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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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captured of the scene earlier. police got calls of gunshots inside the home nestled in the corner of a quiet suburban street. metro says what happened was a 19 year old was fighting with either his father or his stepfather - the exact relationship is still unclear - and the teen stabbed the man 4 times. then the man shot and killed the boy. that man is at umc trauma in stable condition recovering from his stab wounds. metro detectives are there to speak to him about what happened and criminal charges could be filed. also metro says while this was going on there were six or seven other family members in the house who will be interviewed about all this. one neighbor told me he's seen police called to that house more than once before. another neighbor gave an interesting perspective too - saying in a weird way he's glad it was domestic and not a home invasion or something that puts others in the community at risk. reporting live david schuman 13
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new tonight... tragedy strikes again..... for a family the entire las vegas community has come to know.... over the past four years. you may remember... alyssa mowery... the little girl who was hit.... while crossing the street in north las vegas... she survived... but... was left with major developmental issues.... having to learn to walk and talk... again. last night... alyssa's father... pat... suddenly died in his sleep.... leaving behind alyssa and seven other children. her mom... christin says... coming to terms with his death.... has been a struggle for alyssa. 22:57:20 she has moments of clarity where she realizes he's gone and not coming back but she has short-term momory loss so she keeps forgetting so it's almost worse for her i would think because she's learning about it and realizing it and accepting it over and over and over and over again. christin says... pat had no life insurance or money.... leaving the family with nothing.... to lay him to rest. the family has set up.... a "gofundme page"....
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costs.... for pat mowery. if you'd like to donate... we've provided a link for you.... just head to our website... k-t-n-v dot com. new information tonight.... in the shooting death of a valley mother of four... it's been almost a year.... since tammy meyers was shot and killed.... in front of her home! you just saw a full.... 20-20 special on this case... that's captivated the country... and landed.... erich nowsch behind bars! 13 action news reporter..... mahsa saeidi is live... from the neighborhood.... near alta and cimarron where it happened ... with what you didn't see. mahsa? it was sometime after eleven at night when two cars came speeding down this culdesac. thats where the shootout happened.... tonight we hear from the children who lost so much that night. "over the years. i've got through a little ups and downs." same as every other young man -- the difference for brandon - he says! the woman ... always in his corner! they called her mama bear. but we know her as tammy meyers! the mother at the center of a mystery. "she was always the one that i
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-- suggestions, questions, when i had girl issues, when-- certain things were going on. you know, she was always there c-- to comfort me." last feburary - he says he was defending her! as erich nowsch opened fire! re- loaded! and kept going! nowsch's murder trial set for next month -- tonight the meyers children want you to know this about their mom! "she tried changing so many people's lives, she helped as much as she can." "i miss her." but what about that evolving story from the family? just this week, 13 action news asked the district attorney: "(is that something that you're concerned about? does that matter?) listen, mr. meyers and the children lost a mother and a wife and they're human beings." it was an emotional time! the killer on the the media in a frenzy! but the da says once he methodically analyzed the facts! it was no mystery at all! "i believe mr. meyers and they meyers family
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the da says a jury thats fair and impartial to both sides will be picked next month. justice is whatever they decide. reporting live mahsa saeidi 13 action news on one side... ted cruz, fresh from his win in iowa... on the other side... marco rubio, leapfrogging cruz in the latest polls. and center stage, donald trump -- holding the lead in new hampshire just 24 hours out from the final republican debate before the new hampshire caucus. tonight... donald trump snowed out of new hampshire as "trump force one" is grounded in new york. instead he sent voters this video from trump tower in manhattan. nats trump: the great slogan of new hampshire, live free or die, means so much to so many people. // what a great slogan, congratulations new hampshire, wonderful job. trump's closest rival -- ted cruz -- has a ground army of
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to-door campaigning for the texas senator. to-door campaigning for the texas senator. while both cruz and trump feel the heat from marco rubio surging in the polls. you can catch the republican debate tomorrow at 5 p-m right here on abc. the death toll now stands at 5 in taiwan after a strong magnitude 6.4 magnitude earthquake. tonight.. we're learning facebook has activated its 'saftey check' feature so people in the disaster zone can let friends and family know they're okay. taiwan's president is also on the scene tonight.. urging rescuers to do everything possible to save anyone who might be trapped in collapsed buildings. new tonight... one person is dead.... following a crash at the afternoon.... when a man had some sort of medical episode.... while behind the wheel and ran off the roadway. he was taken to "spring valley hospital"... where he later died. a memorial has been set up.... to remember a man killed yesterday.... when a car crashed into a bus
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near lake mead and jones. police say... the person driving the car hit the median.... then crossed into on- coming traffic.... before hitting the bus stop. the victim was in a wheelchair.... waiting for a bus. he died a short time.... after reaching the hospital. we're following new developments tonight in the effort to end nevada's teacher shortage. governor sandoval announced a new measure to let school districts hire teachers who don't have a nevada teaching license.. as long as they're actively working to get one. that means districts can now issue provisional teaching licenses for aspiring teachers who are working to meet the requirments for a full license. they can then teach while that's happening.. as long as they get a full license in less than a year to keep their job. ccsd officials are thrilled. it is a game changer or us. last year we turned away nearly 400 teachers that we could've licensed had this provision been in place. michael gentry clark county school district 8 secs ccsd has nearly 700 teaching positions to fill for the next school year.
