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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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honor the nearly three thousand people killed that day. new york's memorial spanned much of the morning.. (nats star spangled banner) there were moments of silence at the exact times al qaeda hijackers flew planes into the world trade center towers... and at the moments the towers fell. family members read out the names of the victims... (nats names) and remembered those who were lost. (granvilette kestenbaum/wife of "we know the shock and grief and anger that follows, the heartache that won't heal." both presidential candidates took a break from the campaign trail to attend. democrat hillary clinton left early because she was feeling ill, according to her campaign ... but was all smiles about about two hours later as she left her daughter's apartment.
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president obama placed a wreath and addressed the crowd. the country. they remain in our hearts today." and shanksville, pennsylvania - where flight 93 crashed into a field - was not forgotten. in new york the freedom tower now stands where the twin towers once did -- a monument to resilience ... and the memories of the lives lost. in new york, i'm karin caifa. the september eleventh attacks -- are the most devastating foreign attack --on a -- since d pea the terrorsts killed -- nearly three-thousand people -- and injured more than six-thousand. 265 people were on the four planes -- hijacked by the terrorists. more than 26-hundred people -- died in the world trade center -- and surrounding area. and more than 100 people -- died in the pentagon. these numbers do not include the 19 terrorists -- responsible for the attacks. the freedom tower -- now stands right next to where the twin towers once stood. it's taller than both of the orginal buildings.
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it's also know as the "one-world trade center" -- and shares the name -- with the north tower -- of the orginal world trade center. nevada senator -- harry reid issuing a statement today -- remembering the victims of 9-11 and their families. it reads -- "the memory of that terrible day -- will never fade -- and the many innocent lives -- will never be forgotten. but -- we didn't allow terror to break us. we rose again together -- stronger and more determined than ever." and the clark county fire department -- tweeti and sisters -- lost on this day -- 15 years ago." 8:22:58 bell ringing firefighters and other first reponders -- gathering outside fire station five-- earlier this morning. the bells rang at 6-59 a-m -- pacific time -- the same time the south tower collapsed at the world trade center. the tolling of the bells -- is
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on 9-11. tim syzmanski/lvfr 8:39:35:26 "when you're a firefighter and you're going down the street, there's things that go through there. i can imagine what they were thinking when they were going out to the world trade center. so it means a lot to every firefighter, knowing what tho people were feeling when they were on their way." the 9-11 tribute -- including the raising of a special flag -- presented by the new york city fire department. they have special orders to fly it only on september 11th -- of metal from the world trade center. i definitely felt his absence very strongly on the milestone of graduating high school. ///butted to/// it was very hard because it was more in your face of physically seeing everybody else with their families. the victims' families -- remember the loved ones -- they lost in the terror attacks. some -- were young children -- when their parents died -- some
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the 9-11 anniversary -- has special meaning to a henderson family 13-action news reporter -- david schuman -- is live with the heartbreaking story -- of the man who lost his life in the plane crash -- and his daughter -- born two days later. david. danny lee had been in boston for work but was flying home that fateful day so he could see the birth of his child. his wife kellie says he was kind of a kid himself. it was the wrong flight at the wrong time so he never met his continues to inspire her today. "that was allison when she was....she was a big baby. laughs" the story of allison lee's birth went national in the days after september 11th, 2001. 04:33:42 kellie lee "that day my world ended and began." allison was born two days after the terrorist attacks that killed her father danny. 04:34:17 kellie "it's like the happiest day of your life and the worst day of your life in one day." that duality was reflected in the dozens of cards kellie lee received in the following weeks.
