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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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"it's got a little computer device that's hooked into it," said jeff harstad, a detective with the sioux city police department. "and what it does is it reads the credit card that has been obtained a a it keeps, it stores the data from that credit card, such as the numbers and pertinent data." thursday 's incident at a cubbs gas station was the first time detective jeff harstad has seen a gas pump skimmed in sioux city. he says authorities are concerned something like this may happen again. and some drivers say they are also concerned. "you hear about this in big cities and happening here in sioux city, close to town, it kind of, it's kind of scary that anybody can get your information," said david torres, a sioux city residentnt but with advdvcements in card tracking, one sioux city resident says skimmers aren't pump. "my bank's pretty good about making sure they stop any fraudulent charges or whatever, i'll just let them know," said eric kilburn, a sioux city resident. "so i don't let it bother me, no." and since drivers can't avoid going to the gas stion, police are advising them to stay su
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do to prevent being a victim of skimming. one is to make sure you're under a well lit pump. another is to go inside and use cash. and a third pin whenever possible." police say both credit and debit cards can be at risk for skimming at the pump. but they say keeping track of your account statements is a way to stay ahead of scamms. >> scammers have also targeted atm machines... police sayayhat's a more common crime. they place devices over the actual card readers. when customers swipe, their information is stored. so, police encourage people to pay attention, and be on the look out for any suspicious looking devices. matt and sheila? a sioux city man has been arrested for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl. 68-year-old d ert scott is fafang sexual abuse charges after, police sasa he sexually assaulted a young girl who visited his home. the victim said these acts happened multiple times. police say scott told the victim not to tell anyone
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come after her when he got out of jail. scott is a registered sex offender and has been twice. a plea hearing is set for monday in the case of an akron, iowa, man charged witit killing his mother. jonathan neunaber is charged with first-degree murder in the death of esther neunaber in july of 2014. the bodies of both esther and her husband donald were found in their farm home near akron. authorities say donald died of natural causes. jonathan neunaber has pleaded not guilty in the case. in january, he was found competent to stand trial. one person is dead after an accident on highghy 75 three miles sosoth of hull, iowa. 56-year-old james waldner was driving southbound and passed a semi-truck. that's when he collided head on with 63-year-old lynn bleeker. both were trapped in their @ vehicles. waldner was pronounced dead at the scene. bleeker suffered serioux injures and was flown to a sioux falls hospital. major damage at a norfolk, nebraska business that was hit by fire this morning. ktiv us-92's eric mcmcy with the
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almost 25 degrees above average leaving central and western siouxland in the 60s with eastern siouxland getting into the 50s. a front is going to move through early sunday giving us a slight chance of a rain shower and slightly cooler temperatures as we top out closer to the 50 degree mark. (sheila) a power outage brought business, and a local school to a halt, today. (matt) mid-american energy received the call just before noon reporting several power outages throughout the town of whiting, iowa. the cause was a hot line clamp on a powerline that needed repair. the hot line clamp connects the wireo the line.
