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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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2015 was a deadly year on the valley roadways especially for pedestrians. what experts say needs to be done to make things safer. looking back on 2015, one thing that's jumped out to many people in the valley is the number of deadly car crashes in the past year. the numbers aren't pretty.... especially for pedestrian deaths. a traffic expert tells us there are a number of dangers that
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action news reporter david schuman has a look at the sobering statistics and what can be done to make sure 2016 is a safer year on the roads. have to know the extent of the problem. up from 174 in 2014. pedestrian deaths? 61. 13:36:04 erin breen, unlv traffic safety expert "we had almost a record bad year for pedestrians. the highest we've had in 20 years." so what's going on? it's not very scientific...but expert erin breen has a theory -- selfish drivers. 13:37:29 "you see people driving like idiots all the time. they're darting in and out of traffic, they're speeding through and you think 'wow! how is that person not going to kill themself?" another theory she floated is that an improving economy means more people on the roads driving to work and just being out of the house. but that doesn't answer the most important question of what's being done. boulder highway is a particular trouble spot in the valley. a group of police officers and lawmakers are meeting this week to discuss...and hopefully implement...changes.
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they're going to lower the speed limit from 55 in the areas where it's 55 and make the speeds uniform along boulder highway which would help a great deal." long-term...breen expects more crosswalks and better-lit crosswalks. ultimately though it's up to individual drivers. she urges people to put the phones down and leave plenty of time to get where you're going. there are apps you can download that will automatically respond to text messages and calls while you're driving. it can be tempting to get that urge to check the phone but now with the help of technology you death of a man who was found in the street near rainbow and craig. according to authorities the man was riding a segway when he somehow fell off and died from his injuries. not much more is known at this time, but police are continuing to investigate and we'll, of course, keep you updated. a scary scene yesterday out a red rock canyon.
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hiker fell at "man's best friend trail." the extent of the his injuries are unknown at this time, but you can see in this video rescuers taking him on a stretcher to an ambulance. it is now known how far the hiker fell. friends and family are mourning the death of a man shot and killed by metro police. 23-year-old keith childress junior was gunned down after police tried to arrest him on a warrant. police say.. he appeared to be holding a weapon... which turned out to be a cell phone. "i just feel like he's another victim of police brutality" us marshalls were hunting for childress after he skipped out on a phoenix court date. he was to be sentenced for multiple felonies including burglary, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. las vegas police say they were called in to help take him in on an attempted murder charge after he surfaced here. they found him at a house on golden cypress...told him to empty his hands...but they say them.... they fired when they believed he had a weapon. "this is heartbreaking, devastating, theres not a word in existence to describe the amount of pain and devastation
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childress was a father of a young boy and had another baby on the way. the officers who shot him are now on paid administrative leave. a developing story this morning authorities say singer chris brown is suspected of misdemeanor battery and after an incident inside a suite at the palms yesterday morning. according to police.... an altercation took place over a cell phone when a woman began taking pictures of brown. the victim is alleged to have suffered minor injuries after she says brown took her cell phone. at this time, metro has not been able to speak with brown about the incident. the investigation is ongoing. an action news update on a fatal attack at a las vegas doctor's office. authorities say 43-year-old ..."mario chism"... was arrested in north las vegas nearly 2-weeks after fleeing the scene of a deadly shooting. police say chism and a woman believed to be a patient wore ski masks... attacked the doctor and robbed his office. according to investigators... chism ran off after the woman he was with... 45-year-old "veronica clay".... was fatally shot by an office employee. chism is facing severall
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robbery and kidnapping. good morning everyone! coming up... a group of armed protestors have taken over a federal building this morning....we'll tell you why. plus, 2016 is off to a devastating start for the midwest....historic flooding is causing major problems. we'll tell you if there's any relief on the way...
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missouri is being swamped by rouge. abc's indra petersons reports this morning. ((ad-lib at open set with live ((ad-lib at open set with live
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time now for a look at your
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here's micah manalo. turning now to a developing story .. a group of armed protesters
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federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the group is being led by members of the bundy family. they are accusing officials of unfairly punishing ranchers who refused to sell their land. the protesters occupied part of a national wildlife refuge near burns after a march and rally supporting dwight and steven hammond who are ranchers convicted of arson after a controlled burn got out of hand.
