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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  January 27, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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there is nothing i can do." (butted with) nicole: "you apologized....your dogs killed my dog! ate it right here! well a georgia state patrol trooper was shot on the freeway...after a chase. it happened in cobb county georgia. that's a suburb of atlanta. we just learned the trooper was trying to pull over the suspect for speeding. authorities say the trooper was shot in the stomach and arm. we've just learned that trooper is jacob fields, a 3 year veteran. you can see traffic is being diverted. the suspect was also shot. we don't know his condition. we'll keep tracking the latest on this story. breaking news out of oregon-- we've just learned ammon bundy, the leader of that armed militia is oregon, is asking the remaining militiamembers to stand down and go home. that's according to his attorney.
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there for 3-weeks. meantime, bundy and the six other defendants arrested overnight will be held until friday. that's when they'll appear in court for a detention hearing a young, autistic girl gets stranded on the school bus. and it's all caught on the bus's surveillance video. take a look. you see 4-year-old zia estrada sitting on that san diego school bus. the bus driver helps other kids get off the bus, but just leaves little zia there. michael jacobs / family's lawyer importantly, the bus driver actually straps her in the seatbelt so he knows she's there? (reverse shot (12:13:46) there's no doubt he knows that she's there (10) and when he testified yseterday under oath, that he didn't know she was there, that's not only just false. it defies any sense at all (19) the bus then leaves that stop. and then watch as the driver appears to take a nap...with zia only 3-rows behind him. he then leaves the bus for 2-hours. and another bus driver finds zia alone and crying. the family is now suing the school district. a 23-year old is behind bars in
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accused of planning a terror plot at a masonic temple. prosecutors say mohamed hamzeh and two others were planning to lock the doors.. then execute 30 people with machine guns. investigators say they even toured the temple a week after going to a shooting range. hamzeh was recently fired from as a kick-boxing trainer.. after working at the gym for only 3- weeks. he was let-go for allgedly being aggressive with clients.. and criticizing the u-s. rebecca marschner: "that shot up a huge red flag-he was all about how terrible of a government we have yet he lives in america." the f-b-i says he and two others were involved in the plot.. but it was actually a sting operation. the other two were undercover.. working with the fbi. hundreds of documents related to the conviction of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are being released today. tsarnaev was later sentenced to death. he and his brother placed 2 bombs near the finish line of the race 3-years ago.. killing 3 people and wounding
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the pressure is on for the presidential candidates...ahead fof the iowa caucuses. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders got a preview of his future home..the white house by sitting down one-on- one with president obama. on the other side of the aisle, the republicans are gearing up for tomorrow night's debate. here's abc' s stephanie ramos with more on the campaign trail. < democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders got a little taste of the white house. with a few staffers ...and his wife...sanders met with president obama in the oval office. more than an hour later sanders emerged from the west wing ..telling reporters he had a constructive and productive meeting with the president. sot, bernie: foreign policy, domestic, some politics. but did he ask for an endorsement? sot, bernie oh no no....of course not. a new abc news washington post poll shows his rival hillary clinton leading sanders nationally 55 to 36 percent. sanders though has cut her lead to the smallest it's been in an abc poll. today clinton is in iowa?...rallying support in a bowling alley just days before the first votes are cast.
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first chance to speak up in the entire world about what you're looking for. on the gop side.... the very public rift between gop presidential frontrunner donald trump and fox news is boiling over again. trump's campaign says he is skipping the gop presidential debate on fox this thursday.... sot-trump "i won't be doing the debate. the real estate billionaire took to social media blasting debate moderator megyn kelly.. the same fox news anchor he feuded with after the first gop debate. trump's chief rival senator ted cruz now challenging trump to a one on one debate. sot-cruz on cam late event "if he is unwilling to stand on the debate stage, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses," tag: fox news insists trump is still welcome at the debate tomorrow night. stephanie ramos abc news washington > a man is sharing a video of his
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station so you know what to do if the same thing happens to you. the video shows him squeezing the handle on the pump.. but no gas is coming out and the metter is still rolling. he says it happened 3 times at the rebel station at bonanza and mojave. we reached out to the people who do inspections. they say someone has looked at the pump in question.. and if it happens to you.. file a formal complaint. a community outraged... after finding racial slurs and sexual messages written on the sidewalk at their neighborhood park. and this isn't the first time they've seen the offensive graffiti. parents in mountain's edge reached out to action news... after seeing the most recent artwork...which included a racial slur. they think teenagers are responsible. because it's chalk, this wouldn't usually qualify as vandalism, but it does become illegal when hate speech is involved. paypal is a popular way for people to do business online.. but now.. scammers are taking advantage of that convenience. coming up..
