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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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here's a live look at the roads right now. i flip live drive shot between the rain and rush hour and it getting dark - the traffic is pretty bad and there's quite a few accidents. we passed a couple on tropicana near paradise.....and on eastbound 215 near the i-15 junction. but metro's accident list is quite extensive. every time i refresh their page - there's 8 or 9 new ones. other than driving around chasing the storm with my photographer this evening--- we also stopped at a shopping plaza near fort apache and tropicana. lots of people still out doing their errands despite the rain. i talked to a handful of them. every single one of them told me they love the rain and that
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it. one even called it beautiful! land is thirsty we need it we sahara. we're going to head that way eastern and sahara. we're going to head that way now and bring you a live report at 6:30. reporting live gl ch 13 gina toss to michael live intro: gina - we're getting slight relief right now. the snow isn't falling as fast as it was about an hour ago - but take a look at how deep the snow has gotten here on the balcony of the lodge. you can see how high it's coming up on my legs. and take look at how high it's piling on the chairs and the banister here. we're hearing from authorities that the snow fall may be hazardous at this point - but earlier it was a lot of fun. breaking news out of mccarran... where we're tracking the impact
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is having on flights... and it's basically a mess. because of the rain and low clouds.. flights coming into las vegas are now delayed by about 4-and a half hours.. up from about 3:45 just an hour ago. if you're flying out of mccarran tonight.. you'll definitely want to call ahead first to check on the status of your flight. things aren't much better on the ground. take a look at the mess drivers are stuck in right now. lots of traffic. and lots of fender benders. things certainly have changed since earlier today. joe ortiz snapped this shot of the fog.... in las vegas. how often.... do you see this? the top of the statosphere is gone! the clouds cover it.... old shawn glover. he's accused of murder and
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on north lamb and east centennial.... on new year's day... and shot him to death. new at six: a north las vegas homeowner comes face to face with an intruder.. armed with a hammer. action news reporter mahsa saeidi with us now to explain how the homeowner was able to defend himself. mahsa. steve - he says his rifle saved his life. the break in happened around six last night... the homeowner was in the kitchen area. that's when... he saw a man with a mask...and a hammer inside his house. he beleives up to 3 men had been stalking his home for hours ... he wasn't sure what was happening... but he was ready for anything. (joey imerti, victim home invasion, 2109) "i was just hanging out right and i was kind of sitting low." (butted) ((joey imerti, victim home invasion, 2128) "i told him freeze dont move and after he wasn't shooting to kill that's why i aimed down but if my gun did not jam i definitely would have hit him." the homeowner fired about two shots before his rifle jammed up. the bullets hit the wall. you're looking at the damage
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he believes the suspect took off without any injuries. we're told the crooks entered the home through a window they jimmied open. tonight - detectives working the case. but police have no information on a suspect or supsects. " you have a rifle but are you still feeling anxious tonight> yeah yeah i actually went out and got another gun today." the homeowner does host a lot of parties. he's not sure if these guys were strangers ... or if they'd been to his house before. coming up at 11 - we'll tell you what police have that could easily help catch these guys. live in studio, mahsa saeidi, channel 13, action news. this is new for you... at six: changes coming to the way.... metro responds to crashes. this has to do specifically..... with responses to property damage only collisions. right now... metro only responds to injury crashes. metro is set to give more information tomorrow... about the department's change. new developments tonight on the battle over solar power in the valley. crews began dismantling a
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just hours ago. the company says it's more collateral damage in the wake of a new decision on rates. but as action news reporter marissa kynaston tells us.. it's only one piece of the solar energy fallout. sot chandler sherman, public affairs manager we were heartbroken that they made this choice to just rip the rug out from thousands of customers, thousand of employees it was a somber-- frustrating day-- as solar citys crew tore down-- nat the same structure where they learned how to install solar panels. nat this-- after new rate changes took effect just days ago-- essentially pushing companies-- like solar city-- to move out of state nat sot john kelley, solar city employee i was heartbroken standup those changes threw a wrench in the company's business model (nat) making solar panels like these less attractive to customers sot chandler sherman these new rates have made it impossible for us to operate as a business thats because-- that new rate structure cut the price of green energy that the solar companies could sell back to the power companies-- in