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ions on your daughter." 04:37:33 kellie "both of my daughters have grown up to be wonderful, talented people and it just hurts every time i go to these competitions and think he's missing this. he missed them grow up. he just would've been so proud." allison learned about her father and 9/11 as she got older. 04:34:58 allison lee "i learned that he traveled around the world a lot so i definitely want to do that because he did it." she also inherited danny's musical side. she and her friends created this dance tribute to the man "two airplanes have crashed into the world trade center." 15 years later..and once again that bittersweet mix of feelings is rising up in the lee family. 04:48:00 amanda lee "it's kind of happy because my sister's birthday is 2 days later. it's weird. surreal's probably the best way i could describe it." 04:47:04 kellie "he'll always be in my heart and he'll kids carry that too. he's in them." the lees have been to the 9/11
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today they're just going to danny's favorite restaurant. they'll order his favorite food and simply talk about the man that was taken from all of them far too soon. reporting live..david schuman..13 action news. students and faculty -- gather at palo verde high school -- to honor one of their own. the air force junior r-o-t-c -- on friday -- holding its annual flag re- dedication -- for foreign-language teacher -- barbara edwards. she was on flight 77 -- which crashed i gail fahy -- retired foreign languages chair 27:31-27:37 "she was not a morning person, and we were just praying all day that she missed the flight." capt. the reason they built that here on the soccer field is because she came to every soccer game that the kids had. this was her favorite place to be outside the classroom." current students at palo are too young to have known edwards. so the school makes sure she's remembered each year.
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honoring the victims of the 9-11 attacks. the mortuary -- laying out its healing field. it's a sprawling memorial -- made up of nearly three-thousand flags --for each life lost. it's located near the 2-15 -- and jones dozens of people -- are giving back -- to the men and women who serve our country. more than 50 locals -- packing goodie boxes --to be sent to the troops ovreseas. the event is organized by a local mom -- who lost her son in 2011 -- in afghanistan. tonight -- the las vegas firefighters benefit association will co- host the and procession. that's taking place in downtown las vegas at 7 p-m. governor brian sandoval -- is ordering all flags in nevada -- to be lowered to half-staff today they'll stay this way from sunrise to sunset -- in honor of patriots' day -- along with and the national day of service and remembrance. governor sandoval -- speaking at a ceremony in fallon today -- in recognition -- the men and women who serve our nation. now.. a reading of the names from the twin tower memorial in new york
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loving you and missing you. now -- a live look at one world trade center -- built in 2014. it's now the tallest building in new york. it stands next to the twin-tower memorial. oh say can you see, by the
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over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings.
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e government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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nation gathers to mourn-- remember -- and heal. 127 new york city firefighters -- who stayed on grod in the days after the attacks -- have since died of respiratory -- and other ailments -- from breathing in the toxic debris. 17 new names -- added to the fdny's memorial wall this year and take a look at this. back here in las vegas -- a mural honoring the people who serve -- near buffalo and alta. it's been there since the attacks -- a reminder of the sacrifices first responders make every day. new developments on that mercury spill -- shutting down
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school. class is cancelled again tomorrow -- for the third day. 13 -new reporter gina lazara -- is live from near buffalo and alta. ' that's where the epa -- just announced how much mercury they found in the school. gina? you can see a handful of cars here showing the clean up is still going on but lets get right to that new information tonight on this mercury spill. epa officials finally able to give us some solid numbers. they've determined -- more than a quarter cup of mercury has as you can imagine -- that is far more than the amount inside a thermometer. epa officials trying to put it into perspective for us... admitting that a quarter cup of mercury is a lot for a chemical spill. more new information tonight -- out of the hundreds of bags being screened-- 16 of them were taken in for additional testing due to the mercury levels found on them. also - epa officials have gone to 60 homes to test mercury levels inside. out of those - one of the homes
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relocated for at least a few days. randy nattice, epa "a quarter cup of mercury is a significant amount of mercury. our main focus is to make sure none of the mercury that was here, got back to any of the households and maybe causing contamination based on personal affects that were left" there are still contradicting reports of when the mercury first got brough into the school but they are saying a student brought it in. reporting live gina lazara 13 metro need's your help hunting down a robbery suspect. they say -- he tried to rob a business -- near tropicana and nellis. police say -- he pulled out a gun -- and demanded cash. employees -- took off running -- soon as they saw the gun. deadly shooting here in the valley has been found in arizona.
