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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  September 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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coming up on "the morning blend," things are getting notorious. we chat with the stars of the flew show premiering to night. the big drive to make sure no kids go without a coat as the temps cool off. andrea meets her fur ever home. make it yours, as the blend starts right now. it is thursday morning. a live look outside right now. that's the home of kobe keith. it happens when -- it's right there. next friday, they celebrate the tenth year. we'll be on hand for the celebration. it's going to be a lot of fun. hello, las vegas. i'm shawn tempesta. >> i'm jay jay snyder. >> gentlemen we were talking
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clinic, turned into a breast milk like clinic. >> the breast milk is coming. >> they have -- a list of home remedies, like cleans up teenage acne, freaked me out. so that led us to the topic of what are some home remedies you may have that are like really? that? >> yes. and i brought up apple cider vinegar, which is good for anything. we got a lot of responses that were fun. >> yes. >> okay. rachel, one of our viewers, say powdered dishwasher detergent on a wet rag if you don't have a mr. clean, and you can take spots off your wall. >> that's awesome. i love that. i love the magic -- once you get them down to a -- they're the most disgust things. >> you got to throw them out. >> i can't, because they're so clean. >> they are. what are they made out of?
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okay. candy said i never tried this and never will, but i was told your first urine in the morning can help clear up acne. now i -- acne dog where they talk about tissue of ago think they have this listed as a thinking. this is a thing that some people try. there was an article written on where someone was going to try to do challenge, and they couldn't get over the fact they were rubbing urine on their face. >> i would like one of our viewers to try it and end us before and after pictures. >> we don't want to be responsible. >> saves a lot of money. >> don't eat a -- >> yeah, don't eat asparagus. couple other good ones. my cousin, michelle, in austin, texas, uses coffee grounds in her rose bushes. >> why? >> she said it makes them beautiful.
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grounds in the garden. >> and there's one more, and this is from rachel, another rachel, she responded on the breast milk thing. she said she gave it to her mother-in-law to use on her shingles and her nanny to use on her pink eye and it worked. like -- >> pink eye? >> pink eye. >> that's powerful stuff. >> it is. want to hear from you, any good home >> when in doubt, put breast milk or vinegar. white vinegar in dark laundry helps dark clothes retain their color. >> we have link to we could read some of your comments live on the air. we're taking it to set three. time for our pick of the litter sponsored by best mattress. this little girl is only
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>> hi. >> she wants a forever home. >> she is brought by kathy jung from the nevada spca. thank you for bringing her. tell us about andrea. >> no morning can be greater than one that starts with andrea. she is such a good girl, only about 3-years-old. she is still a puppy. reportedly she is house and crate trained. and she was running around the desert and nobody claimed her, which is unfortunate. she is always smiling. ready to have fun. she saw herself in the monitor. >> she is very curious. >> look at this. so any home? >> any home, really. any home with older kids that will play with them in the backyard, she would be perfect, because that's what she needs. she needs a family that will run around and play with her. >> how did you get her? >> she was running around the desert and we had a volunteer that found her. we put her on hold hoping
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>> she is bashful. >> here she comes. >> come here. now, we have to say, because they are awesome best mattress sponsors, this is why we have this mattress, this isn't here just for show. if somebody adopts this one -- >> she gets to go home with thissable mattress. it's very important when you have a dog. >> it's so comfortable. >> if you live on the farm she would be laying on it. >> she is like, i'm waiting. >> there is a camera going to sit here. >> she is active and an earth. what kind of a mix do you think she is? >> she is some kind of hound mix. she has the best of everything. she is a very, very good girl. she sees herself, that's what she's doing. >> who is that? is that you? >> she is like who let the dog in? >> different twist on the whole -- >> exactly. >> we are so excited about our greyhounds from last week. >> yes. they both went home.
