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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 6AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we want to get right to breaking news - just into the newsroom. nevada highway patrol telling us one person is dead after an
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nevada highway patrol telling us one person is dead after an a-t-v rolled over on st. rose parkway near the i-15. rolled over on st. rose parkway near the i-15. this happened at two 'o clock this morning. information is very preliminary at this point. but, again, we can confirm one person is dead. breaking overnight, fire destroys a family home. it happened around 12-thirty this morning near arville and flamingo. clark county firefighters say a stove caught fire - and then apartment. it out quickly. we are expecting more information about the fire to come down later this morning. we will pass that along as soon as we get it. voters in nevada have made their voices heard, choosing the democrat they want to nominate for president! "some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other!" for hillary clinton, the victory means a lot more than
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-13- action news reporter mahsa saeidi has more on clinton's big day and what this now means for the bernie sanders campaign. hillary sot) "hillary! hillary! hillary! thank you! thank you so much!" (track) this moment was no guarantee! the two candidates! in a dead heat! with the eyes of the nation on our state! momentum -- at stake for clinton and sanders -- democratic caucus go-ers spoke loud and clear! (hillary sot) "some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other!" (butted with) (bernie sot) "here in nevada, they ran a very aggressive and effective campaign." (track) clinton's campaign here months before! but the senator saying it's not over! pointing to how far they've come in 5 weeks! when he was trailing by 25 points! sander's predicting the future when the democrats assemble in july! (sander, sot) "we are going to see the results of one of the greatest political upsets in history of the united states." (butted with) (sot) "(did you expect he was going to win?) i did."
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worrried that this stop's the sander's surge?) i hope not, the fact that he has moved up so much that gives them hope and momentum that he goes on." (track) they weren't happy as they watched clinton's victory speech -- (sot) "boo! boo!" (track) far from being the one to get the job done! some sander's supporters argued ... clinton wasn't a real progressive! not honest or trustworthy! (sot) "(she has all this experience no?) she's a hawk! i'm not a hawk!" (butted with) senator harry reid spoke at the downtown container park last night. the biggest news there, may have been what he didnt say. many were expecting an endorsement for hillary clinton. but, the senator says he's going to wait... until he gets back to washington. he says he did not want to distract from the caucus..
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focus on voter turnout. when it comes to keeping that turnout high in november, reid says it might come down to who the republicans nominate. sot 213319 sen harry reid "is it going to be trump cruz or rubio? that's all we need to have a high turnout. democrats are afraid of every one of them." run 9 reid said he was satisfied with how the caucuses turned out. there were a few unpleasant surprises at some of the caucus locations. for a lot of people, the voting process was not an easy one. many of these people were caucusing for the very first time. computer issues, plus, a very high turnout lead to long lines...and a lot of waiting around. that patience was needed. all over the silver state. ed pearce explains, the caucus locations in reno, had people lined up out the door - just to get in!!! the all purpose room at this suburban school began filling a hour and a half before the caucus was due to start. some wearing their intentions
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determined to move precinct 5056, representing downtown residents outside. it began with a head count, then paper ballots were collected. a problem. the two counts didn't match. everything came to a halt as calls were made to the state party. the decision: hold a second head count. final result 61-46. bernie sanders over hillary clinton. < debbie: "it definitely did. people are passionare about politics and i think that's wonderful. and i think people who come out to caucus are passionate people."> ahead today.. g-o-p candidates are heading west. marco rubio is set to hold a rally ahead of nevada's gop caucus on tuesday.
