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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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field so long from denver.thanks for joining us, i'm robert lowe in today's democratic south carolina primary, hillary clinton looks like the sure winner and, in both parties, the focus is already shifting to next week and super tuesday. more than 10 states and hundreds of delegates are at stake and the question is:
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trump and hillary clinton steve handelsman has the story from columbia south carolina
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3 days til a showdown. steve handelsman. nbc news. columbia, south carolina. (--- reporter live tag ---) between now and then it's big rallies... tv ads... and candidates shuttling like crazy tuesday states i'm steve handelsman in columbia, south carolina. now .. back to you. >> some iowa lawmakers are trying to make gun suppressors legal. the house passed a bill in hopes of legalizing suppressors. they're also commonly know as silencers -- and help reduce the noise level. many who enjoy hunting or shooting as a sport...say some type of protection is definitely
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protect your hearing, protect your eyes, everything." but opponents worry about gun violence. at the moment -- the bill is in the senate awaiting debate. if it becomes law, iowa would be the forty second state to allow them in the country. about two dozen people gathered at a monthly town hall to speak with northwest iowa state representatives about the current status of the legislature. topics included legalizing medicinal marijuana, the state budget, and the recent decision to privatize medicaid. but, that decision has some siouxlanders concerned. ktiv's michelle schoening explains on tuesday, the federal government gave iowa gov. terry branstad the green light to move forward with a new plan to privatize medicaid. the plan gives the more than half a million iowan's on medicaid over to three private companies rather than the individual case workers they've been use to.
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and we're going to get fewer services," said dick owens. owens, who's worked with medicaid for more than six decades, says client managers will now come from the private companies. "so if there's a difference of opinion, the case managers will have to work in favor of the company. they cannot work in favor of the companies," said dick owens. to ease that concern...legi slative democrats are fighting to create an oversight committee. "to ensure that recipients of medicaid which include the elderly and disabled which are 70% of all payments that they have advocates looking out for their best interest. not necessarily a for-profit company deciding which services they will and will not receive," (d) representative david dawson. dawson says he's hopeful the bill will be passed this session. ensuring all recipients are receiving adequate care. "it's their life. if you don't have it you don't have life," said dick owens. in sioux city, michelle schoening ktiv news four. iowa will join 39 other states with privatized medicaid. the plan begins on april 1st. the newly combined
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has a new place to call home. post 64 held their open house earlier today to honor the new building. the legion is a full family post. that means the american legion riders, post, and women's auxilary will be utilizing the building as well. commander of the monahan- nelson post says it was fun to see the older generation help to make the project a possibilty. "the siding on the front of the building, the signs, the sheetrock and the demolation and the taping and the painting, these guys just worked here everyday as long as they could to get the job done," ed olson, commander post 64. sioux city mayor bob scott was at the open house. he hopes the young men and women serving in our military take advantage of the legion. spring-like warmth has returned to siouxland yet again! with that, we've officially broken a record here in
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was 66 and we have climbed above that with a temperature of the 73. this also makes saturday the 2nd warmest day on record for february. sadly, this warmth will evade us as we close out the weekend. a weak cold front will be swinging through the upper mid-west and this will bring us cooler temperatures and a chance of a morning shower for sunday. . your 7-day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes the first victim shot during a deadly shooting spree at a manufacturing plant in kansas on thursday is speaking out. melissa torres says she's worked in the paint industry at excel for eight months. she says while spraying and drying parts on thursday... she heard at least five gunshots outside. torres says that's when cedric ford walked through the door with "his hands up" and "ready to do damage." she ran with other co- workers
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torres was struck in the hand, hip, and back. "i mean, i know this is over and i will get past it, but still it's just going to take time for me to be able to feel completely calm, and i don't know if that will ever happen." torres was one of 14 people injured. three other co-workers were killed. a plea hearing is set for monday in the case of an akron, iowa, man charged with killing his mother. jonathan neunaber is charged with first-degree murder in the death of esther neunaber in july of 2014. the bodies of both esther and her husband donald were found in their farm home near akron. authorities say donald died of natural causes. jonathan neunaber has pleaded not guilty in the case. in january, he was found competent to stand trial. authorities arrested a man they say got into a scuffle with a minnesota police officer. then stole multiple vehicles from northwest iowa as he made his way to kansas. ktiv's sam curtiss has more.