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the armed protesters broke into the refuge's unoccupied building and refused to leave. "it is the people's facility, owned by the people, and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and united and making a hard stand against this -- this overreach. this taking of the people's land and resources." ammon bundy says the group is armed, but said he would not describe it as a militia. he's the son of cliven bundy, a rancher who engaged in a standoff with federal officials right here in nevada. when good morning las vegas returns... the nonprofit group "her she" joins us in studio to take about a young women's transition to adulthood after leaving a foster home. you're watching channel 13 action news. we'll be right back on this
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when young women leave the foster care system, they often do not have the support needed to successfully transition to adulthood... that's where nonprofit, her-she comes in. here to talk about this group is kenadie cobbin-richardson with her-she and craishawn who's part of the program. (guests) kenadie cobbin-richardson / hershe las vegas founder craishawn/ hershe las vegas girl (questions) 1) let's start with why a
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needed - kenadie, what challenges do foster youth face, particularly young women? 2) craishawn, tell us a little about yourself. what does having a place to live, people to depend on mean to you? 3) kenadie, hershe las vegas is more than just the housing
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correct? 4) craishawn, what are you most looking forward to in 2016? 5) craishawn, what do you want people to know about foster youth transitioning out of the system? 6) kenadie, what help do you still need and if people want to refer
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fire investigators say the scene looked like a tornado tore through the area an oklahoma natural gas crew was reportedly working in the backyard of the house checking a gas leak ...when a fire started near a gas meter, causing the explosion. fire officials say a man who was inside the home was thrown from his bed. he is being treated for minor burns. eight homes in the neighborhood were evacuated and two other people were taken to the hospital for difficulty breathing.
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still ahead this morning... the nevada attorney general has issued a warning about a phone scam that could affect you....we'll tell you about it coming up. and a live look outside...thanks for waking up with us here on good morning las vegas. we'll be right back on this
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- and now a witness is speaking out. it all went down yesterday morning at siegel "slots and suites" near nellis and craig.
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looking ahead to this week, the trial for a former church pastor accused of sexually assualting young girls in his
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expected to start tomorrow. 56- year old otis holland faces life in prison for the charges against him. there's been many delays in getting the trial started. holland was known as "reverend otis" to many at the united faith church and he was also featured on the tv show "america's most wanted" before his arrest. everything is expected to get under way tomorrow. turning to the latest developments on a deadly shooting in north las vegas the victim's brother says the murder was not an accident. he sent us this picture of the
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44-year-old patrick fleming. family members say fleming and his killer had a history that came to a head yesterday around noon. according to police, the shooting happened inside an apartment after a fight broke out...but the suspect ran off and still hasn't been found. however, police say they may have a good lead in the case. the victims brother says witnesses have told officers exactly who they should be looking for an action news update this morning on a deadly new years eve crash the coroner has identified one of the victims... as 22-year-old "jacob alan varner". according to friends... varner was an airman at nellis airforce base. nhp says speed did play a role in the accident...they say varner lost control of the car.. slamming into the median.. before his car crossed 4 lanes of traffic.. then rolled over and burst into flames. varner and his passenger were both killed. "reno provisions", a reno cafe and grocery store that was tied to an e. coli outbreak is closing its doors for good. health officials say a dessert made and sold there was what caused customers at the twisted fork restaurant to become ill back in october. they say there were at least 21 cases of e. coli.
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reno provisions for $10,000 over the outbreak. a contact 13 consumer alert to tell you about... nevada's attorney general is warning nevadans..... about a new phone scam. callers are posing as representatives..... with the attorney general's office. it's similar to the ongoing i-r-s scam... the callers threaten arrest... or a lawsuit... and attempt to collect personal information... and money.... from their victims. remember... the nevada attorney general's office will never ask... or require you... to make payments by phone. an action news update... the site of the san bernardino ng rampage that left 14 people dead and 21 injured, is set to reopen tomorrow there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 6-hundred employees return to work. the center has been closed since december 2nd when syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik went on a shooting rampage. both were killed later in a shootout with police. new developments this morning in the case of the so-called affluenza teen who went on the run in mexico. it could now take months for him to be deported back home to face criminal charges.
