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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 8AM  ABC  February 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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((ad-lib)) an emotional reunion as a veteran gets his service dog back thanks to -13- action news viewers and social media.
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that's eric and his service dog together for the first time after being seperated for two days. were trying to find the owner, but didn't have any luck. a phone call from a friend helped connect the dots and cerb was back in eric's arms in less than two hours. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan was there for the reunion and has reaction from the veterand and the family taking care of the d "cerberous, thank you. cerberous. i love you." "thank you so much" eric fair reunited with his believed service dog after i was totally distraught. totally depressed." "it was horrible, but it ended great." this is ramon and laura, they are the ones that took care of him. thank you" the reunion just as important to the family that
8:02 am "it goes to show how important how improtant service dogs are to our military. we can't be happier tobeen part of this and get the jemison" sharing the post on a lost pets page that helped connect the dots. "when we found out through our friend heather that there was a connection, we thought this is perfect." during the perfect reunion... it was hugs all around. "kevin, you got my baby back" as eric thanked everyone that helped share the story through social media. it shows how loving and compassionate people really can be." seeing the loving embrace... as the pair were reunited... made it worth it for everyone. "this dog brings more joy to eric than any person," eric plans to make sure cerb knows how much he is loved. i am going to give him a steak with a1 sauce.." you can bet, cerb got that steak! the reunion would've
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sooner, but the family tried to give cerb a bath before taking him back. they couldn't because they didn't have his shot records. but after hearing the story, the general manager at the petsmart they went to said they would pamper cerb if eric brings him back. moving to an update on breaking news... a woman continues to fight for her life this morning after being hit by a car near spencer and warm springs yesterday afternoon. we're told she has significant head trauma. she was in the crosswalk when she was hit. the driver of the car did stay on scene and was not impaired. ahead today... a fundraiser for the valley man who was shot and killed only a few yards from his home. this morning, investigators have a better idea of who killed heriberto diaz last weekend near lake mead and marion.
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walking home from work and was only a few doors down from his house when 4-or- 5 teens targeted him for his cell phone. 223656 to 223709 "they ruined my life they ruined my kids life but they're ruining their life to for a stupid you can get all the information on today's car wash fundraiser on our website.. right now, a man is recovering after being shot downtown. neighbors herad as many as 15 shots yesterday morning near 14th street and ogden. according to witnesses, a black s-u-v was spotted leaving the scene moments later. police continue their investgation, and so far, no arrests have been made. police in nye county want you to be on the lookout for this man. authorities say cody barnes tried to kill his girlfriend yesterday afternoon. she survived.. but he got away. police say the 21 year old should be considered armed and
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now to a story you'll see only on 13 action news. a burglar hits a valley homeowner twice and gets caught red handed the second time around. the homeowner, capturing the confrontation on camera. 13 action news reporter.... david schuman walks us through the ense security fooagte. davi schuman, near desrt inn and mcleod" twice ni one week burgls rsleca thi gatto steal ictor cabeza's pool uieqpment. this time, victor came home the ment te burglar was trying to get away." watch this -- he pulls into his driveway...aalaing away...carrying a pool motor out of the backyard. 18:07:11 victor cabezas "i said whthe pool guy, i am the pool guy. pool guy? mother...urgh" 18:19:56 "i said get out of my house." then the stranger drops the motor and runs to his car. victor says he couldn't get a picture of the license plate in time. but this wasn't the first time victor hd se the man. he recognized the face from his own security cameras. in another story you saw only on 13 action news....the same
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hundred dollars worth of pool equipment from victor's property. neighbo rssay the burglaries street...and they're banding together to form a neighborhood watch of sorts. 17:50:30 john daniels, neighbor "we're all looking out for victor and how these guys show up and catch us at the wrong time that we're not out there." of course victor doesn't want this to happen again. he's having work on gate to give burglars much more of a challenge. david schuman "six feet is how much higher victor iuggested putting spikes on top too. f e best deter burglars. near desert inn and mcleod, david schuman 13 action news." coming up... a big day for voters in south carolina. the democratic hopefuls square off in a primary. so, just how big is hillary lead in the state? plus, the weather is going to perfect to get outside today. next, how you can help the community and soak up the sun
