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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 12, 2016 9:30pm-11:00pm PST

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>> why it never wants to let her go. baby leland is sure loving this song. >> and it gets real deep, real soon. >> how mama's beautiful voice brought tears to his eyes. and a mega miss field goal has youtube in an advertises tizzy. >> fans are like, i could have done better. >> see why they're putting their money where their foot is. >> it's always a scary moment when the people tasked to save you need help. the rescuers becoming the rescued in battle creek, michigan. mike wilson, driving down the street, noticed a fire truck roll over right in front of him and there's nobody else around. >> ain't no one here. >> the sirens that you here aren't other emergency personnel
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blaring. the fire hoses have dumped off the truck. the truck has lost its water. now he goes up to the large extended cab to see how the guys are doing. >> oh, my. >> it looks like one of the firefighters now on his feet, standing basically on the passenger door. [ sirens ] >> he motions to the guy with the camera, mike wilson, back up. at this point that's their way out. the firefighters inside continue to kick out the windshield. he does create a hole for himself. >> there could be five or six guys on this vehicle. >> yes, gayle, there are three other guys trapped inside. however the video ends before they're able to get out of that cab. >> so was everybody okay? >> they were okay. they suffered minor scrapes and bruises. they were all transported to the hospital to be checked out. this story did get out of there
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avoid was the aftermath of the truck being righted onto its wheels. [ sirens ] a couple of grade videos to sink your teeth into. attack." this is the aftermath of a snake show that's just taken place. this young lady loves snakes so much she decides she'll sneak a kiss. >> what? no! this is a snake. >> let's watch it again. it's a snake! it's an 8-foot python. it decides to bite first, jumps down on this young lady's nose and doesn't let go.
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was like, yeah! >> she basically created a threat to the snake which is why it reacted. we have a photo of the young lady's nose. the guys at the snake park says they will cover all medical costs. they're not really being blamed. i think he's going to be okay. this is a really sweet video. it's all about the story of the relationship between a young elephant and the guy driving this tractor. every single day, when he turns up and the elephant gets a look, he makes a beeline for him. he goes straight for him.
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>> as soon as he gets up close, you see the affection. she just starts pawing at him with her trunk. >> that's why i love elephants, it's like a gentle giant. this woman is able to do something i think most of us should do but probably never be able to because it requires so much commitment. >> she's living her life producing zero trash. >> this is all the garbage i accumulated in 11 months. >> what is she doing than what we're doing at home? >> it's small changes. she takes her recyclable shopping bags, loads them up with mason jars. when she needs to buy items in bulk, she reuses it over and over again.
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mouthwash. >> it drops back into the earth. >> it really is modifying your lifestyle. >> you don't take more than you need. >> she has a young child. >> which makes it even more challenging. but even with his toys she isn't buying more. she's just recycling what they have. >> she committed to doing it for a year. >> if more people started thinking like her, the world would be a better place for our kids. >> avoiding plastic bags, so really easy. we've seen a lot of incredible videos on "right this minute."
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the street, she's right behind those two things on the wall. >> she stays in that particular spot. that's probably what saved her life. if you notice what's going on on behind those trees, you're going to see a car t-bone a bus. >> whoa! >> holy mackerel. she got hit by a bus. >> at this point the woman, identified as maria sylvia, was able to get up and walk across the street even though she had a compound fracture in her left foot and a cut on her arm and her head. >> i can't believe she didn't get more hurt. >> she got run over by a bus and she got up. look what that bus does to the tree. >> it uproots it completely. >> she trips over part of the stump when she tries to cross the street. >> the car doesn't look like it suffered that much damage. it t-boned that bus. police investigators are looking into this but they say at this
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but they do say the driver of the car that hit the because was going about 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. >> wow. meanwhile, in the good old u.s. of a., it's not rain that causes the accident, it's a driver ineptitude. the woman in the left turn lane does not have the light. smacks into the guy and he's not happy about it. he pulls over to the side and somebody comes over to checking on him. he said, she ran past me and hit you. this girl i think is going to have a few insurance hikes in her future. an aerialist show is in full swing until -- >> no! >> why a big fall wasn't going to keep her down.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky,
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save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. want to see that video again and again? head on over to and share them with your friends. all kinds of videos at the consumer electronics show this weekend. >> to start with, i was like, oh, wait, it's one of those vibrating plate things that people use to get into shape. >> someone was testing it out. >> there was a whole lot of booty jiggling on the screen. >> if i using this machine, my booty is going to look like her booty? i'm in. >> it will jiggle like her booty. this is not cardio. >> oh, my goodness.
