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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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treatments were blue and cold. but that's just from the original exposure to the freezing water. my core is fine. i'm not hypothermic. he gave me a nifty tool to help make it easier. >> these are called ice sticks. most people ho go ice fishing have this around their neck. >> easier indeed but same rules apply. kick and pull. >> all right. >> matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. do you think matt gutman tells his wife before he does these? >> i think she finds out afterwards. our thanks to matt for taking one for the team. >> they aid 33 degrees weather, have you about 15 minutes of survival and that's it. >> the hardest part would be not to panic. >> so true. coming up, music's big night in l.a. this year's grammy awards jam packed with awards and performances, also a long list of tributes. a complete wrap-up straight ahead. complete wrap-up
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ahead. test come on and sing come on and sing my song everybody all night long all night long all night long >> that's like dancing at home by myself. >> this is like a wedding song that everybody should play.
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moments last night the tribute to lionel richie, the icon joined by "a" listers including john legend, luke bryan, meghan trainor and tyrese gibson for a rendition of his 1983 classic "all night long." >> still looks the same. he looks great. >> and that was just one of many special moments at last night's grammy awards. it was a jam packed show also tributes. >> and the star power on the stage, as well. we're up with "all night line" right now with chris connelly >> from adele's epic "all i am" to demi lovato's, well, "hello." is it me you're looking for >> from taylor swift "are we out
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multicultural wonders of this opener from the broadway musical "hamilton." in new york you can be a in new york you can be a new man >> by luck or design. the 50th annual grammy awards came at a moment when music sits proudly at the head of the pop culture table. thanks to beyonce's "formation" video and subsequent super bowl halftime performance, and kanye west's by every means possible rollout for his newest release "the life of pablo" featuring a madison square garden fashion show and a "saturday night live" performance, and a tweet storm, much on the minds of those there. >> and when i wake up, i recognize you're looking at me. >> so many of them fans of the rapper kendrick lamar beloved from the streets to the oval office jumping off from his "all
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album. >> thinking out loud. >> ed sheeran won best song for what looms as a generation defining track "thinking out loud," and then the pop unicorn herself picking up album of the year for "19. the entire night a showcase for superstars who thrived in the age of digital and streaming. >> adele is just a fascinating star. you know, you've got these deep and dark and sort of lonely songs and she's so funny and she's a very, very likable character. >> and the good thing, too. late reports and tweets commenting on technical issues at the top of her performance. rihanna took to twitter to explain her last minute decision to cancel her grammy performance telling fans so sorry i wouldn't
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a statement saying she had been put on vocal rest for an infection. you know what's not canceled, the daytime and nighttime drama between taylor and kanye. one long running show to which anyone can buy a ticket. one that figures to play itself out more in the days to come. >> keeping up with kanye west can be a full-time job especially when he's in overdrive mode. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm chris connelly in los angeles. >> we'll be right back. kanye west, still broke. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves bothwet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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love the new song from zayn. there is no question that golden state warriors steph curry is an amazing player. >> but what you might not realize is that the nba's reigning mvp is surprisingly normal. abc's jesse palmer had a chance for a little one-on-one. >> reporter: steph curry, dominating the nba all-star court sunday night. the point guard bringing home a victory for team west. do you think you're the best player in the nba? >> yes, by the way, that's my mentality by focus and motivation when i go out there. >> reporter: now with curry at the helm, the warriors are on track to break the nba record for regular season wins set by michael jordan and the chicago
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>> i don't know how many times you'll be in a position to chase a historical record like that and be a team that everybody remembers. go after it, but getting a championship would be more important. >> reporter: while his wife aisha is the one with the culinary chops, they don't call him chef curry for nothing. >> five ingredients. 15 minutes. i keep it simple. knock it out. and let the family enjoy. and then you'll have that tomorrow and the next day and the next day. >> reporter: off the court, you'll find them rubbing shoulders with the obamas, the first lady posting this wildly viral dub smash with the couple on friday. >> reporter: curry even playing a round of golf with the president but admitting there's one thing that throws him off his game. >> the only thing that was a little intimidating was it was the secret service.
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service. he's used to that kind of environment and i'm not. we need a rematch and call it square. >> reporter: jesse palmer, abc news, new york. >> he love he blamed the secret service. >> he's such an awesome guy. we do like him.
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facebook of the strip closed off while metro is investigating. this is a live picture from the traffic camera at las vegas boulevard and tropicana. we are hearing reports that people opened fire on each other near new york new york. we did hear the victims may have been taken to umc. yasmeen hassan is there right now, trying to get some details confirmed from metro. we'll check in with her the second she gets any information. also breaking this morning... a deadly traffic accident is shutting down lanes at decatur and russell. this happened around 1-30, and police have been out there investigating ever since. parker collins is out there
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passenger in one of the vehicles inolved in the crash. we will have all the latest information on that coming up a broad ridge of high pressure continues to keep skies mainly


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