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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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sheila has the night off. thursday, the diocese of sioux city annouced a detailed plan to consolidate, and close, dozens of its parishes in the summer of 2017. parishioners in churches across northwest iowa could have to come to grips with the closure of their parish. ktiv's michelle schoening has their reaction, tonight.
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2025" plan will close 40 of the 108 parishes in the diocese, and transition them to "oratory" status. that means those churches will no longer hold sunday or vigil mass. the moves will be made for three reasons: an aging caththic population, fafaing mass attendance, and a projection that the diocese will have just 31-full time priests by 2025. father william vit says it's a difficult balance. "people who are at those more rural and small parishes really really appreciate the local church and what's available there," said revev william vit. he explained the "ministry 2025" plan would allow for the priests to strengthen and sustain their ministry. "they're the ones finding church to church. a reference was made that it's hard for them to interact with the people when they have to drive to t t church and run out of the c crch to get to the ne
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no sioux city parishes will close, but will be reorganized into four "cluster" parishes. so, these parishioners at cathedral of the epiphany won't have to worry about their parish closing. but, they feel for those, in rural areas, where parishes will close. "you're parish is the center of your community for catholics and so for a rural parish and it's a small community to begin with, that's going to leave a big hole for them," said dana koinzan, parishioner. while some struggle to find meaning behind the decision, others believe it's all part of a plan. "to trust we are being lead somewhere as a church. in the end we know that things will work out the way they're suppose to work out," said bill mangan, parishioner. in sioux city, michelle schoening, ktiv news four. >> the next step in the process is to gain feedback from parishioners. once the diocese has received that feedback, they have the ability to make adjustments to the plan. the iowa legislature continues to work on
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school d dtrict is plananng for potential budget cuts. the district estimates they'll need to cut around $2 million dollars in fiscal year 2017. superintendent dr. paul gausman says the district plans to save nearly $500,000 by not replacing some teachers who are retiring. also on the agenda, which inclulus around 30 cost-savavg measures, is the possibility of hosting graduations on the same day. "host three different graduations on three different evenings--if we were able to combine all of those onto one day, while not combining thehe ceremonies but hold them all on one day, at different times it would save us a bit on facility rental," said sioux city community school district gausman. state law says school districts must certify a budget by april 15th. nebraska lawmakers will have more money than expected this session, based on new state revenue projections. today, a state board predicted nebrasas will collect nearly $9- billion during the current two-year budget cycle. the forecast will give lawmakers about $14.1-
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legislation this year, compared to the roughly $1.4 million at their disposal before the latest estimates were approved. with just four d ds to go until super tuesday, donald trump got a huge endorsement from former republican presidential candidate new jersey governor chris christie. the surprise endorsement was made during a press conference in fort worth, texas ahead of trump's campaign rally. governor christie, who suspended his bid for the presidenen earlier this monthth after new hampshire's primary,y, joined trump on stage to officially give his support. s/gov. chris christi(r) new jersey :15 "the single most important thing r the republican party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton, i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump." trump, who had previously dismissed the importance of endorsements , said he felt very strong about this one. nice today... but it will be even warmer tomorrow! chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecaca.
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wiwi bring another day of sunshine but with a stronger southwesterly wind temperatures will warm to almost 25 degrees above average leaving central and western siouxland in the 60s with eastern siouxland getting into the 50s. a front is going to move through early sunday giving us a slight chance of a rain shower and slightly cooler temperatures as we top o o closer to the 50 degree mark. a child appears to be the only survivor of a shooting in rural washington stste that left five people dead thorities say the girl, who survived, is 12 and was taken to a hospital for an evaluation. neither the gunman nor his four
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been identified. investigators will say the gunman had called 9-1-1, today, to say he shot and killed his family. authorities say officers negotiated with the man for about three hours before they entered the home and five bodies, including the gunman. the search for answers continues after a man killed three coworkers and injured 14 others in a kansas shooting last night. nbc's chris pollone has more.
