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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  October 22, 2016 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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rolled chicken tacos are back at taco bell. [bong] cree led lighting is designed to make colors look their best. why? because the beautiful things in your life deserve the most beautiful light. >> chris: a 17-0 fourth quarter penn state run, keyed by a blocked punt that set up a field goal, and then a blocked field goal by that man, marcus allen, the safety, and the corner, grant haley, picks it up and scoops 60 yards for a go ahead
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winning streak, meyers' teams have never lost a road game since he took over there. all on the line. stunning. at 21-7, lions were in deep, deep trouble. >> kirk: i keep going back to that five-play, 90-yard drive, mcsorley, when the lions were pretty much down and out. at 21-7. crowd's out of the game. and that all of a sudden sparked them and led to that blocked punt and next thing the penn state -- they're believing they can pull off the upset. >> chris: a great play by allen, kirk, but you wonder if meyer is questioning. they took a long time to make a decision to trot out a long field goal attempt by durbin. maybe not quite organized. julius. give campbell a chance, but he drops the back. has to pick it up. and parris campbell knocked down at the 11 yard line.
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here's the block again. >> kirk: go back to marcus allen. see him in the back. he get as running start. not only does he go back, but he goes through the line. he actually jumped into the line. he doesn't get up on top of anybody. but he went, he used his acceleration to allow him to get up into the air, and also towards the kicker. and look at mcsorley. >> chris: show them the grill. that's what the guys call that celebration. >> kirk: remember, your as j.t. barrett is your intangibles, your leadership. the game's on the line. you're the x-factor, you make great decisions. he's got another potential chapter here. let's see what he does here with 4:21 left. >> chris: haley, who had the touchdown, starting corner, not in the game right now. giving him a breather. barrett chased immediately. escapes again. eyes down field. but he'll just scoot out of bounds at the 12 yard line.
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>> kirk: miscommunication on the offensive line by ohio state on the right side with billy price and isaiah proinince. ohio state has had trouble with jones and prince, with outside pressure. it's been a concern for them. sometimes causing them to jump a little bit, a little early. but right now, penn state with schwan 94 and sickels 90, they have cranked up the outside pressure on barrett. >> chris: j.t. got to hurry here. just gets it away. from the pocket, delivers to samuel. stepped out of bounds before he was shoved out by a defender. it will be third down and short. >> kirk: see if he stays inbounds there. >> chris: is there some green between the shoe and the line?
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he got another yard. >> kirk: penn state, they're not feeling threatened down field at all. it's really about ohio state. they're trying to keep everything in front, and trying to rally to the football. >> chris: still making do without haley, the corner who is getting a breather after that scooped up blocked field goal. j.t. takes off. a flag -- false start before the play, so, hold on. nobody could hear the whistle in the noise, but -- >> kirk: the tight end moved, who was receiver, balugh, that time. >> referee: false start. offense, number 85. five-yard penalty. replay third down. >> chris: another tough environment, this ohio state offense has executed tonight, but that could be crucial. >> kirk: that is what your murbn meyer wants. that's the kind of call you can run the quarterback, and that would have been a first down,
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you push them back. see now, the middle of the top, up here. jumps a little early here. now, you're looking at third and nine. >> chris: does j.t. have some more magic? lions rush four. barrett has to step up and delivers over the middle to samuel, and they move the sticks. clutch. >> kirk: boy, i tell you. curtis samuel has made some big plays here. he's going to work into the middle here. does a great job and how about j.t. barrett? watch him work in the pocket. keeps his focus down field and a nice job of finding curtis samuel. look at the eyes. he knows exactly where he wants to go with the ball. but to be able to maneuver around inside that pocket, keep his focus down field, that's a big-time play there.
