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tv   Action News Special Edition  ABC  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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zzer. that's the first thing scott foster will check and then they'll check to see if they put any time on the clock. too. >> mark: i'm shocked. if you're okc you got to call a timeout in that situation. iguodala is not known to be a great free throw shooter. >> mike: he's 61% from the line this season. these are his first attempts of the night. there's 7/10 remaining, so even if he hits these two, the advance the ball and get off a quality shot. you can catch and shoot, even second. right now the key for golden state, two huge free throws.
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the veteran, iguodala, last year's finals mvp. that is two clutch free throws right there from a veteran. andre iguodala ties the game. now okc uses their final timeout and will advance the ball to try and win it at the buzzer. >> mark: i'd rather have a guy that could care less about the repercussions of missing than free throw shooting. those are two big free throws. look, it's all right. way to handle your-wise --
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>> jeff: i'd rather have a great free throw shooter. >> mark: i know some that would be scared in that situation. >> mike: they have time to get off a quality shot here. what do you expect and look for? >> mark: it's a quick hitter. >> jeff: throw it to kevin durant. >> me: westbrook will inbound and they put bogut on the inbound. thunder do not have a foul to give. roberson comes back in the game. they only had four guys out there, ibaka, durant, waiters also out there. >> jeff: don't be surprised if they use durant initially as a screener to try to open up somebody and force a miscommunication. >> mike: inside, durant puts it up. overtime. we get five more minutes of this. what a comeback from golden state down 12 here in the fourth quarter. andre iguodala hits two clutch
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extra session. >> mark: this is good defense by draymond green, the contest, makeable shot. you got to live with it. >> mike: this presentation of nba saturday primetime continues
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>> mike: welcome back to nba saturday primetime. this down the stretch of regulation. klay thompson able to lay it in to bring them to within two. then kevin durant throws the pass off, deflected by thompson. draymond green with a terrific save, finding andre iguodala who was fouled on his jump shot, hits both free throws to tie the game and here we have an overtime. one of the key things, a lot of teams in that situation would just foul kevin durant as opposed to with the clock winding down, precious seconds ticking away, they don't foul the rim. they try and force the turnover which they obviously did. >> mark: that's something you talk about in the huddle. everybody is anticipating a foul in that situation. great execution. >> jeff: absolutely. good read by klay thompson to gain the deflection and then the pursuit by green. >> mike: again, it doesn't get much better than this in terms of nba action and we get five
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>> jeff: i'm interested in the mind-set of oklahoma city in that you can be playing backwards right now instead of forwards thinking about the opportunity you let maybe slip by versus the opportunity still at hand. they've got to gather themselves. >> mark: a tough task for okc is now the frustration in having to win the game two times. you already won it and gave it back. give the warriors credit. kevin durant now has five personal fouls. >> mike: nobody else has five. andre iguodala has four. durant's played the most minutes at 40. adams and green will jump center. you shoot the penalty in overtime on the fourth team foul. each team now with two timeouts and 1:20.
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explodes to the basket. the thunder draw first blood in the o.t. >> mark: you see a double high screen put adams and durant in the pick and roll action. westbrook no help, turns the corner, gets the contact and the basket. >> jeff: steven adams started overtime, got the tip and comes immediately out so that the thunder can downsize and match more towards the warriors quickness with draymond green at the five. >> mike: by the way, green's foul, his fourth. roberson guarding curry. green gets it, drives on waiters. shot misses. rebound ibaka. 16 rebounds for serge ibaka.
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curry picked up by durant. curry to the basket. layup high off the glass. he got knocked down. >> mark: it's on durant. >> mike: durant has fouled out. sixth personal foul for kevin durant and he's fouled out with 4:13 remaining in overtime. first time he's fouled out this season. >> mark: finds himself on steph curry, turns the corner, contact as he drives, pushing in the back. >> jeff: i always think about this. why do we not give people an extra foul when they go into overtime? who wants to see durant out, besides steve kerr and the warriors. >> mark: i don't agree with that. >> jeff: of course not. you're like mike, you guys love foul trouble. >> mark: no, no, no. >> jeff: you love it. free throws and foul trouble. >> mark: if i'm the opposition and kevin durant has six fouls
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throw, i don't want him to have the luxury of staying in the ball game. >> mike: durant hasn't fouled out of a game in three years. >> mark: westbrook, continue off that high pick and roll to make plays either for yourself or make guys better. >> mike: westbrook attacks, goes at green, tries to get it inside. deflected by green and thompson picks it up. green's made some huge defensive plays. curry for three. nails it. ten three pointers. back-to-back games with ten threes and he ties his nba record for most threes in a season. >> jeff: with durant out, oklahoma city may have to go to another offensive player instead of roberson. >> mike: westbrook knocked down. he thought he was fouled. curry ahead, iguodala. ibaka grabs the rebound. third time this season curry has hit ten threes in a game.
