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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  August 20, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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on 1st and goal, paxton lynch just hit durron neal for a touchdown. >> paxton lynch again the arm strength that i love, going to greet his teammates. don't be deceived by his numbers. a couple of bad drops but he has acquitted himself extremely well, and it will be interesting to see if he earns himself time with the starters next week. >> the extra point is good, and 1:55 to go and the broncos get
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minutes and 25 seconds and lynch to durron neal. >> it's so funny. people talk about what is better, to play the quarterbacks right away or to sit them? and the greatest example for sitting them aaron rodgers. you know why he sat? they had brett favre. >> brett j wmca) >> this team does not have brett favre and you have a championship team. >> and how many players over the last 7, played right away? in the old days, it never happened but now you see it all the time. >> yeah. and a lot of the guys, peyton manning being one of them, will tell you that the school of hard knocks is the best -- the best way to learn is to go through it. will there be struggles? yes. >> paxton lynch, 14 of 24 for 107 yards and 2 touchdown
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1 to durron neal. they have 10 players within 15 yards of the football. and there it is. ball's loose. and they say the niners have it. it was loose. >> the scenario you want, mcmanus puts it up there, the niners bobble it, and it's a scrum and everybody's in there and bruce miller, the fullback comes out for the 9ers. >> miller has it, and the
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and the broncos have one time- out left. >> christian ponder remains the quarterback, and he hands it off to kelvin taylor and he is hit here's tonight's play of the game brought to you by comcast. >> paxton lynch got out on the corner, ended the play and found john phillips for the touchdown, one of many
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by paxton lynch tonight. >> 1:51 left. niners have a 2nd and 13. broncos out of time-outs. the handoff to taylor again, the hit with brandon and now, oyqvt7zpvwb? 3rd and ck rolls. 14. >> end of the game situation where is wade phillips, you are selling out. you want to throw deep? go ahead. no free safety middle. we will try and bring everyone to stop the clock and limit the yardage and bring the ball back and give the yardage one more
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trying to get outside. lowry and run out of bounds by norman but he'll be just shore of -- short of the 1st down. >> what the young running back will learn, don't go out of bounds. the running back coach, the great niner -- there he is, giving it to him right there saying [laughter] >> so that stops the clock with 1:02 to go so the broncos will get one last crack at this. they don't have anybody deep, the broncos. they are selling out. here they come. and the punt goes into the end zone. so the broncos will have it
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seconds left. down by a touchdown. this would be special. >> i was just going to say, if the kid can make something happen here, gary might not hesitate. see what he can come up with. no time-outs. they practice this all the time. >> this is a situation to practice, ron. you have been out there almost every day, and this is where the kid, paxton lynch shines. put him in 2 mi where she out hauling, like they say out on the street and he shines. >> neal, addison, and frazier are the wide receivers. lunch, -- lynch, over the tightened, coble, the ball didn't get out of bounds. >> with no time outs, you have to take it down the field sooner than you might have outside.
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middle, intercepted, picked off by acker. and that will be the ball game as coach tells acker to get down. chip kelly, ran right towards him and motioned for him to get down. >> what he had to do. you had to take the shot down the field at that point, running out of time. let's take a look at this throw. not a terrible throw. i'm telling you, you get the top receivers out there, that might be a catch. you look at this it's within the catch radius. i don't think out of the question the ball should be caught. not trying to give paxton lynch too much, the benefit of the doubt but i think -- >> i'll help you. the receivers, bralon addison, durron neal, and mose frazier, and three guys who i don't want to be mean but won't be on the team in three weeks. >> gary kubiak knows that. >> the clock will run down.
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the niners upset the broncos, 31-24. and the story of this game, john, clear from the denver side is going to be who is your starting quarterback in just a few weeks against carolina? >> gary kubiak -- i think it's sooner than that. i think it's week 3. >> do you have to know in 3 week? do you have to? >> i think coming out of week 3. >> so he does not have to know this week in. >> i think it impacts so who you will play week 3. week 3 is the dress rehearsal. whoever you want to start you want out with the starter. >> let's go down to rod mackey. >> reporter: thank you. and coach kubiak, your evaluation of the quarterbacks? >> first off, they are both 10 of 14 and both turned the ball over. and obviously, that's what we can't do with our team. started very well, and turnovers get people juiced up. at the end of the night we make
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>> reporter: what about paxton? he did not look like a rookie in the 2nd half. >> he has a long way to go but he is a great kid and we need to keep moj?r is doing good things. >> reporter: closer or further away from deciding who will be the qb after this in. >> >> like i said, we will take it a day at a time, and they both have mistakes and good things to hang on but there are good things across the board but we made the a lot of mistakes across a lot of areas. >> reporter: coach, appreciate it. guys, we'll send it back up to you. >> all right, rod. thank you, and very interesting to hear from gary. we'll take a break and john and
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win 31-24, and the last two weeks, how do you sum it up? >> this is a good football team. don't be fooled by what happened, the quarterback position is integral in any football team. gary kubiak has a big decision to make but i want no one else other kubiak. he is thoughtful and will think this through and he will trust his gut. >> and you won't be here in the next two weeks so i want to flush this out with you. you kid next week and see what he does. >> that's me. i would. i think he has shown enough. i would like to see if now and gary kubiak may know in his mind we are not going to rush this kid. i don't want to do it. but if there is any doubt, i would put him in with the ones and see how he operates with them. >> thank you so much, john, and
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and i will watch you on fox. >> thank you so much. >> and thank you for watching this pre-season football game with the niners defeated the broncos and join us next week when the broncos host the los angeles rams. for my partner john lynch and
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back olympic gold. good evening -- and thanks for edition of 13 action news. i'm christopher king. a henderson man -- wins olympic gold in bmx racing -- and only on 13 action news-- tonight we sit down with his mother -- and his girlfriend -- to talk about the surreal experience. reporter david schuman is live at whitney mesa park -- where connor fields grew up -- riding and training. david. connor has been riding bmx bikes since he was 7 and now that he's 23 he's become an inspiration to all the kids who ride here.
