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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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today on "the morning blend," the magic comes alive in studio. the countdown is on until school. sibling duo jocelyn and chris get the week started right with a life performance as the blend starts right now. good monday morning, everybody. we're taking a live look outside right now at the south point. that's where seth grabel will be bringing his magical skills later this weekend. >> as we speak, katy perry playing in our ears, the song "rise," go team u.s.a. in basketball. >> do we know how to play basketball in this country or what? >> we did invent it.
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what are we doing? with all due respect to serbia, almost double the amount of medals as great britain. go revolution. 121-67. the most golds, the most silver, the most bronze, as well. >> we have a lot of great athletes and a lot to be proud of. and the closing? >> the one i think this i did see was the announcement of tokyo 2020. >> yes. >> and the prime minister doing the whole mario coming out of a pipe. it is the greatest thing. if you have not seen this, find it online. it is the greatest three minutes of video you'll ever see. it's so good. >> they were waiving flags. i liked the graphic they came up with the tokyo 2020, red dots, it's really cool. >> you remember the 2012 olympics, people were like on the logo for the london games. >> oh, yeah. >> hit-or-miss, but they did very well. >> i still remember the opening
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very bizarre. it was. >> certainly was. >> who remembers it? >> it was a little weird. >> a little dark. >> shawn and jay jay. >> high, guys. >> how was your weekend? >> saturday, i've been gunning for a day off, so you figure you have a few hours off, i'm like i'm going to do exactly my favorite thing. i'm going right for it. so i went to a thrift shop, a i got my nails done, as you will see. i'm holding a cop clean owe and i found a dress, i found this pink dress. i'm going to wear it on the show, for $40. everything that could happened good was happening in this photo for me. >> you seem full relaxed there. this is good. >> i was so happy. i literally felt like everything is perfect. and i got -- i don't know, when you find something in a thrift
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>> and they let the dogs in, too. >> and they let the dogs in. >> which is not all places do that. that's cooling. i cut my hand. i worked in front of the house all day. i got a hedge trimmer, and i pretended like i -- >> i'm impressed. >> i was a man yesterday. >> i bet you were sweaty. >> for the first time in my life. i was glistening. >> you didn't take your shirt off, did you? give your neighbors a little hello? >> well, there are children in the neighborhood. no one wants to see that. >> i'm impressed. >>ha before we get started, a shout out to the blue man group. they hit 10,000 shows friday afternoon. it helps the southern nevada, more than $7,800 raised, and the money goes to miss i call instrument for help shannon west homeless center. we are proud of them. congratulations to the guys and girls. >> yes. >> first up, as we get set for back to school, one group is
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open up a book and read. the bless fast bookworm treats children to a story and they go home with a brand-new book. >> here to tell us the story is kristin aviles. >> good morning. so wonderful to be here. >> it's a pleasure having you. explain breakfast bookworm. >> it's hope link of southern we are a family resource center. we're servicing 12 different schools. we are there once a month at each school, and parents come in with their children. they are required to be with a parent or guardian. so we have parents that come in with -- who may r maybe otherwise don't have the resources to buy books. it's an opportunity for them to come in and spend extra time with theirin had. they receive one book, a brand-new book, a gently used
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down. we read the book out loud. they do comprehension activities with their parents, grandparents, stepparents, father, or mother who maybe doesn't get their child full time. it's their thing that they do together. it's early in the morning. these parents and kids get up at 6:00 in the morning, coming in at 7:00, and spending extra time on literacy with their children. they sit down with breakfast and a book and it's fantastic. >> such a fun, fun, neat ide you're in 12 schools? >> yes. yes. and about how many kids are you reaching with this program? >> we last year we did about 2,000 unduplicated children, but we see about 4500 kids duplicated. 4500 kids every year is what we're servicing right now. >> that's excellent. and this just doesn't happen. you need people to support the program. you got the books. who supports the program?
