nats) home with her daughter brielle and her husband levi on monday... the busy life was on display. but what resulted... has now been seen by roughly 25-million people worldwide. the 15-second video posted in january (nats) now dubbed "the wine workout." (april storey/create d "wine workout") "i was getting ready to do a workout, and i saw the wine there and i'm like, 'you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.'" storey tells me this is her life. simple... every-day home exercises. not necessarily always the wine that was just one of the dozens of non-alcohol included workout videos she's posted. (april storey/create d "wine workout") "so that's what facebook is for, right? just sharing all the things that we're doing every day." that sharing spread worldwide. one post from former star trek actor "george takei" saying "quit wine-ing and work
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posting the video with a slightly different music variation. (nats) (evan schreiber/red ding, ca) "most of the comments have been positive. there have been a few negative reactions about her hurting herself - falling on the wine. but most of the people have been doing like what i'm doing, and sending back their own videos and pictures." (april storey/create d "wine workout") quick "they were making their own videos. they were doing different things with it." no matter the number of re-creations... or comments -- both positive and negative -- storey is hoping they all get the message. (april storey/create d "wine workout") "what i want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, and you can use anything." in this case... just don't forget the corkscrew. >> starbucks has been granted a rare utah liquor license. after months of deliberations has been granted a liquor license covering five utah locations to serve wine and beer. utah is a notoriously difficult state to obtain a liquor license because it distributes alcohol permits based on a population quota. starbucks already offers wine and beer on
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stores nationwide. the list of the happiest and healthiest cities in the u-s was released today. healthways says naples, florida, has the highest well-being in the country. the organization's latest report on the state of well-being says naples has the lowest levels of stress and depression. the report says the city also has the most people who eat healthy. salinas, california, ranks second on the list and florida's sarasota metro area ranked number three. we'll be right back after
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thursday morning on news 4 today.... getting students to focus in class has always been difficult. now 2 teachers have come up with a way to keep their elementary kids on task in the classroom.
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deadliest forms. we'll show you how researchers
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breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigators say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes. trump landslide. after crushing the competition in nevada, tonight he's aiming for a super tuesday knockout. also, milania trump, a rare one-on-one interview. does she ever think he's gone too far. and shocking blast caught on camera. a man's pocket suddenly bursts into flames. tonight a warning for everyone who uses e-cigarettes. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc


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