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right now... the "happiest 5-k on the planet" is the "happiest 5-k on the planet" is invading the streets
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vegas!! here's a live look! alot of people out there! the "color run" started just moments ago. a portion of the proceeds from the 5- k benefit the "three square food bank." the marathon started at the corner of las vegas boulevard and bridger, and finishes at the corner of fremont and 9th. the annual "heart walk" through fashion show mall is also going on right now. the walk celebrates and remembers the young lives affected by congenital heart defects throughout our community. those defects are the leading cause of infant death in the u-s. if you want to head down, fashion show mall is located off of spring mountain and las vegas boulevard, just west of the strip. mountain view hospital is celebrating 20 years by providing a free health fair to the community. it's happening from 9 a-m to
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there will health screenings and nurses and physicians on hand to discuss any questions you have about your health. there will also be cake and a photo booth! shifting gears to the race for president and a bombshell endorsement. new jersey governor chris christie is throwing his support behind former rival and gop frontrunner, donald trump. christie says trump is the one person hillary clinton doesn't want to face in the general election. the support comes after trump faced scathing attacks from senators marco rubio and ted cruz in thursday night's debate. christie says rubio's new tough tone is a sign of desperation. "desperate people in campaigns do desperate things, flailing punches in last days of a losing campaign. there is no better fighter than donald trump. the endorsement comes only days before the 'super tuesday' primaries when voters in 11 states will head for the polls to vote for their party's nominees. the south carolina primary is
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because i want to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, polls are open in south carolina and it's a big day for voters there. democratic presidential hopefuls are squaring off in today's primary. this morning, hillary clinton hoping recent polls hold true. she currently has a large lead over bernie sanders in south carolina. clinton had a busy day campaigning in south carolina. she's not taking her double digit lead lightly, making 22 stops in the state this week. meanwhile, bernie sanders is spending his time looking ahead to super tuesday, making campaign stops in 8 states this week. but he spent last night in south carolina, making a last minute move to court voters. . when good morning las vegas returns... one in 10 americans are suffering from a rare disease
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how one local group is helping those who may not always have it. you're watching channel 13 action news. we'll be right back on this
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across the world will celebrate rare disease day. and with one in 10 americans
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moreno with miracle flights and muniz family. vanessa moreno, miracle flights valery muniz, suffering from rare disease miguel muniz, valery's father questions what exactly does miracle flights do and how are they specifically helping kids here locally and around the country? talk to us about the kinds of families and children you are helping and how the program works? today we are so happy to have 9 year old valery muniz
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joining us to talk about rare disease day, which is this mondayhow has miracle flights stepped in to help your family? what has their help meant to you? miracle flights is getting ready for a huge mile stone this summertell us more about that. are there ways for people in the community to get involved with miracle flights? volunteer? donate miles? how can we help
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for more information on miracle flights-- visit miracle flights
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you may be looking for a great deal on new clothes and it doesn't get much better than just a penny! j-c penney says it will start offering certain items in its
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just a cent! the "penney days" promotion kicks off tomorrow and will offer customers an arizona-branded item at full-price.... and a second arizona item for a penny. the campaign runs all year with j-c penney rolling out other items for a penny throughout the year. breaking news fire breaks out an arby's restaurant, but firefighters were able to get it out quickly. but firefighters were able to get it out quickly. clark county fire telling us this blaze started just before 7-30 this morning at boulder highway near flamingo. we're told there was heavy smoke and two employees were inside at the time but they got out safely. firefighters knocked this fire out in 15 minutes! the cause is still under investigation. good morning las vegas.. still ahead this morning... caught on camera! pidgeons flying through a valley middle school. what school administrators have to say this morning. and hollywood's biggest night, just one day away! a preview of
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offensive words and symbols on a neighborhood sidewalk, just steps away from an elementary school. how are parents are responding to the story you'll only see on 13 action news. plus, back on the market and looking healthier. a dog that had so many worried, is looking much better this morning.