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the foster -- a lot of times i'm a foster flunky. >> i'm a foster flunky. >> right to own. >> yes, absolutely. happens more often than not. they wanted to go home to make sure they were looking for one dog, so they brought home two and it's turning out to be great. >> i love it. >> i want to thank the family who took them home. i hope you keep them because they're so special. >> absolutely. they're so great and so happy. they're happy dogs. look at >> chilling out. >> how do we get andrea? >> you come down to the shelter. if you have a dog, bring it with you. we strongly recommend you bring the whole family and let's do the meet and greet and play in the courtyard to see if everybody gets along. >> fabulous. and what is going on at nspca? >> fall is a busy time for us, when people go back to school and everything they realize that sometimes their lifestyle isn't fit for a dog. please reconsider before you bring your dog in to us, but you
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be more than happy to work with you. but the holidays are coming up, as well, so a lot of times people open their hearts to dogs during that season. >> look at her. >> although, good note, if you're the uncle and you thunk you're the uncle of the year adopting a dog to give to someone that isn't asking for a dog -- >> is not a good thing. >> go to the shelter with them. >> absolutely. wrap up a certificate that says i'm going to pay the fee for you to pick out your pet. >> and check with the parent. >> yes, check with the parents. >> i feel bad for her on this cold floor. >> look at her. >> yes, i do. >> she wants to go home and live on the mattress and just live a life with the family. she is beautiful. >> she is so sweet. >> meant to be. >> absolutely. >> you are just the sweetest.
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>> thank you. >> if you want to adopt andrea, go down to the shelter on west dewey drive, north of russell at decatur and the website to visit and phone number are on your screen. >> don't forget if you a don't her you get a dog bed from best mattress. a proud sponsor of "the morning blend" and partnered with the nspca for the deal. they're the sponsor of our sleep tip of the day. >> still to come "the morning blend," coats for kids. i every year it comes like wow, it's been a year. unbelievable. the campaign that hopes -- helps keep kids warm. >> it's the first day of fall. you're watching "the morning blend."
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kicked off life insurance awareness month. it's something danica patrick revved up support for. we want to dig deeper on the product with abe ashton and jordan flake. >> great having you. >> thanks for having us back. jordan flake is with the law group, my brother-in-law, so he's part of the retirement brothers clan. >> part of brotherhood. >> i brought an attorney. i i did it. and luckily i got him to -- i convinced him by the end of the day to give something free. so if you can get an attorney to give something away free, we'll get to that, but first we got to talk about life insurance and estate planning and the whole thing. >> that's incredible. i want to learn your secret. talking about life insurance, we're going to dig deeper about how life insurance applies to women specifically. >> yeah. i'm going to ask a question.
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just a percentage. >> 75. >> i would say 70. >> you're both close. it's 80%. so 80% of women outlive their husbands. here is the question for you. by how many years? >> six. >> 12. >> 14. >> wow. >> so that goes to show that life insurance and understanding a surviving spouse, and having a surviving spouse plan is important. right? because talking about pensions being gone, talking about social cu people don't think about that 14-year period. in las vegas we play odds all the time. where a whole city is based on odds. so explain the odds, we understand that i'm probably going to predecease my wife. the odds are 80% that's what's going to happen. and my wife will outlive me by 14 years. she has a 50% chance of living 14 years longer than i do. if i'm sitting down with her and having a discussion on what that looks like, what her income will
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that's far away, we're trying to get kids through -- we're trying to get them into college and get them paid for through college, but the point is, you got to have the conversations now. one of those things is life insurance. life insurance can be one of those tools that is utilized to pay for and protect surviving spouse. the other is estate planning. >> and my father passed away four years ago and my mother has been, you know, adjusting and now she is and dealing with much of the reality of what you're talking about. thank you for focusing on women specifically. you have real life examples of situations that women encounter later in life. >> it happens all the time. we do have a lot of people that come in after their spouse died and they don't know anything. they don't know anything about the finances, anything about the income. i had a woman come into my office that said i'm broke, and after digging through a brown paper bag of statements we found a couple hundred thousand
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didn't know that her husband had, which was a relief, but doesn't always come out with that happy of an ending. and -- >> honestly what happens is everyone gets -- a lot of people have life insurance but list each other as the beneficiary. if you're a woman who outs her husband and the only beneficiary to policy is the deceased husband, then that becomes a probate asset on your passing. which would trigger the need for a long and expensive court process. >> which is why estate planning is so important. >> exacty. >> with a flawed plan -- >> get in to see an attorney. come in and meet with us for console taste. we don't charge for console taste. we'll go over the beneficiaries, taking into consideration what abe talked about, which is that the woman is more likely to live longer. they deserve it. >> if they have to live with a
