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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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an icon in the music world has passed away... and now... downtown las vegas is paying tribute... but first.. powerball madness. thousands of people spent the day in lines that went around the block.. all for a shot at more than a billion dollars. and maybe the safest bet this week is.. a lot of the people in those lines in arizona and california are from southern nevada. action news reporter david schuman spent the day in baker.. talking with powerball players with billion dollar dreams. breaking news on the search for
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we just got word from metro that 15 year old brooke mccarthy has been found.. and is being returned to her family. no word yet on how and where she was located.. she was last seen around eastern and pecos on tuesday. that's the latest from the breaking news center clark county is going electronic to save money... but... they need you to do your part! action news reporter... parker collins explains... it involves.... being able to access your e-mail! it's kind of a cool option...
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ballots... all regeistered voters get them before the election. in clark county you can now have them emailed to you. they think this could save a ton of trees and more than a million dollars. take sot joe gloria, clark county registrar of voters 10:07:30-10:07:42 "we're excited today because it's an opportunity we put in the citizens' hands to help us save some money. getting their sample ballot electronically will definitely be a good step forward in saving some money for the taxpayers this election cycle." this just started and already more than five hundred people have opted in at the clark county government building parker collins channel thirteen action news. new developments in the arrest of an accused jewel thief. police believe 24-year old abigail kemp is the woman seen on surveillance video swiping thousands of dollars worth of jewlery. investigators say this was one of several robberies connected to this suspect. witnesses say kemp cried as she left the courtroom today. she was arrested friday outside atlanta. a second suspect.. 35 year old lewis jones the third..
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kemp is accused of robbing jewelry stores in five southern states. incredible new video tonight showing the massive raid.. as mexican police moved-in to capture escaped drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. quick gunfire, "get out". in the video.. you see officers going after the infamous drug lord.. guns blazing. guzman is now in mexico's highest security prison.. awaiting extradition to the u-s.. but mexico's attorney general says that could take up to a year. an international murder mystery... an american woman discovered dead.... in her italy apartment... bruised and assaulted. and... right now... there's no suspect! as a-b-c's elizabeth hur reports... police are looking into.... whether she was being stalked. elizabeth hur live intro: from her friends in florida to her neighbors in florence.. those who knew 35-year-old ashley olsen are just stunned.. they say they cannot imagine who would do this or why..
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american ashley olsen's murder was a friendly lovely girl and raised.. sot -- amber edinger / olsen's best friend ".. cause she's not forgettable... she's unforgettable." today, olsen's father laid flowers at her apartment ? she had joined him in italy back in 2012 to do studio apartment.. on the couch with bruises and scratches on her neck. her italian boyfriend.. reportedly had a fight with her a few days earlier.. he told police.. when he couldn't get a hold of her.. he asked the landlord to let him in.. and discovered the body. sot -- brad garrett "the key is the circumstances and events around her life at the time she died." in recent instagram posts.. olsen mentions she may have had unwanted attention.. posting pictures like these.. adding the hashtag.. stalker.. it's unclear if she was serious.. sot -- amber edinger / olsen's best friend "just trying to understand what's going on." friends say they are just baffled.. and by phone.. olsen's grandmother told abc news..
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forever. we lost our precious granddaughter and daughter? she was our loving, smart, and precious girl." elizabeth hur oncam close: as for the investigation.. police are now reviewing olsen's phone and computer.. as well as area surveillance cameras for clues.. and we are told, the first autopsy results could be available as soon as tuesday. eh, abc news, ny. new information tonight.... on the u-s sergeant.... accussed of desertion in afgahnastan! bowe bergdahl is expected to go before a military court tomorrow.... in fort bragg, north carolina. he faces charges of desertion and endangering.... fellow soldiers. bergdahl disappeard from his military post.... in afghanistan... in 2009. he was then.... kidnapped and held.... by the taliban.... for five years. he was released.... in a prisoner exchange... for -5- guantanamo bay detainees... in -2- thousand -14-. a busy day for firefighters.. including an early morning call to a home near mt. hood and carey. it has since been boarded-up after sustaining heavy damage. the fire started at about
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no one was hurt. and.. just before noon.. firefighters responded to an apartment fire a few hours later fire near sahara and las vegas boulevard. firefighters had those flames out in less than 10 minutes.. and kept the blaze contained to someone's kitchen. no word yet on a damage estimate. president obama is preparing for his final state of the union address tomorrow night. today.. the white house released a preview. "i want us to be able when we walk out this door to say we couldn't think of anything else that we didn't try to do. that we didn't shy away from a challenge because it was hard." you can watch the state of the union live.. right here on channel 13.. starting at 6pm. up next in tonight's financial focus.. up next in tonight's financial focus.. more signs the nation's economy is still on the rebound. we'll take a look at some newly amended jobs reports. plus... music lovers are in shock tonight. ((quick nats)) "rebel rebel?"