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station. from there, rubio will take his campaign to elko, reno and minden for events tomorrow. and texas senator ted cruz will be holding a campaign stop today in pahrump. that is happening at "draft picks sports bar" at 2. cruz will also be appearing at "the durango hills community center" in summerlin tomorrow at 11 a.m. now to south carolina and the republican primary. donald trump is celebrating another win. it's his second win since new hampshire... giving him even more momentum going into tuesday night's nevada caucuses sot-trump . you have to get out and vote because we have a movement going. we have something very special. ." things didn't bode well for jeb bush. he is throwing in the towel after the results from south carolina came down. "the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision, bush finished in single digits. moving to other headlines and a developing story here in the
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police have made an arrest in a shooting near the strip. this is omar talley. he's accused of killing two women friday morning during a fight near the miracle mile shops. one woman died at the scene. the other tried to drive herself and a man away from the scene. they ended up at the cosmopolitan. that's where the woman died from her injuries. the identities of thevictims have not been released. and now to a story you'll only see on 13 action news. a man catches two burglars on his security cameras in the middle of the day! you can see this playing out right on your screen! the burglars never set any alarms off - because they never went in the house. for about 20 minutes, they were calmly climbing back and forth over a fence, taking things from the pool in the backyard. but thanks to a camera, the homeowner has a good shot of their faces. 13 action news reporter david schuman has more.
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about the cameras." the red suv pulls up...and two men get out. it's just before noon friday. they did it like it was their house." victor cabezas says the burglars took two things from his backyard -- the water filter and the robotic pool cleaner -- worth more than six hundred dollars. in about 20 minutes...the men were able to get the items up and over the side gate. 21:39:24 "taking their time and doing their work. unbelievable." the best view of their faces is right before they're about to leave. victor plans to go to the police with this video monday. victor says this is the fourth time in the last two years the home's been burglarized. he says--now, he's looking into raising gate higher. good morning everyone! coming up... shots fired in a michigan community. this morning, what police are saying about the suspect's motive. and a dramatic rescue on a river.
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bring a woman to safety! we have the video, coming up!
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old is in critical condition after shots are fired in kalamazoo county. this all happened last night. police do have a suspect in custody this morning. they released this mugshot just moments ago. 45-year-old jason brian dalton started spraying bullets at random, opening fire at three different locations. one of them--- a cracker barrell restaurant. the others were a car dealership and a townhome community. what it looks like is we have somebody driving finding
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in their tracks." police say all of these attacks have been connected to the same person. no information on the victims has been released at this time. turning overseas to the country of fiji, where the clean up begins this morning. the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere slammed that area yesterday. tropical cyclone winston packed more than 180-mile-an hour winds. heavy flooding flattened trees and power outages were reported across the country. forecasters are now concerned about the possibilty of landslides. at least one death has been reported from the strom. a nationwide curfew is in effect until tomorrow morning, so workers can try to clear the roads and restore power. high pressure is still overhead with no real change from yesterday. a few high clouds will pass overhead through the day and temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer than on saturday
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very similar. monday follows suit but we'll introduce some breezy north winds in the afternoon that will mix things up a bit. those winds are part of an upper level system which will miss southern nevada to the east, but we'll see notably cooler temperatures tuesday and wednesday because of those winds. highs midweek will be right
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the coolest, although highs will still stay in the upper 60s. gusty winds on tuesday could result in wind advisories for the colorado river valley but nothing for las vegas is expected as gusts will be 25-30mph but well below advisory criteria. high pressure takes over from there and temperatures go back up into
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end of the week. ((ad-lib at open set with live pic in mon)) through the day and temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer than on saturday but otherwise it'll be very similar. monday follows suit but we'll introduce some breezy north winds in the afternoon that will mix things up a bit. those winds are part of an upper level system which will miss southern nevada to the east, but we'll see notably cooler temperatures tuesday and wednesday because of those winds. highs midweek will be right around 70 with tuesday being the coolest, although highs will still stay in the upper 60s. gusty winds on tuesday could result in wind advisories for the colorado river valley but nothing for las vegas is
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up into the mid and upper 70s for the end of the week. ((ad-lib at open set with live pic in mon)) 13 action news has new information this morning on the
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between the fbi and apple. the debate continues over accessing information from an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. one of america's foremost experts on cybersecurity claims he can crack the phone... abc's eva pilgrim reports.. all he needs is three weeks. script: tonight a proposal to break the stalemate between the fbi and apple over the government's demand the tech giant hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. cyber security pioneer, john mcafee offering to do it himself for free in 3 weeks. sot john mcafee cybersecurity expert i guarantee you give me the phone, i will give you the data. mcafee defending apple? saying the fbi's request to create a so-called back door into the phone's operating system puts hundreds of millions of iphone users at risk. his plan involves physically taking apart this phone and only there phone? eliminating any risk to others. sot john mcafee cybersecurity expert using social engineering plus the hardware and the software, we perform our magic with the wands, and it comes out, this is how it works.