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and killed him. sheriff's deputies served ford with an order to stay away from his girlfriend hours before the rampage. (s/ sheriff t. walton - harvey county kansas :42 - :49) "he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he was just upset that he was getting this order." then police say ford, armed with a rifle and a handgun shot two people apparently random victims stole a car and came to excel industries. (sot / no id) "and more people running and all of a sudden pop pop pop, i started running too. within moments, the shooting was over and ford was dead. (s/ sheriff t. walton - / harvey county kansas 1:06 - 1:12) "this man was not going to stop shooting.. the only reason he stopped shooting was because that officer shot the shooter." (nats: officer with crime tape) as this small counity mourns those lost, we're starting to learn more about the people taken in this mass shooting according to family members, one of those killed was a man named josh higbee two other families are feeling the same pain. chris pollone, nbc news, hesston, kansas. > a pleaeaearing is set for monday in the case of an akron, iowa, man charged with killing his mother. jonathan neunaber is charged
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death of esther neunaber in july of 2014. the bodies of both esther and her husband donald were found in their farm home near akron. authorities say donald died of natural causes. jonathan neunaber has plded not guilty in the case. in january, he was found competent to stand trial. a sioux city man has been arrested for sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl. 68-year-old evert scott is facing sexual abuse charges after, police say, he sexually assaulted d young girl who visited his home. the victim said these acts happened multiple times. police say scott told the victim not to tell anyone about the assault or scott would come after her when he got out of jail. scott is a registered sex offender and has been convicted of sexual assault twice. still to come... grab the popcorn, because we're going to the movies after the break. we'll take you to the siouxland film festival, next. warming began today but it's certainly not done yet. saturday will bring another day of
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with a stronger southwesterly wind temperatures will warm to almost 25 degrees above average leaving central and western siououand in the 60s withth eastern n ouxland getting intoto the 50s. a front is going to move through early sunday giving us a slight chance of a rain shower and slightly cooler temperatures as we top out closer to the 50 degree mark. we rebound on monday with highs back into the upper 50s before bigger changes by tuesday. that system could bring us a chance of a mix of precipitation by monday night with light snow possible
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will only be in the low to mid 30s. precipitation chances move out by wednesday as we'll be keeping things on the cooler side of the thermometer. film-lovers packed the sioux
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film-lovers packed the sioux city public museum, tonight, to enjoy some jolly time popcorn, cold beverages and of course, some independent films. the 12th annual siouxland film
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across sioux city with tonights screening of horror, fantasy and science fiction short films. it was the 3rd night of the four-day festival. the event has become popular among siouxland filmmakers, but also with international filmmakers. tonight's screening included films from countries like belgium, sri lanka, poland, new zealand and more. unlike many other film festivals, the audience plays a key role. "we're a very unique festival in that all of the winners are chosen by the audience," said tim bottaro. "and the filmmakers tell us they love that because it means more to them than a panel of critics to have the audience say that they've embraced their film." if you haven't had the chance to attend and would still like to, don't worry. the festival continues tomorrow afternoon from 2-7 in the orpheum theatre. still to come... skimming scam. we'll tell you what to watch out
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police share new information on lcome to subway, what can i make for you? how 'bout crunching into flavor with a fritos chicken enchilada melt? pulled chicken in enchilada sauce,
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fresh veggies and fritos corn chips! hurry in today! subway. eat fresh. card skimming device found at a sioux city gas pump. it was found at a cubby'y' on south york street, near singing hills. police say it was found inside a pump when a technician was contacted about an card reader that wasn't working. there are currently no suspects in the investigation. but authorities say they don't believe a cubby's employee was involved. and, with the skimming scare,
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people to take action. ktiv's tiffany lane offefe tips to keep your inforortion away om scam artists.
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so if i see any fraudulent charges or whatever, i'll just let them know," said eric kilburn, a sioux city resident. "so i don't let it bother me, no." and since drivers can't avoid going to the gas station, police are advising them to stay cautious about how they pay. su "now there are a few things you can doo prevent being a victim of skimming. one is to make sure you're under a well lit pump. another is to go inside and use cash. and a third is to avoid using your pin whenever possible." even though both credit and debit cards can be at risk for skimming, police say keeping track of your account statements is a way to stay ahead of scammers. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> scammers have also targeted atm machines. they place devices over the actual card readers. when customers swipe, their information is stored. stillllo come... parents, pay attention. your child's car seat could cost them their lives.
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the iowa department of public health says 3 iowans gave tested positive for the zika virus, a disease thatat has strong ties to birth defects. the health department's zika virus update, which was released toy, says they're all women. one is between the ages of 41-60, and two others are between the ages of 61-80. the women with the disease have all traveled to different areas, including the caribbean, central america, and south america. none of the women are pregnant. mosquitoes
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established in iowa, so the risk of getting the disease comes only to iowans who travel to zika-affected areas. evenflo is recalling about 56-thousand combination booster seats... over a concern children may access the seat's harness adjuster button and loosen the harness. the recall involves evenflo's transitions 3- in-1 combination booster seats manufactured before january 29th. evenflo says the problem only affects the seats when they're used as forward-facing harnessed boosters. if the harness does not fit snugly, that increases the chance of injury in a crash. no injuries have been reported. we all know breakfast is the important meal of the day... this morning, moms got to enjoy breakfast with their kids in the elk point-jefferson schools. moms, or "mother figures" got to enjoy cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, juice, milk and coffee thanks to lunchtime solutions. after thth finished their meal, the moms, and "mother figurere had the the chance to walk their students to class. brad's here -- it was east
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the black raiders and stars met for the third time, with a trip to the substate final on the line. we'll have the action. and, highlights of five girls district finals nebraska, as the state urnament brackets ararfilled up.
