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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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more than convention delegates. martha has been following the clinton and sanders' camps tonight. she's here with the latest on what's been a very big day. >> reporter: a lot of time was spent on the campaign trail this week. [ crowd chanting "hillary" ] >> thank you so much. >> reporter: hours ago the two candidates 98 dead heat. with the eyes of the nation on our state, a momentum change for sanders and clinton. democratic caucusgoers spoke loud and clear. >> some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> here in nevada, they ran a very effective and aggressive campaign. >> reporter: clinton campaigned here months before. the senators say it's not over
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in just five weeks when he was trailing by 25 points about. sanders predicting the future when the democrats assemble in july. >> we're going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history. >> did you expect he was going to win? >> i did. >> are you worried this stops the sanders' surge? >> i hope not. i hope not. i hope that the fact that we have moved up so much, that gives them a hope and momentum that goes on. >> reporter: they weren't happy as they watched clinton's victory speech. far from being the one to get the job done, some sanders' supporters argued clinton wasn't a real progress circus not honest or trustworthy trustworthy -- progressive, not honest or trustworthy. >> she's a hack. she's bought and paid for. describe can you support her? >> if she would be the nominate nominate -- nominee, i would have no choice.
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got on a plane to south carolina. the primary there next week. he's trailing right now by 20 to 30 points, an uphill battle. >> thank you, senator harry reed spoke in the downtown container park tonight. the biggest news there is what he didn't say. many were expecting an endorsement from reed for hillary clinton. the senator says he's going to wait to making his choice until he gets back to washington. he says he's held off on an endorsement, not to distract from today's caucus and keep the focus on voter turnout on. 13 action news asked reed how to keep the turnout high until september. he says it depends on who the candidates nominate. >> is it going to be trump, cruz or rubio? that's all we need to have a high turnout. democrats are afraid of every one of them. >> reed said he was satisfied with how the caucuses went today and especially that the republicans didn't do anything
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well, we have a lot to talk -- voting. >> well, we have a lot to talk about as the dust settles on the democratic caucus. we can look ahead to the republican caucus on tuesday evening. the executive director of the battle born progress, annette is here with us. what's your assessment on how everything went today now that we've had the chance to look at it? >> it was an exciting day for nevada. we have the republicans coming here on tuesday. they're coming from south carolina. we have the democrats who wrapped up here today and now are going to south carolina. so it's an exciting day for nevada. it's an exciting week for nevada because we get the chance to make our voices heard and nominate who the next president will be for the democrats and republicans. >> what do you make of that prois he's? we basically got the -- process? we basically got the candidates from both parties flip-flopping. from your perspective, this is your business, getting people out to vote. wouldn't it make better sense to consolidate the caucuss? >> that's what they wanted to do.
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the world is watching us. it's nevada's time to shine. i really think we did today. i think we'll do so again on tuesday. i'm so glad that nevada gets this early caucus, early state status. it's a huge honor for us and we need to turn out and vote for these nominees. >> it puts a big spotlight on nevada because demographicically we're so different than the states that have already had the primaries and caucuses and this gives people a good snap shot of what lies ahead down the road. >> that's exactly right. hillary clinton won very big among african-american voters. she won big among latino voters. among women. now she goes to south carolina. that's a very important piece of momentum moving forward for her going into that state. south carolina is made up of african-american voters. the fact she did well with them here translates well for south carolina, i think. >> quick question, people people -- there were a lot of first-time caucusgoers today. >> yeah. >> do you think they had a good experience after it was all said
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>> i love to call the caucus organized chaos. that's what it is. it's democracy in action. we had a great time in our caucus today. we'll have a great time in the caucus on tuesday with the republicans. we just are glad that people are participating. they're participating in high numbers and that's the most important thing. people need to get out and vote and make their voices heard. >> annette, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> with jeb bush out of the race on the republican side -- >> makes it very interesting. >> there'll be bush supporters open for persuasion on tuesday when they step in. >> i think they move to rubio. >> thank you, annette. tricia. >> a few unpleasant surprises at some of the caucus locations today. for a lot of people today, the voting process was not an easy one. plenty of these people were caucusing for the very first time today. computer issues plus a very high turnout of people coming to caucus led to some long lines and a lot of people waiting very patiently. well, that patience was certainly needed all over nevada nevada.
