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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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conspiracy and attempted kidnapping charges. detectives say she encouraged 21 year old cody barns to shoot-out the tires of her daughter's car to keep the girl at home. the daughter and another man left anyway.. but cody followed and reportedly opened fire again. he was arrested in california for attempted murder. finnegan's other daughter says her mother made a poor decision.. but her intentions were good. breaking news-- a foot pursuit underway right now in oakland park, florida! sheriffs deputies are looking for two suspects they say stole at least 2 vehicles! it first started with a vehicle chase, and now it's a foot pursuit. two suspects have been caught. the other two are on the run! also breaking right now-- a house is on fire. this is a live look at everett, washington. no word yet on if there are any victims! firefighters rush out to put a fire at an apartment complex. and in fact, crews have been to this complex twice in just a few months. they say squatters are to
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in danger! firefighters say the squatters start fires to cook with or stay warm, but then the flames get out of control and spread. this is all happening near vegas valley and maryland parkway. 13 action news spoke to neighbors, who say they're fed up. a virginia man.. accused of killing a police officer on her first day on the job.. made his first court appearance today. ronald hamilton is an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. charged with murder today. police say he opened fire on 3 officers responding to a his home. officer ashley guindon was killed. the other two officers were wounded. "when news came in surgery that she passed what definitely hit us? we weren't expected it at all." (butted to) "a young woman goes out to do her job? and this kind of thing happens? it's sad." police say hamilton also shot and killed his wife. his 11 year old son was home at the time.. but wasn't hurt. a former new york corrections officer will spend six months
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high-profile prison break last year. 57-year old gene palmer pleaded guilty today to giving tools to david sweat and richard matt before they escaped last june.. setting off a 3-week manhunt. sweat was re-captured. matt was killed during a shootout with police. an emotional day in court for "dancing with the stars" host for the first time, her convicted stalker speaks. she's suing michael barrett and marriot hotels for that secret video recording of her viral. the jury was played a recorded testimony from barrett, all in front of andrews. here's a part of it-- "went to that floor, and had noticed the maid was cleaning room next to her room and that person was checking out. that room was open, can i check into that room? (butted to) i heard the door slam closed next to me, so looked out my peephole and i saw it was her leaving room and at that time i altered the peep." that video was then posted
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millions watched it. now, andrews' family says she's not herself. the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal who tricked them. the presidential candidates are driving for the finish line ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday primaries in 11 states. and while they trade jabs.. many of which are personal.. it seems many voters may not even be paying attention at this point. andy choi posed a few questions to voters on the street. < it's a big day in politics. tomorrow is super tuesday but how much do you know about your presidential candidates? super tuesday trivia time. excuse me do you vote? name the just their names? democrats, republicans. name the candidates clinton and sanders. trump there's cruz. rubio, kasich, ben carson. oh is he still running? i'm not going anywhere. super tuesday is specifically set aside on the gregorian calendar on which day of the week? the same day rapper drake's club is going up. i don't know that song. club going up on tuesday club going up on a tuesday how many
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i will read off a list of slogans presidential slogans or popular company slogans feel the burn. icy hot it's bernie sanders save money live better. no it's not a candidate. won't it be great if it was sounds like a bank or make america great again. donald trump. that's trump. that's the donald. make america great again. remember if you don't know when super tuesday is ask yourself when is the club going up. on a tuesday. i got you baby. > a 6-year old girl is in the spotlight for doing something
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granted. she stepped onot the diamond before a unlv baseball game for a remarkable moment.. made possible by engineering students. and.. in today's 'now trending' report.. an update on a cat with a unique look that was up for adoption.. and you'll never guess it's new name! bryan. quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as high pressure remains in control of the forecast.
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be a role model and inspire others with poland's syndrome. a look at today's stories 'now trending.' for the first time.. an active duty navy seal received the medal of honor today. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is a member of the navy's famed "seal team 6." back in 2012, byers helped rescue an american civilian held hostage by taliban insurgents in afghanistan. the pentagon says the rescue also resulted in the death of a member of the navy's renowned "seal team six." byers performed cpr on his teammate for 40 minutes in an attempt to save him. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers, jr / us navy "my entire life i lived a very quiet and discreet life. so witt this award is not something i asked for its something that a group of people put me in for and thought that my actions that day were deserving of this award. with that comes some obligations. he's is the sixth seal to
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an ohio man has a different way of voicing his political beliefs. jerry slanker used manure to spell out "no trump" on a field at his farm in strasburg. :47 i know there's a lot of folks out there that may not agree with me, but that's the american right. but i just voice my opinion, not yours." the message is larger than a football field. slanker says it took 4-hours to create.. and it's large enough to be seen by anyone flying over his farm. and an update on "mustache cat!" she now has a permanent place to call home! we told you last week, the abandoned kitten was found in a box outside a donation center, the woman who's taking her home "mustachio." a photo of a police deputy has
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all over the world! here's the selfie- k-9 manson giving his deputy chase garrett a hug! (deputy chase garrett, pima county sheriff's office) "he likes to give hugs, he's a huggin dog. most of the time if were just sitting there he'll plop his head on my shoulder and just sit there like that." manson is a 5-year-old chocolate lab, trained as a specialized detection k-9. the two have worked together for the past three years in tucson, arizona. for more stories trending right now.. go to and to sound off on any 'now trending' story.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv. use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan quiet and warm weather will continue for the next several days as high pressure remains
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however, chances are on the horizon for the weekend and the start to next week. in the short term, high temps will remain around 80 through friday with cloud cover in and out throughout those days. by friday we'll get an extra push of clouds as a weak system pushes through the area. on saturday, breezy winds will move in ahead of a storm system that will bring windy conditions, chances bring windy conditions, chances for rain and cooler air to the area. and upper 70s. by sunday we'll be in the windy category, high will drop a few
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rain will come into the forecast sunday evening. chances for rain will continue into monday, along with windy conditions and high temps will drop to the upper 60s. and a heads from the southern nevada water authority! tomorrow, the spring watering schedule begins! that means
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three days per week, until april 30th. to find out your schedule, we have all the information on our website, if have 8-million dollars burning a hole in your pocket.. and you've always wanted to own your own town.. now you have a chance. cal-nev-air.. along us-95 south of searchlight.. is up for sale. it was founded in 1965 by slim and nancy kidwell.. and has all the ammenities. richie smith lives in cal-nev-ari what's it like living here? oh it's a great place you got a bar, a casino so you got a little bit of nightlife. and you know there's a motel across the street for when you got guests and don't have room in your house." the town has about 350 residents. even though this year's vaccine is working better this year.. many perfectly healthy children have died from the flu. up next in today's health report.. the warning signs you need to know to determine if your child's flu is taking a deadly turn. in today's health report..
