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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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scary but i'm on i try not to think about it> the vacation hot spot-- that lately has heard more bullets ring out. just three days ago...two men were shot while driving down tropicana near new york new york. no one has been arrested. while a month ago today-- a man waves a gun in front of the bellagio fountains. police answer with gun fire...grazing a child's leg and another mans clothing. the suspect-- 20-year-old khaleal behind bars. 14:13:45 to 14:13:48 many people left wondering-- just how safe is the strip? 14:04:27 to 14:04:30 13 action news reached out to metro-- while they wouldn't say the number of officers patrolling the strip... they did say they always have visible and underover officers as well as cameras patrolling the area. but tonight-- many still on edge.
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and that they are working with casinos to help catch these shooters...who are still on the loose tonight. reporting live lesley marin 13 action news. a live look outside at a clear.. calm night in the valley.. which is a big change from yesterday's crazy winds. let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield for the latest on what we can expect heading into the high pressure with tons of sunshine is firmly in control. temperatures will rise into the low to mid 70s tomorrow with just a few high level clouds around and will continue to rise into the mid and upper 70s for sunday through the remainder of this week. an update on a story we first reported as breaking on
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a man is now behind bars after his 12- year-old son shot and killed himself. this is the mugshot of olin manuel.. the father of sincere manuel and the owner of the gun used in his death. he's now facing charges of child abuse resulting in death and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. sincere died last saturday at a home near buffalo and vegas drive. north las vegas police have announced they've arrested two women..... in child abuse cases involving babies... including one that died.... from its injuries. 13 action news reporter..... david schuman tells us..... the violent nature of the two incidents. pkg this is heartbreaking stuff that will make your stomach turn. these are the pictures of two women recently arrested in child abuse cases. police say cynthia lavender admitted to dropping a 5 month old on his head on a tile floor
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that boy died two days later. alejandra robles told police she threw a crying 7 month old into a crib and that boy now has irreversible brain damage. aaron patttt, nlv police dept "this is just the reality of life unfortunately and you just never know" let's start with lavender. she was babysitting a friends child at her home earlier this month when police were called there for an unresponsive 5 month old. police say she has a history of abuse with the child who is now dead. lavender told officers she threw the boy against a wall last month. when asked why, she said she was frustrated. now in a separate case alejandra robles was taking care of 8 kids at an unlicensed daycare last november. police say she threw a 7 month old boy into a crib. that child suffered irreversible brain damage and while he is alive, he will never be the same. patty "there are other cases out there that we don't know about. it's crucial that the public passes that information along
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you notice it." tag police want to remind parents to do their homework on day cares and on the people taking care of your children. in north las vegas..david schuman 13 action news. an 13-action news update tonight on the death of a bullhead city police officer. he's now been identified as officer rodney polomski. the coroner has ruled the 52-year old died tuesday of a medical episode while driving on us-95 near searchlight. he was a 13 year veteran of the force. firefighters think electrical issues caused a lot of chaos early this morning at the westgate. nats of alarms it started around 1:30am when fire alarms went off.. lights went out and gaming machines shut down. then.. parts of the hotel were evacuated. 16:46:55:22 "the fire alarm, the noise was very intense and their nightgowns, their pajamas. ome people even came down with
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fire crews say smoke was reported near the dining area on the second floor.. most likely due to electrical problems. hotel employees say visitors were never in danger.. but they're still working to make things right with their guests. rent could skyrocket for dozens of families... over something.... they can't control. apartment management says... they can blame it all..... on the city of henderson. contact -13- looks at the fight... that's putting tenants.... in the middle. < sherri parker: it's stressful. it's overwhelming. sherri parker isn't holding back. sherri parker: it doesn't feel that we're living in a free country, if a city can put a small business' back up against the wall. sherri is the resident manager of "the pines" apartments, in henderson, near windmill and pecos. her troubles with the city started last march, after they changed the property's water
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sherri parker: our water bills have gone astronomical. they've gone from $4,500 up to $11,000, $12,000. sherri paid the skyrocketing bills... but called the city to find out what was going on. sherri parker: there must have been a misread on our meters, our bills are insane. things only got worse. in september, the city sent this letter to the pines. sherri parker: stating they had changed our meters out, and we were required to put in backflow devices. so what's that mean? when water flows through the meter and onto a property... a backflow prevention device stops possible contaminated water, from going back into the public system. sherri parker: we are now required to install these backflow devices. we need to pull permits. we need to hire an engineer. we need to get a certified plumbing company out here. the cost for all this work: more than 50 thousand dollars!