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eyewitness to a frightening murder yesterday near rainbow and westcliff drive. the witness told 13 action news it was like a scene out of the movie. he says he watched a nissan pull into a parking lot.. then saw a man roll out of the and fired six shots before taking off. "it doesn't feel good. i didn't sleep all night last night. i woke up at one a clock in the morning. couldn't get it out of my head. never saw anybody shot to death accept on tv. michael jackson witness 11 secs this is already metro's 13th homicide investigation of the year. police are still looking for a suspect. right now... metro needs your help.... finding several suspects behind multiple home invasions.... in the past month. the suspects forced their way into homes and even pistol whipped.... one of the victims. the suspects.... then ransacked the homes... before taking off.... in the victims' vehicles. the home invasions took place.... near desert inn and theme road.... and... another one in the area...
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cabana drive. right now.. detectives say... they think they know.... who may have shot and killed a man.... yesterday morning.... near buffalo and flamingo. police tell us... they're looking.... for fuyan liao. this is a look... at the type of vehicle.... he could be driving.... it's a white... -2- thousand -9- infiniti s-u-v... nevada license plate... 7-1-2-a-t-z. if you have... any information.. contact metro... right away. a neighborhood dispute has escalated. first.. a 40-year old man punched a teenager because of it. now.. the problem is a makeshift structure with a tarp. sean pierrot says he was forced to put up this curtain because his neighbor's surveillance cameras were pointing inside his home. according to the city website.. structures built as a wall or fence must meet certain height requirements and be made with specific materials. but pierrot says he was given the okay because it's only a temporary structure. he also says the dispute can easily be resolved. 12:01:00:17 sean pierrot, put up tarp this is very simple and i would like to say this, remove the cameras, and i'll
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i have no problem with removing the tarp 12:01:14:12 13 action news has put a call into code enforcement to confirm the tarp is allowed to be up. 1:27 debbie: i ran in there and he was on the floor of the shower. and i kept trying to pull at his arm--steve! steve! get up! for the last two days.. contact 13 has exposed problems with metro's 9-1-1 system. callers in a state of emergency.. kept on hold. the woman you just heard lost her husband in december as help was on hold for her.. and others.. trying to reach 9-1-1. and calls for action from local leaders. 50:28 steve sisolak: i watched the story twice. i was shocked, devastated, disappointed. the day debbie's husband died, she and her neighbors kept
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and their calls kept getting put on hold. 6:04 darcy: when you first called and you got that recorded voice, clearly you're in a panic. what are you thinking when you hear that? debbie: to be gonna answer. (butt to 6:32) when they didn't and i had to go get another phone, i thought what am i gonna do?! why aren't they answering?! 54:17 steve: when you're in that situation that you desperately need support from the 9- 1-1 system that needs to be handled immediately, and that doesn't mean getting put on hold, waiting for 60 seconds or two minutes or three minutes for that to happen. just, it's not acceptable. it has to be improved. in the 15-minute window of time surrounding debbie's emergency, metro's 9-1-1 radio systems director says there were only 6 call-takers handling 62 calls. but, county commission chairman steve sisolak says that's no excuse. 50:40 steve: there's no justification for it. there were--my understanding--some internal mistakes that were made along the way.