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to have that much fun. >> this is technology that we're discoverying right now. this is dr. fuji's slimmer. i introduce to you dr. fuji. >> it does foot into your lifestyle, especially for this fella. >> this is an idea from innovation technology, whole body vibrations. >> he's put nasa technology into this product, right? >> what can we hope to get out of using this product? >> increasing my sexual function. >> i'm 85 years old. i'm a strong sexual pervert
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>> the whole time the girl is vibrating on the device. >> we're not sure the product is going to be slighting up ces but dr. fuji is lighting up youtube. we'll put the whole thing on in case it might not be safe for work. pretty crazy video from security camera footage at a doctor's office in russia. you can see this guy on the table, being examined by a doctor's assistant or worse. the man in the blue shirt walks in, identified as the doctor and another nurse. she points to the man. the other guy who comes in appears to have been punched. then the original patient, boom. here's the story behind this video. the nurse that walked in with that doctor claims that that
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the doctor then just took matters into his own hands, beats up the guy in the black shirt. now, the patient with no shirt is down and out for good. >> what do you mean, for good? >> that man died. >> what? he killed that man with one punch? >> he fell to the ground and hit his head. the man did not wake up. the doctor has been arrested and is also out on bail, could face only two years in prison, because because, although negligent, there was no intention to kill the man. another shocking incident from a circus in russia. aerialists start twirling around. they both have one hand on the rope raising them above the surface. she let go to perform this trick. but she breaks free and falls to the ground below. listen to the audience reaction here.
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>> oh, no. >> she fell approximately 33 feet. the video cuts, but she got up, took a bow, and walked off. she's recovering at home because she's sore. doctors believe because of her physical fitness, she was fine. water parks in winter? yes, please. these guys go out and make it a winter wonderland. they turn water slides into hack slides, next "right this minute." and still to come -- blocks? >> see if his social experiment is a success or leaves him stranded. plus how some disappointed sports fans are showing up a football pro. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious?
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and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. what makes gold bond ultimate so ultimate? it's packed with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. rich, yet absorbs lickety-split. skin looks nourished, healed, healthy. gold bond. tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. this guy tried to hitchhike in downtown l.a. he's back for partly 2, still in l.a., but in compton. >> no hitch hiking. >> don't judge. >> no judging. they won't pick him up. >> your suspicions were confirmed. >> in that case i'll just back away and i'll back away slowly. >> can you give me a ride a few
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i don't have my wallet on me. >> before you know it, the door pops up, he gets in. >> you're white, man. >> i am, last time i checked. >> i was going to say, we've done this experiment before, and in both cases i often wondered what would happen if the man was a black man. >> the next guys give him a ride but they have a reason for it. >> thinking of all the circumstances there. >> i have no drugs. >> can you give me a ride a few blocks? i'll tweet. >> these guys in the minivan say they have some room, but they also make it very clear they mean business. >> okay. situation made pretty clear. >> we've seen so many videos of cabbies getting robbed with a
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this guy has a very casual question to us. and it's just the casual nature of it, come in and have a ride. this is what i mean, this whole thing leaves questions that people have. >> no drugs. >> as the video continues, he starts getting win after win after win. so many people were fine giving this guy a lift. i didn't think he had this many wins in the video, people are only too happy to help other people out. >> there was one vehicle that was just a lot of shouting, a lot of no, no. >> can you take me a few blocks? unless you're hiding under a
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missed field goal in sunday's wild card game. >> it's okay. >> so here is the deal. fans are like, you know what, i could have done better, because of course we all think we can pull it off. they guys decided to go out to a football field. they set the ball up and want to see if they can make it. >> we literally went and got a football and came out to the field, now trent will put his money where his mouth is. >> and it's good. >> i'm outta here! >> try doing it live on television with 75,000 people watching you and all the pressure involved. >> the pressure, exactly, that's what's missing here. >> [ bleep ] out of here! >> both sides aren't the only ones who had this idea. everybody is talking about it so everybody has to approve they
9:51 pm
alex and his friends are in minnesota. can these guys do it? >> it was easy. >> it's like, okay, you can, but when you're out there on the everything, it's entirely different. >> it was that easy. a baby enjoys his mom singing. >> but he gets real deep, real soon.
