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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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13-action news live anevada governor bryan sandoval.. who finds himself at the center of a story with national.. and historic implications. sandoval is reportedly on a list of people being floated as a possible replacement for the late antonin scalia.. on the u-s supreme court. this.... as the governor picked-up a big endorsement today.... from senator harry reid. 13 action news reporter.... mahsa saeidi explains.... what republicans are saying... tonight. senate republicans say there will be no confirmation hearings until there's a new president in the white house. a local gop strategist telling 13 action news tonight! the 2016 race is exactly what this is about! "this is about nevada is a swing statewe have voted in the last 26 of 27 elections with whoever is eventual nonmiee president." "we got a huge amount of immigrants we got a huge
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the latino vote is crucial in 2016. phillips saying this is about making the gop look uncooperative unreasonable! governor sandoval of course is a republican...with high approval ratings! an impressive resume! and he's broken barriers! ijn 2005 becoming our state's first hispanic federal judge. but phillips says some of his socially and fiscally moderate policies have upset conservatives. although he believes president obama would be satisfied with sandoval on the court... he says it's unlikely to happen. i mean there's always a chance the senate could change it's posiiton on where it's at but you've got so many center's who aren't going to like the concept of having anybody that obama's picked. a spokesperson for the governor's office tells 13 action they've had no discussions with the administration. if you headed out to caucus..... at cimarron high school last night... you may have seen this. this is a story.... that's been blowing up... all over social media... two men....
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outside the caucus site. it's not clear... if the men.... were serious supporters... or.... doing a prank... either way... it's offended alot of people.... police were quickly called... they stayed at the high school.... until the pair left. "the anti defamation league" issued a statement today..... that reads in part: "regardless of one's political views.... trying to send a message..... by dressing up as a member of the k-k-k is irresponsible and deeply offensive... the klan evokes.... a particularly dark time.... in american history.... and.... the use of klan imagery.... to criticize a candidate.... is simply unacceptable." the frontrunner for the republican presidential nomination got his biggest win yet last night.. winning the nevada caucuses by 22-points.. and.. for the second time in a row.. marco rubio barely edged out ted cruz for second place. once trump was projected as the winner.. he told supporters at treasure island he ready to make america prosperous again. (sot trump) i grab and grab and i get greedy i want money money.
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for the united states and grab and grab and grab.. the republicans now have one debate and 6 days before super tuesday.. when voters in 12 states and one u-s territory head to the polls. republican presidential candidate john kasich picked up an endorsement today from idaho governor butch otter. kasich also got endorsements from republican congressman charlie dent and former pennsylvania governor tom ridge. even so.. the kasich is now a long-shot for the nomination. he finished last in the nevada caucuses last night with less than 4% of the vote.. and a new poll shows him trailing donald trump in ohio.. where he's the current governor. now.... to consumer news..... from contact 13 identity fraud... is on the rise. more than.... -13- million americans... fell victim to i-d theft... last year. according to... "javelin"... a company analyzing customer transactions... "e-m-v"... or chip card security... has made it harder... for thieves to make fraudulent
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with a stolen card. so.... bad guys... "new account fraud"... is up -1- hundred and -13- percent. the nevada attorney general's office says.... it's important to exercise... due diligence... when it comes to protecting.... your information. always be taking a look at your bank statements. never give out your personal information on the phone. shred documents that have your personal information that you don't need to hold on to. we have more information... on protecting your identity... and... how to report... if you've been a victim... at k-t-n-v dot com. time now for a quick look at some of the other stories we're following for you right now on 13-action news. yasmeen i'm yasmeen hassan near charleston and rainbow where a couple was hit taking an early morning walk. officers say around 5:30 a traffic. that was clear but what he didn't realize was at the exact same time a couple was trying to cross del ray in the crosswalk.
