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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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i'm rikki cheese. one person is dead-- after firefighters found them inside a burning building-- near nellis and harmon. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston is live at the scene. marissa firefighters heard there was somebody trapped inside this home-- thats when they went rushing in-- even before backup was here to help out. this is cell phone video sent to us from somebody who was driving by when the fire just started-- around noon. you can see how thick the smoke is-- and how high the flames were. firefighters were able to put the flames out quickly. we still dont know what caused the fire here this afternoon-- but investigators are on scene.
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neighbors about what they saw-- one of them tells me the person who died actually ran back into the flames-- i'll tell you why tonight at five. live near nellis and harmon-- mk-- an update now to some breaking news we first brought you on 13 action news live at midday according to the washington post.. and sources who don't want to be identified.. president obama is looking to nominate nevada governor brian sandoval to replace late supreme court justice antonin scalia. before being elected governor, sandoval was a former federal judge. sandoval has even picked up the endorsement of nevada senator harry reid (sen. harry reid) i know if he were picked, i would support the spite of having to deal with some very big problems there. governor sandoval's office
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today stating the neither he nor his staff have been contacted by the obama administration. senator harry reid is also endorsing a presidential candidate. reid announced today that he'll back hillary clinton for the nomination. ane he wants the party to back her too. when she was the first lady she started the trend toward doing something about healthcare. she understood the issue well - she was the front of healthcare during that administration. (butted) i also think she is the woman to be the first president of the united states that's a female." reid also says clinton would be the best candidate to serve the middle class. a live look outside across the valley right now after some breezy, cool weather the last couple of days things have begun to warm up. ather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan a simply wonderful end of the week and weekend is in store for the desert southwest.
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warm as high pressure builds in overhead and keeps the skies completely clear. high level clouds will pass overhead intermittently through the next several days but will never completely obscure the sun. we'll definitely see the clouds, but they'll only be the decorative sort, and will at best slightly dim the sunshine for a couple minutes. temperatures will be lovely this weekend with highs thursday in the mid 70s, friday rising into the upper 70s and saturday peaking aright around 80 for the las vegas valley. cooler weather returns on monday and tuesday as an upper level low misses to the northeast bringing strong next 7 days. a couple hit by a car while they were taking a morning walk with their dogs! now, one of them is fighting for their
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scene...and is breaking down what happened. officers say a driver was heading north on rainbow around 5-30 this morning....and wanted to make a lefthand turn. he says he was looking at the oncoming traffic. when that was clear - he went... ....but - he didn't notice - at that exact same time, a couple was trying to cross del ray. witnesses say they were in a crosswalk....but right now, it looks likes the driver just didn't see them. ((i've said it 100 times i think 99.9 percent of all these collisions we investigate are avoidable.)) we had chopper 13 - fast and first over the scene as the couple was being put into an ambulance. the woman is now in life-threatening condition. officers we spoke to are frusterated these kinds of things keep happening. they say this is another accident that could have been easily avoided. ((we want you to be doing this right but we want you to be dead right you know what i mean? i say that not jokingly because people can do the right things and still end up on the
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this into a little perspective for you. we are now 55 days into 2016.... we have already had 18 deaths on the road. reporting near charleston and rainbow yasmeen 13 action news. the man accused of opening fire on people near the strip is staying behind bars. omar talley made his first court appearance this morning. a judge didn't grant him bail. police say security video shows talley fought with the three victims in the miracle mile shops parking garage... minutes before the shooting on harmon. two women were killed, and a man is critically hurt. talley admitted to being in the parking garage, but denied ever opening fire. he's facing felony charges for firing a weapon, murder and attempted murder. he's due back in court next wednesday. breaking news right now, a syphilis outbreak here in nevada. the southern nevada health district reports there has been a 128-percent increase in cases in clark county since 20-12... now, they're encouraging health providers...especially those who treat young report
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patient and his partner can be treated and cured for 40 dollars. 13 action news will have more on this disease coming up on later editions of 13 action news. metro's armor unit and firefighters were out for hours and hours investigating a suspicious device in north las vegas. officers tell us around 10 last night, an employee from union pacific railroad noticed an item that looked out of place and suspicious. armor task force came out to check out the scene near tropical parkway and lamb. after a few hours the item was determined to be non-hazardous. a bicycle rider is recovering this afternoon after being hit by a car. this happened last night around 11-30 near eastern and fremont. metro says the bike rider was at fault, because they were not in a crosswalk and didn't have any lights or reflective gear. the rider was hurt, but is expected to be okay. a man got more than he bargained for when he went to pay for some snacks. watch as flames just burst out of a man's pocket! what caused this violent explosion. dramatic video out of florida.