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in the world that can easily do what i am suggesting myself but the government has said it rescue. a woman floating down an icy river is rescued by firefighters. the whole dramatic save was caught on camera! "anyone see her?? right there! right there!" firefighters lowered ropes and a ladder for the woman to grab onto.. but both were too slippery. thankfully, she was able to grab onto the wall. the rescue boat finally reached her with no time to spare. (district chief jim michael/manchester fire department) "we ended up losing the ladder and her, by that time the boat made it here - probably had another two minutes. she's hypothermic now and she probably wouldn't be able to hold on much longer." crews aren't sure...if the woman jumped or fell into the river. she is now being treated for hypo- thermia. a dog and several of her puppies are safe this morning, thanks to firefighters who
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apartment building. the building caught fire in miami, florida. the dogs were suffering from smoke inhallation when rescuers got to them. officials say -4- puppies are still missing, but they were able to savethe others. (capt. ignatius carroll, miami fire rescue) "seeing that they were in severe respiratory distress, our crews started using the pet masks that we keep on the trucks and started officials say, the fire may have started in the kitchen of the apartment. straight ahead... if you feel like you're not getting enough shut-eye, you're not alone! americans are not getting enough sleep.... and the new research may surprise you!
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you've seen this before, on -13- action news.. now, as abc's gloria riviera reports.. it's still happening, and has a texas couple facing a very large lawsuit. script: nats - couple playing with dogs v/o: michelle and robert duchoquette (due-shoe-kette) are ardent pet
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so much so?they have their own cameras to check on bogey, barley and their fish gordy during the day. when the texas couple planned a vacation, they hired prestigious pets to look after their brood. sot michelle duchouquette yelp reviewer when i picked the company it was pretty much all anyone. she says gordy's tank looked cloudy sot michelle duchouquette yelp reviewer i can't reach the walker personally - i had to email through the company and when you see something's potentially wrong, you want to address it right then michelle?.posting a nearly 500-word one- star review on yelp. she said the care for her dogs was fine but: v/o gfx: "the walker would not share her phone number and said communications had to be emailed through the company." also - she complained she didn't get updates and the fees were confusing. the company wrote back demanding they take the review down - and saying: v/o gfx: "this is a 24/7 business and our communication abilities support that." when the review stayed up - prestigous pets hitting the couple with a 67-hundred dollar lawsuit?citing the contract the couple signed agreeing not to trash the company. the pet sitters telling abc
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"...posted false and misleading statements on "yelp" and that they were "... forced to pursue legal action... for violating the terms of the contract..." sot michelle duchouquette yelp reviewer my intent was never to harm the company gloria riviera, abc news, washington you might be cozy in that bed this morning, and rightfully so! a new study suggests more than a third of americans are not getting enough shut-eye! the c-d-c looked at more than 400- thousand people across the country. hundreds of thousands of people reported getting less than seven hours of sleep per day. that can lead to health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness. hawaii was reported as the sleepiest state. and if you're ready to get out of bed this morning, get the coffee pot started. that cup of joe could cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. researchers say two cups a day
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develop alcohol- related cirrhosis by 44-percent. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. just to be clear though - experts say coffee will never balance out all negative affects of excess alcohol. some doctors are also saying more research needs to be done on this. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... family, friends and colleagues remember justice antonin scalia. how his family is remembering him.... and what president obama is doing this weekend to get a
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new information on a violent homicide on the northeast side. what police are saying about the moments leading up to gunshots being fired. plus, justice antonin scalia laid to rest. it wasn't the simple ceremony he once wished for, but it was a touching way to remember the supreme court justice. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a
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falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) an update on a story we first reported as breaking news on