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we are funded by mgm, cox, nordstrom and bank of nevada is actually providing us funding. but you know, it's a little here and little there. 4500 children, i mean you got to figure $5 a book, plus cereal, that's that. and then we have prizes that we do. we give the kids bookworm boxes every time they come. they save them the whole school year. we don't give refunds they bring them at the end of the school year. we do a writing contest, so at the end of the year we have this big store with toys that they can buy with their bookworm bucks, so they're sitting there with all their bucks. there is $3 extra. >> it becomes a budgeting class, as well. >> they're sitting there like oh, my gosh, do i want to buy one thing for three bucks, or what do i want to do. so those toys in addition we have to buy all that, we are
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paper, the comprehension activities, the printing, so $5 would be one child a book. $50 would buy ten children a book. so -- >> sounds like so much fun. >> yes, it is. it's a blast. >> you have great sponsors but you're looking for people to contribute to the program to keep growing. companies can contribute, individuals can contribute, as well. tell me how. >> they can go to our website, link to or contact us at our office. we can get you the information to be able to send us a check or donate online. also another contribution that we are always looking for is gently used books. >> okay. >> because that's another portion. >> absolutely. >> if you have middle or high school kids you probably have elementary aged books. so we're always looking for those donations. they get a brand-new book and
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come in. >> what's the age cut off for books? looking for children's? >> kindergarten to fifth grade. >> we have a selection of what you've been reading. talk about some of the books. >> we have -- what we do here, we have like for example miss nelson is missing, and we might have padding ton. >> i love paddington bear. >> we have a chapter book and younger kids. >> getting fancy. she is a girl after my own >> you need a different shelf for that one. >> she has a whole series. we have them all. >> pretty awesome. it's great thing that you've been doing, and congratulations. hopefully some people out this want to get involved and help. >> it would be so fantastic. we appreciate it. >> great having you. if you would like to support the breakfast bookworm program visit the website or call the office. hope link would be grateful to anyone willing to help with a book drive, as well.
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on your screen. up next in "the morning blend," brother, sister, duo jocelyn and chris perform.
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a modern throw back to album ruck. you can hear their song live. >> their joining us here on "the morning blend" for a preview. good morning you guys. so hey, all the way here from new york. >> yes. we have been in the car for a few days. >> no way. of you drove straight from new york to here? >> well, we stopped along the way. >> okay. good. >> day 13 of 21, out to
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>> so you -- >> we're going to hit l.a. and come back. >> otherwise it's going to be a long drive. so first of all introduce us to the rest of the band. >> you know jocelyn and chris, and justine over here. and this is kate. >> awesome. >> you're doing a cuss ticks today, but tomorrow night you'll have a full band, as well. >> yes, full drum set. chris gets to break out the pedals. >> i'm dying to know about you guys growing up. you are sib apart. >> yes. >> what's it like? >> does she hold that against you? >> sometimes, yes. but i'm bigger, you know. >> so explain how you got into music and the background. >> so i think -- our family is always really loved music. we had a room in our house growing up that was filled with books and cds, and my sister and i would take turns going in and picking out a cd at random to listen to for the whole day,
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>> we grew up around it. >> and i read about who inspired you. who are some of the early bands you took to? >> chris loved pink floyd. >> one of my favorites. >> i love janice, aretha franklin, pat benetar. >> it's like oh, okay, great. let's talk about the new album called edges. i checked it out on your website. very cool. congratulations. tell us the inspiration. >> we just wanted to make an awesome retro infused album. we have been writing the songs for years. some of them are new. some of them are high school songs. so we sort of like the snapshot of who we are as musicians. >> cool guests. now, there's whole dimension to you guys. you -- >> wait. wait. >> so your siblings on tour,
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is this true? >> this is true. >> tell us about where you are in schooling and what you're both studying. >> so i am going to be a junior, and jocelyn will be a senior. >> one more year. one more. >> what are you studying? >> english. chris is cs in music. but it's pretty heavy on the music these days. >> it's -- music is the main thing. >> curious before we hear your performance, are you sick when people say you guys go to harvard? >> we do get the -- >> you are going to perform us. what are you going to play? >> this is called jagged. >> all right. take it away, guys. ?
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[ singing ]
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that was so good. thank you so much. my goodness, crimson tide rolling into los angeles. great having you. thank you so much. >> where can people connect with you guys? >> everywhere online. google us, on facebook,
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>> snapchat. >> snapchat. >> there we go. tomorrow at the sand dollar lounge at 10:00 p.m. to find out more about that and their music head to the website on our screen. they'll be selling and signing cds at their show. >> you might be wanting to buy chris a drink. he's not of age. so don't do it. are you on facebook or twitter he? like or follow us. >> find us at
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? welcome back to "the morning blend." in the event of an emergency just like yourself you want to make sure your pet gets quality treatment. an illness or accident can happen at any hour of the day.