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he did it thursday night in orlando. he's 10 for 13 tonight. breathtaking shooting from stephan curry. >> mark: this is off a turnover and then in transition. a breakdown defensively if you're westbrook. these are the mistakes you cannot have. there's a price to pay when you make mistakes against the league's most valuable player, curry. cheese in the shell. this is gonna be bigger than drones. it's gonna be bigger than mars landings! cheese in the shell. this is gonna be bigger than james harden's beard. this is gonna be bigger than those things. this is gonna be bigger than the bass drop. dude, that's gonna be bigger than the internet. deal with it. the quesalupa. it's gonna be bigger than, everything. out on the town or in for the night,
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right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t. >> mike: steph curry with 25 games to go has tied his record set last year for most threes in a single season. he's 10 for 13. 36 monday. he's hit 20 of 28 three pointers
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absolutely incredible. all that said, golden state still trails. westbrook couldn't pick it up there. waiters with four to shoot. waiters drives. jumper, can't get it to fall. barnes the rebound. >> jeff: again, golden state is giving roberson the tony allen treatment of just absolutely ignoring him, and you're playing four on five. >> mike: curry fine, what a pass to green, but he misses the layup. the tip taken by ibaka. 18 rebounds for ibaka. >> mark: coach is right. they cannot allow roberson to not be defended. >> mike: ibaka finishes at the other end. curry, another three. oh, it's good! the curry eruption continues.
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>> mark: wow. >> mike: and a record broken by curry once again, his own. 11 three pointers. he's one shy of a single game record. roberson blocked by green, roberson gets it back and banks it in. >> jeff: good activity by roberson after they got the switch they wanted. >> mike: curry in and out. that one almost went down. the nba record for most threes is 12. curry has an 11 three game. kobe bryant and done yell marshal have the record. the lead is four.
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>> mike: big play after big play here in overtime. stephan curry with his 11th three-pointer of the game. he's got 41 points but okc answering back. andre roberson who has made big plays, testify offensive rebound. russell westbrook finding serge ibaka. kevin durant fouled out. okc leading by four, still plenty of time left. green sets the high screen. curry on singler. steps back, two pointer. in and out. off the mark. rebound green. green finds thompson, his three-pointer, it's good. back to one.
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draymond green. westbrook attacks. layup misses. ibaka another rebound, his 20th of the game. it's still thunder ball. >> mark: westbrook upset, feeling like there was contact on that shot. >> mike: serge ibaka, 15 points, 20 rebounds, the rebounds a season high. westbrook resets. westbrook pulls back, drives again. off balance, banker, won't go but a foul. thompson called for the personal. that's going to be his third and russell westbrook will head to the line.
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man as a screener, didn't force the switch. westbrook drives it. that's pretty good defense by klay thompson, but westbrook gets the benefit of the doubt and the two free throws. >> mike: westbrook an excellent free throw shooter. both teams have missed a number of free throws, but again, two clutch free throws from andre iguodala with 7/10 of a second remaining and forced the o.t. westbrook answers. back to three. singler up on curry. drives, layup swatted away but he got hit in the head and a whistle and a foul. singler called for the foul, his
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>> mark: okc switching the pick and roll, leaving singler on curry. gets into the seams. the question is a little bit of contact by singler before the block of ibaka so certainly the correct call. >> mike: curry a great free throw shooter who has missed two tonight. durant can only watch after fouling out. curry is second in the nba in percentage at 91%. a chance to cut it to one. 51 points on thursday night. 42 more tonight. 11 more three pointers tonight. >> mark: they're putting steph curry in the action, trying to get him on russell westbrook. >> mike: westbrook drives past inside roberson.
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timeout, golden state. andre roberson out there for his defense. roberson with ten points and he puts the thunder back up by three. >> mark: you have to have an appreciation for the playmaking ability of westbrook. puts roberson in position as he slashes to the cup. the on point delivery.
