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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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uncovered in tonight's dirty dining. sot: "what happened? why so many demerits? and ...right now... smoke blowing into the valley from a raging wildfire that's forcing immediate evacuations. breaking right now.. that monster wildfire is growing out of control.. 200 miles southeast of las vegas. we're getting word tonight that schools in san bernardino county are being ordered to close tomorrow.. and more than 47-hundred people are being told to leave their homes. the so-called pilot fire has charred more than 6-thousand acres.. and firefighters say as of right now.. it's only 6% contained. you can see the smoke coming in.... from those flames. on the left.... is the sky.... in las vegas.... and... on the right... the smoky henderson sky... during sunset. all of this.... is impacting the air we breathe... and... an air quality advisory is.... in effect. let's send it over.... to 13 first alert...chief meteorologist... bryan scofield... with what you need to know.... before going outside. bryan... we're following more breaking
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scene in the area... of fremont and bruce. metro says... a man was rushed to the the victim does know...
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metro needs your help identifying the man you see in this surveillance footage. please take a close look at your tv right now. police say he broke into at a hotel room on boulder highway near desert inn over the weekend and sexually assaulted an employee. if you recognize this man.. or have any information that might help.. call police right away. the local mormon community is mourning the loss of a henderson family.... that died in a crash.... along interstate 15. joy brandt and her family..... were coming back from a week long vacation.... when their car rolled into a and caught fire yesterday. her husband died in the crash.... along with two of her children. 213230 213233 they are just a really really good nice people. 212304 212312 mike and joy have done so much and everybody knew them.. they are people that were very servicable. joy survived the crash.. along with her daughter's husband... kakeo. we're told that the brandt family held many positions..... at the green valley ward congregation... more than... -40- thousand dollars has already been raised.... to help support the family.
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of a grandmother in her own home. the victim has been identified by her family as erlinda penaflor. investigators say there was likely some kind of fight between her and her estranged husband before she died. her body was found late yesterday in her home near sloan and washington. her family says they'd been telling her to leave him. toni leisure, victim's niece 7:28:23-7:28:24 "i'll go to my grave saying he did it." . she did not deserve to die like this." penaflor's family says she was known in the catholic community.. and cooked for priests and the homeless. to some breaking news.... out of henderson... a child is fighting to stay alive tonight... after surviving a crash..... near green valley and wigwam. streets were closed in the area.... for several hours today. three other people were also taken to the hospital.... with injuries. tonight.... that child is in critical condition. no word yet.... on what caused the collision. students enrolled at a las vegas gaming school tonight are wondering if they'll have a class to go to tomorrow. a student contacted 13-action news after finding the doors
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they only thing we saw inside earlier today was a single chair. our call to the school went to voicemail. we are still working on getting information on what's happening. "i really don't know what's back there to be honest with you! i'm scared something is gonna pop out and eat me!" new tonight..... a valley woman freaks out...... after finding a mushroom popping out of the tile.... in her shower. tonight... she feels..... her property manager about it! 13 action news reporter..... gina lazara met her today.... she joins us in studio... with her story tonight... gina? starece slaughter's apartment is near nellis and stewart..... she believes -- now that this has happened once....there must be more mushrooms behind those walls! starece slaughter was hopping into the shower this morning... like she always does... when she noticed this sticking out of her wall. "i didn't have my glasses on so i thought it was a spider"
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8-legged bug. "when i realized it was a mushroom i was like oh my god what is going on here!" she brought in her cousin next -- to show him... "he comes and he looks at it and of course he joking -- well let's put it on some pizza" starece has lived in this apartment for a year and has never seen fungus popping through her wall...until now. "there has to be something serious for a whole mushroom to come through the wall" me: "to come on now. it's not rocket science" after the initial freak out... starece marched herself to the main office of her apartment complex to request maintenance come and takes care of this immediately. after three hours --- someone showed up. "he doesn't plan on pulling the tile out to see what's going on back there. he just plans on putting the bleach over it and painting over it again" starece is not satisfied and wants to know what's living behind these tiles.
