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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 18, 2016 2:07am-2:37am PST

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expected. >> there are certain countries in the world where the divorce rate is 50%. america is one of those countries. another one, russia. meet the statistics. >> a video of a couple on the way to their wedding. a wedding i'm not sure is going to happen because this bride is trying to get away. the groom is going get in the car, get in the car. >> is this one of the marriages? >> i don't know what this guy could have said on the way to the wedding for it to then get to this situation apart from by the way, about your sister. >> everything goes and it's boom, boom, boom, gone. >> abort mission. the wedding doesn't need to happen. the marriage is going to fail. let it go. >> i think it's great. they didn't get married. so basically this is good for
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the family that eats together -- >> staying together? >> yeah. except this is the family that eats together fights together. this is at a food court. something wasn't on the menu. >> i'm sorry. what? i'd call that a fight. >> a barney? >> they have a barney. >> is he arguing with the staff. >> staff and security. >> a female is on the serving area and we can see a bit of a scuffle. >> what is going on? >> why are they beefing like this? >> because something beef wasn't on the menu. >> i think the smart thing would be to have a seat and sit down. anybody got a chair? oh, wait. he does. >> they did not get active like this over something on the menu. >> we have found multiple news reports reporting that it's all about some disagreement over
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pursuing charges. >> there's the problem. >> buffalo beef. what is it? is it buffalo or beef? that's false advertising. >> you're right. david marsh an american guide took some people up into cashmere to go skiing. >> that is gorgeous. >> absolutely gorgeous. the person with the camera is owens lansbury. he's following his guide but if you notice the guide stops and everybody stops. >> oh, my god. >> oh, yeah. >> did you see that tree branch move? it's not a tree branch. it's a snow leopard right there. >> no! oh, my goodness. yes, there it is. but it's buried in the snow.
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>> well, it's bad if it gets hungry. >> it's amazing that none of them went right over it. >> well, the tour guide did and he went around it. finally, it's like, you know what? >> oh, my gosh. that is so cool. >> yeah, i mean, did you see that tail? it was so thick. it really is a once in a lifetime thing to see that animal out in the wild. >> really cool. >> oh, my god. >> police are here to keep us safe, but there's some things that they can't even protect us from because they don't even see them coming. >> this cop pulls over to check on the person in this parked car and this happened. >> oh, my goodness. >> how does that happen? >> that was like a crash test. >> and you see the officer kind of just astonished because wait, what just happened?
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along got freaked by the two cops and jerked away without seeing what was going on straight into the head-on lane. >> you see one person head over to the gray colored car and pick a person up and carry them to the side of the road. >> you see the person in the red car struggle out. just a miracle that they're alive. >> moving over to sydney. oh, no. lots of exposed skin and all i can think of is road rash. >> no road rash. just more like road rudeness. fellows, they're going to ride up ahead of us. when they spot the police, pop a wheelie and they think they're cool. they're going to do a little thumb's up. and the person riding behind didn't anticipate it, right? >> thanks, guys. now they think it was me. >> they don't because the cops pull up to their guy.