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news.. police say a man who was shot and killed on the northeast side of the valley may have been the vicitm of a robbery police responded to shots fired around 1am yesterday near lake mead and marion. the victim was rushed to umc where he later died. according to police.. he was walking down the street before he was confronted by someone. no information is being released about the suspect. no word this morning on the cause of a fire that destroyed a mail truck yesterday afternoon. -13- action news obtained these images. this all happened near cheyenne and rancho. smoke could be seen for miles around the valley. based on the looks of it....after the flames were out.. the truck is a total loss. and we're getting new information.. on a juvenile.. hit by a car around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. it happened near campbell and elkhorn. right now, the girl is listed
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metro says the driver stayed on the scene and cooperated. right now.. south carolina police are looking for three people who fired several shots inside a shopping mall. there was some kind of fight happening.... ....and two people reportedly fired some shots in to the air. luckily, no body was hurt. officers are interviewing several people who saw what happened. they're also looking at surveillance video, hoping to identify the gunman. and in new york, f-b-i counter terrorism experts are investigating the shooting of two n-y-p-d officers. they were responding to reports of gunfire in brooklyn yesterday when a man started firing at the officers. one was hit in his bulletproof vest. the other was wounded in the hip. the suspect was shot by other responding officers and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the f-b-i says it has reason to believe the gunman could have extremist ties. turning now to the funeral of justice antonin scalia. it was held in washington d-c, where scalia's son presided
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abc's devin dwyer has more on the goodbye's to a justice who won't soon be forgotten. sot/cardinal donald wuerl in keeping with your desire to have a simple parish family mass (laughter) nats of organ it was hardly the simple parish mass he wanted, but for justice scalia, a fitting farewell. his cloak-draped casket given high catholic honors at a mass catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. father paul scalia recalling how even in a devout family there was little that blunted his father's sharp wit. sot/rev. paul scalia he had found himself in my confessional than 3-thousand packed the basillica to say goodbye -- justice clarence thomas, who's famously silent from the bench, read scripture sot/justice clarence thomas we have now received reconciliad to rest, the political battle to replace him is underway. sot/obama colonnade - have a
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but top senate republicans say his pick should be blocked with no confirmation until 2017. tag: if scalia's seat is not filled until the next president takes office, it would be the longest vacancy on the court in more than 40 years. good morning las vegas... coming up... he's spent more time in solitary confinment than anyone else in u-s history. this morning, he's a free man. next we find out how albert woodfox is feeling about being on the outside! and 50 cent claims he's having financial troubles, but some new pictures has a judge thinking twice about fifty's claim! how social media has the
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the r-t-c is announcing some changes. 'the max' is ending its service
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now rtc plans to expand service and pick up their riders starting today. r-t-c buses on route 113 will stop every 15 minutes. moving to louisiana. a man who spent more time in solitary confinment than anyone else in u-s history, is getting used to life on the outside. albert woodfox was placed in a solitary cell for more than 43 years, convicted in the death of a prison guard. on his 69-th birthday, he was set free. abc's marci gonzalez has more. family members say albert woodfox is overhwelmed, but feeling great? shown here - celebrating with members of the black panther party?just after his release from prison?where he spent more than four decades in solitary confinement.. in a 9 by 6 foot cell. nats - q: albert how does it feel? albert: uhh, i really
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the last of the so-called "angola 3" prisoners - freed yesterday- on his 69th birthday, sot woodfox after taking a plea deal in the 1972 murder of louisiana state penitentiary guard- brent miller? (add shorty bite here) his conviction overturned twice, woodfox was set to be tried a third time, when he pleaded no contest to lesser charges yesterday? while maintaining- he is innocent. sot robert mcduff attorney for albert woodfox "this plea agreement was a means to bring this case to an end." an end to a punishment woodfox claims he and the other "angola 3" inmates were given - because of their ties to the black panthers? the group- joining him as he starts his life outside of prison walls for the rapper "50 cent" will have to explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed last year, but later