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myself but i'm scared the whole forrest is gonna come out on me ya know?!" i spoke with one of starece's residence managers about the mushroom. she told me they are working on the issue but she can't say much more than if they plan to rip up the tile or not. gina lazara 13 action news. new information on the final implosion to bring down a las vegas icon. clark county tweeted out this photo this afternoon of the of the riviera. it's set to happen at 2am on august 16th. you can watch it live.. right here on 13 action news. you may remember, the first implosion happened back in june. new tonight-- a valley native is making waves.... at the rio olympics. cody miller used to swim.... right here in las vegas.... and last night.... he won a bronze medal.... while setting a record in the process. 13 action news reporter.... david schuman shows us.... how miller has become a role
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vegas swimmers. 01:51:01 "do you know who cody miller is?" "of course." come around the pool at desert nat 02:01:33 paige kuwata "kind of like an inspiration for me to try hard in practice because where he is right now is where i want to be." 02:04:22 kara thompson "we all look up to him." cutter haupt looks up to miller....and for 10 years -- looked right alongside him teammates with the sandpipers of nevada swim club. 01:55:04 cutter haupt "you you competed with him at meets and you just saw something different that no one was doing on the blocks." watching miller set an american record in 100-meter breaststroke and win a bronze medal -- cutter says what an incredible experience. 01:55:40 haupt "no one was home so i was by myself and i was just yelling as loud as i could." now...the man who once swam in this pool is giving the current crop of sandpipers renewed determination. 01:52:43 bryce rounds "makes me feel like i could maybe be like him one day." 02:00:52 ren
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can get up to that level, or have a chance to get to that level, and swim at the olympics." many know cody as a role model. only friends like cutter know him as a goofball. cutter says the deep cavity in cody's chest used to often become a cereal bowl. 01:58:14 cutter "throw some fruit loops in there, splash some milk, and we just laugh as he's chowing down on these fruity pebbles." hey. he's doing something right. david schuman, desert breeze aquatic center "if you missed cody win his bronze, he will be teammates with michael phelps. at the desert breeze aquatic action news." if you build it.. they will come. they.. being the oakland raiders. but how to pay for a new stadium remains the billion dollar question. tonight.. the mayor of las vegas sits down with 13-action news political analyst jon ralston to talk about which location she hopes will come out on top. :00:00:19:04 carolyn goodman has made no secret of the fact that she and her husband oscar goodman want professional
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not thrilled with having it not exactly in las vegas, on the las vegas strip so she's pushing cashman field. :00:12:18:14 this is an area that already is in place that they could go, we could be open if they could have the building done we could be open in the fall of '18 :00:00:40:13 there's one problem for the mayor though, no one else wants it down at cashman field so she's hoping that cashman field is the last site standing i doubt that'll happen the other sites up for golf course right along i-15.. unlv.. the wild wild west travel plaza and a vacant lot at russell road and valley view. the stadium committe hopes to narrow down the list later this month. tonight.... we take a trip to a local pizzeria..... that's having some trouble with the health district why the owner says.... being a girl..... may have led to a violation... and..
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find out why the monte carlo is shutting down several venues for good. bryan? bryan nevada is one of the worst places in america for the sex trafficking of teenage girls.
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as attorney general, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences. she gave victims the right to sue their captors. and expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids. catherine's a problem-solver. that's what she's all about. isn't that something we need more of in washington?
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the motorist was with his family visiting from china.. but no one in the car knew they were supposed to pull over when a police car was chasing down the freeway with its lights and siren going. after figuring out why they didn't stop.. the officer cut them loose and even game their young son a sticker and a high five.