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responsible for shooting and killing a man friday morning...near maryland parkway and desert inn. the victim died at sunrise hospital. according to investigators, the victim had gotten into an argument with brown just before the shooting. hillary clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia. that's according to her doctor. clinton was spotted leaving this morning's 9/11 memorial in new york early. it this video she appears to her doctor says clinton was overheated and dehydreated. he says she's been put on antibiotics and is recovering. a new abc news - washington post poll shows clinton still has an edge in the race for the white house.. leading trump by five points nationally - 46 to 41. meanwhile, clinton still taking heat for referring to half of trump's supporters as "the basket of deplorables." trump
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amped up. sot - rudy giuliani / trump supporter "i know hillary clinton. i know donald trump much better. neither of them is a racist. and for either one to say that means they're getting a little too excited in their campaigning, but both of them are good people the battle to be the next commander- in-chief still has 57 days to go. clinton will be fundraising in california tomorrow.. while donald trump is speaking at an event in baltimore. the fight against zika is getting a stark and shocking assesment from the head of the cdc. they don't act now on zika funding, the consequences will be financially felt for decades right now there are 56 locally transmitted cases of zika in south florida. in miami there is a lot of concern that number could grow if the fight has to be scaled back due to a lack of funding. congress is expected to vote again this week on a zika funding bill. locals in a small village in the u-k are quietly leading a green revolution. in the last ten years ashton
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they do what they can some swap the dryer for the clothes line some use a hydbrid and others buy locally grown fruits and vegetables. and get this.. the primary school.. is carbon negative.. running entirely on free electricity. thanks in part to a roof covered with solar panels. ad-lib ((adlib wx close)) gas prices jumped a bit after
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the las vegas average for a gallon of regular is $2.43. that's up about three cents from this time last week. the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.18. if you're heading to the movies soon..."sully" seems to be the suggestion many people are going with. the film scored an estimated
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the surrogate pregnancy thriller "when the bough breaks" opened in second place, beginning its run with 15-million dollars. and the horror flick.. "don't breathe" fell to third place, grossing eight-point-two million dollars. more americans than ever are staying in the workforce.... well past the age of retirement... but it's not always because of a financial need. why some say they'll keep their - 9- to -5- job.... for a little whil 13 action news wants to help you stay informed 24/ sign up for breaking news ealerts at you'll need to go to the member's page...which you can get to by clicking on the contest tab on our homepage.
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percent plan to work -- as long as possible.. but it isn't just about the paycheck. scripps reporter -- tara molina-- takes a look at the other reasons. we're living longer, we're working longer...but not just because we have to. according to this new survey, some people really just like to work! don't believe it? i found some of them today. nats some are enjoying it... sot
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out any time soon. sot parnell is not alone... nats ...according to a report- seven in ten americans now plan on working during retirement. some for financial reasons... nats ...a tough economy.... nats ...but others, about 38 percent, just like to work. nats some say- it keeps them sharp. sot just ask the man who's watched the world change through a library's windows... nats ...and plans on seeing a lot more, before putting the last book up on the shelf. sot another point made in that report- right now, more people are worried about outliving what
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i'm tara molina. a lot more news coming up on 13 action news -- live at 6-30. including... a look back at memorials from around the world -- in honor of the thousands who lost their lives on 9-11. plus. -- the latest -- on the mercury scare -- at a local middle school health officials out again -- as school is canceled for a third day. and -- don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app. it features live streaming-- video on demand -- and it's free in the app store -- and in google play. and.. remember...we're now streaming our newscasts at -- so you can stay informed on any computer .. smartphone.. or tablet. we'll be right back.
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thousand americans -- changing our a good evening -- and thanks for joining us. i'm christopher king. in new york -- families gather-- at the twin towers memorial site -- to honor and read the names of the nearly 3-thousand people who died in the attacks on the world trade center. and president obama led a ceremony honoring those who died at the pentagon. no script available and in shanksville, pennsylvania...