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>> yes. >> freedom. they earned every year of it. >> come on now. they're going to need other documents, too, power of attorney documents. the first link when the husband and wife are both alive it's easy because the wife can take care of the husband into old age and upon his passing. but who is going to be there for the woman? >> a good example, before your father passed away, there were beneficiaries for one another, and now your mom may say i need a new power of attorney because my husband is gone. i need new beneficiaries and that has to be changed as part of the estate plan. >> i have to tell you the probate process was extremely frustrating for her. and it's a wake-up call for me because it's all about planning ahead, isn't it. >> yeah. >> and getting idea of what i have to encounter down the road. >> a pain in the assets. >> oh. come on.
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really, at the end of the day you're giving your loved ones a gift by saying i don't want you to have to go to the -- >> what seems like a hard conversation now turns into a life-long blessing later on. >> it's about peace of mind. it really is. i'm an attorney, and we take our fair share of terribly undeserved jokes. >> one of them -- >> 100% undeserved, but i like to say i'm in the peace of mind business. and i think abe would say the when people meet with us, we want to sit across from them, take whatever situation is on their plate, you know, concerns if my husband passes away before me i'm not sure i can trust my children to use this money in the way i want them to use it. this is another consideration. >> we have 15 seconds left. >> the special offer, jordana agreed to give away ten free last will and testaments for the first ten callers. >> that's a miracle. >> and if people have gentlemens
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office, and we'll talk about the insurance questions and get people to jordan's office who want to take advantage of something free from an attorney. >> wow. >> next ten callers. >> the number is right there. >> and there is the e-mail, as well, if you have questions. there we go. people can e-mail you questions, if you would like to. there is e-mail on the screen. if you like more information on ashton strobelt and you would like to take advantage of that offer, the first ten people that call the number, you're going to testament, free from an attorney. never hear that again.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs,
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narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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in our hot in hollywood report, catch the premier of notorious. the story goes behind the scenes of a cozy relationship between a tv producer and criminal defense attorney as they pull strings and manipulate headlines. joining us are the stars of notorious, piper perabo and danny sunjata. good morning, guys. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm great. tell me about the characters you played. this is so interesting. not only are they based on real life people, but executive producers of your show. >> that's true. that is true. which levies a tremendous amount of pressure on both of us to give accurate portrayals. actually not so much a joke. the show is loosely based on the relationship and the dynamic that exists between wendy walker who famously produced larry king live for what, almost 20 years,
9:21 am
been in headlines recently. i'm hoping to bring that magic to life in the world of notorious. >> the show general raised a lot of excitement when it previewed in may. what feedback have you been getting from other people? >> one of the things that i've been hearing that's so interesting is the show is about how behind the scenes, my character uses the relationship she has with attorney, jay geragos, how she uses the relationship to get celebrity clients on her show. and to tell their stories. she tells them in a certain angle for the court of public opinion. a lot of people have been talking to us about you know, it's so interesting to see behind the curtain of what is happening when you turn on your television and your 24-hour news who is choosing the stories you hear and what angle are they
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think. >> they are. the show is being called a drama, but it's a little spicier than that, am i right? >> right. >> that's definitely true. and if it was all serious, you know, it wouldn't -- i think it might turn viewers off. if you are almost making somebody cry in one moment, the next thing you better do is tickle them a little bit. so i think our show does a really good job of, you delivering drama and using regular bouts of laughter. >> the last role you played on tv was an fbi agent. are you enjoying playing a well known criminal defense attorney now? >> yes, it's amazing. the two roles couldn't be more different. as much as i love my cast mates on graceland this is amazing. working with piper has been audrey. we have an amazing cast of
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us, all of which give moments to shine. so yes, it's been wonderful. >> thank you. piper we're looking forward to it tonight. jay august knows everybody. >> we love him. >> he's a great human being and very focused actor from a young age. thank you. i'll be >> thanks so much. >> watch the premier of notorious tonight at 9:00 right here on abc channel 13. it's right after grey's anatomy. just head to your website on the screen for a preview. thank you so much. might not be sweater weather just yet but the temperatures are going to drop. we're looking at 50s for the morning low relatively soon. unfortunately many kids in the valley are not prepared for it.