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this year's oscars. but this year is about much more than the awards. good morning las vegas! i'm ... the time now is ... let's get started with a weather first check with carlo falco! good morning carlo. ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) to a story you'll only see on
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racist words and symbols, steps from an elementary school. parents now turning to us for answers after their children spotted the message. "i was thinking it was going to be a great day i look across the street and i see the whites only sign." "alyssa was like hey that's like starting segregation all over again." a swastika and the words "whites only" were painted on the sidewalk on winterwood near nellis yesterday morning. people who live nearby say ... they're not just insulted... but also concerned. the neighborhood is racially diverse. the yedge kids, who just learned about segregation
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school, just want the message removed. their mom says the messages popped up after an ongoing parking dispute between neighbors. "we live in 2016 not 1920 anymore so it's like grow up." the identity of the person responsible is uknown at this time. the british airways plane.... that caught fire in the middle of the runway at mc-carranjust months ago, is now in california.. this is video from the fire back in september. after undergoing engine tests on thursday, the plane finally returned to the skies heading to victorville. it will now get more repairs done before it can return to service. last september, all -1- hundred -70- people on board had to use the emergency slides to escape the flames. a 13 action news update now.... on a story we've been following closely. rudy the dog, shocked people across the valley when pictures taken at "petland" in henderson
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just -13- pounds at -3- months old. rudy was taken off the website and, out of displays after the concern. now he's available again. petland says this little guy is now up to -17- pounds and continues to gain weight. he was originally listed at -25- hundred dollars but, right now, there is no listed price. metro needs your help this morning tracking down two burglars! they say these two men ransacked a valley home near town center and canyon run while the homeowners slept upstairs last week. here you can see them rummaging through the stuff. at one point, they even get a flash light out and start snooping around. if you recognize them, call police. vo caught on camera---pigeons in the cafeteria of a valley middle school. a parent shot this video saying you can see the birds walking around the cafeteria at cashman middle school we reached out to the clark county school district who says,
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campus clean and are seeing less of a pigeon population on school property than last year. the health district also chiming in saying they've received a complaing and will be investigating. ahead today.... you can get your hands on a new vehicle, electronics or furniture at the county auction. today's sale features over 200 vehicles and a host of items acquired by valley police departments and local cities. there's no cost to register. it's happening at the tnt auction trailer off stephanie near flamingo. bidding starts at 8.a.m. also today, the county is hosting an event for your furry friends. free vaccinations will be given at the whitney recreation center located off of boulder highway nearly tropicana. the event is happening from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. now the countdown to oscar sunday. hollywood's biggest night is almost here. and abcs kayna whitworth is in l-a with some behind the scenes secrets about the big show.
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biggest night in hollywood nats crews busy making the finishing touches nats hoping to wow the eyes of several hundred million people around the globe ? the oscar's will be broadcast in 225 countries and many sending their own media representatives (s0t) bulgarian journalist - the movies take you to another world, to another sphere of emotions stand up - the red carpet is covered in plastic right now but that will soon change and it will be no easy task, its 500 feet long 33 feet wide, you can see some of the plastic coming up right there ? once its all cleaned up you'll have more than 16-thousand square feet of glamour the official champagne of the oscars piper heidsieck - have 1500 bottles are ready to pop and they expect to pour 9-thousand glasses!!! (pours glasses we would like to thank the academy) - sot (clink interview w/ danny elfman 12:48:40:24 the producers lara spencer sat down with
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reginald hudlin? working in tandem for the first time, but you might not know it. reginald hudlin 18:55:28:22 when we sat down, there were two (snap) things that happened pretty much instantly. we agreed that chris rock should be the host, and we agreed to bring the orchestra back into the theater. the duo enlisting the biggest names to go along with an even bigger production reginald hudlin: 19:09:37;21 no, we just-- we just wanted to get the biggest, best talent we could get? and they got everyone from a sitting vice president joe biden ? to the most animated presenters? david hill: 19:00:01;10 we got two present best short animation, because who better to present best short animation than the minions-- lara spencer: 19:00:15;08 of course, short and animated. the producers say it's going to be hard to step away from the show - because they shook up the format as well? so stay tuned for all the surprises on hollywood's biggest night reginald hudlin: 18:57:17;25 but the point is we-- we feel like we've got a show that is coverage starts at 1 p-m leading up the oscars at 4. then stick with us for a special edition of -13-action
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after the show. and for your up-to-the-minute oscars news, visit our website ktnv-dot- com. we have an entire page dedicated to the show! you can also follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram! good morning las vegas... coming up... a parent finds mold inside her daughter's sippy cup! what the company is saying, and how they're trying to make things right. plus, new findings on how the gunman behind a rampage in kansas might have gotten his weapons. and more on the police chief's heroic actions to take the
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area freeway last night. police say several others are hurt after the pile-up. at least one semi-truck and several cars were involved. the truck caught fire after the crash. all southbound lanes of the interstate five freeway were closed for several hours after the wreck. the lastest now in the mass shooting in kansas where three people were killed and more than a dozen injured. investigators now believe they know where the suspect got his weapons. cedric ford was seen in a facebook post firing an assault-style rifle, but here's the thing---he was a convicted felon and wasn't supposed to own guns.