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back. >> mike: russell westbrook 13 more assists to go with his 26 points. a three point lead. you see the timeouts remaining, down to one left. neither team with a foul to give, once again. >> jeff: when curry inbounds, you cannot lose discipline or sight of your responsibility. >> mike: green back door, thompson reverse layup, banks it in and a foul. thompson got hit in the head and he can tie the game at the free-throw line. >> mark: it's a quick hitter so they even the score and they have plenty of time to have another opportunity. this is bad defense by okc overreacting and not trusting their call. excellent execution by the warriors. >> mike: westbrook's fourth
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thompson with 31 points himself. green gets knocked down as they were boxing out. the game is tied with 29.5 remaining. billy donovan calls timeout. green talking with scott foster. green and ibaka, ibaka shoved him, then he tripped over roberson. tie game here in overtime. thunder ball when we return. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg.
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[ laughs ] . >> mike: great defensive play here by golden state. they trapped durant. thompson able to save it, green able to save it. iguodala's jumper doesn't go but he's fouled by durant. with 7/10 in regulation, he makes two huge free throws to tie the game and force overtime. durant threw up kind of a hail mary that didn't go and here we are in o.t. with 29.5 seconds remaining. no kevin durant. he fouled out in the first minute of overtime. okc will have the ball in their
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left. singler is out there with waiters, ibaka, westbrook and roberson. 5.5 difference between shot clock and game clock. >> mark: if i'm roberson, the luxury of playing with a great player, he can get a wide open shot because they're not going to defend him. >> mike: singler finds westbrook. thompson on him. westbrook, back out singler, shot clock at seven. westbrook on the drive, falling away. won't go. rebound taken by iguodala. they do have a timeout. decide not to use it. curry way downtown, bang, bang! oh, what a shot from curry!
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the brilliant shooting of stephan curry continues! and he ties the nba record with his 12th three-pointer of the game. >> jeff: westbrook gets off a decent look. the banker. and you've got to press up. roberson just a little late but that's just -- >> mike: that's about 35 feet out, well beyond the 28 foot mark. and now it's 6/10 of a second remaining, it's a three-point lead. obviously oklahoma city has to go for three, but not enough time for golden state to foul and take a chance. >> jeff: you can't really foul. they're turning to shoot right away. they got bogut on the ball. >> mike: they're calling it a 32-footer that curry nails. >> mark: warriors doing the
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three-point line. >> mike: westbrook gets off a good look. won't go. and golden state historic run continues with a signature win here in okc. stephan curry, breathtaking once again. ties an nba record with 12 threes, 46 points, and the warriors are 53-5. what a game from both teams. one of the most compelling regular season games you will ever see. >> mark: just say sorry, big o. just say sorry. >> mike: let's check in with lisa and the brilliant stephan curry. >> lisa: now, how did you guys do that? >> a lot of heart on that team. we never quit. been our mantra all year.
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way down the stretch. some shots going in. huge stops. i had enough daylight to get it in. >> lisa: with four seconds left, at what point did you know you were going to launch it? >> coach said if we got a clean rebound, we can push it. andre got it to me. they were shuffling trying to load up in transition. >> lisa: i'm glad they missed me. wipe yourself off. you're fine. >> they were shuffling in pick-up. i had it rolling pretty much all night. >> lisa: are you good? >> i'm good. >> lisa: steph, i heard the explosion in the locker room at halftime. what happened? >> we want to win and everybody wants to play well and we expect
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environment like that over the course of the season you're going to have some emotion. that's the best way i can explain it. the beauty of our team is when we leave the locker room we're still united. we're still ready to come out and compete and i think it lit a fire under us to get this win. >> lisa: you've tied the nba record for the most threes in a game. did you know that? >> i didn't. thank goodness the last one went in. get the win and go home on this long road trip. it's crazy. >> lisa: congratulations, steph. mike? >> mike: electrifying performance from stephan curry. the warriors led for all of 29 seconds. when the final buzzer sounds in overtime, they get yet another victory and finish this road trip 5-1 after the all-star break, 6-1 overall. tonight "sportscenter" with steve levy and nicole briscoe. they'll have full coverage from
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plus college basketball and the nfl combine. "sportscenter" at night currently airing on espn. what a most incredible regular season by an individual and a team continued here tonight in oklahoma city as the warriors win in overtime. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, lisa salters, our producer and director and our wonderful espn crew, mike
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the finals.t-- on this special edition of 13 action news-- ...boulder highway is one of the deadliest roads here in the valley. but will a reduced speed limit make it any safer? good evening las vegas-- and thanks for joining us-- i'm marissa kynaston. a henderson man has been arrested-- in the hit and run death of a woman crossing boulder highway earlier this week. 13 action news reporter david schuman is live at boulder highway and warm springs-- with what's being done to make one of the valleys most dangerous roads-- safer. david a 50 year old woman was hit and killed near this intersection and it's becoming all too common of a tragedy on this road. lowering the speed limit