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over the road, endangering other drivers. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was up 53 points, closing at 16,485
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afternoon from scheck out this surveillance video from a gas station in owensboro kentucky. a man is seen making a quick stop to by snacks. as he walks over to the cashier flames begin bursting from his pocket as an e- cigarette suddenly explodes. (manoj kumar, gas station employee) "i was shocked! i was like what was that? you have a bomb in your pocket? i was like that! you carry your bomb in your pocket? i was totally shocked and just like this my hands were on my head." the man then races outside where quick thinking employees grab a fire extinguisher, putting out the flames. he was taken to the hospital, suffering from second degree burns.
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a motorist in the tampa area caught a fedex driver on camera swerving all over the road and putting himself and other drivers in serious danger. it appears he didn't have control of what he was doing at all. it's unclear if the driver was nodding off, was impaired, had a medical emergency -- or what. dangerous and violent storms continue to pummel the east coast. the latest on a weather system that spawned several deadly tornadoes as it moves up the coast. firefighters from around the nation headed up the high roller today. what they were doing high above the las vegas strip. a corpus christi police officer is being called a hero after he saved a man trapped inside a
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the officer saw the driver of the suburban lose control near the turn ramp of the expressway, then crash into a guardrail, resulting in a fiery crash. the officer then rushed to the vehicle, broke the window with his baton and pulled the 29- year old man to safety before flames took over the suv. the man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. mountains of trash are clogging the streets of beirut. the result of a garbage crisis that's gone on for months. that's gone on for months. a reported agreement to send the thousands of tons of garbage to russia fell through last week. the government shut down an overstuffed landfill last year... and has been searching for a way to dispose of the trash ever since. right now, a monster storm is making its way up the east coast at least 5 people have died from this storm. more than two dozen tornadoes reportedly tore through the gulf coast. this r-v park in saint james parish, louisiana was obliterated. entire neighborhoods in pensacola, florida---destroyed! and folks inside this gold's
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startled when a twister ripped off a wall! ((sot)) aaron forsyth, gold's gym member they had about thirty-five people in here, working employees and just people working out and they had about eight kids in the daycare, so definitely a scary situation." a tornado warning and watches have been issued for several counties in virginia, florida and the carolina's. forecasters are also warning of damaging winds bringing with it heavy rains and flooding. let's go to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. a simply wonderful end of the week and weekend is in store for the desert southwest. temperatures will continue to warm as high pressure builds in overhead and keeps the skies completely clear. high level clouds will pass overhead intermittently through the next several days but will never completely obscure the sun. we'll definitely see the clouds, but they'll only be the
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best slightly dim the sunshine for a couple minutes. temperatures will be lovely this weekend with highs thursday in the mid 70s, friday rising into the upper 70s and saturday peaking aright around 80 for the las vegas valley. cooler weather returns on monday and tuesday as an upper level low misses to the northeast bringing strong northwest winds and dropping temperatures by about 10 across the board. no rain is expected for the next 7 days. now for the latest consumer
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u-p-s, looking for ways to get goods to shoppers faster is investing in same- day delivery company deliv. deliv, founded nearly four years ago, works with macy's, kohl's and other retailers to deliver online orders within the same day. shoppers select same-day delivery when they're about to buy something from the retailer's website and deliv's workers get it delivered. retailers pay deliv for its service and the stores usually charge customers. lexus, porsche and buick are the most dependable car brands according to a new study by j.d. power. dodge, ford and smart were named the least dependable. the study questioned over 30-thousand car owners about issues they've had in the past year. most of the complaints had to do with tehnology related to entertainment systems, navigation and phone connectivity. firefighters from around the country climb on the highroller. 13 action news reporter parker collins shows us why they're risking their lives. 23:25:05-23:25:20 even on the ground this stuff is hard to
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roller you can see they're repelling from the cabins this is part of training. it's not just firefighters from neveda but also florida and new york city. take sot richard blatus nyc battalion chief 23:28:51-23:28:58 "it's a hands on opportunity for us. we don't have that back in new 23:25:37-23:25:43 they're also going to be out here tomorrow for training near the strip parker collins 13 action news. security concerns are on everyone's minds when they fly. what lawmakers are doing to make sure frequent fliers are not a security risk. now that they can use tsa pre-check without going through additional screening. you're watching 13 action news, where you ask, and we investigate. stay with us.