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this morning.. a new defense for ethan couch in an attempt to avoid ending up in u-s custody? his lawyer in mexico telling abc news mexican authorities had no right to detain the teen? fernando benitez/ ethan couch lawyer sot phoner [gfx] 19;46;57;59 in the case of my client no extradition request has been presented by the united states 23;47;17;10 why is he being deported rather than extradited? why hasn't the us state department requested him if the us wants him for prosecution? ethan and his mother tonya couch detained monday at this hotel in puerto vallarta - the mother son duo apparently living off the grid for over two weeks after ethan allegedly violated his probation? ordered to serve only 10 years of probation after the teen caused a car wreck killing four while drunk driving? ethan's defense arguing he suffered from "affluenza" - too spoiled to understand his actions. sot -from sheriff presser (12/22/15) "i have never // seen a case that sparked such outrage, that sparked such emotion from people. // 4 totally innocent people // taken away in a second by the irresponsible actions of this juvenile." tonya has since been
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on a charge of hindering the apprehension of a fugitive. airport.. bound for the u.s. fernando benitez/ ethan couch lawyer sot [gfx] 23;44;18;31 the injunction or rather the stay issued by the federal judge has made it just in time because they were heading out to the airport and that injunction halted things good morning las vegas... coming up... an epic comeback on the college football gridiron! we'll take a look at how the t-c-u horned frogs were able to overcome the odds and beat the oregon ducks! a pastor confronts a gunman who bursts into his church holding a shotgun....and it all ended with a hug...we'll tell you
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tcu pulling off what seemed to be an impossible win at the
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while three myb e ma rnyanythingo dowi c oach rowds/celebrating - overnight - bck in bowl game history t-c-u - stunning oregon, in a dramatic triple-
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nothing, and tcu wins 47-71 (show beginning of game) the horned frogs, entering the game without suspended starting quarterback trevon boykin - (nats oregon's first td - if announce nats, great!) and oregon taking quick advantage in the first half (show montage of oregon scores) scoring again?and again - amassing a seemingly insurmountable lead. t-c-u's head coach, in need of a change in his team's luck? (show split-screen of coach's shirts from wsoregontcu) opting?for a change in wardrobe? sot coach (from wsoregontcu) - "black wasn't working" and in the second half, the superstitious switch, seeming to pay off! (show tcu qb throwing for touchdown in 2nd half, w/ nats if possible) backup q-b bram kohlhausen leading his team to 31 unanswered points - (show another tcu score forcing the game into not one, but three overtimes? (nats of the kohlhausen 3rd o-t touchdown - then show more celebrating for end of line) before running in (wstcutrophypresentation) at halftime, nobody had any doubt that we could come back, take it to 3 overtimes and win. (nats of victory dance) t-c-u ending the night with a trophy - and a well- deserved victory
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coverage republican presidential candidate donald trump doesn't seem to be fazed by reports that a terrorist group is featuring him in a recruiting video. the republican frontrunner spoke to supporters at a campaign stop in biloxi, mississippi yesterday. during the rally, trump blamed both president obama and democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton, for the rise of isis. they have a bunch of dishonest people they've created isis. hillary clinton created isis with obama." trump later went on to say hillary clinton should be in jail because of the ongoing email scandal she's facing. new information this morning u-s officials say 17 guantanamo bay prison detainees are cleared for release and will be transferred next week. once the 17 prisoners are moved there will be 90 detainees left. 59 of the remaining prisoners are not eligible to be transferred to another country so they would need to be moved
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guantanamo is closed. president obama vowed to close the guantanamo bay prison when he was first elected president. president obama is vowing to bypass congress to take action on gun control. the president and his administration believes the new executive actions would make it more difficult for the mentally ill, criminals, and terrorists to arm themselves with powerful weapons. the president announcing in his weekly radio address he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch monday to decide what he can do on his own without violating the second amendment. sot obama: "we can protect that right while keeping an irresponsible, dangerous few from inflicting harm on a massive scale." the white house wants to broaden the number of gun dealers who must perform background checks, and stop those on the no-fly list from buying guns. quite the story coming out of north carolina this morning... a pastor may have saved the lives of his congregation when he confronted a gunman during a sermon about gun violence. on new year's eve, pastor larry wright was talking to his small flock about shooting deaths in his community.