8:31 pm
a larger effort to make boulder highway less deadly. pkg eric leppard has turned himself into police for stealing a car and hitting a woman who was walking outside of a crosswalk. officers said speed was a factor in her death. what used to be a changing speed limit on boulder highway is now consistent throughout -- 45 miles per hour. 18:26:15 sparkle southward "it isn't making no difference in vegas. these people drive like crazy. there's no speed limit to them." new to boulder highway are speed radars that show you how fast you're going and plenty of speed limit signs. 002826 erin breen "in our community we seem to have a disregard for speed limits to start with" 13 action news viewers chimed in on the changes. gerald harrelson tweeted it's probably a good idea but people will probably still speed. carlos agreed, tweeting that a lower limit won't do anything. traffic expert erin breen says 45 miles per hour is a start. more ideas are in the works and one could be as simple as a name adjustment. 003037 breen "do we still need
8:32 pm
only the street itself but the mindset of the people traveling it by changing it to boulder boulevard." for now...breen says there are more police on boulder highway..ready to pull speeders over. i asked our expert what if they just lowered the limit even more? she said that's unlikely to happen because you'd then have drivers following the limit and reporting live david schuman 13 action news. and metro was called out to the scene of a nasty looking crash-- near desert inn and mojave. the driver of this gray kia optima first crashed into an suv-- then-- hit a 60-year-old man on a bike-- then finally crashing into a light pole. the bicycle rider was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. the driver of the kia stayed on scene-- and is cooperating with authorities. an update tonight-- on a man considered armed and dangerous
8:33 pm
ys-- 21-year-old cody barnes is in custody tonight. authorities say barnes tried to kill his girlfriend yesterday afternoon-- after he saw her with another man. she survived and was able to get away. barnes was arrested in ventura california. the girls mother-- kristy finnegan-- was also arrested in connection to the shooting. metro arrested six teens who they believe stole b-b guns from a walmart earlier today. the teens took off in their car-- but later abandoned it near ft. apache and sunset when officers arrived. the suspects then started running-- but were eventually caught-- and taken into custody. police were concerned about the theft since several realistic-looking bb guns were stolen. a valley woman is calling on the community for help-- after the death of her husband-- 60-year-old heriberto diaz. he was shot and killed last saturday-- while walking home from work. 13 action news reporter michael burton shows us how his wife is now trying to make her
8:34 pm
true. it's been one week since maria diaz lost her husband - who was shot and killed while walking home from work near marion and lake mead. heriberto diaz was 60 years old. "my heart is confused. i'm happy because the whole community is here helping me, and i'm upset because of what happened." today, the diaz family held a car wash to raise money for his funeral. supporters came out in droves - many of them with cars that weren't even dirty. "i thought it was really sad, you know? this guy just walking down the street and getting shot like that. i mean, that's not right." stand-up: the diaz family hopes to raise nearly 15 thousand dollars so they can bury heriberto in mexico next to his mother. "that was his dream. he always told us that the day he passed away he wanted to go back to mexico. unfortunately his mother already passed away so he wanted to be close. he wanted to be buried with his mother." as a mother herself - maria strives to hide her pain. she wants to be strong for her
8:35 pm
i try not to. i need to stay strong. she says it's what heriberto would want her to do. "for them i'm their mother and i'm their father, and i'm going to be everything for them. so, i have to stay strong." michael burton - 13 action news. the family will be holding the car wash again tomorrow from 10am to 4pm-- in the parking lot of k-mart-- on bonanza and nellis. an arby's restaurant on boulder highway caught fire this morning. clark county firefighters were able to quickly put it out. the blaze started just before 7-30-- at the location on boulder highway near flamingo. we're told there was heavy smoke-- and two employees were inside at the time-- but they got out safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now-- a live look outside across the valley. we saw some absolutely beautiful weather today. let's check in with 13 weather first meteorologist-- karla huelga-- good evening karla.
8:36 pm
average temperatures will continue to be the theme to the forecast for the next several days. sunday will be a partly cloudy day, with high temps around 80. highs will remain around the 80 degree mark monday and tuesday and skies will be mainly sunny. mainly sunny skies will continue through next saturday. afternoon highs will drop a degree or two wednesday through friday, which means temps will top out in the upper 70s. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as an upper level system passes to our north. the system will drag a bit of cooler air into the area, which will drop highs to the mid 70s next saturday. it was a busy day on the campaign trail today-- as voters in south carolina took part in the democratic primary. now-- the battle is already on for super tuesday. marci gonzalez is in columbia, south carolina with more.