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thousands-- leaving little incentive to make the switch to solar. sot chandler sherman it really looks like the only people who this decision helps is nv energy and as solar city closes up shop-- all these employees-- could be out of a job-- sot john kelley i signed leases bought houses but whats even more upsetting to them-- is watching a company they believe can do so much good-- get forced out. sot john kelley i whole heartedly believe in the mission to make the planet a little bit better than when we got here and we're doing that through clean energy, trying to provide clean energy marissa tag some of these workers will be pleading their case to commission members-- next week. reporting at solar city-- mk-- ch13an. an action news update on a story we're following on the strip right now. power is back on at the mandarin oriental. the problem started early sunday morning. residents on about 20 floors went about 48 hours without electricity. no word from managment on what caused the outage. las vegas will be a political
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candidates.. vying for the white house in town. we'll tell you who's showing up.. next. plus.. a las vegas museum is at risk of shutting down!!! we're doing it to keep the image of the showgirl alive an anonymous tip... with false accusations sparks an investigation.... into "the las vegas showgirl museum". what officials found..... may have them shutting their doors.... for good. a big money maker for our city is happening in town right now... it's "the consumer electronic
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big compay's re showing off the hottest new gadgets! action news reporter... elizabeth gadley joins us.... with a look at the latest and greatest in consumer technology for parents. the main exhibit floor isn't open just yet and if you te a look behind me you can see why, everything is still being built up and the finishing touches are being put on the booths for the big openin day. take vohere will be a lot to see.... more than reethuad hibiors arespldiyintg eadvances. one company is showing off technology that allows you to use your smart phone to control your sound system in multiple rooms. it also lets you access music libraries from evyerone in your home. we're also expecting to see a lot of grlpt out parents... like this thermometor. it takes a persosn tmeperature om the temple and cae
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even for sto lara hubbard,cemor, you w i'm a mom o o tw therereema esleplessghts of baony bearthingn adg oing rets theice fo mind ahappenin when they ar not in te puar. this device from under arorm inclus a chest rp to heart rate - a wristbad nd circulc sale that aens tomorrow s arg turday january h and tay with ctiodley chanel 13 action news. turnngi to your d... whit... and blue -2- thousand -16- poltiical cvoeager las vegas is a politica ts maocc catgnus....a vit llay clints holding aon.... nity anthem center".... in henderson. then... she's touring... the culinary academy of las vegas. this her seventh visit... to nevada. also in las vegas tomorrow... is democrat....
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he'll address... the "battle born battleground" first in the west caucus countdown dinner. then... on thursday... o'malley will speak with "the economic club of las vegas". new at six.. a candleligt vigil is being held tonight for a motorcycle rider.. who was killed a week ago. sheldon cooper died in an accident near jones and smoke ranch. the vigil starts at 8. coming up.. we're not the only ones being slammed by winter weather. we'll show you where rescue crews are dealing with the danger that comes from these frozen spears in the deep south. coming up... in contact -13- tonight... a warning from the c-d-c... how e-cigarette's are marketing to teenagers. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers... any weekday.... between -11- am and -1- pm. our hotline number is 702-368- 2255.
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new at six ..
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social media about how much some uber customers had to pay new year's eve. according the new york post.. riders across the u-s and canada are tweeting about bills almost 10-times the normal rate.. including one rider who says he paid 83-dollars for a 5-minute ride. 'surge charging' is normal for uber on busy nights. but riders are complaing the predicted price feature on the app wasn't working.