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the reason we have to install these backflow devices, is because the city of henderson has chosen cheaper substandard meters. frustrated, sherri reached out to contact 13 for help. we turned to henderson's director of utility services for answers. priscilla howell: we understand this wasn't something they expected from a cost perspective. a postion either that we can put this cost on the rest of our customer base. priscilla howell says the pines got new state-of-the-art meters, because the old ones weren't operating properly. and this work is required, with or without the new meters. but she admits something went wrong with the city's billing system, causing the pines' water bills to spike. priscilla howell: we corrected that immediately. in september, october, we refunded them that money. but that won't cover the cost of installing these backflow devices. and the pines isn't alone. there are a couple hundred
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nats of water sprinkler system turning off at the pines back at the pines, sherri says they're moving forward with plans to install backflow devices, for each water meter. but she argues this unanticipated cost, is going to have a major impact on her tenants. sherri parker: the only way we're going to be able to do it, is by increasing the rents.> rent at the pines is expected to climb.... -30- to -50- dollars.... depending on the number of residents.... in each unit. the city says.... it wants to do everything possible..... to avoid the pines having to pass the cost... onto its tenants. so... they're suggesting a water audit.... to help find ways to conserve water and save money. coming up on 13 action news live at 6:30.. a valley woman saved up for months for invisalign braces. but after one dentist left the business and her other dentist left the country.. she wants her money back. when you ask.. we investigate. plus... a deal being offered..... by a prominent casino owner to
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kanye west to help get him out of debt..... is grabbing a lot of attention.... on social media. tonight... hear straight from derek stevens why.... he's offering.... the bail-out to kanye. new at -6-... it's been a couple days..... since kanye west tweeted about his one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born.
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has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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as he continues to wait to hear from facebook owner.... mark zuckerberg for help.... a las vegas casino owner says... his offer still stands. 13 action news reporter..... marissa kynaston spoke with the owner of "the d"... derek stevens.... about his offer. take vo the owner of the d offered kanye west a solution-- after the rapper tweeted he was 53 million dollars in debt. derek stevens says he'll make him a deal-- play a concert in downtown-- and he can keep all the revenue from ticket sales. kanye did play for the life is beautiful festival in 2014-- so he's no stranger to performing in downtown las vegas. derek stevens talked to me about why he offered to help kanye with his personal debt. sot derek stevens, owner, the d i always try to bring more people to downtown las vegas, and i think with our events center, you never know what could happen, we have so many good concerts coming up here in downtown, and when i put it out, it was just kind of for fun marissa tag the venue does hold about ten thousand people-- which means kanye west would have to sell the tickets
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start to getting rid of that debt. reporting in downtown-- mk-- 13an. a north las vegas woman says she's out several thousand dollars.. all because she wants to change now.. the company wont give her a refund. when you ask.. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is here to help straighten things out. stephanie. anyone who's had braces knows, your teeth don't straighten out overnight. it's a process that take months and months of tweaking. and letty says she was tired of changing dentists to change her smile. a smile is the first thing many of us notice....and letty franklin wanted her's to be perfect. 18.51.50 my dentist recommended this, it's something that people are doing, there are several people at work that have been doing it 56 and so i just decided to do invisalign 59 she got a recommendation from several family members to see the docs at desert point
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after a few appointments, she was told the two doctors she was seeing had a family situation...and a different doctor would be taking over the practice. 18.53.12 and he was great also 14 he was nice, friendly, everything seemed perfect 53.19 there was nothing to coplain about 53.21 that is, until he left too. 18.54.07 i walked in concerned 08 and said, 'what happened to him' 09 and they said, 'oh well he left the country' 11 she told desert point dental she'd had enough and wanted to leave the practice. letty paid three thousand, and her insurance was going to cover 15 hundred dollars more. letty says even after she told them she was leaving, they billed her insurance anyway. 18.58.22 i came to the office there saying, 'listen i just would like to have the money back that it's going to cost to transfer treatment 32' and one of the responses that i got was, 'well you're not getting any money back 37 she says all she wants is the money she needs to transfer care, which is two thousand dollars. that's because the treatment they told her would only take
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nearly a year. and they're not even done. when we tried to get answers for her - even we got the runaround. we called the local office for desert point dental, but they told us to call the national office. when we called the national office, they asked us to call the local office. we explained the local office sent us to them, and asked them to find someone who could address letty's concerns. we got a statement that says in part: because of hipaa privacy rules, we cannot discuss individual patient info. however, we can assure you that the satifaction of our patients is our priority. if you want to read the whole thing, we'll have it on ktnv dot com. this is a story we looked into after a viewer emailed us. if you have a story you'd like us to check into... just send us an email to 13 investigates at ktnv dot com. live in the studio, soc the winds have died off and high pressure with tons of sunshine is firmly in control. temperatures will rise into the