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that's why we teamed up with the salvation army. unbelievable. let's talk about the need for coats this year. >> okay. we have just as big of a need as we did last year. we served about 900 children last year. we want to serve that again and see if we can do a little bit better. >> absolutely. of course. we want to go bigger and better, make sure that any child that needs a coat can >> and that cold weather is going to be upon us really fast. today is the first day of fall. >> and sneaks up on you right away. how can -- where can people drop off the coats? >> at tropical smoothie, a terrific sponsor we have. this is our 17th year. >> wow. awesome. and i know they have the big bins, you can find them every store. you just find them, you drop off a coat, grab yourself a smoothie be on your way. >> new or gently used. >> that's the way to go. how do you end up distributing
9:25 am
be in need get in touch? >> our distribution will be the first week of november. and people that are in need or need more information go to our website at salvation army southern nevada, and -- and go to family services, and you can find what you need. >> absolutely. i know that salvation army obviously these coats go into a box. the box doesn't deliver itself. it doesn't disburse them. there is a need at salvation army for sos to be able to help. >> there is always a need for and you can go to the same website if you want to volunteer and sign up. we can always use volunteers. >> how important is it for partnerships like the one here with tropical smoothie cafe to be able to create that excitement for events like this? >> partnerships are so important. it's how we're able to do what we do. and help as many people as we can. this community in las vegas as you know is tremendous. people come out. people come out to help the --
9:26 am
>> absolutely. and we thank tropical smoothie cafe for making it happen. let's talk about the kids that you've seen in need, the kids getting the jackets. what kind of situations are they in? why is the need there? >> well, i'll tell you a story from last year. there was a young man with his mom shopping for one of the coats that in the distribution. >> i like the fact that you said shopping, not hey, here is a coat, goodbye. >> they pick the coat. he tried on thi the great big smile on his face and his mother started crying. it was a dress coat, looked like it was probably his first and that it it off. >> and really the need is there because these kids grow so fast, they grow out of jackets. and you know, to plunk down 50, $80 or more. >> a lot of money. >> definitely a need. if you have a -- say it was a coat that your kid might have worn a few times, didn't really -- perfect condition.
9:27 am
smoothie. >> what can i do with this? well now you know. we want to find out more, we can go to your website. it's great having you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> are the had. that time of year again. i can't believe it. team up with 13 action throughs, the salvation army and tropical smoothie to keep valley kids this year. donate jackets saturday through october 23rd at any tropical smoothie. you can find a location near you. there's a whole bunch of them. head to the website on your screen. they're a proud sponsor of 13 "action news," and this grad to stand by salvation army once again to make happen. >> luxury cars are going to be lined up for a cause. the concourse elegance car show is sunday at red rock country club, from 10:00 to 2:00. my goodness, the event will benefit operation home front which helps the families of
9:28 am
wounded warriors, to find out more head to that website on your screen. we'll be back. congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay
9:29 am
with washington. dscc is responsible
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jerry west, talks with us about his career and the start
9:31 am
cause close to his heart, afib. he is joined by dr. james reiffel, the cardiac specialist. great having both of you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> before we get into afib we have to talk basketball. jerry, let's talk about the golden state warriors. i know you're part of the executive board. things are looking pretty rosie right now for the organization, aren't they. great years. last year even though we had a disappointing ending in the finals, we thought we were pretty good shape, but to cleveland's credit they came back and won the championship. but record breaking year. 73 wins, which is really hard to believe when you think about the dedication, the teamwork to do that. and this summer we added -- we
9:32 am
free agent of kevin durand. and we're excited to see them with our younger players. we have a very young core of players. we think we had a great draft this year. this team is well positioned going forward. if we can keep all of our players obviously free agency is a danger and we're hopeful we can convince our players to stay. >> congratulations on the success so far and best of luck going forward. let's talk about afib. i think we all hear it in tv commercials. i don't think there is a lot of understanding about what afib is. you have been living with it for over 20 years. what is afib and what's it like living with it? >> well, you know, i think most important thing is obviously to be diagnosed with it, you know. i felt so out of sort. i think being an athlete, you know something is wrong when you feel like you're just racing, you go to bed at night, you wake up and you're dead tired.