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coming up... a message from fellow musicians... in tonight's financial focus.. the markets are still well-in
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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ill well-in to 10% correction territory.. but didn't lose any ground today. dow up 52 nasdaq down 6 sp500 up 2 the big local gaming stocks were mixed. caesars down 7%. mgm resorts up about 1-and a half percent new numbers from the labor department show encouraging job growth in december was better than expected. the government says 292,000 jobs were created last month.. which was much better than the
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the labor department also revised november job growth up by another 41-thousand jobs.. leaving the nation's jobless rate at 5%. finally.. "motorola".. a once popular brand name phone will soon be fading away. hanging 'motorola' to 'moto' by lenovo. lenovo bought the company from google in 2014 for almost 3-billion-dollars. motorola was responsible for the first walkie-talkies and consumer cell phones. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' a ridge of high pressure will bring pretty quiet weather through the first part of wednesday with high clouds, dry conditions and
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50s. wednesday afternoon we will feel the effects of a weak, incoming system that will bring us breezy winds and a slight chance for showers and mountain snow. that system makes an exit thursday, but we will continue to see breezy winds on the back end of the system, along with highs in the mid 50s. friday will be another day of quiet weather with mostly cloudy skies, light winds and highs in the mid 50s. our next weak system moves in over the weekend. expect breezy winds on saturday and sunday with a slight chance for showers saturday afternoon through sunday morning. afternoon highs will top out in the mid and upper 50s over the weekend and the
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action news is giving you a chance to win....
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"shen yun".... at the smith center. enter each day.... at k-t-n-v dot com... then watch.... live at 11.... to see if you win. "shen yun".... at the smith center is a proud sponsor of action news... and... is providing the prizes... for this promotion. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8- bachelor 10- bachelor live musicians around the world.... are grieving the loss of david bowie. sheryl crow tweeted.... "thank you david bowie.... for sharing your divine gift.... with all of us. and... u-k artist... steven wilson tweeted... "it felt very surreal to wake up this morning..... into a world that no longer has david bowie. david bowie kept his fans... and... the whole world entertained for decades... abc's.... elizabeth hur has more... on his career and lasting
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pkg script: ((nats)) "rebel rebel?" for decades.. legendary musician david bowie entertained audiences around the world.. ((nats)) "all right.. young americans.." with favorites including "young americans" and his first hit.. "changes".. ((nats)) "ch-ch-ch-changes.. turn and face the strange..." ((sot)) wendy leigh / biographer of david bowie "he was a renaissance man, he was a superstar and i truly believe that david bowie's death will be on par with jfk's, with elvis's." bowie's biographer calls the singer.. magnificent.. british primister david cameron calling him a master of reinvention. ((sot)) david cameron / uk prime minister "today we're mourning the loss of an immense british talent. i mean, genius is an overused word, but i think musically, creatively, artistically, david bowie was a genius." born david jones.. in south london.. his unique sound and style inspired and influenced generations of musicians.. from mick jagger and duran duran.. to madonna..
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he did it all.. starring in movies like "the hunger" and "the man who fell to earth".. ((nats)) even releasing his 25th and final album, "blackstar" last friday.. on his 69th birthday.. this album.. reportedly a carefully planned finale.. a parting gift to his fans. elizabeth hur oncam close: bowie is survived by his wife, supermodel iman and two children. his family said in a statement.. he died late last night, peacefully.. after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. eh, abc news, ny. "the fremont street experience" is lighting up.... in david bowie's honor! a retrospective is playing every hour.... on "the viva vision canopy"! coming up.. find out why the key to staying healthy.. is in the gut.
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from contact 13 tonight. fewer teens are reaching... for cigarettes these days... but... smoke is still a problem for them..... we'll tell you why... coming up... next.
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here in the u-s.... are smoking... but... secondhand smoke remains a big problem for them. according to the c-d-c... nearly half of non-smoking kids.... in middle school and high school encountered..... secondhand tobacco smoke.... in 2 thousand 13. researcher say... the findings are concerning..... because there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure. a lot of health problems get their start in your digestive system. cnn's linda ciampa looks at how a healthy gut can mean a healthy body. (betsy nathan/patient) "this is scary, this isn't just about feeling better, looking better, getting nice clothes, it really was about life and mortality more than anything" betsy says she tried everything to get healthy, but nothing worked. out of desperation, she turned to nurse practitioner - lisa vasile- who says not all but most disease stems from the digestive system or the gut. vasile and physician patti zub are functional health practitioners who try to find and fix the root cause of disease.
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diabetes, fatigue and even autoimmune disorders - are a red flag that something's off in the body. (lisa vasile, functional health nurse practitioner) a lot of it comes from the gut and how cool would it be if you could fix the gut and all those things foods and instead eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and complex carbs. and, they say- add foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics because they promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. prebiotics powerhouses include: asparagus, bananas, legumes, oatmeal, artichokes, garlic and onions (dr. patti zub, md, functional health physician) "many of the chronic disease in our society that we treat with pills can really be beautifully addressed with lifestyle changes, exercise, stress management, the right nutritional support". in waltham, massachusetts, i'm linda ciampa for cnn. bryan has another look at your forecast.... in just a bit. you're watching channel 13 action news.
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before we go.. opportunity village celebrated
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birthday with the o-v elvi group. the team joined jesse garon.. the official elvis of las vegas.. at the westgate las vegas resort and casino for a special performance. that's action news for now.. but... we hope to see you again later tonight... for action news.. live at 11.
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"inside edition" is next. have a great evening.. right now... powerball fever is heating up. action news is live where locals are lining up for a
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[ music ] caught. the brazen jewel thief. her modeling portfolio. she's a former hooters waitress.
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>> and sean penn's interview with el chapo.
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