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-23- years after pepsi discontinued it... "crystal pepsi" is making its official return..... to u-s store shelves the clear soda was introduced... back in 19-92... but... was only on the market.... for a year. after a huge on-line campaign... pepsi decided to bring it back. it's only for a short time... pepsi says... the soda will be on store shelves... for the next -8- weeks. authorities in san francisco are trying to determine why pot-lacec at a teenager's birthday party this weekend. more than a dozen people had to go to the hospital after eating the gummy candies.. including a 6-year old. a security guard called 911 when several guests started sweating.. vomiting.. and having trouble breathing. police are focusing their investigation on the company that catered the event. when you see spoiled.. adulterated and unwholesome food written-up during a health inspection.. it can only mean one thing. contact-13 chief investigators takes us out for pizza in
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/10:45 nat opening door/ inside the inn zone on flamingo and decatur, you'll find millano pizzeria. a place that's been under new ownership for just four months, but is already having trouble with the health district. 10:56 d: and we'd like to get your side of the story. what happened? why all these demerits? artak: the first, sorry for my english. owner artak aleksanyan partially blames the language barrier for his 36- demerit c grade. but you can't blame language for outdated food. 12:44 darcy: they did find a: this question is for restaurant depot. is not for me. d: you mean the cheese and the turkey that were expired? a: no, it's just the turkey. d: there was expired ricotta cheese also. there's a picture of it. a: oh. i don't remember about cheese. artak claims the turkey was already expired when he bought it from their wholesaler. 13:08 darcy: but when you buy it, you check the expiration date right? a: yeah, that's my
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ce plus, the peppers weren't washed before being cut. and one of them was downright moldy. 14:30 d: again, that's like spoiled food in your kitchen. a: um hmm, um hmm. i can't answer because it's hundred percent our fault. inspectors also wrote up peppers stored on a dirty drain board next to open chemicals. plus... 14:53 d: they had some pictures of the pizza pans where the metal was frayed and ripped, and... a: i got new ones. d: you got new ones? because you don't want scrap metal in your pizza. and then there's the wide open bag of flour that was stored on the floor. 15:42 d: the floor is not a place to store anything.. food... a: it's the cook's fault. d: that was the cook's fault? a: yeah, she's a girl and i think it's heavy... artak says he's still learning the a to z's of running a restaurant. darcy: and that does look shiny and new right there. artak: yeah. /nats putting pan back into place/ he didn't understand why he got dinged for his labels. stuff for an eight day shelf
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makes?" a: yeah. d: apparently it makes a difference for food too. he shows us the fridge stocked with fresh food... 20:38 darcy: that was your turkey, right? that was your problem child. and tries to explain the biggest problem they had--food held in the temperature danger zone for more than three days including cooked chicken, pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese 21:10 a: if you have a broken freezer you end up losing a lot of points. d: yeah, well, you know, again, it all comes back to the fact that you are still se the public, you're still putting food out there, and so whether you get inspected on that day or not, it's gotta be safe. a: yeah. yup. i think that's good for me when inspection comes that day. a wake up call, he says, hoping to never see a c grade again. darcy tag: millano pizzeria was reinspected today. they're now back to an a grade. darcy spears, 13 action news. breaking now in henderson
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road constructions crews ruptured it.. workers are on scene near stephanie and wigwam right now and have the area shut down while they work to fix it. the monte carlo is shutting down several venues.... to make room for a huge transformation!!! the hotel plans to permanently close.... the pool..... the pub..... and a shopping area.... known as the "street of dreams"... on october third. construction crews will then begin transforming the monte carlo.... into tw that will be known as park mgm and the nomad las vegas. the renovations are expected to be complete.... in two years. we are following developments.... on that deadly accident.... at a waterpark.... in kansas city. the -10- year-old.. killed at "schlitter-bahn"..... died.... from a neck injury. caleb schwab was riding with two other passengers..... on the world's tallest waterslide.... when it happened yesterday. the two other riders were hospitalized.... with minor facial injuries. investigators have not said.....