9:33 am
accustomed to. the doctors looked at me and they indicated to me that i had afib. and i said what in the world is that? and they said it's a heart disease. and i said heart disease? i said i always feel so good, and i said i didn't get tired until now, and i'm an a type personality. and the pressure that you put on yourself, the effort to -- it takes to maintain a basketball team as an executive, these certainly contributed to my the thing that he said to me, we're going to have to start medicating you. and, of course, blood thinner was a start. it was warfarin, a drug that has been around for a long time. and i took it for a long time, had to go to the doctor, monitor myself all the time. and there are some issues with it that bothered me, frankly, because i travel so much, and i wasn't able to always eat the right thing. certain kind of vegetables, and
9:34 am
didn't want to have to go back in and have my blood tested. i used to go in every six weeks, or every three months, and sometimes it wasn't convenient for me to do that. so you know, being the inquisitive person i am, i started to try to find out more information about these new age drugs, and i talked to my doctor and we changed. i started taking zeralto. i'm here to deliver a message about i think advantage of me of taking zeralto as compared to warfarin. if people want to find out more about my story they can go to my afib and that's my afib it tells you about my story. the doctor has a lot better and -- and professional opinion than i do, that's for sure. >> doctor to, let's talk about this. we have 30 seconds.
9:35 am
prevented when we're at risk for afib. >> well, if we have afib, the best way to prevent stroke, which is the most serious consequence is with the use of anti-company abie awe plant, blood thinners. for 60 years we used warfarin, and it's difficult to use. the dose varies constantly. other medication interactions, it's a new since. now we got four new blood thinners, in the last five or six on is zeralto. it works very effectively. and it makes a big change in the life of patients in the favorable way. so the best way to prevent this stroke is to use reliable use that you as the patient are willing to take, and this is one of them. >> absolutely. well it's great information. i think we all know a little bit more about afib now. if we have any questions we can obviously ask our doctor.
9:36 am
and continued success with the warriors. >> thank you. >> to learn more about how the treatment and prevention of afib can affect your life, visit my afib you can watch this segment on our website at hi, shawn. now it's time for your senior care moment, sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. did you know people with a genetic risk f disease may be able to head off the disease with you through exercise. they can literally walk away from alzheimer's. do so with the annual alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's support and research. it is our city's largest event to raise awareness for funds for alzheimer's care. the walk to end alzheimer's will be held saturday, october 8th at town square. registration starts at 7:00 a.m. the walk begins at 9:00 a.m.