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samuel got hit as soon as the ball arrived. they get 14 on third and nine. now barrett. just dumped it off short. took a brief look down field, kirk, but again, just has to check it down to weber. >> kirk: penn state taking away anything that might be down field. again, if you're the defensive coordinator, that's the message to this defense. they've played very well. i don't think, again, they feel threatened by the vertical pass, but they want to keep everything in front and then rally to the football close to two minutes with ohio state, still with two time-outs remaining. >> chris: with this clock running, this is beginning to feel like, who knows, maybe ohio state's last chance? barrett chased again. again flips it to weber, who works the sidelines and will dive out of bounds across the
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>> kirk: penn state getting tremendous pressure. they not even blitzing here. they're rushing four and whipping the ohio state offensive line in pass protection. it's very, very hard to execute in a passing game when a defensive line is doing a good job of getting pressure with four, and they've got seven guys looking into the eyes of j.t. barrett, without a vertical passing game. makings it pretty hard on the quarterback. man-to-man acros here. >> chris: empty backfield again, and once again, barrett has to hurry. delivers. broke -- oh the catch is made. wilson just able to make the catch as the lions were jumping to try for the pick. >> kirk: i thought malik golden, 6, he gets a jump on it. he comes in just a little bit late. j.t. barrett gets the ball out of his hands quickly and he put it in a spot where wilson could protect the football with his
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>> chris: so, barrett has made two clutch plays to keep this drive alive. approaching 1:30 left. blitz again. barrett. just has to throw the ball away to avoid a sack. pressure from thmiller. >> kirk: and this time, penn state actually bringing the blitz. they are mixing up this look for the offensive line. doing a good job coverage down field. you see manny bowen here, the middle -- the outside linebacker gets in there. almost affects him. they chase him out of the pocket. miller almost gets to him. and barrett, very, very fortunate to keep that play alive and just be able to throw it away to stop the clock and not have the sack and have to use a time-out. >> chris: three minutes to move
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barrett. going down field. taking a deep shot -- and it's off the helmet. james clark was out there, i thought it bounced off his head. jordan smith was in coverage. >> kirk: it was a great throw. i don't know if he lost the football? the ball bounced, it looked like off of his forehead. right off of his helmet. ball is thrown right on the money here and -- right hand, he uses to pull down, yeah, right off the face mask. before the ball got there by jordan smith. just a split second, but not enough to draw a flag. third and ten. buckeye fans, of course, will scream for interference, but that was -- that was close. barrett. sacked! jason cabinda.
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it's fourth and real long. >> kirk: they slant the defensive line this way and they bring cabinda around to the right of isaiah prince, 59. see how he collapsed down? made it easy for cabinda to come down. well designed blitz there by penn state and the leader, who has missed the last four games, comes up with a huge play for the nittany lion defense. >> chris: and ohio state, kirk, is going to have to convert on fourth and real long because they were so methodical on this drive, you a the clock bleed away, took a long time to get things going here, they don't have enough time now. to punt it away and stop penn state. they're going to have to try to convert on fourth and 23. >> kirk: especially with only one time-out. you really don't have a much of a choice here. you've got to come up with a play. you got to figure out a way, i'm sure, think about all the playmakers that you have, curtis samuel, you would think, gives you your best chance to come up
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>> chris: talking about a football program that's still trying to emerge from sanctions. from shame. it has not had a signature win under james franklin. they've beaten the people they're supposed to beat. they have not beaten the teams they're not expected to beat. tonight would certainly fall into that category. a 20-point underdog at home, down 14 entering the fourth quarter. one defensive play away from perhaps securing t breakthrough, landmark victory. fourth and 23. barrett. steps up. pressured again and dropped! and penn state is going to get their signature win on a
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thanks to special teams and a pass rush and just enough clutch offensive plays. >> kirk: it's garrett sickels and evan schwan. they have done it all night. coming off the edge. force j.t. barrett to step up into the pocket. and there's nowhere for him to go. >> chris: kirk, has the biggest surprise been to you, ohio state offensive line's inability to control penn state's front? >> kirk: yeah. yeah. and i think, you know, if you look at the last two weeks against indiana and wisconsin, i'm sure that's a big part of urban meyer and ed warinner's frustration. >> chris: an o-line that had given up five sacks all season, gave up five in the second half to penn state. >> kirk: yeah. when you can't throw the ball down field and you can't control
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football, that's -- that makes it really tough on a play caller to be able to come up with it. right now, this is more about james franklin and penn state and what they overcame tonight, and as you said, you use a victory like this, this could be a game-changer for this program and where they're trying to take this program and they had some seniors step up, come back for some injuries tonight. >> chris: cabinda there, he's one of them. >> kirk: of course. jason cabinda. this was an all-in effort b lions who were down 21-7 and found a way to fight back and win this football game. >> chris: 59 seconds until the ford wrapup show, on a night that penn state fans and these players will not forget. that was marcus allen who made the block of the field goal, his buddy haley took 60 yards for a touchdown. mcsorley, shotgun victory formation, as the seconds tick down, kirk, and we watch this playoff race unfold, haven't
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shakes things up until tonight, as number 2 is going to go down. >> kirk: yeah. it always happens. every year, you think you have an idea of how things are going to play out and they never quite do and this is a big upset. the first domino, but again, this, to me, isn't really about the standings or the rankings of the playoff. to me, this is a great football game and penn state deserves a lot of credit for the way they were able to make plays. their offense with mcsorley, didn't look like they were going to have enough tonight, but they did. they came up with it. this is a big one. >> chris: not since 1964 has an unranked penn state team beaten an opponent ranked in the top two. way before all these students were born and their parents were born. a night that those here will not forget. penn state family. sam has coach franklin.
