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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 24, 2015 2:07am-2:37am PST

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not amused. and, it's a payback time for an rtm secret santa. how a hidden camera caught the tainted treats going down oh, so fast. >> what did you put in them! >> some of the best videos are ones that you can say i've never seen anything like this before, but this one has me asking, are you kidding me? you see a whole bunch of people out there in the breakers, quite close to the beach. we catch a glimpse of what looks like a parasail or parachute. you see people all trying to grab onto that rope. apparently the parasailing boat rolled over and sunk right there. as the cameras pans up there's someone stranded in the sky. there's nowhere she can go.
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against the wind to get her down. >> those boats have big large winches to reel people in. it takes a lot of force to bring that giant kite out of the air. >> i'm so glad you brought up the force because it's about to come into play and it's crazy. we see this and then -- >> no! did she fall? >> someone pulling on the rope comes falling down with a huge splash of water. everybody seemed concerned about this guy. you see him floating around the water looking just fine and then you hear this sound. suddenly everybody is looking up because he is no longer connected and he is now floating away in this parasail. >> oh, my god, what a horrible predicament. at this point she is literally out of control. >> how does she get down? >> we actually get to see that. the camera gets a bit shaky. the focus is a bit off.
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getting lower and lower towards the trees. she actually ends up landing right there in that hotel complex, basically in the pool area. like james bond she is safe. everyone is safe. but guys, have you ever seen anything like this? a rear ender fender bender caught in these camera angles. you see a motorcycle take off in this intersection in midtown phoenix. gets up to a decent speed. he begins to slow down pretty quickly because he's going to make a right-hand turn. he gets punted from the back by a car. the bike goes flying. he goes flying. >> you even saw in the shadow he had his arm up. >> i'm glad you spotted that, olly. he did have his hand up. you can see it there. this universal symbol of cyclists of i'm going to turn
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whoever was behind him didn't see it or didn't notice but they run right into the guy. the rider claims that the driver that hit him says it was his fault. he goes really, here's the rearview camera on my bike. this guy is very prepared. here he is stopped at the light. the light turns green. he begins to go. you see that volkswagen right behind him. here he comes now slowing down. >> oh, no. >> that guy just wasn't looking. you saw the dip at the last second. >> yeah, as they hit the brakes trying to avoid this guy. the bike however had some major damage but he is okay, so is the driver of that car. >> people just don't pay attention anymore unless something is flashing at them. >> that's the guy's message. he says watch out for motorcycles. >> behold the beauty under the
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that woman is kathy cutler and she's under the water with can cutler. that's a sea turtle but it can't swim freely because it's caught in a rope. you can see after it gets closer and she swims away, one of its fins around its head is caught up in that line. kathy is moving over there to help free this creature. she's able to loosen it and it swims off. that is not a young turtle. i think the most elegant serene animal rescue i've seen. >> it wasn't caught up too much but you know without her help it would have died there. >> if it can't get to the surface to breathe and that thing could easily be a couple of hundred years old. >> the video goes on for five and a half minutes but the rescue takes seconds because she kind of loosens it. we have seen videos where the animal is so trapped that it's cutting into their flesh. that didn't happen this time. we have another water rescue but this one completely different area.
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fracking is a method of drilling into the ground to get at natural gas reserves. that guy right there was collecting fracking data, but then he spotted a fawn. >> it's crying. >> zach is trying to get this fawn out of the water but the fawn is like wait a minute, i think i might be having a good time. but in the end, he did rescue the fawn. christmas grinches are out in full force and they're hitting homes all over the world. this first video a few grinches in the u.k. have broken into this home. this happened on december 12th late in the evening. there are very nice gifts under computers. i mean, a very generous amount of gifts. >> are they just lucky or did they know? >> that's what i was thinking.
