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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a las vegas hospital after being slammed on the floor. police say this man.. the infant's own father.. is responsible. jeremy william cowan is being charged with attempted murder. bullhead city police say they believe cowan threw the newborn crying. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that destroyed a big utility truck.. causing some major traffic delays along us-95. chopper 13.. fast and first over the truck fire near lee canyon road. some lanes were closed for a while. fortunately.. no reports of anyone being hurt. a local couple is alive tonight.... thanks to some quick thinking. two men with guns.... busted into their apartment.... near sahara and decatur.... overnight.
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9-1-1 was on the phone.... the whole time. they called police.... right away... when they first heard... a noise. they're talking about the nightmare.... only to -13- action news. 00:01:54-00:02:01 "we were screaming at the top of our lungs for help and the neighbors heard us the security guard was sitting right there didn't hear anything." both gunmen are still on the run. new at 6.. some people in one valley neighborhood say some target-shooting out on the desert is get close to their homes. 13 action news reporter marti glaser spoke with neighbors who now want to draw a line in the sand.. before someone gets hurt. 31304 i have never hear anything like this in my life this close cellphone video given to us by micheal and lorann defrees nat ( 1 shell, 2 shells 3 shells) showing what they say they heard at 130 sunday morning. 3:11:22 gunshots , i have i own a hand gun i know what it sounds like and i heard 5 to 10 shots 3:11:31 45 calliber
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finger print. the defrees say the casings were found just 50 feet from the back of their home standup :33450now in addition to those 11 shells the defree's say that they found behind their house they say police found about 13 shells here thats about 90 feet from an elementary school.33502 that school - robert forbuss elementary -- just one day before students walked through the front doors. 32400a a family that has 2 children like 4th grade and kindergart, deployeed,she is home by herself she called me and said lorann did you hear that ? 31800 this is just really hard to go through this and my husband more scared because there is nothing he can do from where he is at .. its just hard. and as the president of homeowners association, defrees says it his responsibility to keeps his neighbors safe . 31832 this has never happened before and i don't want it to happen again .31834 marti
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metro got back to us on this story a few minutes ago. they say there were calls reporting gunfire in that area they've taken the casings into evidence. no one was hurt. right now.... a heat wave is hitting..... the valley. this is a live look.... outside. 13 first alert meteorologist..... karla huelga is tracking the hotter. high pressure will remain in control of the forecast in the short term, but there is a large system brewing in the gulf of alaska that will make pacific northwest then eventually closer to the area. in "your voice.... your vote"... and... the race for the white
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hillary clinton..... in his hometown of cedar rapids, iowa. (ashton kutcher/actor) "we need people in positions of power that are serving us... i think that hillary stands for all of the things that we stand for." he had a lot to say about hillary clinton... and... even more to say..... against donald trump. (ashton kutcher/actor) "i don't care what you think about any policy anywhere - someone who's driving racial divisiveness into the culture, that's pullin person that we can have being our person." with wife.... mila kunis.... in attendance.... kutcher encouraged a crowd of more than.... -1- hundred people to vote... and... vote democrat. and.... donald trump is expected to announced his new plan.... on immigration.... on wednesday. we know.... he's going to be.... in arizona.. a city has not been.... announced. meanwhile.. trump's campaign is spending milions..... on a new hillary... attack ad.
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he's a democrat and billionaire and has a lot of ideas when it comes to solar. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston sat down with tom steyer today.. and one subject you guys talked about -- deregulation. ----i asked steyer about deregulation, which nevadans will vote on in november. he is from california, where it was a disaster. but could it work here? ----here's what he said: play sound 10:56: "with a monopoly, 11:20: "....then it can work." ----it has to pass twice because it is a constitutional amendment. and the head of the monopoly told me last week right here, they are neutral.
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starting today... kindergartners across the clark have double..... the instructional time.... going from -3- hours... to -6-. the goato make sure kids are reo read.... before they enter.... first grade. but.... doubling up on instructional time..... is a big change for both students.... and teachers. one of the challenges is:
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concentrate..... for that amount of time. administrators say... on average... kindergartners can only concentrate.... for about -15- minutes.... at a time. so... teachers will need to adjust their instructional styles..... to keep these kids focused.... for the full -6- hours. pat skorkowsky superintendent 21:09:03:19 we teach them in shorter chunks, and do skills quickly, with a lot of reinforcement on the positive side, to make sure they the additional hours will also help them.... with daycare costs. with the start of year... a local mother worries.... her children's safety.... is at risk. but.... it's all starting before her having, my child's safety is far more important than that 45.07 tonight... we're shedding light.... on what has her... so scared. plus.. terrified passengers diver for cover at l-a-x after false reports of an active shooter. now.. authorities are looking at how it may have exposed serious holes in security. and count on chopper 13 to put
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we'll be right back.