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website a number to call is listed on your screen. the alzheimer's association desert southwest chapter is a gold sponsor of the fifth annual spotlight spectacular coming saturday, october 1st. come out and meet with them and join the walk to end alzheimer's. the senior care moment is sponsored by the spotlight senior services guide. call the number on your screen or visit their website to receive your free guide. on you can find so many great stories on what makes this valley a special place to live. just click on the positively lv tab under sections, from special reports, and more, check out the website for your insight to viva
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does your home need major repair? do you need to sell quickly? our next guest, lathe lavada, first prime realty group is here to show us how he can buy your home for cash in a snap. here with more, lathe himself. great having you back. so let's talk about this. what type of homes are you buying from sellers? how does this work? >> i usually buy unwanted homes, the sellers need to sell quickly. generally the homes need massive repairs and the seller is facing some sort of hardship. a good example is a divorce, a relocation, job loss. they inherited a home due to family member passing on or slick that. >> and not something they can sustain, they want to cut their losses. >> and need to get out quickly. >> why would a seller choose this route as opposed to playing
9:41 am
>> again, the homes that i buy generally need thousands of dollars of repairs and the seller can't complete them. >> a type of stuff that might not pass inspection? >> right. an investor like myself is the only one who can come in afford to buy the homes, fix them up, put them back on the market for sale. getting a loan for these types of properties is challenging if not impossible. most homebuyers don't want to buy the homes and they interest today. that's where a real estate beneficial to come in and buy the home for cash. >> you do go in there and fix it up? >> yes. >> you have the money, you don't have to worry about the lender saying you have to get this, this and this fixed, you are just paying in cash so you can take care of it on your own. >> that's exactly right. >> does the seller have to pay real estate commission? >> there is no real estate commissions on the homes that i buy, and i pay all the seller closing costs, as well. >> it's just a two party purchase at that point? >> there we go.
9:42 am
property? there is a lot people that need it like yesterday. >> right. i've actually purchased homes in three days before. >> no kidding. might not always be three days, but what's the average? >> well, really depends on every situation. every seller, every home is unique. but if theeler does need to close quickly, i do hi have the ability to do so. it's based on the seller's situation, not mine. we make sure we're answering the needs of the sellers. >> of course. if a h now and wondering whether or not they should sell, perhaps sell the home for cash, what's the process? how do they get the ball rolling? >> the best way is to call my office for a no obligation cash offer. i have a three step process. the first step is just give me a call at my office, and we'll do an evaluation, make you a cash offer. the second step is to agree upon a purchase price, sign a purchase agreement, and the third step is then go ahead and close the sale at a third party
9:43 am
can get your cash profit. that's important because a lot of homeowners might be afraid that they're not going to get the cash, so everything is done through a title and escrow company. and they're insured to get their cash profits. >> the typical purchase without signing the mortgage stuff. >> that's right. >> i can assume that the homeowners that are using the program are pretty thankful this exists. if you need it yesterday, trying to sell it the method that can take a long time. >> it can. you know, one situation we had a gentleman who had cancer, and he needed to move very quickly back to chicago in order to go through his treatment. and the home was in disrepair. he had a lot of belongings in the property. and you know, i told him i said we can make this very easy for you. we'll buy your home. we don't care about the condition. you don't have to make any fix ups, no repairs, and we'll give you the cash. we did close that one in three days. >> wow.
9:44 am
his treatment. he left all the belongings that he didn't want. i told him leave all the belongings you do not want in the property, and that way we'll go ahead and take care of them for you, and he was able to take what he wanted, leave the rest, and we closed. he's very happy, very happy. we just closed on that property yesterday. >> wow. >> yeah. >> no kidding. you already have the dumpster. >> we closed on the sale. we fixed it up, put it back. it's already closed. >> oh, wow. you're >> same here. thank you. >> if you want to sale your home for cash lathe that sad as i your guy. you can call for a guaranteed quick and easy no obligation 24-hour cash offer. his website is listed right there. j.j., over to you. thanks, shawn. do you know someone who truly makes a difference in this community? you can recognize them with our "give back just head to, click on
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form. one lucky person will receive $500 from america first credit union. they are a proud sponsor of this reward with "the morning blend." stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
9:46 am
9:47 am
it's the perfect chance for you to get to know your celebrities, conversations with norm is back. this time norm is going one on one with the homes. >> or is it homes. >> holmeses. >> great having you. and your lovely wife, kelly. >> she is getting her hair done right now. >> this sunday's conversation is going to be great. >> going to be a lot of fun.