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we'll show you how it's using beer baths to get rid of insoma. and a kitten abandoned in california was taken in by an animal shelter. how his cute face has helped him
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boys beat north twice -- by 18 points and by 33 points. they met for the third time in a subsbste semifinal. the winner would be just one win away from a trip to des moines and the state tournament. east jumped out to a 7-nothing lead and never trailed. good passing, jaylen rees finds van rees for 2 of his 26 points. it's 14 to 3 black raiders. north cuts the lead to six after a quarter -- jalen billings takes it coast to coast for the tough two -- 19- 13 after one. east slowly pulls away. jaylen rees with another assist to freshman aidan vanderloo on the back door cut. raiders up by 16 at the half. the black raiders shot the ball well -- senior connor murrell with 3 of
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east will play council bluffs abe lincoln for a trip to state. the third-ranked lynx beat lewis central, 54-38, on the other side of the bracket. a-l beat east by 21 and by 13 in their two meetings. that substate final is tuesday at 7, at the tyson events center. nebraska class c & d girls teams were tryryg to earn trips to t t state tournament in regional finals. four of those games were in norfolk. ktiv's mark freund has more. wynot has been to state six straight years in class d2, four of those as state champs. the blue devils looking for their 7th straight trip to lincoln, taking on o'neill st. mary's, who won last year's d1 title. this one, all knotted up at 17 at the half. third quarter - danielle wieseler pulls up and drilil a long three - that gives wynot a four-point lead, 23- 19. later - cortney arkfeld drives - kicks it out to carissa kuenta in the corner - hits the three right in front of the fans for a 9 point lead. st. mary's gets a little closer at the end of the quarter -
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with the rebnd and putback. wynot didn't hit a field goal in the 4th quarter - but they didn't need to - wieseler scored 22 points to lead all scorers - wynot headed back to lincoln, with a 40-31 win. "it's so great to come down there with this group of girls," said wynot senior danielle wieseler, "it's differenevery year. it's great to build that bond with them and go through this journey with them and have fun down there." over at northeast community college - omaha nation looking for a state berth in class d1 against fullerton. first quarter was relatively scoreless - halle plumbtree with the stickback - warriors with the early edge. they keep adding - on the loose ball - ashley frenzen with the layup. omaha nation didn't have a field goal in the first quarter - but finally get a bucket form mira parker - parked scored 11 for the lady chiefs. but plumbtree and the warriors would pull away - plumbtree had 26 - fullerton ends omaha nation's season, 56-40. in norfolk, nebraska, mark
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at norfolk high, second-ranked crofton cing elgin public/pope john. it doesn't take this team long to get up the court - katie petersen finishes - she led the way with 25 points. and the warriors can do some damage from long-range too - brittany guenther good-looking three ball, guenther had 9 points. crofton got out to a 21-6 lemd early - kelsey sanger keeps it climbing going coast-to-coast. and i think you know where these highlights are headed - breanna allen for three. crofton wins easily, 59 to 33 over ep-pj and is headed back to lincoln. "i think we're very deserving," said breanna allen, crofton senior. "we played a lot of tough games this season. we've lost a couple to some really good teams, two games to a team we're probably going to see down there again and i think we're very deserving of another chance at them and another chance at the state title." lyons-decatur northeast facing spalding in class d2 -- both teams un- ranked. third quarter - cougars up by 22 to 15 - kelly wakeley cuts
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ball - with it... she adds to that l ld. cougars were crashing the boards - and it was to their advantage - lexie bacon gets the offensive putback. the shamrocks kept the cougars honest - briana mckay just inside the three- point line. size working again inside - with another r fensive putback and she's fouled. lyons-decatur northeast wins it first time in school history. guardian angels, taking on ponca, in south sioux city. the indians get the early advantage -- elizabeth watchorn dishes it to rachel bentz for the bucket, ponca goes up two. later on, ponca keeps rolling, mackenzie boyle sinks the three with a hand in her face, the indians take a three point lead. guardian angel overcomes their slow start, they run a little pick and roll -- breanne kreikemeier gets the basket. the bluejays get it done on the glass as well -- madeline knobbe
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board and bucket -- guardian angels earns a state trip over ponca, 63 to 40. in c1, wayne falls to third ranked ord, 36-25. west point-beemer loses to bishop neumann, 56-48, but still should go to state as a wild card. in d1, second-ranked emerson- hubbard is going back to state, beating north central 52-39. the nebraska girls tourney starts next thursday. the papaings come out on saturday. day one is or at the south dakota high school state wrestling tournament. elk point-jefferson has two guys in the class b semi's -- dylan colt and zach hueser each won twice. vermillion has two alive for titles in class a, trey hage and carter kratz. beresford and yankton each have one man left in thwinner's bracket. you can see all the siouxland athletes, still alive in the winner's brackck, at the bottom of the screen . finally, tonight... clay central- everly, iowa ffa students
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pig fundraiser thth week. students put money in n jar to vote for which teacher they would like to see kiss a pig. social studies teacherom nostrom was the lucky winner... and had to pucker up, today. the money raised will go to the heifer project. it's an organization where you buy part of an animal and send it to a country in need. tonight: mostly clear. low: 28 wind: sw 5-10 mph torrow: sunny and warm. high: 6464 windnds/sw 10-20 mph thanks for joining us tonight... the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you back here
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join n mmy and his guests -- nathan lane. keri russell. comedian mary lynn rajskub. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 426. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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