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you -- after being an underdog at home, what does this win do for your program? >> i'm just happy for our kids, i really am. just happy for the kids. the kids, the former players, the lettermen, this town has been through a lot. so, this is the start of our healing process tonight, so, couldn't be prouder. >> coach, when you look at the performance that your defensive line had against an offensive line and the penetration they got tonight, what can you day about their performance? >> i want to say something real quick. my niece and nephew, kendra and jeremy, lost their dad on tuesday night. and this game, and this win is for them, as well. >> coach, appreciate you saying that. >> well, this valley hasn't been this happy in a long time. and there are plenty of heroes
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penn state side. talk about the ohio state side in a moment, because they will feel like they let this game slip away, blew it was special teams blunders. but penn state showing tremendous resilience, down after a dominant third quarter by ohio state. penn state had negative yards total offense in that third quarter. put together a 17-0 run in the fourth quarter. see the northwestern five. ohio state going down, no doubt michigan will move up, will have clemson at florida state next week, as the tigers will be severely tested. but what a -- what a special football game. mcsorley, winner, right? that's the label he has, and, he had a ton of help from all ph phases of the game. >> kirk: this has to be the biggest win in how many years on this campus.
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last win they had? maybe 2005 when they beat ohio state? >> chris: you'd have to go back more than a decade. >> kirk: it's a long time. and this is -- big opportunity and, you know, it got off to a slow start when they were down, but -- more than anything, if you're james franklin, the resiliency of his team, i think, is really, really impressive, for them to be able to fight back and win this game. >> chris: this whiteout has spilled out onto the field at beaver stadiu what a scene down here. when you consider they beat an ohio state team that had been one of the great road teams, we've seen in this sport ever, a 20-game winning streak in true road games snapped and a tremendous fourth quarter team. ohio state outscored opponents in the fourth quarter 62-7. 17-0 fourth quarter for penn state. again, the blocked punt, set up a field goal and the blocked field goal provides the winning points. >> kirk: i have to go back to that drive where it was five plays and 90 yards.
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and his receivers adjusted and made plays on it. got them within a touchdown. and had the blocked punt. they hit a field goal and it was just an avalanche. it was like they've been waiting and waiting for this kind of game and this kind of opportunity and they never gave up. felt like the stadium may have given up a little bit when it was 21-7, but those players and those coaches never gave up, and they put themselves in a position to be able to win this game. >> chris: what a tremendous scene here at penn state. nittany lions and their fans, as they stun ohio state with 17 in the fourth quarter, 24-21. we're at tallahassee next saturday night for the clemson tigers and the seminoles. this game was produced by bill ponne ponnell. for our entire crew here in happy valley, a monumental whiteout night for penn state. and we'll see you next week from tallahassee. the ford wrapup show the coming
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cassidy hubbarth. >> thanks, chris. so, number 2, ohio state, goes down in a stunner. welcome into the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth. meanwhile, the number 1 team in the country rolled. and they showed they don't even need their offense on the field to score. alabama with an fbs high 12 non-offensive touchdowns this season, which happens to equal the number allowed by the tide defense. so, bama, with no shortage of ways to find the taking on the only undefeated team in the s.e.c. entering the day. texas a&m. they were down 14-13 until jalen hurts finds calvin rideley for the touchdown. they go back up and didn't look back. later in the third, keith ford. he can't handle the handoff and jonathan allen scoops up the loose ball and returns it 30 yards for the score. the tide score 20 unanswered to win it, 33-14. number 3 michigan hosting illinois.