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fliers sot full= "i travel all the time for work, but have gone through special security screening for my job, including fingerprinting - frequent fliers don't have to do that, now there's a push to make sure they really are low- risk passengers to make sure they don't pose a security threat to the rest of us. frequent travelers would have to pay for tsa precheck. when so far they haven't had to.. but the process would get easier and tsa would be mandated to come up with automated ways to check documents instead of by hand. this is still being considered by congress.. but if passed would fully implemented within a year. todd walker" a lot more news coming up on 13
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including republican presidential contender has his eye on even bigger things after last night's big win in nevada. do the other contenders stand a chance. and the battle over privacy continues between the fbi and apple. apple ceo tim cook now weighing in. watch 13 action news live at 6 tonight and each weeknight for your chance to win $250. we'll show a keyword, then you'll log on to ktnv dot com before 7pm to enter. because last night, we didn't run the keyword, we'll announce two winners thursday night from tonight's keyword. so everyone who enters tonight will have two chances to wint the two fifty. watch 13 action news live at 6 tonight for your chance to win and good luck. right now on 13 action news live at 3:30..
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the deadly shooting. plus... apple ceo tim cook speaking out on the privacy battle with the fbi why he's not baking down. but first.. donald trump is celebrating a big 20-point victory in last night's nevada caucuses. the republican presidential frontrunner is now riding a huge wave of momentum toward the super tuesday primaries. but is there any hope for the other g-o-p candidates to stop the trump juggernaut? anne mcnamara breaks it down for us. right now... donald trump is taking the with it. he leads polls in almost all of the super tuesday states. now the g-o-p conversation seems to be more focused on who will come in second. pkg full = donald trump didn't just win nevada...he dominated. sot :04-:12 po-28we donald trump (r) presidential we won with old. we won with highly-educated. we won with poorly-educated. i love the poorly-educated..." the real estate mogul felt
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bright lights... getting almost 46 percent of the vote. sot po-28we :17-28 "and you know what i'm really happy about? because i've been saying it for a long time -- 46 percent were the hispanics. number one with the hispanics. (cheers)" coming in second...and nowhere close...florida senator marco rubio got nearly 24 percent of the vote. in third...iowa caucus winner ted cruz received more than 21 percent. sot po-10we :20-:29 sen. ted cruz (r) presidential candidate "nobody has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries and there are only two people who have won one of the first three primaries-- (cheers)" but what about that list of other republican candidates? ohio governor john kasich is expected to stay in the running at least through his home state's primary march 15-th...though a new poll shows he still trailing trump. still trailing trump. as for dr. ben carson... sot po-08we :05-:10 ben carson (r) presidential candidate "very enthusiastic crowds and i believe things are starting to happen here." politico reports he's also likely to pull out of


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