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church, carrying a rifle -- and a magazine of ammunition. wright says he walked up to the man and asked, "can i help you?" the gunman asked the pastor to pray for him. wright took the rifle and gave it to a deacon, then hugged the man and prayed with him. the man said he wanted to hurt someone, but he felt compelled to seek help within the church. police arrived during the dramatic incident and took the man into custody. officers say the man was voluntarily committed to a mental health facility. purple vo a picture of an eight week old kitten is causing a lot of people to talk around the country.... take a look...this kitten was dropped off at a san jose animal shelter on christmas eve. the first thing you might notice is someone dyed him blue. so the shelter staff named him "smurf." but there's something more disturbing about this story... you can see the welts on his fur...those are puncture wounds from apparently being abused. he has 20 of them and some are pretty deep. "he has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat. he's very sweet and very gentle and loves attention. and he's relatively strong considering what he's been
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foster care together. still ahead... a final check of your forecast. you're watching channel 13
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shawn tempesta: welcome to the morning blend extra. i'm shawn tempesta. now, does your home need a major repair or do you need to quickly sell your home for cash? well, real estate expert, investor and broker for first prime realty group, lathe levada, is back and he's here to show us how you can sell your home for cash. it's great having you. lathe levada: thank you. shawn: let's talk about this. you buy homes. what types of homes do you buy and what types of sellers do you buy from? lathe: i buy unwanted homes from sellers who need to sell quickly. generally, these sellers, these
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the seller is facing some sort of hardship, such as a divorce, relocation, job loss, sometimes they own an unwanted rental property, and they live out of state, or someone's passed away in the family and they've inherited a property and they just need to sell that property. shawn: now, let's say they had a to sell. why would they sell to you as opposed to doing any other method? lathe: well, i buy homes that generally need thousands of shawn: yeah. lathe: so the homeowner is unable to complete those repairs, and typically a cash buyer like myself is one of the only buyers that could purchase that house and make those repairs. the normal loan buyer can't buy those or don't want to buy those typically... shawn: they don't have the cash on hand to do that. lathe: exactly. with stringent guidelines, they're not able to buy these sorts of homes so a cash buyer like myself needs to come in and purchase those homes. shawn: so take us through the process. you buy a home, what happens to it next? lathe: well, the homes that i
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hold as long term rental properties in my portfolio after i make the repairs, or i'll make the repairs and put the home back on the market for resale so that a loan buyer can go ahead and purchase the property at that point. this is a win-win, and i like all my deals to be win-win deals. i enjoy buying these homes because i get to help out homeowners in bad situations. shawn: of course. these are homeowners that need a resolution relatively quickly. and you're kind of that knight in shining armor. that's what he is. i like that. the seller, do they have to pay the real estate commission? shawn: there is no real estate commissions on the homes i buy shawn: okay. lathe: i even go as far as to pay for the seller's closing costs, ordinary closing costs at close of escrow. shawn: wow. lathe: these are as-is transactions. the seller doesn't have to make any costly repairs or fix-ups on the property. it's really truly meant for those sellers who want to sell quickly, get their cash out, and move on. shawn: how quickly are we talking here for a purchase? lathe: i've purchased homes with
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shawn: no kidding? lathe: yeah. shawn: wow. that's way, way faster than your normal loan process and having to put it on the mls. that can really for somebody that's in a rush, that's perfect. yeah, it's quick but it's based on the seller's time frame, not mine. lathe: of course. lathe: so every situation is unique. every seller is different so we want to make sure that we're not rushing that seller. if they need more time, we give it to them. shawn: so how can a homeowner then find out whether or not your home is one of the homes they would maybe... you would like to purchase? shawn: well, the process is simple. they just give my office a call, and i'll do a 24-hour, no obligation cash offer, we'll do an evaluation of the home. that's the first step. the second step would be agreeing to a purchase price, drawing up a purchase agreement and the third step would be finalizing the transaction at a third party closing company-- title and closing company-- so they can get their cash profits and move on. shawn: that is like the easiest home sale ever. lathe: yeah. shawn: it's fantastic. if people want to be able to reach out, how do they do so?
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at the (702)476-2000. that's really the best way and then we can make a time to sit down and go over the condition of the home and what it is that the homeowner wants as far as profit out of the home and just come to an agreeable sales price that we can close on. shawn: i know, obviously, beyond this you are well versed in all things real estate, and you have a radio show. shawn: i do. it's on i-tunes and it's also on our website on demand so anybody who wants to listen to me on the radio take about all things real estate can just go to our website at shawn: absolutely. you can go there and check it out, and you're really covering all the bases there. it's pretty awesome. and you can ask him questions too. lathe, it's great having you. lathe: thank you. shawn: thank you so much. again, you can catch lathe's radio show. it's available any time on his website or on i-tunes. you can sell your home to lathe for a guaranteed quick and easy 24-hour, no obligation cash offer. he can do the sale in as little as three days. that's fantastic. for more on his services, you
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website on your screen. lathe is also on facebook and twitter. have a great day, vegas. music
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. (applause) well god bless you! it's a joy to come into your homes. if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. thanks so much for tuning in and thanks again for coming out today. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this man. he was on vacation in jerusalem with his family when his mother-in-law suddenly died. he went to make arrangements to get her body back home. the consulate said it would cost $5,000 to have her shipped but he could have
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