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metro's fiscal affairs committee, says it's not a funding issue. there's plenty of money and people to properly staff 9-1- 1. 52:20 steve: i don't know if it was that day, they gave--too many people were off--i don't know what could have possibly happened. he also says high call volume should trigger a rollover to partner agencies. 51:36 steve : for some reason that didn't happen. i mean, the supervisor should stop supervising and pick up the phone and answer some of those calls when that happens! i think they're well aware of the situation that happened, mistakes that were made and i'm confident that the sheriff has told me this is his number one priority and we're gonna get this fixed so that never happens again and no other family has to go through what these folks are going through. darcy stand-up tag: sheriff promised a full investigation as to why there weren't enough people to answer calls the day debbie lost her husband, and why the hold times didn't trigger a rollover to the other agencies. we'll have an update when they have answers. darcy spears, 13 action news.
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north las vegas police need your help.... locating this man.... who went missing... yesterday morning... and... they believe... he may be in danger! -81- year-old.... richard boisy junior... left his home.... near revere and tropical.... and never returned. his family says... he may have.... early on-set dementia. if you've seen him... you're asked to call north las vegas police... right away. a call tonight..... to make protecting americans from a "zika virus".... a top priority. president obama's allies in the senate are asking him to amp up..... the united states' government's response.... to the outbreak. the lawmakers favor an increase in funding.... in the up-coming budget..... to limit the spread of the disease. it's transmitted..... by mosquitoes... and... linked to birth defects. nats: gunfire you're hearing the end of a dramatic manhunt for blake fitzgerald and brittany harper.. described by police as a modern day "bonnie and clyde." they were on the run following a crime spree stretching all from missouri to florida.
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monday in this surveillance video robbing a gas station in georgia and kidnapping the attendant.. then leading authorities on two high speed chases across the florida panhandle. in the end.. fitzgerald turned on his girlfriend.. using her as a human shield before being killed by police. harper was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. tonight.. she's in police custody tonight. a real life money pit. the american dream.... becomes a nightmare.... for a local couple... with a giant hole.... in the middle of their bedroom!!! and... that's not all. tonight... they're telling contact 13... something needs to be done now. < lyndsay (crying): we need help, but we don't know what to do. this pit actually used to be lyndsay klein's master bedroom. lyndsay: our mattress was in here. my king sized mattress... we had a nice shower there. walk- in closet. she and her husband aaron, bought their home last summer. the 3 bedroom house on 15th street, near east bridger, appeared to be in good shape. but just 2 months after moving in, heavy rain flooded their
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lyndsay: all the stuff we had in that room was pretty much destroyed. but the worst was still to come. check this out. in october, lyndsay shot this home video. lyndsay (home video): tremendous amount of water. here's my house. and that's exactly where the water ended up. these pictures show the kitchen and bedrooms, all under water. once the rooms were cleared out, aaron started removing the carpet. but when he reached the subfloor, they discovered how much worse it really was. lyndsay (crying): what do you do with this? the rain had collected inside this crater. it looks like the master bedroom was a late add-on to the house, because a conrete slab was never put down. and that eventually allowed the water to come up through the floor. lyndsay (crying): we can't live here until it's fixed. and we can't fix it until the drainage is fixed. the city hasn't fixed the drainage in 50 years.
