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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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southern nevada. action new reporter david schuman is out in the elements right now with more. david. current conditions what's nice is that even though it's been raining hasn't been too chilly. i'm wearing a light jacket and in these low 50 temperatures...i'm quite comfortable.
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just trying to have a little is going to continue to track all this weather so keep yourself updated at reporting live..david 13 action news. this just in.. metro has just released recordings to support what they're saying about the latest police shooting. we just listened to the recording. the latest police shooting. we just listened to the recording.'s short, but you hear the initial report to metro that the suspect was wanted for attempted murder. action news reporter... mahsa saeidi joins us live..... from metro headquarters.... with what police are saying about this case. cops thought the suspect had a gun in his hand hidden inside his pocket as he walked towards officers turns out it was a cell phone undersheriff saying here... this was the first officer involved shooting in two years where suspect did not have a gun.
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why deadly force was used. certainly the question of why not a taser, why not another option, these officers believed he was armed and number two,myopically not use taser believed to be confronting an armed suspect as well as the distance is far from rangemof a taser in the 2 minute 13 second body cam video can see suspect keith childress walking across street... a metro sgt. has his gun drawn warning the suspect over twenty times to drop his gun, get dow, stop moving forward. this video the undersheriff says clearly shows cops believed the twenty three year old was armed. we learned today the suspect ... who was accused of several violent felonies was staying with a family friend in vegas.this shooting sparked 2pm
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marshallsmrunnung through back yard of a residential neighbirhood. (take family vo) we did speak with childresss family at a vigil on saturday they say they want answers they believe there was misconduct involved her had lot to livemfor not suicicde by cop children on the eay (tag) other new infirmation. marshalls had originallyntold cops suspect was wantednformattempted murder. that turned out to be false. it was a miscommunication.cops first over the scene of a series of hit and run crahes we've followed all day. chopper-13.. first over the scene of a series of hit and run crahes that stretched for miles around
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including two of the scenes beside me. we have action news team coverage with the latest on the chaos. action news reporter marissa kynaston is standing.. but we'll begin with contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin.. live from where it all began. stephanie. there's noorazy activity here right now, just normal end of the day traffic. but it was pretty backed up like this earlier today between about noon and two after a multiple car wreck. this is video from the scene. two cars, two vans, and a delivery truck all hit by what police say was a woman driving a white pickup. police say this was the third location in the valley where she hit other cars and then left the scene. you couldn't be in your right mind and do what she did and take off, no two cars here had to be towed, the other three could drive
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action news reporter marissa kynaston joins us live from where that driver was arrested-- with the latest. action news reporter marissa kynaston joins us now from fremont street with the latest. police believe those hit and runs were all caused by the same person-- i was able to talk with some people who work here-- and saw the woman get arrested. take pkg sot dominick duffy, witness they hog tied her to the ground because she kept trying to kick an officer witnesses described this woman as completely belligerent-- sot mitch barnum, witness screaming at the top of her lungs this is video from those witnesses-- you can see the woman being dragged out of her truck-- sot dominick duffy i saw the cops come out and tell her to get on the ground thats when they restrained the woman-- nat screaming and took her away. stretch-- that ended here in this parking lot-- on fremont
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the accidents damaged several vehicles-- sent at least one person to the hospital-- and took out a light pole. sot mitch barnum just kind of a crazy thing to see at work, it's not the best area of town but it's quiet for the most part where we work. police are investigating to see if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accidents. live on fremont-- mk-- ch13an. breaking news out of bend, oregon... where a meeting will be held at any minute... that could end the standoff at a wildlife refuge. tonight... ryan bundy.. the son of nevadan cliven bundy announced.. he and his militia will leave.. if the people of bend willl want them to go. the standoff began saturday to protest the re-sencing of two ranchers.. who t nback to prison today.
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at 6:30... we'll hear from ryan's father.. cliven bundy. that's the latest from the breaking news center. new at six.. police are explaining what led to the arrest of two suspected killers. according to the arrest report.. officers first tracked down megan hippie who led them to her alleged accomplice.. kyle statts. police found 42-year-old neil gandler dead in his car in last week in a parking lot near rainbow and alta. metro is still trying to determine a motive for his murder. a motorcycle crash ends... in a fire! but... the riders are no where... to be found. chopper 13 got this aerial view of the scene.... near sunset and fort apache. police say... two motorcycles were racing this morning... when they crashed into each other. one then caught fire. the motorcycles were reportedly stolen. now... an action news update on a high profile las vegas murder trial.... my brother is dead. he ain't coming back that's tehran bolden. today... a judge sentenced.... ammar harris to death....
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and two ohe las vegas strip. the fiery crash.... lit up the strip. this was about -2- and half years ago. as action news reporter... parker collins tells us.... a death sentence isn't enough... for bodlen. (nat sobbing) these are not just tears of sadness... in these tears is also absolute rage. 9:35:36-9:35:41 "he's a thug and he needs to be put down like a dog. he's a dog." ammar harris was back in front of a judge today. watching him from the back row was tehran boldon, the brother of one of the men who died because of harris. boldon waited and waited for something-- anything-- from harris... but harris refused to say anything. 9:37:20-9:37:28 "i miss my brother every day. i look in the mirror and i see him." in 2013... harris shot and killed a man who was driving on the strip. that man's car kept going and slammed into a taxi... killing two more people. boldon's brother was the cab driver. 9:35:10-9:35:17 "my brother is dead.