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one photo shows him with stacks of 100-dollar bills that could easily add up to 50-thousand dollars. a judge told his attorneys he has come to court and explain. the rapper, whose real name is curtis jackson, says he's been driven into bankruptcy by lawsuits. claims against the rapper add up to 29-million dollars. now for a story....that's "positively las vegas".... -35- outstanding teenagers got to be the stars of a spring fashion show at "the meadows mall" yesterday. the teens represented... "the national charity league and young men's service league"..... which have provided hundreds of hours of volunteer service.... to the community. shifting gears now, dreams of flying into space could soon become a reality. yesterday, we told you about virgin galactic's new commercial spaceship. it's replacing the one that was destroyed back in 20-14... this morning, cnn's rachel crane is giving us a preview of the company's "out of this
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(dave mackay/ virgin galactic chief pilot) "this is the vehicle that is going to take world's first commercial space line. that is, the first company to take regular people into space, on a regular basis. and this is the spaceship they say could do it (rachel crane/cnn correspondent) "spaceship-two serial-two was constructed here in the mojave desert in this secretive hangar." (dave mackay/ virgin galactic chief pilot) "we're really looking forward to getting it into the, into the air where it belongs, and then eventually into space." (nats -- mackay) "head back and we're accelerating." dave mackay is virgin galactic's chief pilot he's been training inside this simulator hundreds of times -- waiting for a real spacecraft to fly again. and of course that's hugely significant." that's because virgin galactic has not had a vehicle since a tragic accident in 20-14 left its spaceship in pieces, and killed
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(nats - richard branson) "we're going to learn from what went wrong." the n-t-s-b ruled the cause of the accident to be human error (nats - construction) spaceship-two, serial-tww was already in development at the time of the crash but not nearly ready to serve as a replacement. (george t. whitesides/ virgin galactic ceo and president) "when we began this journey, we knew that it would be hard. and it has been hard. //george: the number one thing is that we're going to test fly happened." virgin galactic has made several updates to its new and improved spacecraft (dave mackay/ virgin galactic chief pilot) "the actual accident itself was caused by a control being moved when it -- shouldn't have been done. and we've implemented a new system, which prevents that ever happening again." (nats - construction) but building the spaceship and adding those new features has taken time. spaceship two, serial two has been under construction for more than three years. (george t. whitesides/ virgin galactic ceo and president) "i believe that the future of this vehicle will be powerful to the future of humanity." (nats -
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release release." this is how then it separates and blasts off at more than three times the speed of sound... reaching between 50 and 62 miles above earth. the six passengers onboard will experience about 6 minutes of weightlessness (nats - mackay) "and at this point, or very shortly we're gonna allow the, the customer's to unstrap. and they can float around. more than 700 customers have already paid 250-thousand dollars for a seat when virgin galactic eventually starts commercial operation. (dave mackay/ virgin galactic chief pilot) "it's a sensational experience of course. but -- it's more important than that. it's a first step in -- opening virgin isn't the only company travel.... ....but it is the only one focusing on space tourism. when good morning las vegas returns...
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the valley look forward to this year. next, we're talking st. baldrick's day which is less than two weeks away! ((transcribe)) february is wrapping up...
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closer to a big valley event - that is really turning into a tradition people look forward to every year. st. baldrick's day is less than two weeks away.... ....and this morning, we have brian mcmullan here to tell us
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another full hour of the day's top stories and weather good morning, america. breaking overnight, huge wins! donald trump's decisive victory. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. >> his big sweep in back-to-back
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gaining momentum. is he unstoppable? even the mysterious melania weighing in. >> he will be the best president. >> and the tight fight for second place -- marco rubio's razor-thin win over ted cruz. as it's lights out for jeb bush. >> so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. plus, hillary clinton's vegas victory. intense campaigning in nevada paying off. >> the fight goes on! the future that we want is within our grasp! >> but bernie sanders a strong second, and looking ahead. >> and now, it's on to super tuesday. thank you! >> "gma" breaking it all down this morning. also breaking overnight. a deadly shooting spree. >> shots fired, one confirmed victim right now. >> at least six people dead. a gunman spraying bullets randomly. >> this is your worst nightmare, where you have somebody just driving around randomly killing people. >> three different crime scenes,


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