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it turns out flooding has been a problem for years. action news captured these images of lyndsay's house after a 2011 storm. we turned to the city, to find out what's being done. councilman bob coffin: we did our flood repair improvements in the 80s and 90s. now it appears to be coming back. councilman bob coffin says flooding is a major issue again on several different city blocks. that's why he has a team researching options for new flood control measures. councilman bob coffin: i'm looking at the maps right now to see what else we can do. we may be able to spend some money on this. coffin's staff plans to canvass the area, and talk to all homeowners hit hardest by rain runoff. while it's good news, it's a little late for lyndsay and aaron. lyndsay (crying): i should be able to live in my house. we should be able to start a family and... i can't do that here.> unfortunately... lyndsay and aaron's home warranty doesn't cover.... any of this damage. and... they never had any flood
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because they don't live.... in a flood zone. so... they've created a "go fund me this story.... of a real-life money pit... including an update.... from lyndsay and aaron... on their current living situation... at our website: k-t- n-v dot com. new tonight.. a senior prank at a high school in glendale, arizona may have gone too far. the principal was speaking at a senior class assembly when the image of a naked man suddenly appeared on the projector screen behind him. investigators say a student probably did it with a cellphone app. the seniors were told if the school finds the prankster.. they won't be allowed to walk at graduation. not everybody's 18 so seeing this is something that other people may not have found funny since the image was considered pornographic.. and minors were in the class.. administrators had to call every parent and send home a letter to explain what happened. police are looking for answers in a murder mystery unfolding in chicago where the bodies of six family members were found
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they now believe the family was targeted and say they all died from blunt trauma. the house was not ransacked and showed no signs of forced entry. police are now looking for clues as to who may have been behind the tragedy. the northeast is dealing with a cold blow.... from mother nature! this video puts it all into perspective. big snow flakes falling... and... covering new york city. traffic crossing signs. cars. trees. that certainly makes it tough.... for those people still having to get out and about... in the weather. but you know what... this is why we live here.... in las vegas.... where we have a warm-up on the way. 13 weather first.... chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking the changes.... now. the front that brought clouds yesterday morning has moved on and high pressure has reestablished itself across the southwest! sunny skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees with the weekend yielding 61 to 67 degrees! by monday into the
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t-shirts, and slip on the flip-flops! mainly sunny skies and light winds continue with high temperatures expected to range between 68 and 73 degrees! overnight lows are rising as well! upper 30s are expected tonight but low to mid 40s take over until wednesday early morning. by then, morning lows bottom out in the upper 40s and lower 50s. right now... the strip is buzzing with excitement. this is a live look out there skies and mild winds will be a common occurrence throughout the next 5 to 7 days. high temperatures today will range between 55 and 60 degrees with the weekend yielding 61 to 67 degrees! by monday into the next work week grab the shorts, t-shirts, and slip on the flip-flops! mainly sunny skies and light winds continue with
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40s take over until wednesday early morning. by then, morning lows bottom out in the upper 40s and lower 50s. breaking news right now... breaking news right now...
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being shot in seaside, oregon tonight. police say the officer was serving a warrant when the him. a second officer returned fire and shot the suspect. that suspect has been taken to the hospital. right now... the strip is buzzing with excitement. this is a live look out there where people are making super bowl plans to get one of the best seats in the entire country. "if you can't be at the big game live there's no better place to be than vegas." like everything here, it's go big or go home. and this super bowl weekend is no different. plus... a disney princess at the bitter center of a costume controversy. why elsa got one kid.... sent home quickly.
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this looks lik congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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mardi gras tradition in new orleans. a crowd gathered today on bourbon street for the annual "greasing of the poles." the event was originally intended to stop rowdy revelers from climbing up to the balcony and getting hurt.. but it's evolved into a yearly spectacle.
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a california family is outraged.... after they say.... their son was forced to take off his costume.... after dressing up for "disney day".... at school. -13- year old.... austin lacey went as "elsa"... from "frozen". here you can see him.... in the dress and wig. the -8-th grader says.... his classmates loved the idea and even asked him to pose for pictures. but... the principal deemed the costume inappropriate.... and... made him take it off. i wore it for fun because i am just one of those people who likes to go all out. the principal says... the costume attracted too much attention and was disrupting classes. lacey's mom says... the costume was all in good fun. coming up... we're getting our first look.... at a new park coming soon.... to the las vegas strip. plus.. if you plan to put down a bet the big game this weekend.. you don't need to limit your wager to who wins.
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prop superbowl prop bets. stay with us. tonight....
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what a new park in the middle
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look like.. once complete.... it will sit between.... "new york new york" and "the monte carlo".... and... will be a gateway to the "t- mobile" arena. you're looking at artist renderings.... of the park. it will have more than.... -2- hundred trees and -3- thousand plants. the park is set to open.... in april. we're less than 48 hours away from the super bowl.. and a lot of visitors are in town to watch the action at the local sportsbooks. but along with betting on who wins the game.. prop bets are growing in popularity. many sportsbooks will let you bet on everything from the winner of the coin toss.. to the legnth of the national anthem.. and even the color of the gatorade that gets dumped on the winning coach. chuck esposito sunset station 14:24:32 prop bets have become think outside the box. there's 400 or 500 different ways to bet the game so almost every play from the coin toss to the end of the game means something. the carolina panters are about 5 and a half point favorites to
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to win superbowl-50. we'll be right back with a final look at your superbowl weekend forecast. investigate. stay with us. the front that brought clouds
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shaquille o'neal, from "how to be single," alison brie, and music from banners, with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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