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locations there filled early with lines out the door just to get in. >> reporter: the all-purpose room began filling an hour and a half before the caucus was due to start. some wearing their intentions literally on their sleeves all determined to voice their choice. as the doors closed and the temperatures rose inside, it was determined to move precinct 5056 representing downtown residents, outside. then it began with the head count. then paper ballots were collected. >> i need your cards. i need your cards. >> reporter: and then the problem, the two counts didn't match. >> are you ready to go with the head count? >> reporter: everything came tie halt as calls were made to the state party. as everyone waited, temperatures rose. >> paper ballots! paper ballots! >> people are passionate about politics and i think that's wonderful. and i think that people that that take the time to come out and caucus are passionate people people. >> reporter: final decision is
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final result 61-46, bernie sanders over hillary clinton. >> now to south carolina and the republican primary, donald trump is celebrating another win with, his second win since new hampshire. giving him even more momentum going into tuesday night's nevada caucuses. >> you have to get out and vote, because we have a movement going. we have something very special. >> reporter: jeb bush -- >> jeb bush leaves the presidential race after a huge effort in south carolina which couldn't raise him out of the bottom tier of the candidates. bush finished in single digits along with john kasich and ben carson. rickie rubio is going to hold a really -- rally tomorrow night at 7: 30 in texas station from there rubio will take his campaign to elko, reno and men donne -- mendon on monday. >> ted cruz will hold a campaign stop tomorrow in pahrump. cruz will be appearing at the durango hills community center on monday at 11:00 a.m. new tonight, police make an
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this is a mug shot of the suspect. omar tally is accused of killing two women yesterday in a fight near the miracle mile shops. one woman died on the scene. the other tried to drive herself and a man away from the scene and ended up at the cosmopolitan cosmopolitan. now to a story you'll see only on 13 action news. a man catches two burglars on a security camera in the middle of the day. take a look at this video. you can see them right there on the bottom right of your screen. 13 action news reporter david shuman is live in front of the east valley home with the incriminating video. david? >> reporter: well, these burglars must have thought they were clever or something not going in the house and setting off alarms. for about 20 minutes, they climbed back-and-forth over this gate stealing the pool equipment that's in the backyard but they failed to notice that camera right up there as well as the one that's over the driveway and now the homeowner has both their faces. cameras.
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up and two men get out. it's just before noon friday. they don't seem to have much of a sense of urgency. victor says that the burglars took two things from his backyard, the water filter and the robotic pool cleaner worth more than $600 total. in about 20 minutes, the men were able to get the items up and over the side gate. >> taking their time and doing their work. unbelievable. >> reporter: the best view of their faces is right before they're about to leave. victor plans to go to the police with this video monday. victor says this is the fourth time in the last two years that the home has been burglarized. he thinks it's because was sitting empty since he built it and renovated it. he's considering raising this gate up higher. reporting live for 13 action news. >> unlv running rebels pull out
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rival unr. >> unlv, a gutty overtime win over nevada. >> and this was a tight game that had a great ending for the fans. unlv blew out the wolfpack in overtime to win. the final here is 102-91 andify my family was at the game -- and my family was at the game. they said it was an incredible game out there i wish i could have been there but i had to be here to support the rebels. go rebels. cyclone turns deadly over fiji. caught on camera. an suv plows into a convenience store. savvy companies are finding ways to beat negative reviews on yelp. take a look at mild temperatures for the remainder of the overnight hours. nicely into the 50's.
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see a bit of a cooldow for every blooming thing. >> surveillance video captures the moment a man drives his suv store. the man's car hits two women thursday night pinning one of them under the suv. now, the man is in police custody accused of driving drunk. the woman stuck under the condition. the other suffered just a few cuts and bruises. still no word on the cause of a fire that incinerateed a mail truck this afternoon. that happened near cheyenne and rancho. the column of smoke rising over the vehicle could be seen from miles around the valley. based on the looks of it after the flames, it was pretty much a total loss. now a warning from contact 13 tonight. you've seen this before on 13 action news.
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reports, this couple is facing a large lawsuit. >> reporter: michelle and robert are ardent pet lovers. so much so, they have their own cameras to check on bogie, barley and their fish gordie during the day. when the texas couple planned a vacation, they hired prestigious pets to look after their pets. >> when i picked the company, it was pretty much all five-star reviews. >> reporter: michelle grew worried when she couldn't reach anyone. she says gordie's tank looked cloudy describe i can't reach the walk -- >> i couldn't reach the walker personally. i had to e-mail the company. >> reporter: michelle posting a nearly 500-word one-star review on yell . she said the care for her dogs is fine but wrote, the walker wouldn't share her phone number and had communications had to be e-mailed through the company. also she complained complained that -- complained that the [ indiscernible ] were confusing. the company wrote back saying this is a 24/7 business.