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pasco county, florida are in a race against the weather to make sure they're prepared for flooding. many were picking up sandbags earlier today to divert runoff from around their homes as the rain moves in. this area was pounded by record breaking floodwater last year.. and residents say they want to be ready this time.. if the same thing happens. a pacific system is approaching the area and will bring breezy to windy conditions through wednesday along with a bit of a cool-down. expect a high of 104 tomorrow, with mainly sunny skies and conditions. gusts will peak between 30 and 35 mph tomorrow. the cooler air moves in on wednesday and drops us to the upper 90s that day as well as thursday. wednesday will still be breezy and there a very slight chance for a stray storm. the rain is likely to stay in the mountains. by friday, high pressure will
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the return of high heat. expect a high of 104 friday, 108 saturday and 109 sunday. the winds will remain light thursday through the weekend. nevada officials make a starling discovery.....
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why it has them sending out.... a stern warning.... tonight. and.. a 14-year old is taking on a federal lawsuit after a school project got him led out of the building by police. walt disney world in orlando is
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[jess]quality top tier gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits.
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spin move! scorpion! kaaa! [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. toddler was killed by an alligator in june. 2 year old lane graves dragged into the water by the alligator while he was playing along the shore next to the grand floridian resort. according to usa today.. the wall should be finished by october. a texas school district is being hit with a lawsuit.... after a muslim student was arrested for bringing a homemade clock.... to school. the lawsuit was filed.... on behalf of ahmed mohamed.
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rights were violated.... prompting death threats.... and... forcing the family to leave the charged with having.... a hoax bomb. he says... he brought the clock to school.... to show his teacher. a travel nightmare for people flying on delta airlines today.. and for many.. it may not be over yet. adults have a new place to play tonight.... we'll give you a look inside .... las vegas' newest and hottest attraction. now to that breaking news out
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ruptured. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan just arrived to the scene, bryan what are you seeing? southwest gas is working right now to repair a gas line after road constructions crews ruptured it.. workers are on scene near stephanie and wigwam right now and have the area shut down while they work to fix it. a strong warning from the t-s-a tonight after agents found
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bag at the reno airport. they discovered a realistic replica of a revolver that was manufactured on a 3- d printer. the man was allowed to leave it with tsa officers and board his flight.. but the t-s-a wants to remind travelers that guns.. and replicas.. are strictly forbidden in carry-on baggage. tonight.... delta airlines is still playing catch-up..... after a massive computer outag grounded planes.... around the world! at mc-carran... we are happy to report that flights.... are on time. earlier today... the airline cancelled more than.... -4- hundred flights... and delayed..... a thousand flights across the country. delta has resumed flights on a limited basis.... but the affects of the delays and cancellations... could be felt.... for days. we'll be right back....
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i'm one of them. yo tambien. i'm one of over 300,000 nevadans who rely on social security. social security helps us pay the bills... ...and enjoy the retirement that we've earned. that's what makes joe heck so dangerous. his plan to privatize social security means billions in profits for wall street... ...risking retirement security on the stock market. what if it crashes again? t has given joe heck over a half a million bucks. i wonder who he's working for? because it's not us. afscme people is responsible
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opened its first nevada location today in downtown summerlin. the entertainment venue has food.. drinks and all kinds of games. it's also still hiring staff. las vegas has a lot of titles... and now.... we have another one to be proud of. "herbs & rye" has been voted.... the best high-volume cocktail bar... in the country. a bar festival known as..... bestowed the honor on the restaurant.... this summer. it's located.... on sahara.... near valley view boulevard. that's our news for tonight. jimmy kimmel live is up next followed by nightline. our next reports begin.... at 4:30-am.... on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and..
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[jess]quality top tier gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits.hmm... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine. kaaa!
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- david spade -- ozzy and jack osbourne -- "the baby bachelorette," the boys tell all -- and music from the strokes, with cleto and the cletones. and now, what'd you miss -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming.


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