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including whiting community schools and sloan state bank. "it got to be about, 20 minutes went by when that happens you just kind of expect that it's going to flicker and come back on. well about 20 minutes later we releazied, maybe it's not going to come back on again," said david storm, vice president of sloan state bank. all power was restored by 2pm. and the hot line clamp has since been repaired. the high school did let out at 1:20, giving the kids an early weekend. thursday, the diocese of sioux city annouced it will consolidate and "cluster" its parishes. the diocese faces several challenges... an aging catholic population, falling mass attendance, and a projection that the diocese will have just 31-full time priests by 2025.5. now that theheraft plan has been introduced, pastors in the 108 exting parishes will form leadership teams. father william vit hopes the "ministry 2025" plan will strengthen the relationship parishes. buildings and run around the countryside. it's about the people inside that's most
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vit, rector of the cathedral. the plan also meananparishioners in churches across northwest iowa may have to come to grips with the closure of their parish. their reaction, tonight, on "news 4 at ten." many seniors in siouxland continue to need care... and one center, which caters to seniors, is moving to a new location. "i'd be a whole lot sicker if it wasn't for pace. " pace i ia program operated b b unitypnt health that offers healthcare and support to seniors. pace strives to be the "eyes" and "ears" for their members' families. the center not only creates a family atmosphere, but it gives its members a purpose. "everyday camaraderie, i've met a lot of nice people and i've made some good friends here. this place is needed desperately here in sioux city, and i'm glad i've found it." said mike jeffords, a pace participantnt siouxland pace will move to a new, much larger
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building at 12- 01 tri view avenue. their transition is going to create a space where staff can care for more people. "we have a couple of extra activity rooms for our participants to do socialization and recreation, card games and such. we're also g gng to have m me private meeting spspe as welel," said randy ehlers, executive director of siouxland pace. the center started with five members and has grown to over 150. it will add over 100 more members in the new buidling, which will celebrate its grand opening on april 14th. as the iowa legislature continues to work on putting together the state budget. the sioux city community school district is planning for potential budget cuts. ththdistrict estimates t ty'll need to cut ararnd $2 mililon dollars in fiscalal year 2017. superintendent dr. paul gausman says the district plans to save nearly $500,000 by not replacing some teachers who are retiring. also on the agenda, which includes around 30 cost-saving measures, is the possibility of hosting graduations on the same day. "host three different graduations on three different evenings--if we were able to
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y, while not combining the ceremonies but hold them all on one day, at different times it would save us a bit on facility rental," said sioux city community school district superintendent, dr. paul gausman. state law says school districts must certify a budget by april 15th. the siouxland film festival kicked off this week. we're taking a live look at the sioux city mususm. tonight's first screening starts at 7. tonight the film festival is holding their horror, fantasy and sci-fi night. after each screening, audience members get to vote fotheir favorites. the final night of the film festival is tomorrow at the orpheum. still to come... pup photos! a look at the humane society's 12 newest members. see where you can check out pictures of all the rescue dogs that came to the humane society earlier this week from a man
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warming began today but it's certainly not done yet. saturday will bring another day of sunshine but with a stronger southwesterly wind temperatures will warm to almost 25 degrees above average leaving central and western siouxland in the 60s w wh eastern siouxland getting into the 50s. a front is goingngo move through early sunday giving us a slight chance of a rain shower and slightly cooler temperatures as we top out closer to t e 50 degree mark.
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back into the upper 50s before bigger changes by tuesday. that system could bring us a chance of a mix of precipitation by monday night with light snow possible ontuesday as highs will onlye in the low to mid 30s. precipitation chances move out by wednesday as we'll be keeping things on the cooler side of the thermometer.
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still to come... a new way to honor the importance of agriculture in the state of iowa. a look at the new iowa license
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'll show you how it's using beer baths t to get rid of insomnia. and a kitten abandoned in
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animal shelter. how his cute face has helped him go from stray to social media star.
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his 18 dogs have homes. and some of the dogs are ready for adoption. here are all the pups. currently 12 of the dogs are at the siouxland humane society. most are lab and lab-mixes ranging in age from 4 to 12 years old. you can check out more photos of the pups by heading to our website at ktiv dot com. if you're interesting in adopting, call the siouxland humane society. a new specialty license plate is now available throughout iowa. the plate recognizes the role agriculture plays in the state economy. revenue will support three youth organizations that help students learn about agriculture, leadership and life skills. (matt) cattle prices have dropped more than 32% during the last 16 months, but beef prices haven't seen the same dramatic decline. steak prices in january reached their lowest value since october 2014 at 7 dollars and 47 cents a pound. according to qsr magazine, restaurants are expecting prices for primal cuts of beef to drop another 10 to 17% this year. brad's here -- it could be a special weekend at
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the chargers have a chance to break a school record that's stood for over 30 years. we'll hear from coach nic nelson. and, who is the most hated college football team in the state of iowa? sports fource is next.