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is calling.... for a federal investigation. over the weekend.. reports of an active shooter.... brought l-a-x.... to a standstill. that scare.... sent pas cover... some out.... onto the tarmac. "we immediately started running, went through an emergency exit that was close to a gate and ran down onto a runway." the scare.. turned out to be nothing more than... "loud noises".. investigators have not found..... what sparked the confusion. but.... they did arrest a man dressed as "zorro".... carrying a sword.. that they later learned was plastic..... so.... they let him go. this comes.... just weeks after chaos erupted... at new york's j-f-k airport. that scare prompted.....
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frightened over how her children are getting to school. melissa boyd says her children have to cross busy las palmas entradas at glendive to get to their bus stop. it's been their assigned stop for the past few years.. but each year the transportation department has changed it so they can walk to a bus stop on the same side of the street. but this year.. melissa says they told her their old bus was too full and they can't change it for them. 01.43.55 its a pretty major busy street and i do not want my children crss wouldn't even cross, i dont want my kids crossing 44.04 the school district sent us a statement saying the bus is too full and.. a few weeks into the school year the transportation department will do a recount of ridership to determine where openings exist. at that time.. there is a possibility for a route transfer. severe weather continues to pound the midwest.. and it's happening as people across central indiana are trying to clean-up in the wake of several
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rough night tonight. plus.... new sportswear is designed.... to soak up... your sweat. so... are they really getting clean..... when you put them... in the wash? i found out what you need..... to get rid of the bacteria.... building up.... on your gym clothes. and.. later.. see how scammers are targeting college students for some services they can find for free. stay with us.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners.
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isn't that what we need more of in washington? a finance company to offer purchase plans.. so you can pay for airline tickets in monthly installments. it's aimed at travelers who
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tickets all at once. airfares have been dropping recently because of lower fuel costs and more capacity. that trend is expected to continue this fall. a good workout.... can leave you feeling great. but... usually not.... smelling so good. experts say.... activewear is designed to soak up your sweat.... which can come..... with some smelly consequences. contact 13 looks at ways.... to help you.... smelling fresh and clean. katrina kohal/loves to exercise: "i sayt good workout unless i sweat through my clothing!" katrina kohal works out 7 days a week. that means the sweaty laundry piles up! katrina kohal/loves to exercise: " odors in my clothing is definitely something that's a concern to me." and it should be. especially true for the synthetic fabric used in most gym clothing. dr. charles gerba/microbiologist & professor, university of arizona: " the issue is with polyester--certain types of
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the bacteria that produce odors." another issue is that most athletic wear contains "extra wicking"... which is designed to pull perspiration from your skin. dr. charles gerba/microbiologist & professor, university of arizona: " basically you have fibers that come together, and actually suck up bodily fluids like sweat." doctor gerba says it's important to wash your workout clothes separately and often. dr. charles gerba/microbiologist & professor, university of arizona: " bacteria over time tend to adapt to the washing and routine you have- so it gets harder to get rid of-that's why it's really important to use hot water when you can, and to use a bleach or to financial advisory firm morgan stanley, sports apparel and footwear sales are nearing 16-billion dollars a year globally. it's no wonder a growing number of washers are on the market designed to combat bacteria in gym clothes. like this whirlpool "smart" top load washer and dryer. they connect to an app, which features specialty cycles including athletic clothes. the l-g "sidekick" allows you to run two separate loads at once, and is specifically
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and samsung just launched a new high efficiency washer called the "addwash"... with powerfoam technology, which optimizes detergent performance. even if you don't have a specialty washer dr. gerba says you could give a specialty detergent a try. dr. charles gerba/microbiologist & professor, university of arizona: " i think it's worth buying special detergents for gym-wear if they're available, particularly if you're using polyester type of clothing." katrina agrees. she says keeping her clothes important as putting her time in at the gym. katrina kohal/loves to exercise: " getting it clean, getting it ready for my next workout is what i'm trying to do." dr. gerba says.... the least germy part of your clothing is actually.... your armpits. that's because.... most people use... anti-microbial deodorant. meanwhile... the germiest area tends to be.... from your belly button... to your hips. since that's the area your hands are touching.... most of the day. parts of indiana are bracing for more rain tonight after a very wet weekend.