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paypal sellers. plus, two teens dead after drinking a deadly cocktail. and law enforcement says it's something they've never seen before. they want to let parents know, before another teen's life is taken too soon. some moderate cloud cover overnight tonight will keep temperatures mild and set the stage for a marvelous thursday coming tomorrow. time now for a contact
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a big warning from the better business bureau. they say a new scam is circulating that's right after your money, and it's specifically going after paypal customers.
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scammers are fooling sellers scammers are fooling sellers with fake emails that appear to be payment confirmation messages from paypal. it looks like a legit email from paypal confirming the transfer. "paypall will have some protection, but when you are dealing with a con artist or a scammer they are going to try to fake legitamacy they will use anything they can and try to say they are paypall and send an email saying you have the money all ready". and also be aware of overpayments- that's when scammers will say they accidentally overpaid you. also.. be aware of some big changes by j-p-morgan chase the next time you visit the a-t-m. you now can make a withdrawal using your smart phone. the bank is upgrading all of its a-t-m's this year.. but they say the new system does not replace the debit card. a dog gets caught up in the middle of a half marathon, and runs the entire 13-point-1 miles by herself!. it's one of three trending
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today. a co-worker text me and said your dog just came in 7th place. everyone was going crazy. as you heard there, her owner didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called and filled her in. the bloodhound finished in seventh place and got a medal! the owner says after the race the hound came home and took a long nap! a casting decision has sparked a raging debate. british actor joseph fiennes is set to star as michael jackson in a one-off t-v comedy. it's set to be called "elizabeth, michael and marlon" and will hit airwaves later this year. people are outraged a white actor was cast for him...building off the debate over the lack of diversity in this year's oscars' nominations. and.. you never need an excuse to eat cake.. but you have one today anyway. today is national chocolate cake day. for more stories trending right
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go to and we want to hear your thoughts. just sound off on any trending news by joining us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan some moderate cloud cover overnight tonight will keep temperatures mild and set the stage for a marvelous thursday coming tomorrow. low thursday coming tomorrow. low temperatures overnight will only fall into the mid 40s and partly cloudy skies will continue the warming trend with temperatures in the mid 60s for tomorrow. friday keeps that warm up going
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clouds but temperatures warming into the upper 60s and saturday will be the warmest day - highs could hit 70 if the skies are clear enough - as a low pressure area drives temperatures up ahead of the cold front. giant changes are on the way for the weekend with a strong low pressure system moving into the area although timing and intensity are still in question. models are in disagreement over accelerating the storm. the euro has been more consistent about timing, generally around sunday night into monday but has some questions as to just how much moisture will be associated with it. as of now the best bet is some after the system temperatures will be solidly winter cold with high temperatures around 50 and lows in the low to mid 30s.
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takata air bags could go up. an 11th case is now under investigation overseas. according to government documents.. it deals with a motorist who was killed last year in india.. and the car involved hasn't been recalled yet. it could.. however.. be part of a larger recall announced last week. right now, a big warning for parents-- two teens died from drinking a dangerous mix of mountian dew and racing fuel. while that sounds odd, it's apparently a new trend circulating! the deadly concoction is called "dew shine." poison experts and law enforcement are now sounding the alarm because they say they've never seen anything like this before. "my concern is how prevalent this could become, the fact it has a name "dewshine" and people around them knew tells me it's unlikely to be an isolated event" toxicologists say "dew shine"
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much more poten many people are regulars at indoor tanning salons.. but a new study is pointing to an increased cancer risk.. especially for women. details next in today's health report. and obesity in america is at an all-time high, especially among kids. a new program is giving kids a crash course in making healthier choices. it's teaching them how to read food labels. in today's health report,
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depression affects one in 10 american adults. the symptoms can range from mild to severe, but there's some good news. there's a new treatment out, called "near infrared light." the forehead gets to the powerhouse of the the cell which are the mitochondria and leads to more energy in the brain area that are close to the source of light."