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flight 93. a moment of silence -- before a reading of the names of the 40 people aboard that flight. the memorial -- marks the site -- where the united airlines flight-- was downed in a field. flight 93 -- was heading from newark, new jersey --to san francisco -- when it crashed -- after passengers and crew membe terrorists for control of the plane. sot sally jewell - "so certainly the men and women of flight 93 had no idea that they would be our nation's heroes and heroines. or that they would lay down for your courageous deeds. god bless america. rest in peace." passenger todd beamer -- famously shouted "let's roll!" as he -- and fellow passengers -- stormed the cockpit-- preventing the
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presidential nominees donald trump and hillary clinton visiting ground zero in new york both candidates pausing their campaigns in honor of the anniversary. clinton says the images from 9-11 are still seared into her memory (hillary clinton, (d) presidential nominee) "when we landed, we met up with the governor and the mayor and went walking toward ground zero and as we moved further south, we saw this curtain of black smoke i remember one image so indelibly dragging his ax and it was as close to a depiction of hell that i've ever personally seen clinton sent out this tweet earlier today, saying -- "we'll
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2001. today, let's honor the lives and tremendous spirit of the victims and responders." nevada representative cresent hardy today releasing this statement that reads in part... "so today as we reflect, let us honor the heroes of september 11th for their sacrifice. let us also be thankful for the service of the brave patriots who wear our nation's uniform on the front lines... and continue the fight to keep the rest of our nation, they'll never forget." people around the world -- honor the victims of the terror attacks. a group of first responders -- from new york city -- commemorating the day -- at the 9-11 memorial outside jerusalem. it's the only memorial of its kind -- outside the u-s. it lists the name of every victim. they stood for a moment of silence -- before placing a wreath at the site. ((nats/twitter video)) "we honor those who have fought for the freedom we cherish"
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freedom and the securities of justice for all people" tributes pouring in from athletes as well. first responders and members of the military taking part in ceremonies actross the country to honor the heroes of 9/11 the seattle seahawks paying tribute by linking arms in a sign of unity. and in less than 30 minutes -- the las vegas firefighters benefit association will co-host the annual 9/11 firefighter tribute and procession. that's taking place in downtown las vegas at 7 p-m. in a flag carrying event. it's going on right now... on the trail from bruce trent park to kellogg zaher park. extreme fitness las vegas is partnering with team red white and blue to run with old glory for 24 hours in remembrance of the victims. next, it's been a tense few days for students at a local middle school. the school shut down as health officials continue to test for mercury. now many are wondering...just how soon until it's safe for kids to return?
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zika. the c-d-c's warning as the virus spreads through califorina. karla ad-lib (no music, fade to black) new developments on that mercury spill -- shutting down
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down walter johnson junior high school. class is cancelled again tomorrow -- for the third day. 13-action news reporter-- gina lazara -- is live at the school-- where she just talked with the environmental protection agency. gina? within the last few minutes - quite a few families showed up at the school to pick up their belongings that were screened by the epa and now released... but lets get right to that new information tonight on this
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they've determined -- more than a quarter cup of mercury has been found inside the school. as you can imagine -- that is far more than the amount inside a thermometer. epa officials trying to put it into perspective for us... admitting that a quarter cup of mercury is a lot for a chemical spill. more new information tonight -- out of the hundreds of bags that were screened..... 16 of them were taken in for additional testing due to the mercury levels also - epa officials have gone to 60 homes to test mercury levels inside. out of those - one of the homes had dangerous enough levels that the family has been relocated for at least a few days. back out here live there are still contradicting reports of when the mercury first got brought into the school but they are saying a student most likely brought it in. coming up at 11 on 13 action news-- here from a mom and her daughter that just picked up their stuff... reporting live gina lazara 13
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college students -- are in the hospital right now -- after a balcony collapses at a house party. the students attend trinity college in hartford. but hte accident happened off campus. police say -- a third-story balcony collapsed -- tearing down the second and first-floor balconies. most of the injuries -- are broken bones. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan s now out of mental hospital -- and back hm neighbors have mixed feelings about him being around. the 61-year-old -- will now live with his mother -- in williamsburg, virginia he-s released 35 years after his failed assassination attempt. hinckley was found not guilty -- reason of insanity -- after shooting president reagan -- and his press secretary james brady. unidentified neighbor/woman: "i don't think he should be here. i don't think he should've released him." unidentified neighbor/same woman again: "they need to keep a really close eye on him. i mean, he needs to have a lot