9:52 pm
tune moves him to we have some guy walking up the stairs and he says he's going upstairs to jam with his buddy. and what a jam it is. >> you see this water tank. then you see his drum set. his water tank will set the beat.
9:53 pm
this is a drummer from a band in india. he's got rhythm. watch this, he says, water tank, give me a beat. [ percussive beat ] >> the funkiest think you hear all day is coming from the water tank. >> drummers hear rhythm everywhere. >> this is awesome. who needs a metronome? you've got the water tank.
9:54 pm
in five, four, three, two, one. goodbye >> mom is seeing a song by pat barrett and anthony brown. little leland is loving it. you see he's smiling, he's connecting with the beautiful sound of his mother's singing. but it gets real deep real soon. >> oh, my gosh. >> he starts pouting, the tears start welling up in his eyes. >> watch the alligator tears roll. >> there's so much emotion behind his tears. >> it's the video that boils
9:55 pm
mother and her child, that's what so beautiful about this moment. >> it's great to see a baby express that type of emotion. >> it's so beautiful. then watch the tears run down his cheek. >> my kids cry when i sing to them but for very different reasons. >> they really want you to stop. >> enough, dad, enough. never fun saying goodbye but
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on the next "right this minute." >> you're about to watch some folks experience what could be the most important half hour of their lives. will they rise to the occasion and leave here filthy rich? let's find out right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] let's do it. our returning contestant is a devoted father who is back today playing for his three children. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome back dana hlavac. [cheers and applause]
9:57 pm
what's up, dana? how you doing? >> good, good. >> we were talking before about those three special children you're playing for. i know two, in particular, you've had a rough go with. >> well, the two were born with a very unique genetic disorder. it's been a long road, but you learn to take success in small bites and it teaches you a lot of patience. unfortunately, now they're both in group homes at opposite ends of the country, one out in arizona and one in pennsylvania. >> and also i was noticing you got a little ring on your finger, proud syracuse boy. >> absolutely, a syracuse orangeman. >> no syracuse in the house today. nope, not one. >> nobody. >> nope, not one. >> i love you all anyway, 'cause i still need you. >> all right, dana, i want to recap what you've banked up to this point, $7,000. you are eight questions away from that $1 million. all three of your lifelines are remaining. that's great. you have the audience,
9:58 pm
your "plus one." and at any moment, you can always walk away with the money you've earned up to that point. if you leave now, even with an incorrect answer, you got that threshold of $5,000, okay? eight away from $1 million, just four away from the next threshold of $50,000. so you're in good shape right now. >> let's keep it going. >> let's keep it going right now. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] let's start by going for five figures. this is your $10,000 question. after inventing the product in the late 19th century, robert chesebrough is rumored to have spent the rest of his life eating a spoonful of what every day? >> i can't imagine why anybody would eat a spoonful of ajax every day. although, it said the rest
9:59 pm
it may have been short um... coppertone, i don't think came in the 1800s. pennzoil could've. vaseline could have. i'm gonna take a chance and use the "50/50." final answer. >> final? okay. let's help him out. let's take away two incorrect answers please. coppertone and vaseline. >> well, i still could be extremely wrong, but i don't think my plus one, as much as i love her, knows what robert chesebrough ate every day after he invented it. so i'm going to go with d, vaseline. final answer. >> good gamble.
10:00 pm
[cheers and applause] >> i urge you, don't try that at home either. >> no. >> probably not a good idea to eat that every day. or ever, probably. $10,000, more importantly, that's where you are. and even better than that, a chance to double it right here. $20,000, here's your question. [dramatic musical flourish] at the 2015 grammy awards, kristen wiig was enlisted to perform an interpretive dance during whose performance of "chandelier"? >> i have to confess, i didn't watch the grammy awards. and while i know who the artists are, i have no idea who performed. so i am going to have to rely
10:01 pm
for some help. >> is that your final? >> yes, absolutely. >> okay, we're gonna use that lifeline. audience, we need your help here. pick up those keypads and enter your vote now, please. [percussive music] all right, votes are in. let's take a look at the board get those results. 76%, quite the majority there, say it's c, sia. >> it looks like a very smart audience, so i am going with the audience. i'm gonna say c. final answer. >> don't judge so quickly. no, it's fine. they're smart. that's right. that is righgh $20,000. [cheers and applause] thank you to the audience? >> absolutely. >> they're here to cover your blind spots. that was one of them, the grammy awards. $20,000, that's where you are right now. you still have one lifeline.