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weren't going to get a bunch of socks and scarves. >> here's the thing. they came back just a few hours later, around 5:00 in the morning, to take even more stuff. that, too, was caught on video. >> wow. they knew a lot about this house. they cased it. i think the first place they should start checking is who's been working in the house recently, any kind of contractors, not to say that they did it but that could lead to the information. >> at least they got a good look at this guy. >> hopefully someone recognizes him because police are still looking for them. >> this guy in australia, police are hoping to get their claws on this grinch. >> they're trying to get their santa santa claus into him. >> that's what they're trying to do. this guy opens the gate, walks right through. what could be the thing that he's after. take a wild guess. >> i'm guessing lawn inflatables? >> yes.
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onto that porch you see a big old santa claus that he was able to grab. >> the elfves have to rescue santa. are we sure that isn't a christmas movie? >> possibly. because police are still hoho hoping to catch him. >> this man is in a roomful of flames. he turns around and realizes it's not the room. it's him. see is daring escape that saved his life. and, the adorable moment
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confusing. closed captioning provided by --el like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. don't forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. this firefighter in china has found himself in a very, very dangerous situation.
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situation and found himself now trapped. no water pressure to fight the flames that are coming up behind him. now he's trying to effect a rescue of himself. >> looks like he's trying to fumble with maybe some sort of emergency ladder or something. he's trying to spin out this rope of some sort but that's not working. if you keep watching this video, you can see that orange glow getting more and more intense behind him. the anxiety of the crowd begins to get louder and louder. >> just jump out. >> you're not that high. >> you can see people down below him trying to help but they just can't reach each other. he does manage to deploy whatever he's got there down to the man below but it's not time. >> go, go, go. >> he turns around and realizes it's not the room that's on fire anymore. it's him. >> oh, my god.
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grabs onto that drainpipe, flies down to the ground and is on the ground now. other firefighters there quickly run to his aid. miner minor injuries. he had minor burns to his hand. thankfully no other people were injured and that room he was trying to fight the fire in was basically a storage room full of a bunch of stuff. nobody's apartment was burned there. in all, as dangerous as that looked, everybody got out. >> the little cutie pies in these videos just can't catch a break. first up, of course the dog is cute but the dog keeps licking at the baby and he's having none of it. >> no licking the face. >> you see dad go to pet the dog and he's trying to get the little one to follow suit.
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>> these little ones, they belong to me kind they're my nieces. what's good about being a big sister if you can't teach your little sister how to make fun noises. >> yay! >> baby sis is not amused. >> yay! it's never too late to learn how to play guitar. one man's epic musical journey on the next "right this minute." still to come, a guy gives his girlfriend an early christmas gift but -- >> there's another box inside. wow. >> oh-oh, are we playing this game. >> why all the unwrapping is worth it. >> really? >> yes. plus he made a spinning machine to cook a turkey. but his bright idea is enough to
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promotional consideration provided by -- one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. the rtm video app. it's the easiest way to watch the best videos. download it now. we're going to see a lot of videos like this this holiday season because somebody always wants to give a camera like this man here. >> i want to see the expression on your face. >> what could it be? there's a big box on the floor. the girlfriend is there and she's got to start opening it. then she quickly realizes when she opens that box, there's another box inside. wow.
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>> it's like russian nesting dolls. there are multiple boxes inside and they go down and down and down. >> it's what you always wanted. >> portion controlled pouchs, yeah. >> she knows better. >> opening presents is the fun part, tearing it up, opening the present. that's part of the fun of it. makes it feel like she's got a lot of presents instead of just one. >> am i going to have to open this like 80 times? >> no. i wouldn't go that far. >> what did you get for an annoying boyfriend. >> we've gone from big boxes to small boxes. this better be good. >> finally she sees it. what is that, everybody? >> a dog bone. >> don't bury it in the garden now. >> all that for a dog bone but -- >> she's downstairs in the basement. >> a dog? a dog? >> a dog. >> really? >> yeah. >> she loves that puppy more than the boyfriend. >> but the puppy wouldn't have fit in any of those boxes. that dog, they named it bella. as you can see, it is love as first sight.