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parked his semi and trailer. as you can see, no truck. "i heard our trucks engine come to life," said casey willer. out his lawton farm window, willer saw this around noon on friday: a pizza ranch van parked in it's place. "i was kind of curious as to why the hired man was driving a pizza ranch van," said willer. turns out, it wasn't his hired hand. the van had been stolen from a pizza ranch in sheldon that morning. authorities say 26-year- old ivie popplewell of winona, minnesota, scuffled with police outside a worthington hospital. then worked his way south stealing both vehicles. "he had to know a little bit of what he was doing," said willer. and he did. a woodbury county deputy says popplewell has a disqualifed commerical driving license. translation - he can drive a semi. ottawa police caught popplewell nearly 300 miles away - southwest of kansas city. "all those weigh scales, dot stations, i mean to get where he got, he had to of gone by i don't know how many law officials," said willer. though popplewell is in custody, willers semi- trailer is still missing. an electric company in st. joseph's, missouri, called willer complaining his truck damaged a bunch of equipment. "i apologized that happened down at your place but i informed him at that point that that truck had been reported stolen," said willer. and that's how pizza ranch found out their van was stolen. a driver called to complain of a reckless driver. and certainly not a thoughtful one either. "no, they did not bring me any pizza," said willer. "he sure could of."
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"he sure could of." ktiv news four. popplewell is being held in the franklin county jail in kansas. his mugshot has not been released at this time. as for the willers truck, we'll keep you updated on that and other r tails as they becomeme available. coming up on news 4 at 10 trips to state were up for grabs tonight for iowa boys basketball teams in both 1a and 2a. marks got the highlights
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lasting into tuesday morning, with highs dipping below freezing. temperatures wililstay on the cool side through h e work week before we bounce b bk into the 40s come next weekend. >>
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singing and dancing at the 16th annual bishop heelan show choir classic. schools from all over the midwest came to today's event to compete. the theme of this years classic...sail away one performer explains show choir is more than just simply singing and dancin "we have a theme to each song, and every song is different and we have different emotions, different dance moves, different groves
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people what we are trying to talk to them about," said georgia a droy, show choir performer. our very own brad paustch and ron demers were the m-cs for the event. still to come for us on a saturday night a type of lice is now resistant to over the counter treatments and its spread to half the country. the details are coming up in
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an annoying problem that can run rampant in our schools and homes. the e c reports that up toto 12-million children a year will get lice. that's bad enough. but now, research shows an outbreak of so-called super lice -- much more resistant to treatment -- in 25 states so far. rehema ellis explains how to stop p . 11 year old lila botur is checked for lice today... nat sot: oh, look. there sure enough, they're back again. her mother, andrea says, this is 4th time in a year for her family. says annoying! mom: kind ofofurprised. she itching so i wasn't expecting this) she's not alone . identified main chemical in over the counter treatments
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spread to 25 states. and washington d.c. sot: it's important not to panic. lice are not a health hazard. they don't transmit disease." nat sot: kids in the chair being examined for live to kill these superlice, experts advise: first try learning how to comb them out use over the counter treatments repeatedly over several weeks ask your doctor for prescription treatments wash clothing and linens in hot (130f) water or there's always a lice clinic like hair genies. clinic owner: clinic: 155028 "there's nothing to be ashamed of. we tell the kids here, it's not your fault, somebody gave it to you. lila is learning how to avoid it. sot: don't share hair brushes, or hats and on sleep overs use your own pillows. families trying to stay super vigilant against super lice. reema ellis, nbc news, norwalk, connecticut mark's in now - more iowa boys
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tickets to des moines. (mark) state tournament berths on the line in classes 1a and 2a. we've got highlights from le mars and orange city as south o'brien, central lyon, western christian and sioux center all looked to head to the well. plus, the bandits open their