10:02 pm
sitting behind you. let's hope you don't need it here for your $30,000 question. [dramatic musical flourish] all but which of these momentous changes occurred in the year bob dylan released "the times they are a-changin'"? >> wow, um... and i know roughly when those a, b, and d occurred. d, the beatles came in the early '60s. jfk was assassinated in '63. i'm not sure when china detonated its first bomb. and as much as i hate to go to it this early, i'm gonna go with my "plus one." final. >> introduce us to your plus one, who is it? >> abby kotnick, friend of our family.
10:03 pm
hi. oh, wow. hi, abby. >> hi, how are you? >> nice to meet you. welcome to the show. >> i have no idea. [laughter] >> did you see what she did there? she distracted you with the sweet hug and the smile. "oh, by the way..." >> but she said it with confidence. >> yeah! >> that's right. i know that i don't know it. >> i truly believe her. okay, all but which of these momentous changes occurred in the year bob dylan released "the times they are a-changin'"? >> can you recall at all when he released that relative to anything in what was going on in your life at that time? >> only thing i can think of is, were the beatles already in the united states? what was it, jfk was '63? >> uh-huh. >> [sighs] >> you know, i know my kids would probably benefit from me being able to put that money
10:04 pm
in the future. i literally don't even have a gut pointing me in any direction. >> the gut is like this. >> i'm afraid-- >> for me, for b, you got this much confidence for b. >> i'm afraid, chris, that i'm gonna have to reluctantly walk. final. >> well, congratulations. congratulations, $20,000 to dana! [cheers and applause] by the way, it was the jfk assassination. >> i guess i did have a gut. >> in 1963. hey, you know what? $20,000 for those kids. it was nice to meet you. congratulations, fantastic run. we're gonna give away more money on "millionaire" right after this. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me...
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be a millionaire." congrats to dana, hopefully we can give away even more money right now to our next contestant, who is a world traveler who can say, "i want to be a millionaire," in four different languages. all right, let's put her to the test. because she's about to step up on this "millionaire" stage right now. from gold canyon, arizona, please welcome elham jazab. [cheers and applause] elham, how are you? >> pleasure, pleasure. >> come on over. you're a linguist. >> i try to be. >> okay, well--all right. um, and you can say-- >> "i want to be a millionaire," in four languages, yeah. >> okay, go, let's hear it. >> i want to be a millionaire. in french, je veux tre un millionnaire. in italian, voglio essere una milionaria. and in persian-- [speaking persian] >> i know one of those was probably right. >> [laughs] probably, i'm still working on my english. >> there you go. >> the others, i'm gonna take your word for it. welcome to the show. >> i'm excited to be here. >> very excited to have you here. i'm excited for what's to come.
10:08 pm
you're up against. 14 questions from $500 all the way up to that $1 million. of course, you have your three lifelines. you know what those are about. so i'm just gonna say this in plain old english. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] all right, elham, here is your $500 question. "car and driver" said to "break out the tequila," in its review of what automobile that it aptly labeled a "party-on-wheels"? >> well, chevy beer bash sounds fun. but i'm thinking tequila, ay chiwa. maybe ford fiesta. yeah, that's a party. so i'm gonna say d, ford fiesta. final answer.