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now being charged with giving ford his weapons. thursday's bloodshed.. ended with ford shot and killed in a gun battle with the police chief. ((sot)) wnt sgt. chris carter: "if there's gunfire, run towards the gunfire? if you're by yourself your by yourself. absolutely. you run away. we will run towards it." the community of hesston continues to mourn as investigators looking into why ford did this. a shooting and lengthy standoff at a home in washington state has left -5- people dead.... including the suspect. say... a man called police yesterday morning to say he shot his family and was threatening to when police got to the property, they found -4- people dead. a -12- year-old girl related to the suspect survived the stand-off and was taken to the it's not clear if the child escaped or was freed by the gunman.
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negotiations, the suspect reportedly walked outside the home and killed himself in front of police. an armed robbery caught on camera in tuscon, arizona. you can see the suspect inside the store with a gun and demanding money from the clerk. police don't have a good description of the man because he was wearing a skull mask during the hold-up. inivestigators think he's responsible for at least one other gas station hold-up. flint, michigan, isn't the only city dealing with lead in the water. school administrators in ithaca, new york, have shut off the drinking water at all of its schools. testing in january found unsafe levels of lead in the water. ...but parents are upset because similar tests were done last august. those tests also found unsafe levels of lead. the county and state health departments are now involved. the school district says it's providing bottled water to students and staff. an oregon couple makes a disgusting and potentially harmful discovery in their
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nationwide problem with "the tommee tippee cup lids". sarah wright's -15 -month old twin daughters have been drinking out of the popular sippy cups. this week, her husband saw a disturbing story on-line about mold and gunk stuck in the stoppers... of this particular brand. so, he came home and tore their cups apart. (sarah wright/ concerned mother) and i was like, oh my gosh i can't believe it's just been sitting in there and we were shocked that it would even be that much. the company, "tommee tippee," is aware of the situation; responding on its facebook page, telling customers, they'll receive replacement parts. shifting gears, here's a live look outside. las vegas is in for a big warm-up! above normal temperatures dominating our region. 13-weather first meteorologist carlo falco joins us with the forecast.
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if you're looking to get out
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the hot air balloon festival is
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admission is free, but if you'd like a ride in a balloon, it costs 10 dollars. the festival is happening at petrack park. balloons will start lifting off at 7a-m this morning. if the d-m-v is on your "to-do list" get ready for some good news. those days of the dreaded long lines may be over! the d-m-v launched new "d-m-v in a box" kiosks at the triple a location on charleston and campbell. at the kiosks you can renew your registration and license, get a duplicate license or i-d, and, print off other documents. the kiosks also accept cash. you may notice gas prices climbing just a bit at stations around town. but, it's nothing compared to our neighbors. people across southern california loaded up on gas yesterday.
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station in los angeles. consumer watchdog says prices could jump 37 cents a gallon this weekend in california. that's because state oil refineries are raising prices as they switch to a summer blend gas. "this is outrageous when we have, in one day, a 37-cent difference nothing changes in the market other than we change the blended fuel, and this blended fuel doesn't cost 37 cents more." consumer watchdog says california motorists pay 68 cents more per gallon for gas than the national average. the average price of gas here in nevada is 2-10, compared to 1-74 nationally. you're watching good morning las vegas on 13 action news! one last check of the gorgeous
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oh, look at all the lemurs in the trees. or blend in. i've heard this--why don't you go to africa, jack, with your show and film the okapi. are you kidding me? brandon: you could be there 20 years and never see an okapi. jack: plus my blooper of the week. are you starting to see a pattern? stylish species with stripes are next on "wild countdown." patrick: ready to go. go, go, go, jack. jack: holy mackerel! i did not know a cat did that. i've never seen that in my entire life. oh, my gosh. patrick: good girl. we tried to leave our tents. not even to go to dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly day! [dogs barking] help! a dolphin, right there! holy mackerel! [roar] just like my life is devoted to


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