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told they got away. joanne is our latest ipad mini winner. >> congratulations. you can be a winner too. you must be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz ward coming up next.rd coming up next.ord coming up next. once they get to their destination, they begin to take an epic turn. >> what's this? look at that. it's like a rabbit hole. right? they've got to go through that little tiny hole and watch what they get inside this 95-foot decent to the cave floor. this starting to look a little
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pretty cool cave, very tiny gaps to get their gear through. what else is in that bag of tricks that they're carried on their backs after they ascend back through the cave. continue on a short hike for a little rappelling down this rock wall here, but they ain't done yet because don the wing suit. how about a base jump, wing suit flight. i need to add all this was done in one day. >> this is efficient time management. >> this was right in brandon's backyard. the cascade mountains of washington. brandon tells us this is the first time he's done any kind of rock climbing and was definitely outside his comfort zone and to get to this launch site they had to go through those caves to get to the launch point. >> i can't believe what we just went through. what an unbelievable day. >> they do land safely back at this resort area and i'm sure
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kean, joins us live in studio plus, a million dollar deal on one of the strip's best shows thursday at 2 on valley view live. today on valley view live - get to know the woman behind apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. time to ruin your faith in humanity in general. we'll start in the uk. they're asking a lot of questions. >> and they're working as a team because if you keep your eye on the guy closest to the camera, watch his left hand. he keeps drifting. the buddy moves to the other
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up and as they're distracted the other guy starts taking the charity books off the pump. and just as karl turns around with that mar teetini they're like we don't want it. it wasn't ool a week later and now they're spreading this around in the hopes that anybody recognizes these terrible human beings. but i'm not done yet depressing all of you. we'll head down under where you see this lady in the red hat riding a bicycle. she comes right up to this house because she had spotted a parcel that had been delivered. she comes back later and she runs up, she grabs the package and tearing up the lawn as well. they didn't notice this had
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video and they started spreading around in the neighborhood and they all jumped on board. there was all kinds of information sent into the cops. here she is, 26-year-old walking out of court after she has been charged with theft. you'll love this video because you do it to me often and you do this very thing to our executive producer daily. >> good morning. >> that was it and she got scared? >> oh, it gets better. >> good morning maty! >> he's not even being mean about it. >> this video is how to scare a chef. there are two separate kitchens and only one chef in the morning so he's taking full advantage of the fact that his pal is jumpy.
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switch, oh, that was so close! >> is her heart going like a humming bird. >> she's just trying to do her job, man. >> with reactions like that though, i can see why he continues to do it. >> he is around every little tiny corner. >> this restaurant is going to get rave reviews. >> this food tastes like a beer. she's only five but she's already got boy problems. >> i don't want to break his heart. he looks so happy. next, right this minute. and still to come we swing by the arabian horse show. >> these things are perfect. but see why the steeds aren't the only stars shining in the arena. >> what do you need to have in your outfit? >> bling! >> and we've got the buzz word you need for your shot to win an ipad mini. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time.
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winter nasal congestion. is it a cold? sinuses? allergies? there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant for 24 hour relief. try allegra-d . i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. who wouldn't love to have a day like this. give me the keys to that ferrari. this one's got a couple of nice custom parts featured on heart war autos. a guy taking this ferrari out. thankfully he's going to light it up a little bit for us. it sounds delightful. what are you going to do with all this power and speed? you don't want to see people misuse this kind of power and speed on public roads but that's exactly what this guy does. oh, wait.
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this is the german autobahn. put the hammer down, my friend. >> oh, isn't that beautiful. >> that's what scenery looks like when it's smeared. it's so fun to see a car like this. modified in an environment where it can run free and sound great. now, all right. that's a ferrari in the hands of a driver who knows what he's doing. to colombia. the guy is behind the wheel of a red ferrari and looks like it's in front of a dealership. thankfully that guy is there to help this guy maneuver that what i assume to be a ferrari. i also have to believe this has been going on for a while. otherwise, why would this person get the camera out. this guy is being gentle with the car. just when i thought this guy was about to do a good job, there's a reason why this video is going viral. easy -- oh! ? >> wow!
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i thought maybe a little tap, not a tap and crash and crumble. >> i just imagine the manager asking this guy to park this over there and he's like, i'll try. >> i'm pretty sure i got to the closest thing we can call a unicorn on this planet. >> hey, guys, i'm checking in with you guys from the scottsdale arabian horse show. i went to the arabian horse show in scottsdale, arizona, and i got to see the most gorgeous horses i have ever seen in my life. these things are perfect. >> it's not just about the horses because these guys are like my fashion icons. >> right. especially this little girl here, she won a western competition category 10 and under. >> what is it that you love about horses? >> when i get on them they have a feeling that i like.