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services to help your pet pal feel better. >> here with more about their services, including teeth clean is shannon scholten and dr. joe owens, veterinary medical director. good morning to you both. >> thank you. >> let's talk about this. st. rose animal urgent care opened last year, late night emergency pet hospital. but it's beyond that, as well. i got my dog's teeth cleaned at 8:00 at tell us the stuff that you offer there. >> so obviously state rose animal urgent care is urgent care medicine, so we're that middle ground between a day and late night emergency. we offer routine things like vaccines, dental cleanings, ear infections, skin infections. we can take care of it all. spay, neutering, you don't want to miss your kid's baseball games, school starting, you have all the stuff going on. we can take care of that light
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>> excellent to know about. >> it's great. especially when you have crazy hours like me until you work until 7:00. every veterinarian in town is shut down. you are opened and not paying this extra tax because you're open late nights. >> exactly. >> unlike some emergency places where they hit you hard. >> exactly. that's our main goal. when we got together and thought let's get this urgent care going in the valley and really changed the game in veterinary medicine, our objective was to keep money in your and give you an alternative. everyone has emergency hospitals in the back of their mind if they have pets, and you obviously have to pay for that. so we wanted to provide that same objective of you can have day practice medicine and emergency care, and not be completely broke, you know. >> and you guys have gotten a lot of good feedback from your patients online. and that means a lot to me. you're somebody that i want your
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>> and getting those calls all the time, want to make sure you guys are real. what are your hours again? i might come see them. >> let me tell youing so, you've not seen dr. owens in scrubs. handsome man. wait until you see him. you know, i'm going to bring my pet here for another teeth cleaning next week. >> oh, my gosh. >> you feel like you benefit practices. how is that? >> we do. dr. owens has amazing relationship. >> you want to are that consultation with them. hey, i got one coming your way. it's a big situation. if you're coming from your vet and they say you need overnight care for your pet you like to know that my vet is communicating with this new vet that you want to have that relationship with, so we're on the same page. and we're going to write back to you and make sure we're
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knows what's going on and that you're comfortable. >> your pet gets better care, when we ship them back to your doctor and explain everything that pet is getting the best care possible. >> we take out that one aspect, you're going through these notes and i don't know what just happened, and we're -- i'm on the phone with them right now. we're doing good. >> and you were talking about having a february number on hand is critical, you also have an app that people can use, as well. >> yes. our objective is everyone has certain im back of their mind in vegas, right? that rob here for 20, 30 years. that is their number one go to. we want st. rose animal urgent care to be the number one go to because we want to save you money and we provide the same quality care. if you can get something less expensive and have the same quality of care and have the peace of mind, that is so valuable. that is the phone number you need to have in your phone, you know. and money does not grow on trees. let's be real.
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a lot of people discuss how expensive vet bills can be. i have to tell you i'm impressed with you for a couple reasons. shawn is impressed because you're handsome. i'm impressed that you actually grew up veterinary medicine in your family. >> my mom is a veterinarian. and i always kind of -- we lived in that background. i didn't know she was a doctor to be honest until she came to career day and she brought a fat cat named precious. dr. owens is going to do this. i said doctor who? i must have been in kindergarten but that was an amazing experience. i thought okay, it's second nature to me, but she didn't say much, very humble about anything. >> see, you followed in your mom's footsteps. >> yeah. >> is your mom an inventor? >> yes. >> no. >> she invented him. >> dr. owens is an inventor.