10:09 pm
[cheers and applause] >> down in texas, i think we had the chevy beer bash, though. it was a great car. >> yee-haw! >> [laughs] you speak that language as well. >> i speak texas. >> you speak redneck. now i understand you. now we're on the same page. all right, here's $1,000 question. there's a fairy-tale pumpkin coach in the marble floor inlay accommodation dubbed "the most exclusive hotel room in the world"? >> i'm gonna say-- because there was a pumpkin that turned into a coach in that fairy tale, i'm gonna say cinderella castle suite. final answer, a. >> of course it's cinderella. that's right. [cheers and applause] $1,000, here's your $2,000 question. in american sign language,
10:10 pm
nose and then raising your right hand is one accepted way to say what? >> raising right hand, finger to the nose... i mean, any persian girl has this too. i'm gonna say they're probably talking about a fuzzy upper lip. but all these guys had mustaches. i mean, joseph stalin's mustache was huge. and so was saddam hussein. but who raised their hands? could that be, "heil hitler"? i might have to say b, adolf hitler. final answer. >> that is correct. that is accepted. [cheers and applause] all right, $2,000. here it is, your $3,000 question. with the first one built in the early 1930s to train divers and
10:11 pm
became the basis of an olympic sport of its own in 2000? >> well, divers and gymnasts have to bounce or jump. and a ping-pong ball does do that. i just don't see a bobsled being something that a diver would use. i'm thinking it might be trampoline, c. final answer. >> that's exactly what they use. that's right. >> whoo! >> $3,000. now a chance to take a step on that first threshold. you get this one right, you've reached that $5,000 mark. and that's the worst you can do once you get there. >> okay. >> here it is, your $5,000 question. sure to be a hit with beer-loving celiac sufferers, millercoors recently unveiled
10:12 pm
a beer containing no what? >> well, in l.a., they say if you avoid this, you can lose weight. and i'm a little bit juicy. so i do try to avoid gluten. i'm gonna say c. final answer. >> d's probably right as well, but yes, gluten is correct. $5,000! >> whoo! >> that's where you're-- oh, bring it, bring it in. bring it in for the real thing. she reached that first threshold.
10:13 pm
>> welcome back to "who wants to be a millionaire." i'm here with elham jazab, who just reached that $5,000 threshold, the first safety net. >> such excitement! >> i just realized, you're lucky to have even made it here to our "millionaire" stage. >> yes. >> did you really get attacked by a baboon? >> yes, in africa, i had gone to a zoo. when i was a teenager, i had a brand-new camera. and i wanted to take pictures of the animals. and we were by the baboon cage. my sister goes, "go under the guard rail. you can get a better picture." so as i'm taking the picture, i feel a hand grab me, pull me up against the bars. and another one was choking me. and it was the baboon. but i didn't drop my camera. >> but-- >> marks on my neck, but i had the camera. >> so let's back it up. your sister says go under the security guard rail. >> yes, yes. i believed--i accepted it. >> wonder why they put these things here. they get in the way. i can't get closer to the baboon. >> hey, it's blocking my view! >> all right, well somehow, even after that stunning display, you've made it to $5,000. >> yes, i did. >> that's your first safety net.
10:14 pm
let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] your $7,000 question... despite the food's name, what neighboring nation produces than brazil? >> okay, let's look at this. well, haiti is an island. it's not gonna be haiti. brazil's in south america. i believe that guatemala is in central america. so that's gonna leave me bolivia and chile. in this case, i think i would like to do "50/50." >> is that your final? >> oh, my god, if they give me those-- i guess it's gonna be my final. final answer. >> all right, let's help
10:15 pm
let's take two incorrect answers away, please. >> [groans] you're killing me! okay, sorry. >> you still have two more lifelines. >> yes, i know. my plus one is a very smart person. i'm hoping he's south american smart. okay, i'm gonna-- i'm gonna pull up my "plus one." >> who is your plus one? >> my plus one is my brother-in-law, farsheed ferdowsi, one of the smartest guys i know. >> all right, is that your final? you want to bring him up? >> that's my final. i'll bring him up. >> all right, farsheed. how are you, sir? welcome. >> wonderful. thank you, chris. you're doing great. you're doing great. >> you're kind. >> okay, your sister-in-law here needs a little help. >> okay, well, which country is the-- >> what's the closest to brazil? it's a neighboring nation. >> chile's all the way on the other side. so i think it's bolivia. chile's a very narrow country
10:16 pm
so which is closer to brazil, which is on the eastern seaboard. it would be bolivia, i think. but it's your call. >> thank you. okay, i'm gonna go with c, bolivia. final answer. >> farsheed is right. >> whoa! >> he's right. $7,000. farsheed, stick around. and you stick around. and you stick around, 'cause we're coming right back and playing more "millionaire" right after this. [richard] a thousand people will win one thousand dollars every day at h&r block. a thousand people win a thousand dollars every single day for a month. get in on this!
10:17 pm
it's refund season. >> here's your question of the day. according to a study published by the american national academy of sciences, your what peaks at age 85--hair growth, happiness,
10:18 pm
stay tuned for the answer.say hello! tune in for a special performance plus the playboy mansion is up for sale... but will anyone buy? that's all wednesday at 2 on valley view live. today on valley view live - >> the answer to that question was happiness. [cheers and applause] welcome back to "who wants to be a millionaire." i'm here with elham jazab.