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across indianapolis. there was also enough flooding in some areas that firefighter had to carry people from their homes. more thunderstorms are expected to roll through central indiana between now and tomorrow night. high pressure will remain in control of the forecast in the short term, but there is a large system brewing in the gulf of alaska that will make its way down first to the pacific northwest then eventually ahead of it, it will start scooping up moisture and sending it our way starting tuesday and it looks like there may be enough moisture in place by wednesday afternoon to bring slight chances for rain to the area on wednesday and thursday. as far as temps are concerned, we will see highs around 105 on tuesday, then a slow decline through the
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more cloud cover, 103 thursday and 100 by friday. expect breezy winds on thursday and friday as the system approaches the area. the system will pass mainly to our north and will have two batches of energy associated with it. the first batch will pass to our north on saturday, kicking us up to the lower end of the batch will pass to our north sunday which will keep us lower end windy that day. it will also continue to drag in milder air which means lows will drop just below 100 on saturday and to 97 on sunday
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make its way down first to the pacific northwest then eventually closer to the area. ahead of it, it will start scooping up moisture and sending it our way starting tuesday and it looks like there may be enough moisture in place olympic gold medalist cody miller is back in town. the swimmer is celebrating his impressive win.... with locals... tonight. and.... getting an incredible honor.... from the city of las vegas. plus.. while tourists spend money on shows the souveniers over the labor day weekend.. you can score some sweet deals. we'll tell you about some end-of- summer bargains.
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? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too.
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from chase. so you can. i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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now it's your turn to make the switch. linda crutcher-austin allegedly created false progress notes... for services.... she wasn't providing....
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says.... she'll serve -3- years probation... and... must pay more than.... -15- thousand dollars.... in restitution. labor day is a week away... and.... marks the end of the summer. it also means.... major discounts... from some retailers. wallethub says... you can expect more than.... -46- percent off..... kenmore's built-in dishwasher. and.... more than -42- percent off... kenmore's french door refrigerator. samsung's -55- inch smart t-v... will be -50- percent off. and.... the serta coralee queen mattress will be.... nearly -67- percent off. tonight about a "federal student tax" scam.. but it's not the only one out there right now targeting students and their parents. 13 action news anchor dayna roselli explains what to look out for.. so you don't get ripped off. --pkg full=-- right now, an estimated 20-and-a- half million students are back on campus at american colleges and universities as fall classes resume. and each one of those students is a target for scammers. nanette moy"r"/graduat e
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through about nee your passwords or you owe money to the bursars office. nannette moya, a graduate student says luckily she's hasn't fallen for any of the scams. nanette moy"r"/graduat e student fake emails from students' schools and calls from the irs are just two scams you need to know about. patrick lynch, a financial advisor and dad who just dropped his youngest daughter off at school, says scammers send students credit card applications, some of which are fake, aimed at getting them to hand over personal information. another scam, so called "debt rel patrick lynch/patrick lynch financial 15:45:17-26 there's over 200 companies that are still targeting kids like this and adults and they are getting up to $1500 in order to do the same thing that can be done for options to repay your loans based on income. the thing is...all that information can be found on the federal student aid website... at no cost to you. 14:44:55-45:02 it's not cool we are here to get a education and they are there to make an easy buck. and unfortunately some people
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another scam involves fake online rental listings. the scammer offers a great apartment to a student who hasn't seen it firsthand.. then collects rent or a deposit for a place they don't own.. and disappears. experts say you should always meet with a landloard before renting an apartment. caesars entertainment stocks... plunge today... after a bit of bad news. next on 13 action news.... live at 6:30.. the company..... now -11- billion dollars in debt.... faces a tough court ruling...... from a judge. see why hillary clinton and donald trump have a lot more in common than you might think. we'll explain after the break.
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position on immigration.. while hillary clinton is fighting a stinging new attack ad. clinton has also been busy fundraising.. including a 11- million dollar
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lana zak reports has the latest..... on the race for the white house. pkg script: natsot - (trump campaign ad) "in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed," donald trump's $10-million ad buy is his largest to date and plans to target hillary clinton in 9 swing states... sot - matthew dowd / abc news political analyst "the economy's the number one issue that people are upset with the status quo in the course of this and it's the first time we've seen an ad like this. but that ad will not help unless donald trump sa message." hoping to stay on message, the trump campaign announced a major speech on immigration wednesday in arizona.... nats over the weekend trump invoked the memory of sarah root, a young iowa woman killed in a drunk driving accident by an undocumented immigrant. sot - donald trump / (r) presidential nominee "we will use immigration law to prevent crimes, and will not wait until some innocent american has been harmed or killed." saying he will be tough on law breakers... trump continued that theme in a multiude of tweets this morning, particularly aimed at minority voters. tweeting...


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