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single file formation at the goal line. and they run up to t line, wilton spate finds a wide open jake butte for the t.d. michigan wins it 41-8. next, they have michigan state, who lost to maryland tonight. number 5 washington taking on oregon state. up 31-3. jake browning, deep to dante pettis. browning with three passing tds and one rushing. washington, in joke. they win 41-17. 7-0 for first time since 1992. louisville and nc state. lamar jackson continuing to build his heisman campaign. 431 total yards, responsible for four tds. 34 in the season. they win big. elsewhere, number 8, nebraska, avenged last year's loss against purdue. they improve to 7-0 with a 27-14 win. number 10 wisconsin, win on the road against iowa, 17-9.
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virginia. skyler howard throws to caron white. white with four passing tds. west virginia goes on to win 34-10 for their first 6-0 start since 2006. number 16, oklahoma, taking on texas tech. third quarter. baker mayfield, whoa, what a nice one-handed catch by joe mixon. he made that look easy. 33 yards for the score. this game is still in progress, 59-52, oklahoma with about eight to play in the fourth. number 19, utah, at ucla. joe williams, after coming back from retirement recently, huge game. school record 332 rushing yards. utah wins it 52-45. "college gameday" going to be in salt lake city next week for their match-up with washington. colorado trying to keep pace in the pac-12. third and 13. shea fields. colorado wins it 10-5. yes, that's the real score. and the buffs are bowl eligible. now, the power five, they tend
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four, while the group of five tend to fight for a shot at the golden ticket into a new year's six bowl. 14th ranked boise state won last night and is on the heels of houston for that coveted spot. the cougars are starting to lose their momentum. they were visiting smu tonight. end of the second quarter. smu up 21-7. ben hicks to james proche. smu with their first win over a top 15 team since 1996. 38-16, the final. western michigan hosting eastern michigan. core r cory davis, what a catch. western michigan wins 45-31 and improved to 8-0. memphis taking on number 25 navy. third quarter. navy up. will worth. will worth, career high five td inside this game. navy wins it 41-28. number 17 arkansas at number 21 auburn. first quarter.
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the tigers. number 23 ole miss and number 25 lsu. welcome back leonard fournette. 76 yards for the touchdown. this coming after he missed the last three games. and right now, leonard fournette, 12 carries for 254 yards and three tds, as lsu leads 31-21 in the third, and you can see that game on espn or watch espn. that's it for the ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. you've been watching the ford wrapup, presented by the new 2017 ford escape. be unstoppable. without the right tools, a five minute job can turn into a five hour job. so when it comes to your tools, choose wisely, grasshopper. case in point: ford transit. with three roof heights, and three body lengths to choose from, transit has the most configurations of any full-size van. so, it's the right tool,
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rd transit. during ford commercial van season, get $3000 customer cash, plus an additional $500 commercial cash,
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sunset. 13-action news reporter -- marti glaser -- fast and first to the scene.
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the person accused -- of gunning down a man on the strip. this -- is charles smith. police say -- smith -- shot a man -- near the employee-parking garage -- at caesars palace. a witness s-- aw smth running into the garage. that's where police grabbed him. smith -- is now behind bars. he faces one count -- of
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involved shooting -- near seattle, washington -- is under investigation. two deputies -- responded -- to a report of a suicidal woman. when they arrived -- they found the woman armed -- with a handgun. the sheriff's office says -- it isn't clear -- what led to the shooting. two children were in the home at the time. both kids -- got out safely. a peacful -- black-lives-matter protest today -- in edina, minnesota. the rally dubbed -- i am a man march. demosntrators --- demanding reforms -- to the justice system. police treat african-american men. the video of police --hand- cuffing larnie thomas -- went viral earlier this month. edina police stopped him -- for walking in the street -- next to a sidewalk -- closed for construction. they slapped thomas with a citation -- that was later dismissed. back at home right now -- it's a gorgeous night in the valley. but a shot for rain -- isn't far off. 13-first-alert meteorologist -- karla huegla -- is in the weather center. karla. ad-lib an incoming storm system will bring more cloud cover,


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