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tradition as briar cliff has in men's basketball, it's not often you can set all-time school
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the chargers are 28 and 3 heading into tomorrow's gpac semifinals. that's one win away y om setting the all-time schl record for wins in a season, that has stood for 37 years. top-seeded briar cliff take on fourth-seeded midland, on saturday. the two teams split their two games in the regular season, each winning on their home floor. briar cliff won by 22 at the newman-flanagan center, only to lose by 17 in fremont, nebraska. the chargers have already clinched a spot in the national tournament -- but they still have things to work on. "we're a mediocre reboundndg team a a best," said head coach nic nelson. "so i think our ability to rebound andust protect the paint on defense going forward in the conference tournament and then spring boarding into the national tournament, those are the areas that we really got to keep focusing on because if we're going to have an achilles heel at some point it's probably going to be those two areas." briar cliff and midland tipoff at 3 o'clock tomorrow. the semifinals are set in the gpac women's tournament, coming up on saturday. the top-seeded and top-ranked morningside women will host
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will host dakota wesleyan at 5 o'clock. those winners will play in the gpac final on tuesday. all those teams are locks for the naia national tourney, which starts march 9th in sioux cityty sioux city east will host north in a boys class 4a substate semifinal tonight. the winner will be just one win away from the state tournament. the black raiders beat north twice in the regular season, 88-70 and 71-38, two weeks ago. east is 17-4 overall and are getting votetein the latest ap poll. the stars are 10-12 but are 3-6 over the last t nth. the winner will likely face third-ranked council bluffs abe lincoln in the substate final on tuesday at the tyson events center. game time is 7 o'clock and we'll show you the action at ten. last night, the south sioux city girls became the first siouxland team to qualify for the nebraska state tourney, beating lincoln northeast, 69-57, to earn their 21s1strip to lincoln. senior haley fritza had a career-high 21 points and augusta thramer had 16 to help south sioux improve to 23-1. the cardinals will be the top seed in class a and
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thursday at pinnacle bank arena. the official pairings come out saturday. class c and d district finals are tonight -- we'll have highlights of five g ges, tonight ataten. it's day one of the south dakota high schl state wrestling tournament in rapid city. elk point-jefferson sent five to state in class b, but dylan colt and zach hueser were the only two to win in round one. vermillion had a good day in class a, advancing three into the winner's bracket. beresford had a good day, with four winners in the first round. you can see all the siouxland athletes, still alive in the winner's bracket, at the bottom of the screen. do you 'hate state'? a survey by sports illustrated has come up with the most hated college football teams in each state, and iowa state is the most hated in iowa. that's not surprising since some polls show that about two-thirds of iowans call themselves hawkeye fans. by the way, over the last 20 years, the cy-hawk series is tied at ten wins apiece. the most hated college football team in nebraska -- is texas -- in south dakota, it's alabama.
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country -- taking that honor in
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it's time for pick of the litter! this week's picks buddy. he is one of the shenandoah rescue dogs. buddy is four years old, and has only three legs. as you can see, he can still get around pretty well. buddy runs with the best, and he
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be with people. if you are interested in adopting buddy or any other animal, you can stop by the humane society in person or call the number at the bottom of your screen. now before we go, we wanted to take a moment to wish one of our own a happy birthday. tiffany lane celebrated her big day today. you can wish her a happy birthday on sunday at the homeshow. so from all of us at ktiv, have birthday, tiffany. tonight: mostly clear. low: 28 wind: sw 5-10 mph
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thanks f f joining us tonight.t. et is up next... don't tonight, jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage, tellinnall about ben and the nannnn and what she thinks about his giant back
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struggling with the pain of the scandal, but would she take him back? out why they're still living on the same property. behind the scenes kelley clarkson's "american idol" break down. >> i don't think there was a drew eye in the house. >> she takes a look back at her emotional performance. >> i am so disoriented.&- i could not stopcrying. then the oscar crush is on. the nominees last minute jitters early. perfect dress. stylists. >> our stylist expert breaks down the dos and the don'ts of


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