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riders were not affected by the surge pricing. also new at six.. the future of the las vegas showgirl museum is up in the air right now. someone filed a complaint with the county which has spun-off into a seperate issue for the owners. action news reporter yasmeen hassan has more on what they're doing to make things right. when you think about showgirls - you probably think about las vegas... ....and that is what is keeping grant philipo going. 3:41:52 11 grant philipo las vegas showgirl museum creator "we're not doing it for money. we're doing it to keep the image of the showgirl alive and to keep all this history that is based in las vegas in the eyes of the public" the las vegas showgirl museum has been open since 20-10... but now things could be changing...all because of an anonymous complaint that was filed with the county. that is what's now raising a whole new list of concerns. 3:38:14 06 grant philipo las vegas showgirl museum creator "they claimed we had no bathrooms we have 6.
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selling tickets, we've never sold tickets" after investigating the claims, the county discovered the museum has been operating without a philipo says he is going to fight for the museum he loves. this is his passion - and he says the city deserves this piece of history. 3:47:32 12 grant philipo las vegas showgirl museum creator "we're not out to compete with anyone. we want we really truely believe that vegas has enough history for a million museums, let alone the number of the museums that are here. reporting yasmeen hassan channel 13 action news. new at six.... a woman convicted.... as a getaway driver for 13 business robberies is now looking.... at more than.... 100 years behind bars. a judge sentenced.... sesley williams.... there in the top right corner.... to -1- hundred -21- years... in prison. she.... along with anthony jordan.... pictured here in the top left are accused of robbing -6- banks and -4- stores.... over a three month span. right now.. a new storm is moving across washington state... dumping more rain. right now...
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watches in effect. but... look at what's happening in georgia. everything's freezing! rescue teams are on alert.... to help with people trapped or injured by snow and ice. back at home it's snowing on mount charleston. it is really coming down. widespread rain is expected this afternoon and evening and our next
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this afternoon and evening and our next system pushes through the area. up to about a foot of mountain snow is expected above 8000 feet and a winter storm warning remains in effect through tomorrow at 4am. fog is again a possibility for tomorrow morning. this system makes an exit tomorrow morning and another follows closely behind. breezy winds will be in place on wednesday and thursday as this system passes through. chances for rain continue tomorrow through thursday morning, then will start to taper down by the afternoon. by friday and the weekend, chances for rain will only be slight. as far as temperatures are concerned, highs will top out in the low to mid 50s tomorrow and thursday and will drop a bit to around 50 for friday and the weekend. things look much quieter by early next week, with mainly sunny skies on monday and tuesday and highs in the low to mid 50s. time now...
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the justice department today... hit volkswagen... with a lawsuit! they're charging that... the automaker violated... "the clean air act"... on some v-w... audi... and porsche diesel vehicles... that would not otherwise... have met federal emission standards. possible penalties could reach dollars... and... the justice department says... criminal charges against v-w... are still possible. the centers for disease control... is looking at how... e-cigarette advertising... may influence young smokers. the c-d-c says... e-cigarette ads..... use many of the same themes... to sell cigarettes... and other conventional tobacco products. and... that's concerning... because about -7- out of -10-... middle and high school
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see e-cigarette ads in stores... online... or..... in t-v and movies. right now... e-cig marketing... faces none of the restrictions... imposed... on tobacco products. the u.s. marshal service... has issued a warning today... bout a phone scam! the caller... is posing as a u.s. marshal. they're calling victims... claiming they've missed... federal grand jury. but... the caller says... you can avoid being arrested... by paying a fine... over the phone. there are several reports... of las vegas residents... getting this call. this is a scam! do not make a payment... or give out any personal information... if you get... a similar call. coming up.. an update on the future of self-driving cars. they're being tested..... in the silver state right now! governor sandoval is sharing his plan to get them on our roads.... safely.
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boost the valley's blood supply.. which started to run low over the holidays.. and you can help over the next 90 minutes. action news meteorologist.... karla huelga is live at red rock casino resort and spa... to tell you how... karla? next on action news live at
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next on action news live at 6:30.. it's a winter wonderland on mount charleston.. and the snow is still coming down hard. chief meteorologist bryan scofiled is tracking the storm'ss every move. coming up... what's in store for the valley tonight.
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