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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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welcome back, everybody. welcome back, everybody. getting back out to the tailgate scene. some serious nfl playoff talk. we start with the regular season finale last night on the frozen tundra of lambeau field. i feel like i've seen it colder there before. >> indeed. the vikings alre i feel like i've seen it colder there before. >> indeed. the vikings already had the lead in the third quarter when adrian peterson, remember him? ran it in from three yards out. then the game's big play. the vikings return a fumble, 55 yards for another touchdown. >> trying to say it was a forward pass situation. the packers, sorry, i'm already thinking about the broncos scored the game's final ten points. it wasn't enough. minnesota wins the nfc north title with their 20-13 victory. >> good job. the green bay pack remembers going to face my washington redskins next week. >> okay. so as for the afc -- >> moving to the afc, i've noted for the broncos, the afc is going to run through denver now.
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night went on the second half. this is of course, is their game at san diego. he didn't actually throw for a touchdown but instrumental in leading the broncos to 20 second half points. denver wins the afc west with the patriots loss. so they secure home field advantage through the playoffs with this 27-20 win. how does the whole afc wildcard situation shake out? the chiefs facing the texans will be saturday afternoon. division rivals steelers and bengals meet in cincinnati and then the patriots and broncos get a week off before getting in on the action in the divisional round. there you go. the terrible towel is out. >> yeah, that kind of sums up their chances. sorry, jack. but it was an amazing play in college football that still has everyone talking right now. >> tcu facing off against oregon in the alamo bowl. they were coming back from a
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31-point deficit. triple overnight. abc's clayton sandell on what might have been the difference in that game. >> reporter: this amazing come from behind win is not what many saw coming for texas christian university. >> that matches the largest comeback in bowl history. >> reporter: against oregon in the alamo bowl saturday, tcu was down at half-time, 31-0, and down on its luck, a ton of quarterback benched after allegedly getting in a bar fight just days before the big game, seen in this tmz video. so, the horned frogs turned to backup quarterback bram kohlhausen, his very first start. despite the first-half pummeling, he says he wasn't worried. >> at half-time, nobody had any doubt that we could come back and take it to three overtimes and win. >> reporter: nobody, except for maybe head coach gary patterson. at half-time, he got suspicious. he changed shirts from black to tcu purple. >> black wasn't working. >> reporter: the team battled back, and in the third overtime,
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kohlhausen ran the ball himself to score the final touchdown. >> it was 31-0, and tcu wins, 47-41. >> i said, can you imagine your dad passed away, he's watching, can you imagine if you come back that's what i told him before the game, and win this football game? can you imagine what he's thinking? and he did. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> it's got to be the shirt. >> the epic wardrobe change. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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continuett2w`t2n`qd" bt@q= h tt2w`t2n`qd" "a@q-,, tt2w`t2n`qd" bm@q&' tt4w`t2n`qd"" dztq 6px tt4w`t2n`qd"" entq ft8 tt4w`t2n`qd"" gzt& _s@ tt4w`t2n`qd"" hnt& o], tt4w`t2n`qd"" iztq %4t tt4w`t2n`qd"" jntq 7d4 tt4w`t2n`qd"" lzt& /)h a group of boy scouts hiking in the woods had their survival skills really put to the test. >> abc's marci gonzalez has the story. >> climbing, first aid. >> reporter: there's not a badge for the kind of bravery it took for these scouts to help save their scout leader from a bear attack. >> i thought it was a serious situation, like he may not make it out alive if we don't do something. >> reporter: brothers frankie and vincent lepore were part of a small group hiking last week in new jersey. saying their scout leader was grabbed petronino by the leg and pulled him inside. >> at first i thought he was joking but then i heard him call the bear and i called 911. so, i called 911. >> reporter: instead of
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panicking, their boy scout training kicked in. >> the main thing to do was just to stay calm. >> reporter: calling 911. >> he's bleeding from his neck, his arm and his head. >> reporter: and coming up with a plan to help rescuers find them deep in the woods. >> do you want us to make a signal fire? >> yeah, if you guys could start a fire. >> that fire and petronino's barking scaring the bear off. rescuers arriving soon after, airlifting their scout leader to the hospital. >> it was very scary, yeah. >> reporter: so scary, they feared the worst. >> if we don't make it out of this alive, i love you guys. >> reporter: and they did make it out along with petronino who took to heart their oath to help people at all times. >> i felt like a hero because i saved someone. we saved somebody's life. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. great kids there. must have been horrifying. coming up, the royals as you've never seen them before. >> a new documentary next on
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we can't outrun th we can't outrun them. >> we might in that quad jumper. >> we need a pilot. >> we've got one. >> you? >> "star wars: the force awakens" topping the box office for a third week, raking in another $88 million over the new year's weekend. it's also rocketed past the domestic grosses of both "jurassic world" and "titanic"ing to become the second highest earner of all time behind avatar. 19 days of release. it will be number one soon now. >> yeah. >> rounding out the top three "daddy's home" taking in $29 and "the hateful eight" bringing in slightly over $16 million. soon to possibly make television history "across the pond" is a documentary about prince charles. >> it promises to give us a nearly unprecedented glimpse
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into the life of a man who has become the longest serving heir apparent in british history. sarah haines gives us a preview. >> reporter: prince charles as never seen before in a new documentary set to premiere on british tv. in "when anton deck met the prince: 40 years of the prince's trust," charles opens up about his daily life as a future king and a grandfather. and it's quite revealing. >> there's no diaper changes. >> in a pinch i can do it. very nice. >> i'll bet it is. >> someone to keep an eye on me when i'm tottering about. william also speak out about palace life in the candid documentary. uncle harry joking about who really runs kensington palace, e. saying it's the 2-year-old heir's giant playground. prince harry adds he can be always hear the wheels of those plastic tractors to george loves playing on. william and harry open up about the lessons of family,
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they've learned from their father. >> i really respect him and look up to him because it can't be easy to take so many knocks over the years and fighting as much as he has. >> among charles' many titles the two princes prefer pa for the man who is always there for him. >> you can ring him up and say i'm in a bit of a pickle there or even better, you can off load stuff. >> sara haines, abc news, new york. >> harry or william? >> i'm not going to make that choice. are you kidding? >> so both. >> yes, both. >> both. it's a fascinating documentary, fascinating to see the princes there. >> and your follow-up questions. >> yes. >> fantastic, as well. >> absolutely. that's the news for this half hour. that's a look at london in the
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