10:19 pm
but they were important. you needed to get it right. and you did. $7,000, that's where you are right now. >> thank you, thank you. my plus one, thank him. >> farsheed did a good job. >> he did a great job. >> and now it's up to you. so let's keep going. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] okay, your $10,000 question... because she hyphenates it with her husband's, what tv actress's last name coincidentally includes the name of the '90s sitcom on which she starred? >> sitcoms are my favorite way to pass the time when i'm inside and the weather's bad. julia louis-dreyfus is hilarious. but this used to be one of my favorite sitcoms.
10:20 pm
and i think it's gonna be tisha campbell-martin. c, final answer. >> that is correct. >> whoo! >> martin! [cheers and applause] [horn blares] $10,000. >> five figures! >> elham, that sound means time is up. you keep doing your happy dance, though. you keep doing your happy dance because you're coming back to play more "millionaire." >> whoo! >> we have our hands full. thank you for watching. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison.
10:21 pm
closed captioning sponsored by: crash course. >> i'm freaking out. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> the lingerie model learning how to fly when this happened. >> mayday, mayday. >> a little panic. >> and inside the raid to capture el chapo. and is sean penn a dead man walking. >> should sean penn be concerned for his safety? >> do you think?
10:22 pm
>> i'm a handsome person. >> trump versus megyn kelly, round 2. >> who murdered ashley. the american artist found strangled in italy. are there clues to her deatat inside this private club. >> then, ciara uproar. was her outfit too sexy for the national anthem? >> and, big buzz over brat pit's golden globe appearance. his secret to looking so young. >> he has a look that is 10 years younger than we are used to. >> plus. >> i love you. >> the singing baby. >> i love you. >> now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. deborah: hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. it was a different kind of traffic hazard on a california freeway when a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing and it happened smack
10:23 pm
jim moret spoke to the young woman in the cockpit. >> a plane landed in the freeway. i'm freaking out. >> a motorist is flabbergasted as a plane makes and emergency landing. who was in the plane? this beauty and her instructor. >> mayday, mayday. >> as i kept hearing him saying mayday, mayday, that's when it kind of sunk in. >> 27-year-old danielle lagree was taking a flying lesson over l.a. when the mishap occurred. >> mayday, mayday. >> i heard the engine sputter. i asked my instructor, did you hear that. >> and he was like did you touch the throttle. i said, no, i didn't touch anything. >> just her good luck, danielle and her instructor were practicing what to do in the event of an emergency when the engine cut out. >> ironically western simulating engine failure. >> what did danielle do in the moment of crisis. >> i went to grab my cell phone.
10:24 pm
were crashing. >> here is the text. she writes we crashed. her husband says what? in the plane or the simulator. she writes we are on the freeway. i'm shaking. by the way, danielle is a former lingerie model. today she is a fitness instructor and a lucky one at that. >> a plane landed on the freeway. >> danielle has 70 hours of flight time under her belt and can't wait to get back up in the air. deborah: sean penn's article called el chapo the most wanted man in the world. man. steven fabian has the latest. >> is sean penn's life in danger because of his role in the capture of el chapo? these leaked photos show sean penn and the actress kate del
10:25 pm
mexico to meet with el chapo. little did they know that mexican intelligence agents recorded everything. >> if sean penn hadn't gone to mexico could conduct-toe conduct the interview we wouldn't have him in jail right now. >> should sean penn be concerned for his safety? >> you think? yeah. this is a violent person. this is a person, el chapo that has been responsible for thousands of deaths. it's something that i'm sure he is thinking about now. >> last night by coincidence, del castillo d.c. guess started in telenovelas. she is not talking but sean penn told the ap i have nothing to hide. just released video of the dramatic raid on el chapo's hide out shows how intense the firefight was. troops blasted their way into rifles.
10:26 pm
there is a brief glimpse of one of el chapo's lieutenants as the battle continues up stars. behind -- upstairs. behind this mirror is a secret tunnel that el chapo fled. it lead to the local sewer system. he was captured five hours later. his black hair and mustache shaven. soldiers found he was living in squalor. he watched dvd's featuring his favorite actress, kate del castillo who became a huge star in mexico. >> she is one of the tv's hottest stars. >> this is how she described her role in this appearance on "the today show." >> it's a beautiful character. >> and the silk shirt el chapo was wearing in the meeting with sean penn is an overnight fashion sensation. it was purchased from a store in los angeles. he is wearing one of the shirts in this video now both are becoming big sellers.