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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years.. with a 60% effective rage. even so.. many children have died from the flu this year. so here are the warning signs to look out for. difficulty breathing is a big red flag. blue fingernail beds are a sign they might not be getting enough oxygen. another red flag is a stiff neck because that could be meningitis. if your child feels better.. then feels sick again.. or if they're just not acting like themselves.. that could spell trouble. exercising can be boring. and a new study found millennials have specific needs when they hit the gym. technogym surveyed more than 5-thousand millenials. most said they're too busy to exercise. and 77-percent of them says they want interaction while burning those calories, like apps, games or music. fitness experts say it's not just millenials, but everyone's
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everything in on- demand. not getting enough sleep can lead to a number of negative effects like lack of concentration. and a new study suggests it could also be expanding your waistline. abc's dr. timothy johnson takes a look at the findings. < sleep deprivation? it makes you cranky, gives you a headache, and hurts your ability to concentrate. now a new study from the university of chicago? finding that sleep debt may even contribute to excessive food intake? and altered hormone levels may be responsible. the researchers in this study kept fourteen subjects on a strict eating and sleeping schedule for four days? allowing half of them to get full nights of sleep, while restricting the others to only four and a half hours a night. what did they find? sleep restriction led to distinct changes in the levels of various "hunger hormones"? and reported increases in appetite. they also ate more snacks - especially ones high in fat and protein. this new research doesn't prove that lack of sleep makes you obese - especially because this
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looked at short-term sleep deprivation. but it does add weight to the argument that lack of sleep is bad for your health? and gives us all another reason to try and get that beauty rest: seven to eight hours a night, in a dark, quiet room, with no electronics to disturb you. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > still ahead...a final look at your forecast! and.. before we head to break.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. 8 -- the bachelor 10 -- castle 11 -- 13 action news we'll be right back. before judge judy.. a look at some of the top
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the teen charged with killing several swans at desert shores apologized in court today! and theion until he turns 21, and hundreds of hours of community service. a teen is in custody, and four students are hurt in a school shooting. this all happened at a junior-senior high school in
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the shooting happened in the cafeteria. right now, he's at a juvenile center, where investigators are trying to figure out why he opened fire. coming up on action news.. live at 5... more parents are speaking out saying they don't feel safe in their own neighborhood, after someone painted racist messages and symbols outside a home... hear why one neighbor even goes as far as calling the man that lives there a 'cancer' to the neighborhood. that story and more on action news.. live at 5. highs will drop by a few degrees on saturday to the mid and upper 70s. by sunday we'll be in the windy chances for rain will continue into monday, along with windy conditions and high temps will drop to the upper 60s. good news for cracker barrell fans! two locations are opening up this summer. one will be located near east craig and losee road, the other is on dean martin near blue diamond road. a groundbreaking for the north
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on wednesday. both restaurants are set to open july 25th! and that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30. judge judy is up next. we'll be back in 60 minutes for 13 action news live at 5.
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>> judge judy: what are you suing him for? >> he put a military bomb in my car. >> announcer: a prank with explosive consequences. >> judge judy: who saw them do it? >> well, nobody saw him do it, but he was at my house at 5:00 in the morning. he knows that he's not allowed at my house at any time. >> announcer: but did he have more tricks up his sleeve? >> judge judy: you're suing him for what? >> the cost of slashed tires. >> judge judy: tires! >> i'm getting to that. >> judge judy: well, get to it! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter
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judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution cristine paulson and her son chip are suing dj strandberg for destroying their van. cristine claims dj set off a smoke bomb inside the vehicle. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 423 and 424 on the calendar in the matter of sandahl vs. strandberg and paulson vs. strandberg. >> judge judy: all right, let's get sandahl and strandberg. who are they? >> i'm sandahl. >> judge judy: stand over there -- where they are. and who's strandberg? >> me. >> judge judy: that's you? >> yep. >> judge judy: everybody else, sit. i read these two ridiculous cases. you know each other from
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each other, and some of you feel that somebody else disrespected each other with a girl at a party. all of that stuff is meaningless to me! i don't care. not only don't i care, but byrd doesn't care. [ laughter ] and after reading your complaints and your answers and trying to make heads or tails of what you have to say in these things, all i care about is one thing -- you're suing him for what? >> the cost of slashed tires. >> judge judy: so you are accusing this young man of slashing your tires. on what date? >> august 8th of 2012. >> judge judy: see how easy this is gonna be? >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: and before august 8, 2012, did you know him? >> yes, i did. >> judge judy: tell me about your slashed tires that happened on august 8, 2012. >> well, early in the morning, my dad woke me up, saying that dj -- >> judge judy: don't tell me what your father here? >> no, he's not. >> judge judy: great.


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