9:48 am
they're great entertainers, and that they do so much for the community, and that they're great story tellers. and those who said we seen their show a number of times, and heard a lot of their stories, we i think clint would agree, we -- deep dark secrets, things that have never been spoken about even in our families. >> this is like a therapy session. >> that's what i'm >> we are -- there are stories and then there are stories, you know? and my show is called "between the lines." >> where can we catch the show? >> the pay last glow. we're in our fifth week. and i tell a lot of stories in the show, but what we're going to do, you know, i was helped by so many people in my career, that we don't think about -- i think about it, but i don't get
9:49 am
people as diverse as sammy davis, and shortly before he passed away bill cosby, joan rivers was a great friend and teacher. kelly was helped by wayne newton, discovered wayne newton walking by a lounge hearing her sing and saying little lady would you like to -- i mean, yes. one of those stories. >> really? >> so those are stories that we don't get to when do you tell them other than to close friends? so you know, stuff like that. >> does a great wayne newton. >> no, kelly. >> oh, i was going to say. bring it. bring it. and how fascinating to have contact with so many of these interesting celebrity icons. >> well, yeah. you know, when you work with people like that, i tell people that i learned more from comedians than singers in terms of how to engage in audience,
9:50 am
come out with a band and a thing, and -- right? they come out unarmed, microphone. and now i'm going to make you laugh and make you care about me. and there is a certain genius to that. there is a lot we both learned. i think those are interesting stories. >> and there is something about this venue, conversations with norm, whether it be with the holmeses or with sheky green, whoever it might be, it's an airing of of everything, how it all started, why the sausage was made. >> it's such an un20 mat venue, but it -- we have been so lucky that almost everyone had a great stories. about what they overcome, the hurdles, the personal hurdles, and they got their journey not a straight-line to the top. they had their -- >> not even straight-line to the
9:51 am
>> really excited to see the show. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> shawn, you are going to be there. >> i say hey, here is norm. and then -- >> oh, that was good. that was good. really my favorite venue in town the smith center. you know, what a classy place to have this conversation happen. >> and he's not unfamiliar with the place. >> oh, my goodness. >> resident artist there. that introduction you gave of norm, that's another story. i was the first voice on fox television. >> are you kidding me? >> i was joan rivers' announcer for her first show. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> you're kidding. >> no. >> man. now we have to talk about that. >> i was a sports writer, and i was assigned to the '88 super bowl in los angeles,
9:52 am
denver broncos were booked on jones' show. i was supposed to interview one of them, so i followed them out. i'm sure we brushing elbows. >> before we knew each other then. >> so debra norville was on our show last week. she was a very close friend of jones' but what was your impression of her? >> joan was great to me. i was opening for her. said to me you know, i got a band, i don't have an announcer. and i said oh, who you talking to? and she said well, joan rivers. this is backstage. and i said joan rivers. and she said little bigger. so she flew me to la. the bigwigs at fox.
9:53 am
edgar and those two, and me, them saying can you make the joan a little longer. joan -- it was crazy. and i got the job. >> that's awesome. >> and it was all because of joan. >> after you were rejected -- >> yeah, i was rejected. >> we're not going the talk about that. >> let's skip that part. >> there you go. >> great having you. >> going to be a great night, guys. >> great featuring clint holmes and kelly clinton holmes. for more tickets and more information the number and website are both right there on your screen. >> it's so neat to hear the behind the scene stories. catch the latest from norm on facebook. he does a lot of updates. go to for a link to his vegas diary. or shoot him an e-mail. that's on your screen right now. >> and the cool thing about the
9:54 am
smith center education fund, so this is going to a charitable cause. make sure you make it out., go there. check it out. >> on our website you'll find past segments, facebook and twitter lungs and recipes.
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9:58 am
coming up friday on "the morning blend," beauty, fashion dessert. >> a tale is old as time. we go inside the anniversary of ?beauty and the beast? i used to love that show when i was little.
9:59 am
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