9:27 am
invented this amazing -- >> there you go. >> tell us about it. >> so urgent care, as a veterinarian one of the biggest situations is feeding human table food to your pet. a lot of people say i'm spoiling my dog, he gets steak, chicken, everything i get. >> lasagna. >> he loves the lasagna, but it hurts them, tears them up. they get diabetes, a lot of secondary health conditions. when it gets to that situation, oh, vomiting diarrhea for this long. we're on all these special diets. >> >> that's right. i can't eat what i used to when i was 18. same for your pets. they get older every year by seven. so imagine ten years of age you're giving them steak and potatoes, tears them up. that bowl is used to design to put the human food at the bottom. the middle filter, you put the kibble at the top and allow that to filter through, stimulate that a roma. >> it is brilliant. >> it works. >> you're close to -- you have
9:28 am
>> that's right. >> and you're close to having this in mass production. >> that's right. >> so this is like we're early on this. >> we're very early, very preliminary. we're getting tons of positive feedback. i just wish i had in my hand -- i don't want to give you two right now to say you know -- you'll see. you be the judge. >> if people are interested they can go he to that kick starter and they can prepurchase that bowl, but it will be coming relatively soon. so even if you have a picky eater, he doesn't like eating kibble. >> trick them. >> trick them. master manipulation in a positive way. >> good for you guys. enjoy a bowl, so interesting here. i just love both of your passions for pets. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. >> it comes from the heart. >> thank you so much. >> special to tell you about over at st. rose. right now get a dental cleaning for $149, 20%s off necessary
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rose. the phone number, address, website on your screen. 149 for dental cleaning. it's like legit, everything that you get at that $300 dental cleaning. >> get in there and get that special while it lasts, make sure you do the same. community event to tell you about. it's back to school time. sorry, kids. ronald mcdonald house hosting the smart to smiles to get the kids ready. the imhc will care mobile unit will be available to provide dental care and visual screenings. each kid who gets a dental treatment will receive school supplies. call the number on your screen
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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give your body a total transformation without the pain and hassle that comes with diet and exercise. our next guest says she can help you lose three to seven pounds a week. >> sounds good. dr. kathleen nash of total transformation is here with us along with sarah lopez. great having both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> you're a chiropractor but launched a weight l how does one become the other? >> one becomes the other because i always struggled with weight myself. so when i was 8-years-old i started gaining weight. i reached a top weight of 230 pounds, a size 20. and every diet i would try would work temporarily but it would always come back. that's me. >> look at that tiny -- >> look at the screen. >> i see it. i've seen it. i seen it all the time. but in 2009, i started researching it and found out
9:33 am
factors besides eating and exercising that if you don't correct them the weight loss is going to be temporary, which was my problem. >> because it's calories in, calories out. >> that's all you hear. that's part of the story, but it's not the the entire story. when we applied the five factors to myself, i went from 230 to 150 pounds. i lost 80-pound, that was seven years ago. 95% of us gain it back in a year. to keep it off for seven years was something. >> no question. >> what are those met a can factors? >> that's the total and it tole a transformation, so the first one is being toxic, too much toxin in the fat cells of the liver. the second one is where we're overfed but under nourished. the third one is retraining the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for your set weight. then there is acidity that drives it, as well, which causes hunger and craving. and up to eight different hormones can be imbalanced that can cause you to have difficulty
9:34 am
>> and you actually recently started dr. nash's program. tell us the results that you've experienced and what it's been like. >> definitely. i lost 32.6 pounds in 45 days. >> i like it. great. >> but in 45 days. >> i started clapping when i heard the pounds. how many days? >> 45. >> wow. 36 pounds in 45 days. there is her before. >> it's incredible. and so let's talk about your experience. >> yeah. >> i'm going to a lock on my mouth, not going to be able to eat anything. not the case? >> no, my life is pretty chaotic. i work, i go to nursing school full time. i have a husband at home and two kids, and all of it has been very easy to fit into my lifestyle. you can watch it. we documented the whole thing. you can watch it on youtube. it's on dr. nash's website.
9:35 am
watch my whole journey. >> this follows you from the moment you start and as you go through the program. >> yes. all my day-to-day life struggles and excitement. >> we wanted not only the clients but perspective clients to see somebody going through a metabolic program in realtime so they can see what kind of results they get. and that you don't have to be giving up your entire life in order to do it. >> absolutely. it's like your own reality show. would you -- i'm so excited for you. would you stand up and you are really transforming yourself. >> it's remarkable. >> she lost how many inches in your waist? >> 28 inches off my mid section. >> in 45 days. >> you lost 28 inches? >> yes. and i -- just the mid section. >> how is that -- >> it's our program. >> congratulations. >> this is why i'm doing this.
9:36 am
of the program is having to buy all new clothes. that's fantastic. this is consistent with your clients, as well. this isn't just results not typical. >> no, it's consistent. it's my -- if my clients do what i tell them to do, a metabolic program is not a calories in, calories out program, so you have to follow the specific advice that i'm giving you. but if you do, we get results like this all the it's just extraordinary the kind of changes the body will do if you give it the opportunity. >> absolutely. >> so beyond dieting, you're doing multi-approach. yes? you're not just dieting. >> i exercised three times total in the 45 days for a total of 15 minutes. >> that's crazy. >> in 45 days? >> yeah. >> that's incredible. and you're not feeling crazy hunger pains?