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norm for western christian. wolfpack head coach jim eekhoff has taken western to state 17 times - one short of equaling the all-time best for an iowa coach. the wolfpack had a chance for a trip back to des mooes - if they could get past sioux center in a class 2a substate final. this was a good one - tied at 36 at the break. and sioux center wasn't going to back down - marcus winterfeld with the floater - winterfeld scored 22 to lead the warriors. but then western unleashes an incredible run - jesse jansma to taylor miedema in transition - 3
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lead for western. and it only grows - jansma spots up - he had 15 points in the 3rd quarter alone - 26 forhe game. then dustin marra - coach eekhoff liked his defensive effort - sparks the offense too - and-one. it was a 13 point lead after 3 and western survives a late sioux center run to head back to state, 87-to-79. "all of our guys played well," said head coach jim eekhoff. "i was really proud of the way gesink came through, and jesse hitting all those threes. it was just a great win and and we're headed back and really happy." "it's alwawa big to get back," said senior forward josh vanlingen. "that's a team goal for every year. it's just nice to be back there and we've got a chance to go out and win it again like we did two years ago." class 1a substate final in le mars - south o'brien and central lyon battling for a trip to des moines. first quarter, riley van wyhe drives baseline and hits the floater - ceceral lyon takes an early
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edge. back for south o'brien - their leading scorer - damon struve, cans a three - wolverines back within 2. but central lyon has an answer - cade knoblauch underneath - stretches the lions lead to 4. from there, the wolverines take control - struve beats the buzzer with a deep three - struve had 22 points. south o'brien - back to the state tournament for the second straight year, 62-to-50. other 1a substate finals - g-t/r-a falls to 5th ranked west hancock by 10 points. ikm-manning will be in des moines - the 7th-ranked wolves beat nodaway valley, 65-to-60. it was a crosstown shohoown for the gpac tournament semifinals, as the top-seed, and top- ranked morningside hosted the fourth seed, briar cliff. the mustangs have already beaten the chargers t tce this season, by 20 and 16 points. m'side was clicking on all cylinders - already up 45-32 at
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with the steal - ahead to madison braun on the layup - 8 points for her. then the mustangs go inside - to jessica tietz - off the window for two - morningside out front 57-to-35. briar cliff keeps fighting - alex fuller in the corner - just inside the arc - brings it back to4a 20-point deficit. but morningse shot over 55 percent in the second half - tietz led the way with 28 big points. and morningside moves to the gpac final with a 97-68 win over their gpac rivals. "briar cliff, it's a huge game to play anyways, because it's a cross town rival. it's just something you get pumped and excited for," said tietz. "this is definitity a good time to be playing together and having that team chcmistry right now, coming into the tournament, and just every game forward." the briar cliff men could set a new school record for wins in a season with a victory over midland. first half - shane graves in transision - to the cup,
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off hand - graves scored 13 points. but midland came out on fire - shooting 55percent in tte first half with 5 threes - the warriors led by as many as 16. but b-c-u begins to chip away at that lead - clay harreld - he'll do this to you in transition - stop and pop three. 7 and a half to play in the half, harreld curls off a screen for another one. briar cliff comes back to win 81-to-76 - the chargers host the gpac final on tuesday. iowa state, at home against kansas state. first half - tied at 21 - great pass to abdel nader - he can't finish - but jameel mckay can - mckay had 14 poitns, 17 rebounds off the bench. k-state hung tough in the first half - they only hit 4 threes in the game - but that one gives the wildcats the lead. but monte morris w wl give isu the lead with a buzzer beater 3 - iowa state rolls in the second half to the 80-61 win.
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for a second- straight c-i-f title tonight. sioux city, hosting old rival omaha - the bandits went 3-and-1 against the beef last year. lots of excitement at the tyson events center for the defending champs. scoreless first quarter - the beef's joshua floyd jr. going for it all - rahn fnklin picks off the under throw - fans riled up. a few plays later - fans get a good look a new qb a.j. graham - 45 yards to frederick bruno - bandits up 7-0. second quarter - same two guys hook up again - this one only a 9-yard score. then graham, showing off his legs too - untouched from three-yards out. sioux city wins their season opener 43-38 over the omaha beef.


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