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inflammation in the brain and increases connections between neurons- all which seems to help a person feel better. another approach to try -- taking small doses of the anesthetic drug- ketamine. tanning beds are popular with people who want to keep their tan.. especially through the winter. but new evidence suggests young women could be placing themselves at more risk than they realize. abc's dr. timothy johnson takes a closer look. < indoor tanning? despite the growing evidence that it's a practice linked to skin cancer? many still look to tanning beds for that fresh-from-the- beach glow. now, new evidence? that starting indoor tanning at a younger age may be tied to an increased risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. researchers at the university of minnesota finding that women who get melanoma in their 20s, 30s and 40s? were more likely to have tanned indoors at a younger age. what's more? women diagnosed with skin cancer in their 40s more likely to have started
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teens... and more likely to have been exposed to more than 10 sessions in their lifetime. disturbing news? at a time when skin cancer rates are on the rise? even faster in women than in men. and even though the world health organization identified indoor tanning as a likely cause of cancer years ago? only some states have banned indoor tanning for people younger than 18. so before you head in for that tan? think twice. ght thank yourself later. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > the number of cases here in the u- s of the zika virus is growing. there are now 20-cases in 9- states, with another 19 in puerto rico. now some airlines are offering worried travelers waivers and refunds -- for trips they booked to affected areas. pregnant women are at the top of the list of people advised not to travel there. the fear is a possible link
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brain development in developing babies. only one in five people who are infected become ill with symptoms like fever, rash joint pain or red eyes. one in six amercan children today are obese.. but a new program is trying to change that by teaching children how to read food labels.. and make healthier choices. it's called "kids n fitness".. at children's hospital los angeles. the children spend 90-minutes a week for 6 weeks learning about adopting a healthier lifestyle. (megan lipton-inga/director, kids n fitness) "they're learning how to read labels a way that is meaningful to them, healthy plate based on the usda my plate guidelines." food labels can be confusing because they only deal with 'one serving'.. but in the real world.. people eat many servings. the program also stresses the importance of exercise. still ahead... a final look at your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13. 8 -- the middle 8:30 -- the goldbergs 9 -- modern family
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american crime 11 -- action news we'll be right back. before judge judy..
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stories we're followibail has been set for 2-million dollars for the man arrested in that police shooting outside of the bellagio. khaleal black was tied down, gagged and barefoot during his first court appearance. his family says he's mentally ill. and man is fighting for his life...after stealing a car and then hitting and killing a female driver. the crash happened this morning at rainbow and spring mountain. it shut down that intersection for hours. police say the driver responsible was possbily drunk, and also rammed one of their patrol cars. breaking right now-- north las vegas police are looking for this man who they say exposed himself to a woman. it happened at a gym near craig and clayton. police say the suspect first exposed himself and committed lewd acts in front of the woman in a sauna, and then followed her to watch her shower. if you recognize him, call north las vegas police or crime stoppers. the euro has been more consistent about timing, generally around sunday night into monday but has some questions as to just how much moisture will be associated with it.
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significant rain coming sunday into monday with shots for very strong winds moving in after the storm rolls out. 30s. and that does it for action news live at 3:30 but stay with us - judge judy is up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for action news live at 5. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening.
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>> announcer: a car trade misfires. >> judge judy: you repossessed the car. did you give him back his truck?
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>> announcer: so he came back... >> he was trying to push his way into my house. he also punched me in the face and said he was gonna murder my whole family. >> announcer: ...with backup. >> this gentlemen came outside his truck, brandishing a weapon. >> judge judy: what kind of a weapon? >> a gun. >> judge judy: you don't take your idiot friend with a gun to get your property back. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution ryan kellerman is suing his former friends roger smith and his wife, sarah foster, for the return of money he paid for a car and for the return of a truck. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 102 on the calendar in the matter of kellerman vs. smith/foster. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in.
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