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support that. when the reviews stayed up, prestigious pets hitting the couple with a $6,700 lawsuit citing the contract the couple signed agreeing not to trash the company. the pet sitters telling abc news that they posted false and misleading statements on yelp and were forced to pursue legal action for violating the terms of the contract. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. points for a multibillion dollar high-speed rail project in calf crafl on a new track tonight, literally -- in california are on a new track tonight, literally. proscrect planners want to get the first range running between san jose and bakersfield. >> this is really just a map issue. we know we have in round number $20 billion. we can build the north with that. >> the southern section of the high-speed rail path will come a few years later. the new plan also pushes back the start of passenger service
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f.b.i. counterterrorism experts are investigating the shooting of two new york city police officers early this morning. those officers were responding to reports of gunfire in brooklyn when a man started firing at the officers. one was hit in his bullet proof vest. the other was wounded in his hip. the suspect, jamal fumes, was shot by other responding officers and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the f.b.i. says it's got reason to believe he could have extremist ties. south carolina police are looking for three people who fired several shots during a fight this evening inside a shopping mall. two of the suspects reportedly fired the shots into the air before taking off. no one was hurt. officers are now interviewing several witnesses and looking at surveillance video hoping to identify the gunmen. >> a ferocious cyclone tearing through fiji is now believed responsible for at least three deaths. officials say two of the folks that died were inside their house and it collapsed on them. a monster cyclone made landfall
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mile-per-hour wind gusts at 200 miles per hour. >> brian scofield with us now. we were just talking earlier, that's not how we usually see fiji. they've been beaten up. >> crystal-clear waters and everything else like that. >> speaking of that, our water here will look great for tomorrow. >> yeah, yeah. what little we have. >> lake mead, that's going to be it. let's go outside and check things out. you'll notice we have to go across the world to get rough video because truly the past couple of weeks, it's all been in the northeast where we've seen the inclement weather. that's actually good for the nation we're seeing things settle down here a little bit. just a little bit. but either way, we've got 52 mesquite. 60 laughlin. 54 henderson. current temperatures nice and mild. the past few days have been nice and mild. 73 today. 64 is normal. well above normal. overnight lows above normal, too. we're not getting chilly overnight lows although there's a chill in the air at times. set up is this. the wind has been a bigger
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even the rains haven't been much of a problem for us except in the mountains where it's a different story. tomorrow, we'll have a breezy day. we'll cool things down below the 70-degree mark on tuesday. show you why in just a moment mere. this is what i'm dark -- just a moment here. this is what i'm talking about. the water temperature is 58 degrees. if you get out and about you don't have to face the 70's but it'll certainly be nice across the valley anyway. high pressure is built in nicely. sticking around next couple of days. monday and sunday time frame, sunday through monday, we'll see the jet stream so far to the north and high pressure really building in nicely. that'll warm things up. then you get into tuesday, it jet stream takes a dive and brings in cooler air. we don't get the effect of the cooler air it weakens high pressure enough to see the temperatures sink it keeps the high pressure in check. otherwise the temperatures may get up to 80's again. so here is the way it's looking. i'll show you what that means on
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83 laughlin. 70 for good springs. par rumpf, beautiful day today in the 70's. again for tomorrow. 31/57 mount charleston. that'll be nice. baitly -- beatty, 72 for tomorrow. overton 79. 73 st. georges. really if you drive within an hour or two of the valley, the temperatures are still pretty decent but we prefer you stay here and spend your money here. chamber of commerce weather, right? take a look, next seven days, the day we start to cool things down, tuesday that disturbance stays out of the way but we do see the temperatures come back down again. then we push them back up again. we just cannot stop these 70's for very long. so we get even into upper 70's by the end of the week. even this coming weekend looks pretty good in the 70's. >> you can hit the brakes there for awhile. >> you know, you wanted to stay right where it's at. post. cruise control. >> maybe august ? ok thank you.