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parker collins near the strip today some death defying stuff... firefighters are training on the high roller today... not just nevada firefighters... but also firefighters from new york city and florida. michael michael burton reporting from a storage unit on the east side - where police had to remove a group of people living in some of the units. a few weeks back - the manager issued warnings to 23 people you turned their storage unit into a home. 6 of them did not comply. today, they forced off of the property. right now.... chicago is dealing with high winds and snow. chicago airports cancelled more than.... -11- hundred flights today..... because of the wintery storm blowing through. at least.... six people have been killed..... after more than two dozen...... reported tornadoes tore across..... the gulf states. abc's.... elizabeth hur is tracking the storms script: ((nats)) "look up look up!" a monster storm system is
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((nats)) "oh my goodness - holy cow!" along the way leaving a path of destruction. this rv park in st james parish, louisiana obliterated. ((sot)) woman "i immediately took off running to help people." and entire neighborhoods in pensacola, florida.. decimated. all of this the work of 27 reported tornadoes in 24 hours.. across 5 states. ((sot)) aaron forsyth, gold's gym member "sounded like a train that was coming through here." people were inside this gold's gym in prairieville, louisiana when a twister ripped the wall right off the side of the building. the daycare, so definitely a scary situation." amazingly no one was seriously hurt here.. but elsewhere the heavy wind and rain powerful enough to flip this tractor trailer over proved to be deadly and with dozens injured. the search is continuing for anyone who may still be strapped in the mangled mess of debris.. ((sot)) willy martin, st. james' parish sheriff "we are hoping that's we can get down into those debris piles and try to find people."
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ad lib toss to 13 weather first chief meteorologist bryan scofield . a simply wonderful end of the week and weekend is in store for the desert southwest. temperatures will continue to warm as high pressure builds in overhead and keeps the skies completely clear. high level clouds will pass overhead intermittently through the next several days but will never completely obscure the sun. we'll definitely see the clouds, but they'll only be the decorative sort, and will at best slightly dim the sunshine for a couple minutes. a colorado sheriff's deputy officer is dead following a
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it happened as officers were serving an eviction notice on a man who'd been fighting foreclosure for years. they expected it to be contentious.. and say he came out with a rifle and started shooting. one officer was killed. another was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery with life threatening gunshot wounds. the deputies returned fire.. killing the gunman. developing now.. apple continues to fight a federal court order.. and now.. according to the new york times.. is working on security measures to make it even harder for the government to break into iphones. also today.. for the first time.. apple ceo tim cook spoke with abc news about its ongoing battle with the fbi over giving the government access to
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one of the san bernardino terrorists. tim cook apple ceo cook: "safety of our kids, safety of our family is very important. the protection of people's data is incredibly important." cook says.. to unlock the phone of sayed farook.. apple would need to develop what he calls software.. equivalent to cancer. apple has until friday to respond to the federal court order. legal experts are calling it a landmark case that could reach the supreme court. the father of sportscaster..... erin andrews took the witness stand.... today. nearly -8- years.... after she was secretly recorded.... naked in her hotel room. andrews' lawsuit against nashville marriott has finally.... gone to trial. her father... steve.... told the court... how he felt.... when the video was first posted... on-line. ( steve andrews / father of erin andrews ) "i didn't know my thought was there's a stalker out there and that he's going to kill her.
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so we started calling espn, asking for security and trying to get the video started calling espn, asking for security and trying to get the video down." the man who recorded erin andrews pleaded guilty.... in 2010. michael david barrett was sentenced.... to two-and-a-half years.... in prison. here's a question no one is rich enough to answer for sure: how much would it cost to buy one of everything sold on amazon. one man has actually crunched the big number. and... you may have been to death valley. but... there's a secret to the sight.... that'll take your breath away.
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in tonight's financial focus.. the markets rallied from a big
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this morning to finish in positive territory. dow up 53 nasdaq up 39 sp500 up 9 most of the big local gaming stocks also had a rebound. caesars entertainment had the best session.. up about 3%. u-s oil prices rose slightly today.. but the international monetary fund predicts they'll stay on the low side into the near future. that's good news if you're planning a trp over spring break. triple-a says gas prices around las vegas are averaging 1-94 a gallon right now.. down 10-cents from last week. finally.. a man with too much time on his hands just figured it out how much it would cost to buy one of everything on amazon. all you need is 12.86 billion dollars. experts first determined there
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items available on amazon's website in 2015. he then determined the average price of an item was $26.86. no response from amazon on the accuracy of his projection. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . a simply wonderful end of the week and weekend is in store for the desert southwest. temperatures will continue to warm as high pressure builds in overhead and keeps the skies completely clear. high level clouds will pass overhead intermittently through
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never completely obscure the sun. we'll definitely see the clouds, but they'll only be the decorative sort, and will at best slightly dim the sunshine for a couple minutes. temperatures will be lovely this weekend with highs thursday in the mid 70s, friday rising into the upper 70s and saturday peaking aright around 80 for the las vegas valley. cooler weather returns on monday and tuesday as an upper level low misses to the northeast bringing strong northwest winds and dropping temperatures by about 10 across the board. no rain is expected for the next 7 days. right now....