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got people sitting on death row making a mockery of the justice system." a jury decided harris should die back in november... today a judge agreed. boldon wants justice now... not years from now. 9:36:21-9:36:34 "this man is alive. he should be dead. it's the death penalty. do it and quit playing. talking about how much it costs... who cares how much it costs? what about the cost to my family?" at the regional justice center parker collins channel thirteen action news. some major road construction could get in the way of your commute. more on that next. plus.. record flooding in texas where roads are closed and a spillway is only a few feet from overflowing. coming up... in nta- 13- tonight... nevada's making a new top ten n it comes to the threat of identity theft.
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commute. construction starts tonight.... near the 15 and sahara.. to the 95 and m-l-k. crews will work overnight.., until thursday. then... it picks up from -7- a-m to -5- p-m.. n-dot says... you can expect delays during construction. state regulators meet this week to decide the future of rates for customers using solar power. new rates were set to take effect january 1st that would raise the service charge for customers by about 5 dollars. they would also reduce the amount the nv-energy pays to buy power back from rooftop solar panels. the public utilities commission will hold a hearing on thursday. we'd like to know what you think about this issue. just find this story on our facebook page and sound off. good news for nv energy customers.. who can now enjoy their third rate cut since july. that means the average family is now paying almost 13 dollars less than what they paid over the summer.
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you're in luck... a pizza war is going on right now... up next... how the customer is winning big time... plus... feathery culprits are shutting down roads in a bustling metropolis. which city's showtng
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scattered showers that will continue through tonight. our next system moves in tomorrow and is expected to bring more numerous showers to the valley as well as mountain snow to the sheep range and the spring mountains. a winter storm watch will be in effect from tuesday morning until wednesday morning. expect high temps in the mid 50s on tuesday and wednesday with breezy winds both days. our next system moves in wednesday afternoon. this system will be broader,
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scattered showers and mountain snow is expected wednesday, then more numerous showers on thursday with heavier mountain snow. high temps drop to the low 50s on thursday with breezy winds, and then will linger around 50 degrees for friday and the weekend. chances for showers with this system will linger on friday and will taper down to very slight through saturday morning.
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time now...
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from contact -13-. according to "lifelock".. nevada is the second riskiest state... for identity fraud. the company says... it's a growing problem. lifelock is reporting a nearly - 10-percent increase in fraud alerts.... from 2014 to last year.... just in nevada. according to the study.... california is the worst state... for identity theft. some good news... regarding pizza prices!! but... it may wipe out.... your new year's resolution. there appears to be a pizza war... going on. pizza hut... and papa john's... began the new year... with new low-priced offers. pizza hut... is offering customers... the chance to buy.... a medium pizza...
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for -5- dollars... as long as they buy... at least.... -1- other item... also for -5- dollars. papa john's... is offering customers... who buy a large pizza at regular price... the chance to buy a second... for only -50- cents. breaking news out of henderson... where minutes ago a plane made a hard landing at the henderson executive airport... new at six.. top fashion designer louis vuitton is bringing stock its blood bank after the holidays.. so action news is trying to make it easy for you to help. just drop by 'crimson' in the red rock resort between 1 and 7pm tomorrow to donate. everyone who gives blood will
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fabulous freddy cards worth $100 each. a big thanks to our sponsor.. fabulous freddy's.. for providing the prizes.. and to red rock resort for hosting the blood drive. coming up.. a newborn makes a court appearance.. on the orders of a judge. why the court won't excuse the mom.... from jury duty. this will have mothers everywhere... fuming!!! you're watching.... channel 13... action news.... where "you ask, and we investigate".
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to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral
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had child pornography.... on his phone. the man in custody allegedly confessed his actions..... to the child's mom. and... the mother..... locked him in the laundry room of her home.... near cincinnati and called police. officials say... it can be tough for the parents of these victims to come forward... but... they're glad this mom did. an ohio mom says.... she had to take her newborn... who was only -3- weeks old... out into the cold....because the county court wouldn't excuse her.... from jury duuy. michelle pankau says... she alerted the court..... when she got her summons for
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matter.... because it wasn't a medical condition. a lot of people coughing sneezing. i actually heard someone walk by that worked there and said oh i'm really sick but hanging in there i was like ok please don't walk by me. officials at the butler county clerk house say... they don't grant excuses unless you have proper documentation .. like a doctors note. new at 6.. your child's chemistry textbooks are officialy out of date. four new elements are being added to the periodic table. that's because they're being recognized by the international union of pure and applied chemistry. it also means the seventh row of the periodic table is finally complete. the elements will be officially named in a few weeks. it's the first time the table has been updated since 2011. next on action news live at 6:30.. hillary clinton is getting some help on the campaign trail from a democratic favorite..
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launches a major ad campaign. a popular fast food chicken restaurant is in trouble with the health district... at one location... coming up... this is happening.. during a time... when that same chain is en.... here in our valley. and... for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download.... the free k-t-n-v mobile app... for your smartphone or tablet. we'll be... right back.
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too many people are falling victim... to a new craigslist scam!!! what you need to watch out for....
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but first..
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