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hinckley has a long list of restrictions. he's not allowed to go near any members of president reagan's family.. authorities will monitor his phone and computer. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. the presidential race is heating up...and the latest poll numbers are out. hillary clinton currently holds a five point lead over trump...that's according to a new washington post and a-b-c news poll. that's a jump from last week which showed trump was leading by two points. more now in the battle over the head of the c-d-c warning congress that if they don't act now...the consequences will be felt for decades. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. the battle to eradicate zika wages in south florida? nats plane flying taking to the sky this morning? amidst concerns the money needed to fund more missions like this is drying up. sot (dr. tom frieden / director center of disease control) by the end of this month we will be out of
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the same time congress looks to end the gridlock over a zika funding bill-that may get another vote this week. sot (paul ryan / speaker of the right now there are 56 locally transmitted cases of zika in announcing a fourth mosquito pool tested positive for infected mosquitos in miami beach. sot (dr. tom frieden / cdc director) in the coming weeks and months we will see unfortunately and tragically many more babies born in puerto rico and in the continental u-s with microcephaly and other birth defects for those who live in morning? those numbers could grow if the fight has to be scaled back due to a lack of funding. sot (kimberly kaiser / miami resident) i had to spray my son constantly sot (caroline cashion / miami resident) if we don't eradicate it now when is it going to stop? how many more unborn children are going to be affected? that was eva pilgrim reporting. a third san diego neighborhood is now being sprayed to prevent
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returned after contracting the virus in another country. mosquitoes that could carry the virus were found near the patient's home. ((adlib wx close)) ad-lib ((adlib wx close))
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major changes are coming to tesla's autopilot system the company says -- the improvements will dramatically reduce the number -- and severity of crashes. the vehicles -- will rely more on radar -- and less on cameras-- to create a better picture of the world. tesla's autopilot system -- can maintain a set speed --k eep the car within its lane -- and brake automatically. radar helps the car see things t -- hat may be blocked to
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you can now play pokemon go -- without having to stare at your phone. nintendo and the pokemon company -- are releasing pokemon-go-plus. it goes on sale in most countries september 16. pokemon go plus looks like a watch -- and connects to a smartphone via bluetooth. now word on the price . and here's a look at what's coming up in tonight's primetime lineup right here on channel 13... at 7 -- america's funniest home videos at 8 -- celebrity family feud at 9 -- miss america competition at 11 -- 13 action news posare salon on craig and jones to give free haircuts for homeless and at risk kids to kick-off the start of the school year. the local non-profit provides teens with the basic necessities like socks, shoes and clothing. project 150 serves more than 25- hundred high schoolers here in the valley... and are always in need of donations the school year has started and for many parents that means keeping your kids out of the
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rampant...vaccines are crucial to keeping them healthy. but do they actually work? we'll crunch the numbers in tonights' healthy living. in tonight's healthy living...
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that means -- checking to see -- they have their vaccines for
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they? here's abc's doctor timothy johnson. kids have no natural shield against the germs out there - so we give them one. vaccines. responsible for preventing millions of deaths, vaccines are crucial to keeping your child healthy. need proof that it works? before the chicken pox vaccine, 4 million people got it every year - and 10,000 were hospitalized. since 1995, those numbers are down 98%. and researchers have found that two childhood doses of the chicken pox vaccine? now one? dropped the number even further -- 76 percent further. not only the number of cases, but the number of outbreaks was also slashed. as more states stop allowing kids to skip vaccinations for "philosophical reasons" - more than half, including, now, california -- school may have gotten a little bit safer. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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drinking and smoking among kids has fallen to new lows. according to the report...alcohol use for kids between the ages of 12 and 17 dropped 17-and-a-half percent. smoking was down about 12-percent. officials say the drop shows the renewed efforts to curb drinking and smoking is paying off. stay with us. we'll be right back with a final check of your forecast. but right now, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching thirteen action news, where you get news fast and first.
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that's 13 action news for now. we hope to see you again later
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live at 11. remember -- we're always on at -- and our ktnv mobile app. thank you for watching. we leave you with a live look at the 9-11 memorial site in new york. - right now breaking news... a small plane has crashed into
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