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it's a short race that his family has already watched dozens of times. nats: never get tired of watching this (run 6) connor committed himself to training for the olympics when he watched the 2008 games in beijing. then in london in 2012, he had a very disappointing 7th place finish. so it was all pointing toward this year when an injury this spring almost derailed his entire career. 182041 laura gruninger, girlfriend "he would be really down and he would kind of wonder is this it for me, ami to make the team. so much was unknown." run 11 then connors mother changed the course of olympic history with an email. what she wrote proves that a mother truly knows best. it's an interview and a story you'll see only on 13 action news so don't miss this tonight at 11. christopher. squatters are blamed -- for
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afternoon -- near rancho and gowan. luckily -- nobody was hurt. neighbors say -- this is the second time -- the home has burned this year -- because of the squatters. right now -- 6 people -- are recovering -- 3 of them -- children -- after a massive fire -- rips through a valley apartment complex. the flames -- breaking out at regency-place apartments -- on decatur at sahara. las vegas fire and rescue -- releasing this video -- from inside one of the units. take a look -- everything is charred. officials believe began in the living room -- or the kitchen. a deadly day in las vegas. metro -- staying busy tonight -- investigating not one -- but two homicides. detectives say -- a person is dead -- after getting into some type of altercation -- just after two this afternoon -- near tropicana and maryland parkway. the victim -- is rushed to desert springs hospital -- where that person died. no word on any suspects. just hours before -- a woman finds a body -- laying outside her apartment complex -- near
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neighbors. they say -- they've had enough of the violence. pkg police say about six people heard multiple gunshots a little after noon. less than an hour later...a woman discovered a mans body. 152441 sgt matthew sanford, metro "in this area gunshots are kind of common so it wasn't immediately reported. when somebody went out to check something in the rear of the building, their storage unit, they discovered the body then." officers said no one reported hearing an struggle. neighbors we spoke to say that gunshots have become the new normal around here. and they're not happy about it. 153928 joanne rasmussen, neighbor "they need to clean it up a little bit better because it's very dirty around here. the city needs to get in and start patrolling it a little bit better" police are interviewing people in the area for information on a possible police still need your help -- finding this missing man. 80-year-old -- danile cabarello -- last seen thursday -- near the aquarius hotel-casino in
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stress -- and need medical help. if you see him --call police right away. a nevada community -- mourns the loss -- of a beloved police dog. amigo -- dying this morning -- of complications -- from heat exhaustion. kingman police -- taking amigo to a local vet clinic wednesday. the k-9 -- becoming ill -- while searching for hikers near white cliffs. amigo -- had been with kingman police for only one year.
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of a player beating his dog -- posted on snap chat. a student -- reporting the incident to animal control -- and baylor police. the football player's punishment -- a 500-dollar ticket. according to police documents -- the athlete sent the dog -- to live with relatives in houston. now -- to an alarming development -- in the fight
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miami beach -- a major tourist destination. abc's eva pilgrim reports -- this warning has a lot of people on ede. no verbatim we're about 24 hours removed -- from what some people in kansas are calling -- the worst
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from what some people in kansas are calling -- the worst natural disaster since hurricane s causing widespread flooding. cars -- submerged on water- logged streets water -- even reaching the doorsteps of homes these kansas floods -- coming in the wake of the devastation in baton rouge. about 110-thousand homes -- valued at more than 20-billion dollars -- in the areas hit the hardest. ad-lib a pacific storm system will pass to our south and as it does drag in cloud cover and moisture. expect chances for rain with this system through monday. high temps will hover around
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the system will be out of the area by tuesday morning and slightly warmer temps in the low 100s are in store for wednesday and thursday. another system will start to push in and bring breezy winds to the area thursday and friday. the system will bring some milder air in with it, dropping high temps back to around 100 for friday and next saturday.
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high temps will hover around 100 through tuesday. some days could even drop to the upper 90s. the system will be out of the area by tuesday morning and slightly warmer temps in the low 100s are in store for wednesday and thursday. another system will start to push in and bring breezy winds to the area thursday and friday. the system will bring some milder air in with it, dropping high temps back to a for friday and next saturday.
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junior -- is giving back in a
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