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voting..." primary night - for the democrats - in south carolina- sot - abc news special report "this is an abc news special report." stephanopolous: "breaking news in the race for the white h ssaouse - democrats voting in south carolina today - and abc news can project that hillary clinton will win the primary in that key state." sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "thank you so much south carolina! (hillary, hillary) // tomorrow, this campaign goes national!! (cheers)" sot - voter "i'm happy with my choice... absolutely happy!" sot - voter "i think she would be a good president." even as voters - cast their ballots here today? the candidates - looking ahead to super tuesday? campaigning in texas, minnesota and alabama confident - they're moving forward? sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "if all of you come out to vote and bring friends, neighbors, and coworkers - we are gonna win." and - watching the republican race - closely donald trump- campaigning today with former gop rival chris christie- who endorsed the front- runner yesterday? sot - gov. chris christie / (r) new jersey "the only one who has created
8:38 pm
focusing their attacks - on marco rubio? sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "he's a really nasty guy. i really thought cruz was a liar? but rubio is worse. i mean, he's worse!" sot - sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate "donald trump will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan." sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate "i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates behaving like schoolchildren bickering." marci gonzalez oncam close: both clinton and sanders went after trump today too, saying they are confident that if he is the gop nominee - he can be defeated. mg, abc news, columbia, south carolina. people looking to save some cash-- showed up to today's clark county auction. auction goers were able to save big on electronics-- furniture-- and over 200 vehicles. bidding started at just 1-hundred- dollars for vehicles-- with the most popular one's being pickup truck's-- and s-u-v's. you could even bid on police cars. 1:03:23-1:03:29 "i think i'm gonna be reduced to getting one of the former police interceptors. but that's fine, they're good reliable cars. they've been maintained."
8:39 pm
were acquired by valley police departments-- local government agencies-- and even from mccarran's lost and found. a woman sits in her car to smoke her e- cigarrette-- when it suddenly explodes-- engulfing the car in flames. we'll hear from the woman about her frightening brush with death. and-- contact 13 chief investigator-- darcy spears-- digs deeper into the dangers of the colored powders used during color runs-- and why some say-- they could put your health and
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8:42 pm
and a woman has been sent to the hospital with severe burns-- all because-- her e-cigarette exploded. this dramatic video shows a car completely engulfed in flames. a florida woman was sitting in her car smoking-- when it suddenly exploded. cassandra koziol 00:09:41 i pushed the button and it literally.. i felt an impact in my face.. i let go and i saw sparks fly off into the passenger side.. she will have a long road to recovery-- with severe burns--
8:43 pm
but she says-- she's just lucky to be alive. 00:16:12 the best thing you can do is always try and find something to laugh at.. because if you dont (tears) youre going to be lost no word on what caused that e- cigarette to explode. new information tonight-- on a deadly crash. at least three people have died-- after a fiery crash on a los angeles freeway. police say several others are hurt after the pile-up. at least one semi-truck and several cars were involved. the truck caught fire after the crash. all southbound lanes of the five were closed for several hours after the wreck. authorities say street racing is to blame. one of the street racers has been taken into custody-- but the other-- is still on the run. flint, michigan, isn't the only city dealing with lead in their water. school officials in ithaca, new york have completely shut off
8:44 pm
their schools. testing in january found unsafe levels of lead in the water. but parents are upset because similar tests were done last august. those tests also found unsafe levels of lead. one parent doesn't understand why the city didn't notify parents sooner. ( rhonda weeks / parent ) "you know, they're calling us and letting us know that things are being done, and they're sending emails and setting up meetings and stuff, but it seems like it's a bit late." the school district says it's providing bottled water to students and staff. you may notice gas prices climbing just a bit at stations around town. but-- it's nothing compared to our neighbors on the west coast. people across southern california loaded up on gas yesterday. this was the scene at a costco station in los angeles. analysts say-- prices could jump 37 cents a gallon just this weekend in california. that's because-- state oil refineries are raising prices as they switch to a summer blend gas. "this is outrageous when we have, in one day, a 37-cent difference
8:45 pm
other than we change the blended fuel, and this blended fuel doesn't cost 37 cents more." consumer watchdog says-- california motorists pay 68 cents more per gallon for gas than the national average. the average price of gas here in nevada-- 2-10-- compared to 1-74 nationally. adlib let's go to 13 weather first meteorologist karla huelga quiet weather with above average temperatures will continue to be the theme to the forecast for the next several days. sunday will be a partly cloudy day, with high temps around 80. highs will remain around the 80 degree mark monday and tuesday and skies will be mainly sunny. mainly sunny skies will continue through next saturday. afternoon highs will drop a degree or two wednesday through friday, which means temps will top out in the upper
8:46 pm
expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as an upper level system passes to our north. the system will drag a bit of cooler air into the area, which will drop highs to the mid 70s
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
the 2016 color run brightened the streets of downtown las vegas today. the "tropi-color run" is known as the "happiest 5-k on the planet" the race started at eight this morning-- and took off at the corner of las vegas boulevard and bridger-- then finished at the corner of fremont and 9th. a portion of the proceeds from the 5- k go to the "three square food bank."