9:37 am
determination to figure out her specific problem. eat what you want and lose weight, but they don't have the asterisk that says but you gain it back in less than a year. so we identify specifically what's wrong with you, and then cater the program around what your issues are. >> it does have to be an individual approach. >> of course, no question. absolutely. and that's the great thing with the program. there is a special offer for >> we have to do an evaluation to determine if you qualify for the program because i work with specific factor toes. normally that's $50. if they mention they saw me on "the morning blend" i cut that down to $19 evaluation. >> awesome. >> $19? >> very cool. >> sounds like a new start for a lot of people. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> great having you. thank you so much. don't forget if you mention you saw dr. nash on "the morning blend," that standard consultation fee will be $19. normally it's $50.
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horizon ridge parkway. for more information give her office a call or visit her website. stay with us.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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now time for our sleep tip of the day sponsored by best mattress. did you know sunlight sleep? who knew sun and sleep would be a good pair. try to get outdoors and get at lease two hours of sunlight every day. also, as an alternative to being outside, you can keep your window shades open during the day to get your fill of sunlight. for more information on better sleep, visit best they have locations in las vegas, saint george and surrounding areas, and on facebook. again, the sleep tip of the day
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shawn, over to you. thank you so much. back to school. for many that means back to clean. your carpet is the biggest air filter in your home. so make sure yours is a safe house and keeps all that airborne contaminants out of there. no one wants to breath that. here more is brad mckee with zerorez las vegas. let's talk about kids going back to school, the filthy animals have been around our house for two months. >> dirtied up the house. mucking up the works. >> kicking them out, get outside and do something. >> they're about to head to school. it's time to clean up after them. let's talk about why this is the perfect time to do it and clean up our lives. >> this is the perfect time. after all the summer, the house is a mess. and the longer you let the dirt sit in there the more abrasive it is on the carpeting and it can cause wear problems. >> that's why the sooner you get in, the more likely you're going
9:42 am
>> we're talking like -- when you think air quality, you think i got to get outside, that's where the us did is, but inside the house because the homes are built like medically sealed. >> yes. >> they're filthy. >> absolutely. it's great for energy efficiency, and that's what they did in 1978, started to lock the houses down. our air quality indoors is actually two to five times worse than outdoors. >> homes can't breath. >> you're getting the toxins in your environment, and when you go change your air dusty and dirty the same i think this is happening to your carpet. getting it all cleaned up helps out. >> we have video we want to show. your empowered water system which we talked about before, you can do tile, revitalize tile. >> yes. look at the difference right here. this is actually on a rental property. you see the grout, i mean 99% of the time it turns out like it's brand-new. >> it's incredible.
9:43 am
do the countertops. >> yes. >> granite, able to do the air vents, the whole nine yards. >> this beats getting down and scrubbing the tile, because i know you do that all the time. >> not at all. you know that you're sloshing around the mess when you do the mop, where this isn't sloshing around the mess it's extracting it. >> it's like power washing the grout and sucking it out. he's actually getting phone calls. >> we're getting pho right now. >> he's so popular. when it comes to carpetsers this is important, as well because, of course, as we said the wear and tear, you want to get it done at least once a year. >> absolutely. usually if you go longer than that we're not going to tell anybody, but every 12 to 18 months is the perfect time to get in there and do that. we'll demonstrate how it's going to turn out on your carpet. the zerorez works. >> it certainly does. i've had you in my house before.
9:44 am
tile. you were sweating something fierce. much smaller surface area. this is random throw rug. did you -- >> we gently went over this thing. this is pretty worst case scenario. >> this is going away, and begins. >> it's going to be like it never happened. but can you -- you're starting to see that difference. >> look at that. the line right >> good way to look at this, this is bacteria, breeding ground for it. >> that's a dog rubbing his butt against the carpet. >> this is fresh cleaned. you can feel the difference. >> no question. >> i had a client, a potential client last week tell me you know, brad, my carpet cleaner that i normally use told me he uses the same process as your zerorez does. and technically that -- might say that, but we have a patent
9:45 am