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combination.... in death valley has led to a very rare occurence! millions of wildflowers are in bloom... right now... creating a vision of true beauty! tonight.... andy choi take us.... just -1- hundred -50- miles... west of see "the wonder of wildflowers"! 5.50.47 "it's like a little cup. or a little bowl" in the reservoir of life "5.50.51 "look there's another flower inside!" there are times of abundance and times of scarcity. 5.47.44 "everything has a cycle." bob nogler and sarah whitney are watching these extremes come together at death valley national park. the couple from canada and scores of nature lovers just couldn't pass up the chance to witness the "superbloom" of wildflowers. 5.29.34 linda "and i have to say it really does lift my spirits!" park ranger linda slater says the superbloom is about a once in a decade phenomenon in the california park known for its high heat and arid conditions. 5.27.42 linda "we only get two
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typically, and we got that much within a month. and that kind of set the stage, and then the el nino season kicked in, which means we got additional rains since october." 5.51.12 [smells flower] "it actually smells like a rose too." 5.44.43 choi "and with all these flowers come a whole bunch of seeds. rangers here tell us seeds can lay dormant in the ground for decades waiting for that perfect time to bloom." 5.27.09 "the seeds are there. the seeds are in the rock and in the soil. and when we get enough rain like we did this year, we get a beautiful wildflower display." 5.53.58 "that's how the cycle works." and as fleeting as that cycle feels... 5.49.11 "i think there's beauty everywhere." here at the crossroads of life and death 5.51.04 "yeah maybe the sun's going down" hope is a seed that can take root anywhere. at death valley national park, i'm andy choi. get ready..... pre-registration for the county's first auction of the year.... is now open. after you register...
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of item.... for sale. there's cars.... trucks.. computers... office computers.. and... mc-carran's lost and found! the auction is this saturday.... at the corner of stephanie and flamingo. there's a link to register on our website.. k-t-n-v dot com. 13 action news live at 6:30 will be right back.
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the frset to host..... its first slotzilla charity challenge of the year. that means 100 percent of the revenue from rides.... between - 1- and -7-p-m tomorrow..... will go to 'spread the word nevada.' lower zipline rides are $20 dollars.... before -6- p-m.. and... $25 dollars... after that. the upper zoomline is $40 dollars before 6.. and... $45 after. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8 -- the middle 8:30 -- the goldbergs 9 -- modern family 9:30 -- black-ish 10 -- american crime then on 13-action news.. live at 11.. a restaurant owner is eager to clear his name after darcy spears shows up for some dirity dining. 2:34 darcy: you ended up with 39 demerits. two shy of shutdown. joey: i mean, you look at the store, we never got that in our life. been here six years. never ever. this is my pride and joy. and that's why i'm interviewing with you guys.
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brave erin andrews. >> the testimony from her father that brought her to tears. >> and targeting erin.
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changed her life forever. then, melania trump's first big sit-down interview. >> do i agree all the time with him? >> and it's really getting nasty. >> he's like a little baby. >> it's ted cruz comparing trump to this movie villain. >> get in my belly! >> this gay thinks he's here to win big money on a new tv game show. >> welcome to the game of fame. >> but he's about to learn the truth. >> the answer is you. >> look what's in the audience. his victims. >> how do you sleep at night? >> how game of fame turned into game of shame? >> then what khloe kardashian is saying today about the hit o.j. miniseries. >> kardashian! kardashian! plus, celine dion's dramatic return to the stage. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville.


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