8:49 pm
colorful race this morning-- listen up-- 13 action news is watching out for your safety. we uncovered disturbing information about the colored powders used at local fun runs and events. contact-13 chief investigator-- darcy spears-- found the colorful clouds could hold hidden hazards. and we want to warn you-- some of the video in this story is graphic. while many of these events are promoted as safe and family friendly, there are serious risks. not only can it be hazardous to your health--the powder could literally burst into flames! 5-k's. concerts. d-j parties, parades. splashing them with color is all the rage. we've seen three color runs this month alone here in las vegas. (nats color run) colorful powders tossed in the air or sprayed over crowds make for a dazzling display (nats color run) but colors can clash with
8:50 pm
you could have an entire crowd enveloped in flames. that's what happened in taiwan last summer at this concert. you can see the colors spray into the crowd (pssssshhhh).. then this (nats of screaming crowd in glowing fireball) a plume of powder turns into a powder may have ignited from heated lights or possibly a cigarette. sot chief in wfts pkg: well, i think it's even worse than we could've imagined. firefighters show just how flammable the cornstarch-based powder can be. (fire shoot nats- ssshhhhhh) as they toss it up in the air, watch what happens. (fireball swoosh nats) (woossshh fire nats) we shared the video with retired clark county firefighter scott allison... 12:46 darcy: is it accurate to say that this is an accident waiting to happen? scott in the right situations. the right situation could be as simple as a heat source connecting with the colored powder. 9:07 scott: even static electricity or maybe a cigarette.
8:51 pm
(nats color run) and fire isn't the only hazard. the stuff can be harmful if inhaled--especially to young children like this one being pushed through a color cloud in a stroller during a fun run. 16:52 scott: our lungs, our eyes, our nose, the way we breath this stuff in, you have to take precautions there as well. we reached out to several event promoters --- color vibe replied saying they use a special formula that makes their cornstarch powder non- flammable. but they, like all the other color run promoters, suggest runners may want to wear eye protection and a filter mask or bandana. darcy spears, 13 action news. outrage tonight-- after offensive words and symbols were painted on a neighborhood sidewalk. this-- just steps away from an elementary school. we'll here from shocked parents on a story you'll only see on
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racist words and symbols-- just steps away from an elementary school. parents-- now turning to us for answers-- after their children spotted the message. "i was thinking it was going to be a great day i look across the street and i see the whites only sign." "alyssa was like hey that's like starting segregation all over again." a swastika and the words "whites only" were painted on the sidewalk on winterwood near nellis yesterday morning. people who live nearby say -- they're not just insulted-- but also concerned. diverse. the young kids-- who just learned about segregation during black history month at school-- want the message removed. one mom says-- the messages popped up after an ongoing parking dispute between neighbors. "we live in 2016 not 1920 anymore so it's like grow up." they still don't know who painted the disturbing message.
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story we've been following closely. rudy the dog-- shocked people across the valley-- when these pictures were taken at "petland" in henderson... they showed him looking skinny-- just -13- pounds-- at -3- months old. rudy was taken off the website and out of displays after people voiced their concerns. now-- he's available again. petland says this little guy is now up to -17- pounds-- and continues to gain weight. he was originally listed at -25- hundred dollars but-- right now-- there is no listed price. coming up on 13 action news live at 8:30-- after picking up a key endorsement yesterday-- donald trump hits the campaign trail-- now with chris christie. but-- marco rubio isn't backing down. plus-- a contact 13 investigation into unlicensed contractors. the latest on an undercover sting. what you need to know before you hire a contractor. and for breaking news and weather updates anytime-- just download the free ktnv mobile app from your smartphone or tablet.
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