10:27 pm
world is wearing the shirt and now the shirt is the most wanted shirt. >> it may take months to extradite guzman to the united states. he faces criminal charges in seven jury additions. deborah: at sunday's glow den globes brad pitt ditched the scruffy look and when he hit the stage social media was atwitter. >> has brad pitt discovered the fountain of youth? that is what many had everyone buzzing how great he looks. >> are you all right? listen to the ladies scream. >> brad is 52 but sure looks much younger. one report called him the real life benjamin button, a reference to his movie in which he plays a man that ages in reverse. here he is in 2012 and on
10:28 pm
so, what is his secret? we went to cosmetic surgeon dr. mark manny. >> the area around the eyes are smoother. upper lids less droopy. middle of his face is fuller or lifted. however, when you look at the side view, the jaw line is about the same as it used to be. this leads me to believe that it's not a face lift and a lot can be done with makeup. >> ricky gervais is hitting back at critics that found his jokes offensive. variety called him out for delivering cheap shots. others blasted his jokes about caitlyn jenner as transphobic. >> i have changed. obviously. apologizing. offended. cares. the one star that fired back was mel gibson. >> i love seeing ricky once every three years because it
10:29 pm
the 60-year-old was spotted at the after party with 24-year- old rosalyn ross. the slender beauty reportedly met gibson when she interviewed company. ross is an equestrian vaulter, a member of the u.s. national team. tame mad mel. deborah: now to a serious question asked of donald trump by the usually funny jimmy fallon. >> donald trump. >> jimmy fallon served things up on the tonight show. >> there is a conspiracy theory that you were hired by the democratic party so that the clintons would win. >> they would like to start that. >> can we set the record straight. >> i'll set it straight. the newest poll just came out where i'm beating her easily and substantially and winning
10:30 pm
although last week i did a little. >> then fallon asked the g.o.p. front-runner to take part in a mock job interview for president. >> you are running for the biggest job in the world, the most important job. >> let's go. >> tell me a little bit about yourself. >> i'm an extraordinarilily handsome person. i have a beautiful head of hair. >> the war of words between trump and megyn kelly shows no sign of letting up. they have been sparring since she motte der rated the g.o.p. presidential debate in august. >> you called women you don't disgusting animals. your twitter account-- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> last week kelly told "vanity fair" that trump tried but his campaign. she tells the magazine, i can't be wooed. i would never love him and i was never going to hate him.
10:31 pm
back tweeting monday, megyn kelly recently said she can't be wooed by trump. she is so average in every way, who the hell wants to woo her. matt lauer visited president obama in the white house right before his final state of the union address on tuesday night. i wanted to know if trump was on his mind as well. standing up one day and delivering a state of the union address. >> well, i can imagine it in a saturday night skit. >> the first votes for the campaign will be cast three weeks from now. deborah: new details are emerging about the death of david bowie. it's being revealed that the cancer that took the legend's life was liver cancer. >> we are learning that music icon david bowie died of liver cancer. this is his haunting last photo taken five weeks ago. i showed the photo to a doctor.
10:32 pm
changes in the skin color, some yellowing, which can indicate something called jaundice which means your liver is not functioning like it should. >> bowie reportedly learned he had terminal liver cancer 18 months ago but asked a few close friends who he confided in to keep it a secret. >> the sad thing about liver cancer, once you are diagnosed, the prognosis is not great. as a whole, only 17% of patients diagnosed with primary liver cancer live to a five- year out come. >> fans continue to leave tributes at bowie's new york penn house apartment in lower manhattan where he spent his final days. he fiercely guarded his privacy. neighbors say he frequented local coffee shops and restaurants. bowie's first wife angie broke down on camera after she was told of his death long after
10:33 pm
>> i feel like an era has ended with his passing. i'm so very sad. >> she is locked inside the celebrity big brother house in the uk and has decided to continue with the show. the late night comedians turned serious paying contribute to the legendary david bowie. >> he was mind blowingly talented. he was an incredibly nice person. he was fun, always funny. >> steven colbert ended his show with a musical contribute let's dance. put on your red shoes and dance the blues deborah: david bowie's career spanned five decades. he died two days after his 69th birthday. back with more "inside edition" after this. >> next, who murdered ashley? the american artist found strangled in italy.