process. >> that gentleman is either a liar liar pants on fire, or he's looking down the barrel of a patent lawsuit. >> exactly. and so the thing is really what it comes down to, you can come in with soaps, might clean up and look good but what is it going to look like two weeks, a month from now or three or four months, six months down the road, zerorez is going the stay cleaner longer because we don't use soaps. >> that's the thing. it's not a soap process. you pass it through a system ability to extract the dirt out of there without keeping the soap in there. >> yes. and afterward when we leave you feel the difference right away. it dries quickly. and it doesn't dry sticky or crunchy. >> let's talk about the big special for back to school. >> you're going to want to jump on this. there is minimums that apply. but there is $29 per room, so it's great introductory offer. on top of that we showed you how
9:46 am
square feet of tile cleaning for free. and we'll get you back in business in no time. kick your kids off. >> great job as always. thank you so much. good seeing you. the back to clean special is only $29 per room, plus get that 100 square feet of tile cleaned for free. minimums and restrictions apply. for more information about zerorez head to the website or call the number listed. they have that got to love it guarantee. i promise you you will. stay with us. we'll be back. for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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enter a world of mystery and fantasy on sunday, the illusions will come alive as seth grabel brings his magic to south point. >> here with a taste of what you
9:49 am
are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> doing well. the show is sunday. >> sunday at 4:00. >> what can we expect? >> i'm going back to my roots. i've done everything from huge illusions of "america's got talent" to street magic. i'm going back to my roots to doing close up, amazing visuals. >> the stuff that makes you go how the hell did he do that. >> right in front of me. >> exactly. like this. >> ahh. >> what? is there a >> i know. >> okay. >> i do it randomly to random strangers on the seat. and they go do you do it on the strip? because here is the thing you'll never see these people again. you do it and freak them out. >> and they might give you some money. >> are you going to show us some tricks? >> yes. it's a trick with a buck and a
9:50 am
point to one. okay. hold on to the 20, and i'll hold on to the -- do as i do, just flip it over once. fold it over again. perfect. okay. i'll take the 20, and i got the dollar. hold other your hand, the clean one. no, no. take it and turn your hand over. i'm going to take one of the bills out. so i got the 20, you got the one. hold on to that tightly. watch. i got the 20, you got the what? >> one. watch. i got the -- look. check that out. i got the one. open up your hand. >> i just -- >> god, this is -- >> seth -- >> how did that happen? >> magic. >> i have a filthy mouth. that stuff makes me want to expletive so hard. beep. beep. how did you do that?
9:51 am
i stretch. >> man oh man. when did you first start illusions? >> i started doing this when i was about 5-years-old, and i went to college, and i just didn't stop, kept ongoing. one thing led to another. i got on tv, "america's got talent." i got to open up for amazing headliners, and i worked all over the strip doing all kind of magic. been very blessed. >> isn't that cool? i'm impressed that you do several things as an entertainer. you're an acrobat. >> that's right. i do all kinds of acrobatics. i lived with a cirque du soleil performer. i mean, a rotating -- i had things flying. we had silks, in my living room for a long time. >> wow. >> and i got married to tammy and she is okay, get rid of that stuff. much. >> how is tammy, by the way? >> she is amazing. she is great.
9:52 am
>> the little one -- >> the it hell one is grown up. she is a year and a half now. she is walking around, talking. but we're getting ready for the launch party on the 24th coming up. >> awesome. very, very cool. >> what's the magazine? >> las vegas women's magazine. >> this is fantastic. you're a woman. >> i am. >> this is your -- >> and in las vegas. >> you guys got to come. 2500 people, vegas locals. >> that's awesome. >> let me show you another trick. south point is coming up soon. look, watch. >> i don't know if i can do that. look. watch. >> it's -- >> what the -- come on now. >> how did you do that? >> careful. i don't want to break it.
9:53 am
>> that's right. it has an extra battery pack. >> there are no strings on it. doesn't your mind go to how is he doing this? how does that happen? >> my mind goes to i believe you could be the devil. you know, i'm a gait devil for halloween. >> wait. >> hold on. this is -- >> answer it. answer >> this is seth grabel's line to let you know we're on live television. who is it? mom? >> it's daniel social media. >> oh, daniel, what's up man? he's my social media. >> you talk to him. >> hey, dan, what's up man? you're live on "the morning blend." i will call you soon. >> i'm going to be there. >> it's a real phone. i was -- okay, i'm freaked out. >> we do magic mondays at 10:00, so he's going oh, seth, it's
9:54 am
great seeing you. see you at south point. >> alive at the south point this sunday, show time at 4:00 p.m. get tickets for $15. head to the website on your screen and i am once again totally confused as to what the heck just happened. >> that was amazing. more from the duo jocelyn and chris. >> check out on our website you'll find past segments, facebook and twitter
9:55 am
9:56 am
today on the view the sharks are hunting. catch the cast of shark tank with the ladies, today at 10:00 after us. that understand sos fun. >> i know. with dr. joe on there. >> oh, yeah.
9:57 am
for an electric jam. >> they hit our stage with live tunes. where to catch it for free. tuesday at 9:00. >> as we leave we have more from jocelyn and chris. >> the brother/sister duo performs live tomorrow. details on your screen. much shawn and i will see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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