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>> so what do you need to have in your outfit? >> bling. >> bling! >> nothing but bling. >> yeah. >> i did this one when i was a kid. >> please tell me you have a picture. >> i was in western show competitions. i had these little outfits and stuff, yeah. >> that just took a twist we didn't expect. >> now, hundreds of thousands of people will walk through the show that goes on through the 21st of february. i really love the stories of some of the people that i met, especially this 17-year-old guy right here. that's ryan and he's been riding horses for a really long time, but i also learned that a few months ago ryan was diagnosed with a.l.l. >> tell me how important the community has been for you in
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>> the movement, ryan's warriors was started through the community and i couldn't ask for a better family. >> tell me what it means to have those horses in your life as you're going through this process. >> it's given me the opportunity to meet many people that you wouldn't meet on a day-to-day basis. you have all walks of life that show horses and it's just really a fun time and great to be able to interact with so many different kinds of people. >> he did let me jump on this horse. i also jumped on this other horse. its name was target and it's wearing very traditional arabian costumes that keep the horses cool, but in this case for sure they're super bedazzled and they're made to look really pretty. >> this is a pretty color. tell me what the kids are saying. >> they're pretty excited. we're telling you you could be harry potter or some could be the frozen girl. >> and if you pick the outfit
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probably have a good show. >> the show runs through february 21st. you can check it out on our mobile app. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter all you need is to have the buzz word, be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both, you can enter each every day. so let's reveal wednesday's buzz word, it's young. >> so go on over to right this and enter today's buzz word, young. >> one day later this week we'll be giving away a flat screen tv, so good luck, everybody, and stay tuned. >> american couples are trying out some foreign wedding traditions. >> from europe. >> i do not want to do this in a
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>> why sometimes >> get ready to start drooling. i give you or owe ice cream bread. >> like cookies and milk all in one? >> well, kind of. this is barry from my kitchen. he's a self-taught chef. somebody said you need to make this recipe. a pint of ice cream and cookies and self-rising flour. you get the ice cream at room temperature. you mix it altogether with the flour. >> that does look so good. you mix it all up, you spread it into a bread pan, it looks like an ice cream cake, but it's not. behold the beauty of that. i don't know who discovered you could use ice cream for this purpose, but thank you. but think about it, it's got butter, fat, milk. sugar.
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>> i think i'd rather have or owe crumbles over ice cream. there are many traditions all over the world to celebrate all kinds of things but in this video we're focusing on wedding traditions from europe which i find very interesting. they have couples that are married, about to be married and they put them up to some of these traditions. >> the couple challenged to saw a log together in front of their wedding guests. >> oh, gosh. apparently it's how the couple is going to struggle together and get through the hard times. >> it's easier than i thought. >> some of them are better than others. some of them struggled. >> this is not how our marriage is going to work. >> look, we did it. oh, my gosh, what do we get? >> they do get through so that's good.
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land in scottland. >> the couple is covered in four, soot and feathers among other things in order to ward off the evil spirits. >> covered in feathers? >> like tar and feathered the groom and sometimes the bride. >> here we go. >> let's be organized with this. >> money petare these old traditions that we don't see anymore or does this stilluff still happen? >> this one is still around. >> all in all, they were pretty creeped out by this. don't think we're going to be adopting these here any time soon. >> got to go.
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texas, is sparking controversy. the flag with arabic writing and a heart popped up on a downtown building this week. but the mayor was so alarmed that he asked the city manager to contact the fbi and homeland security. but the message on the flag actually translated to the words, love for everyone. >> when you don't have all the information at the beginning, you should always on the side of caution. because it's better to be safe than sorry. >> officials say the situation has to be taken seriously in light of current national and international events. >> if they thought it was isis or something, isis usually doesn't put a bright red heart in the middle of their black flag or whatever. >> why not just get it translated first? >> maybe they couldn't find the google translate button. starbucks is known for its sweet drinks, but you might not realize just how sweet some of them are. british researchers studied more


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