10:34 pm
inside this private club? >> then, ciara uproar. was her outfit too sexy for the national anthem? >> and imagine missing the lottery jackpot by one number. it happened to this office pool. >> plus.
10:35 pm
>> the >> wait until you see who is turning 70 this year. >> donald j. trump. >> trump, stallone, cher, clinton, susan, dolly. can you believe they are all turning the big 7-0? then the 14-year-old girl named isis. >> people saying i was a terrorist. >> she had to leave school. >> watch the next "inside edition."
10:36 pm
for monday night's cleg championship you saw an amazing game with alabama beating clemson. if you were there at the beginning you saw ciara singing the national anthem in an outfit that looked better suited for the golden globes than football. >> football fans got an eyeful from ciara as she belted out the national anthem. was she too sexy. one viewer tweeted kids are watching. cover up. the dress was inappropriate. her voice was more than enough. why distract with nudity said another. but her boyfriend, russell wilson, sang her praises, sounded amazing and looked flawless in every way. >> look who is singing carolina reokay key with james cordon. it's adele.
10:37 pm
>> that will air on the late late show with james cordon wednesday night. deborah: police are ruling out no one in the strangulation of an american woman living in florence, italy. ashley olsen, a native of florida was killed in her apartment. her social media posts raise troubling questions. >> american artist ashley olsen was seen in a tawdry club before she was seen. police are probing whether she was murdered by someone she met at the nightclub. she was found strangled and naked in her apartment in one of the world's most beautiful cities, florence. her be loved beagle scout was by her side. she was last seen alive in this nightclub, the monte carlo. the daily mail calls it a sex den, a set di club known for drugs, sex and violence.
10:38 pm
tv where ashley grew up. >> that is a big focal point. they want to know who she was meeting with. they hope it will lead to answers. >> the investigation into ashley's murder is being lead by the same top cop who handled, some say bungled the amanda knox case. she is the american college student accused and ultimately cleared of murdering her roommate in italy in 2007. >> thank you to everyone that believed in me. >> ashley olsen moved to florence where her father is a professor of architecture three years ago. this video promoting eyeglass accessories shows ashley strolling around florence. her body was found by her boyfriend seen at the beach with ashley's beagle at the beach. >> we are learning that he hadn't heard from her in a while. that he went to her apartment,
10:39 pm
and called landlords and they found ashley's body inside her apartment. although they had an argument shortly before her death, he reportedly has an alibi and is not at this point a suspect. a top investigator was quoted as saying. ominously shortly before she died she wrote on her instagram page i have a stalker with #stalker alert and creeper in the back. >> police have no suspects yet but are reviewing hours of security camera footage near ashley's parent. we will be back with more after this. >> still to come, imagine missing the lottery jackpot by one number. it happened to this office pool. plus-- >> i love you. >> the singing baby. >> i love you. >> closed caption sponsorship
10:40 pm
"inside edition" to come. deborah: wednesday's powerball is up to $1.5 billion. but the jackpot wouldn't have gotten that big if these people got one more number right. >> no one came closer to winning last saturday's powerball jackpot than the folks in this picture. the office workers got every number right except for one, the number 13. >> your winning powerball number. >> still, they won a million dollars. after taxes, each of these smiling faces will take home $21,000. now, this guy who lives in
10:41 pm
he was asked on live tv what he would do if he won a billion dollar jackpot. cocaine. expecting. >> what were you thinking. >> i wasn't thinking. i'm just a -- i don't know if i can say this but i'm a smart ass. >> his wife says she is taking it in stride. >> i thought it was hilarious. deborah: and when we come back, the cutest sipping less -- singing lesson you will ever see. >> closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by:
10:42 pm
"inside edition" to come. music to a mom's ear next.
10:43 pm
provided by: finally today, meet the baby who can sing before she can talk. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> this toddler from arizona is hitting all the right notes. >> i love you.
10:44 pm
>> i love you. >> bye-bye. >> i will spare you my singing
10:45 pm
thank you make an emergency landing in las vegas. what celebrity was onboard. and, new tonight... sot: :i like to drink but i know that i will not go anywhere without a driver." for the first time since his arrest for d.u.i. charges, tom collins sits down with action news. but we begin with breaking news. a section of the las vegas strip is shut down right now.. and it will remain closed until tomorrow morning. it's all because of.... a film production.. lets get out to....
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