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with just a few high level clouds around and will continue to rise into the mid and upper 70s for sunday through the remainder of this week. as high pressure builds in from the west we'll see some stronger winds through the las vegas valley with gusts to about 20 or 25mph possible sunday and monday. the colorado river valley could see some stronger winds, but models have shifted the strongest winds slightly east which diminishes the chance for wind advisories for lake mead and southward. the winds settle down by tuesday evening and will generally make for a simply amazing week. light winds are expected from wednesday onwards and highs are expected to stay about 8-12
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(bryan back to desk) from contact -13-... "cyber criminals"... are rise into the low to mid 70s tomorrow with just a few high level clouds around and will continue to rise into the mid and upper 70s for sunday through the remainder of this week. as high pressure builds in from the west we'll see some stronger winds through the las vegas valley with gusts to about 20 or 25mph possible sunday and monday. the colorado river valley could see some stronger winds, but models have shifted the strongest winds slightly east which diminishes the chance for wind advisories for lake mead and southward. the winds settle down by tuesday evening and will generally make for a simply
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light winds are expected from wednesday onwards and highs are expected to stay about 8-12 above normal. (bryan back to desk) from contact -13-... "cyber criminals"... are making good money. their main target... "corporation networks". researchers at michigan state university... recently calculated... even small-scale hacking operations... are making millions! with access to just... -50- stolen credit... or debit cards... the bad guys... on average... can pull in between -2- million...
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the government crackdown... on hoverboards... continues tonight. the consumer product safety commission says.... all hoverboards... lacking "u-l certification"... are unsafe... and subject to recall. the move comes.... after federal investigators... started looking... into dozens of complaints... of lithium-ion batteries... inside hoverboards... overheating... and then catching fire... or exploding. some of the biggest grocery and retail companies.... in the country.... are getting into the grocery delivery business... but... how much extra money is coming out of your pocket.... for this new convenience? you're watching 13 action news.. live at 6.. where you ask and we investigate. stay with us.
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of the past.... as more stores let you shop.... with just the click of a finger! that includes kroger.. the nation's largest supermarket chain. reporter julie dolan takes a closer look at 'online shopping'.. and if the convenience is worth the cost. pkg full= 19 05 38 00 beep 19:07:10:09 beep 19:08:35:54
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are doing the leg work for you and scanning as they shop. 19:11:20:33 nat bag rip 19 24 13 00 we're always trying to make our customers lives easier and clicklist is one way to do that. clicklist allows you to shop for groceries on kroger's website or mobile app, choose your pick up location and time.. and all you do is show up and pay. 19 14 11 13 bottle water nat lisa diedrichs frequents the service and says it cuts her trip time from two hours to 20 minutes. clicklist costs 4-95 per pick-up.. or 7-99 for an expidited order. it's a cost this new mom says is well worth it. 19 17 32 00 they do a really good job and actually i've been incredibly impressed by what they pick for me produce wise because i'm usually really picky about that. kroger's been testing online shopping since 2014. the store has been perfecting the method thanks to customer feedback.. and now its really taking off. clicklist is offered in 40 stores throughout the country.. with hundreds more launching this year.
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265.96 diedrichs says there's just one thing that could make it even better.. 19 18 34 12 actually i hope they start delivering it to my house and putting it in my refrigerator. that would be ideal. hey-- anything could happen... 19 26 49 00 we're definitely looking to continue to innovate for the now, im julie dolan. anchor cam tag= amazon offers something similar. and... "google" is also working to get in the game. it has plans to test its grocery delivery service this year.... as well. next on 13-action news live at 6:30.. we're learning more tonight about a woman who was held captive in her home.. and what neighbors saw when she made her escape. plus... another medical marijuana dispensary opening up.... in the valley... but... it's who's in charge.... that's grabbing attention... "i still protect and serve, but now it's with the dispensary" this former police officer
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the badge and... going into the cannibus business... and for breaking news and weather updates anytime.. just download the free ktnv mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. we'll be right back.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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candidate hillary clinton just wrapped up a campaign event at del sol high school minutes ago... 13 action news anchor.... todd quinones was able to talk to hillary one- on-one after the event.... he joins us live..... outside del sol high school.... with what she had to say... todd?
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here's a live look at a bernie sanders rally just getting right now..
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sanders rally just getting underway at the henderson pavilion. the vermont senator also picked


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