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information tonight on the standoff between the f.b.i. and apple over accessing information from an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists terrorists. tonight, one of the nation's most foremost experts on cyber security claims he could crack the phone. abc's eva reports all he says he needs is three weeks. >> reporter: tonight a proposal to break the stalemate between the fbi and apple over the government's demand the tech giant hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. cyber security pioneer johnmaticby offering to do it himself for three in three weeks. >> i guarantee you give me the phone, i'll give you the data. >> reporter: mcafee defending apple saying the f.b.i.'s defense to create a so-called back door into the phone's operating system puts hundreds of millions of iphone users at risk. his plan involves physically taking apart this phone and only this phone eliminating any risk to others. >> using the social inscrinneering -- software
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and the software, we perform our magic with the wands and it comes out. this is how it words works. there are 10,000 hackners the world thatcosly do what i'm suggesting myself. >> reporter: the government has said it needs apple's help to get into the phone. >> now for a story that's positively las vegas. 35 outstanding teenagers got to be the stars of a spring fashion show today at the meadows mall. they were there on the invitation of macy's. the teens represented the national charity league and young men's service league which have provided hundreds of hours of volunteer service to the community. well a dramatic river rescue all caught on tape. >> a woman ends up in the icy water. see why firefighters exhausted almost all of their options to
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stay with us. >> action news live at 11:00 continues. >> new tonight a woman floating down an icy river is rescued by firefighters. the whole dramatic save was all caught on camera. check this out.
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firefighters lowered ropes and a onto. both were just too slippery. thankfully, though, she was able to grab on the wall. the rescue boat finally reached her with no time to spare. >> ended up losing the lader and her. fortunately by that arrange to the boat made up it here and we picked her -- fortunately by that time, the boat made up it there and we picked her up. >> crews aren't sure if the woman jumped or fell into the icy river. she was taken to a nearby hospital where she's being treat ford hypothermia. an up -- treated for hypothermia. an update to a story we first report as breaking news on 13 action news this morning. a man that was shot and killed on the valley's east side may have been a victim of a robbery. officers responded to shots fired at lake marion. he was rushed to the hospital. he later died. he was walking down the street before he was confronted by someone before he died. no information on the suspect.
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fired early this morning at the gold coast casino and flamingo near valley view. no one was hit. the suspects managed to get-away before the police arrived. the detectives are now looking at surveillance video for any leads about the suspects as well as a possible motive. hundreds of people are basically covers the only highway in and out of that town. plus, if you have a pet companion that needs to be
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get that done all for free. >> new developments tonight on a landslide in idaho that's essentially cut off an entire town. highway 14, the only way in and out on of elk city is now blocked by about 15 tons of rock and mud. no one was hurt. and the 250 people living in elk city are reportedly taking the temporary isolation in stride. no word, though, on when the highway might reopen. a dog and several of her puppies are safe tonight thanks to firefighters who rescued them from a burning apartment building. the building caught fire in miami, florida. the dogs were suffering from smoke inhalation when rescuers got to them. officials say four puppies are still missing but they were able to revive the others. >> they were in severe respiratory distress. our crews started using the pet mask we used on the truck and
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tried to treat the puppies to tried to save them. >> officials say the fire may have started in the kitchen of the apartment unit describe good thing they carry the pet masks. specialized equipment when it comes in handy. this tuesday is world spay day to mark the occasion, the animal foundation is offering more than 400 free spay or neuter oiments appointments. if you'd like to take part, this is a free event. all you have to do is make an appointment for your pet with the animal foundation clinic. they'll be opened tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. the rtc is announce something changes. the max is ending its service on north las vegas boulevard so rtc is planning to expand its service and pick up their riders starting tomorrow. rtc buses en route -- on route 113 will stop every 15 minutes. bryan has another look at your weekend forecast in just a moment. >> you're watching 13 action news where you ask and we
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>> oh look at this, isn't this ridiculous! >> it's simply wonderful. >> isn't it? it feels ridiculous how beautiful this weather is. i only say this a few times in this building. mainly for other things. look at this. 70's coming up. 67, yeah, that's the coolest day of the next seven. that's a cool thing. 25-degree spread there in the high and the low, too. just makes it nice. >> breeze tomorrow and monday. tuesday we cool things down. >> good lotto numbers, too, bryan. >> i think so just stick with the 7's. it works for people here. >> it's the meteorologist meteorologist -- slot machine. >> it is. we're on a roll. >> we're on facebook live tonight just so you know. tune into facebook live. we have a party going on on facebook. >> secrets, too. behind the scenes secrets. >> we have a great time. all right, well, that's action news live at 11:00 for this saturday night. thank you so much for watching us.
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