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surprise. didn't bark or whine or scratch. >> she was like this, which you got to do that in every gift giving video. >> merry christmas, baby. our buddy colin firth has a little bit of a christmas dilemma. he's not the biggest fan of turkey and he kind of finds it dry. he tries reaching out to jamie oliver, one of the best chefs in england. he had some good ideas, but what's he going to do? >> we got to spin it around really fast! >> wait a minute, what's that going to do. colin from scratch decides to build this machine which is going to be spinning a turkey, pumping liquid through it the entire time. he builds a box there, welds it together. he's going to raise it up a bit because he fits a washing machine motor underneath it.
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that will be twisting the turkey inside. the spinning mechanism that's in the middle of the turkey has holes in it that are going to be spraying the water out. this is epic. >> this is. >> how is he going to cook it? he needs heat. the water is going to be heated by these immersion heaters in the bottom. it's so complicated. >> if this really works, i want to eat at colin's house. >> doesn't that look incredible? >> it looks like a time machine in his basement. >> he puts it to the test and quickly manages out that there is a bit of an issue. if you look on the ceiling it's a garden of e. coli all over the top of his work station. he realizes he has to zip tie the turkey down. the other thing he does as well, because you've got the broth on the bottom, you actually put the
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>> oh, look at that. that looks nice. >> gives it a bit of a taste. >> that'sll right, that is. that's pretty good. >> he said it's pretty juicy but if you're going to do something like this and call jamie only investigator, -- oliver -- this time jamie helps him out. they put a big turkey in there, gives it some seasoning, gives it a go, busts it out and jamie points out one issue. >> we haven't got the kind of roasted appeal on the inside. >> they've got a solution. >> a flame thrower, right? >> this is what you've got the best chef basically in the u.k., one of the most famous chefs in the world, this is his review. >> incredibly juicy. >> really? >> look at that.
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is incredible. look at colin in the background. it looks like colin has done it again. a fellow rtmer has been trying to get me back with an epic prank for ages. >> there's almost no hope. >> i hear you like oreos. >> i love them.
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what it's difficult to drive on ice but lexus u.k. called in the hamilton ice sculptors to create ice tires. >> oh, my god. >> they're actually going to put them on the car and drive them? >> they are.
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they used an l.e.d. lighting up. tires. that? that's incredible. >> the quick explanation is that there's a metal disc in between the ice that they were able to mount on the hub but the tires and wheels themselves are made of ice and that is pretty cool. we'll put the entire how-to video on our website, or check out our mobile app. >> those rims are cool. we love our pranks here at "right this minute" and i've got a video that's just too good for you guys to miss. before i press play i need to invite brittney. come on in, brittney. >> oh-oh. >> press play. >> hello, nick. >> oh-oh! >> you've tortured me these past months. >> poor brittney over the last year there's been a lot of pranks.
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multiple occasions with air me. you tore me ball in half and >> i didn't do it! >> once the reveal came out -- >> that was a good one, and you got two new basketballs out of it. >> try as she might to prank him back -- >> somebody left a giant dead scorpion on my desk. >> seemed like a great plan. >> i don't know that you could really call it a prank. i would call it more of a lame attempt. >> you seem unprankable. i have given up. >> like there's no hope. >> and then, let's review the secret. >> but wait. >> i hear you like oreos. >> i do. i love them and i ate them immediately. what did you put in them? >> let's just go through the recipe, shall we? >> i added a couple of extra ingredients that will add pizzazz.
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>> okay, i have to say, where i come from, we eat those. >> it's a well thought out prank but she was having some problems in the kitchen. >> i'm having a little bit of a kitchen problem here. >> i was frustrated watching her mess around with a knife. >> it's now time to add it to your oreo ball mixture. >> dip it into some chocolate and roll it in the really crunchy sugar to cover up the krunk crunch and then you were left with these three oreo balls. do they look familiar? >> they were delicious and i look at this as a little extra protein in my normally sugary treat. >> we had a camera behind you and a gopro rolling as well. >> i attacked them like an animal. i was like, i love the cookie balls. >> given everything that you've put brittney through, how do you feel about this prank? >> they were really good, thank you. >> not even a little bit?
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to put into a prank. >> i'll give it like a d-plus. >> you don't get to grade the prank. >> thank you, gail. >> i'm giving this one a bloody round of applause for that one.
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